YOU on a diet, my Waist Management Diary

23 Feb 09

This page will start to feel like a blog…I am just going to update every so often (not everyday) and update my progress working with the book YOU on a diet.

Vital Stats Today:

Waist: 44.5 inches (yikes)

Weight: 218

BP: Unknown…I need to check it

I have been reading this book and working on the plan for about a week and here are my first impressions:

You on a Diet: Energy Levels

Much improved. I feel bored with all this extra energy that I have…it’s not nervous energy that needs to be “worked off”, but more a subtle willingness to do more during and after work.

My mental clarity is generally improved as well…it is 7:30 pm and I am working on my web page…before this diet I would have been more happy lounging in the recliner watching DVDs or TV…but I want to do things now…that’s cool and unexpected.

You on a Diet: Food

I am cheating a lot with the amount of food that I eat more…my general rule is this: If I feel hungry, I eat…whatever I eat needs to be on the approved list of food.

I downloaded a food meal plan that I am using as a guide for an idea of what to eat when, but not strictly following it. For example, it says to eat one piece of toast with apple butter..

…well the bread I bought is real good for you bread whole grain sprouted…but the slices are tiny, so I eat two instead of one…

…short term I assume that my first two weeks of waist lost will not be huge, but as my body adjusts to healthy food and starts to build muscles…

…I will naturally start to burn more calories and more fat…also I don’t want to ever “feel” hungry and one slice of toast didn’t do the trick.

Other meals, I am ok with, some I tweek a little to the more food side…so if this doesn’t work at all, I will need to figure out how to be not hungry at those lower calorie intake levels.

I really don’t miss the sugar and the junk food at all…before I started this diet…I was avoiding “food coma” lunches the best I could, but I would always end up in a food coma sooner or later.

A food coma is when you eat way to much food (lunch or any meal) after which feel useless for a couple of hours…that’s gone now…I mean two slices of toast versus a huge breakfast burrito with potatoes, cheese, and bacon!!!

There is really no comparison…why did I eat those burritos? Sure they taste great, but I felt like utter crap for hours after.

I cut cheese down to only the approved cheese list…for now, I only know about feta. Pork is out as well…

…potatoes are still on the list, but the plan suggests to eat them with some marinara to balance the load and get some fiber in with the carbs.

No more sugared anything…I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so this wasn’t that difficult for me. I cut out Vitamin Water (TM) before I started this. I stopped adding creamer to my coffee and I don’t really miss it.

You on a diet: Exercise

HOW easy!!! Walk 30 minutes everyday. Follow along with a 20 minute work out video every other day. WOW! This is so easy and cool I love it.

I really love that I don’t have to go to the gym any more. I work out in the living room looking at my computer screen…I already had a work out mat that was mostly unused. :-)

I don’t even have to walk the 30 minutes all at once…if I can sneak in 10 minutes at lunch, 10 minutes throughout the day, and ten minutes after work that’s cool…

…If I get a pedometer and walk 10000 steps everyday while working and doing your thing…that’s enough.

The workout video is free on the internet and is easy to do…but is still a work out…I don’t sweat too much, it is for strength building. All the exercises are very doable and I felt it right away.

YOU on a diet: The book

The book is funny! It teaches you what your body does with the food you eat. Why almost all the extra food you eat becomes fat in the belly and why having a big belly is really detrimental to overall health and life in general.

Having a waist over 40 inches for a man is the danger mark, and I am four inches over that!! I had no idea that I was such a high risk case. Sure, I knew I had packed on a few pounds since retiring from the Air Force…

But I had not measured my waist since my last PT test…my waist was around 38 back then (that’s not great either, but it’s way better than 44.)

You on a diet: Parting thoughts for today.

I promise future updates won’t be so long, I will try to keep it fresh and interesting and most of all inspiring. If I can do this, then you can do this too. Wish me LUCK!

2 Mar 09

Here is the video that I am starting with every other day…I just did it:

Feel great! My wife has joined me in the walking for 30 minutes everyday, and we are eating together…that’s a big deal, because down the road when I get lazy, and she starts doing the cooking again (mostly) she will be on board.

10 Mar 09

Vital Stats:

Waist: 43.5

Weight: 215

BP: Unknown

The plan still works…the book is still funny…and I feel better everyday still…

I am a little sleepy…still adjusting to Day Light Savings Time…it’s hard for me to sleep an hour earlier (just like everyone else!).

This is not directly about the diet, but my life has changed so much, I need to talk about it where people might read it…

…I started a new job a couple of days after I started this diet…17 Feb 09 to be exact.

I am back to being a sort of IT guy…I am working to automate some enterprise level access to some databases…the cool thing is they hired me knowing that I would have to “learn my way through”…so I am reading books on SQL, Access, and tinkering around with tables and queries…it’s fun.

The new job helped me change with this diet…new people new place…new ME…it’s easier to say “No Thanks” to cake in the office when you don’t know anyone. :-)

When change comes…it comes in bunches…New TV, DVD player, Ipod, Chair, lots of other examples…the Old TV, DVD player and Chair broke…I just wanted the IPOD….that’s cool, so when my new body shows up…it will fit right it.

I am using smokeless tobacco more often these days…I guess I am hanging on to something familiar for a vice…a nod to the shadow I suppose…I hope to kick it again in the future, but I am ok with it right now…

This web site is suffering while I change…I will find space for it in my life again…most likely I will shift my writing time to the afternoon or evening, I have to make a new habit…I have decided to keep this running until I have about 200 pages written whether it makes money or not…

…what other business can you keep working on for $300 per year?

…Gotta go to work…

18 Mar 09

Waist: 43.5

Weight: 212

BP: Unknown

Still loving this…I moved up to the intermediate workout…it is hard enough for me to use it for a while…there are plenty more advanced workouts to come.

My wife and I have gotten into a nice walking routine together and have added a lap for good measure.

I have learned to bring nuts, a lara bar, or another health snack with me to long meetings or training sessions during the work day…the first time I didn’t was rough…

…I have successfully navigated several eating out scenarios without drastic overeating…

I am still using smokeless tobacco and drinking beer and wine…but I have limited myself to a one per day (if any) during the week…during the weekends, I might have more if the occasion arises :-)

10 Apr 09

Waist: 43

Weight: 210

BP: ???

My wife and I had minor rumbles over food and meal prep…but we worked through those…we are not eating together much anymore except on the weekends…

…for dinner I am mostly eating soup that Yayoi cooks up on the weekends in a big batch…It’s quick and light…

The sides of my waist are sliming nicely…this is FUN! It’s like my body is a new and exciting project…I love looking in the mirror now and look forward to workouts and walking..

Feel great…loads more energy…and it will only get better…

…This weekend I am going camping on the beach for two nights…it’s a beer/food moderation challenge for sure.

19 Apr 09

Waist: 42

Weight: 205

BP: ???

Those numbers may be a little off…I checked a few days ago…

…Camping was fun…I slept in my tent on the beach…the ocean really kept me up…it was SO LOUD…

I drank too much beer, but not as much as in past camping trips…I got full much more quickly while drinking, so I had to take lots of breaks from beer.

The diet plan basically went out the window for the trip, but again, I did get full more quickly and ended up eating less food…even thought the food wasn’t really all that good for me.

Exercise was fun…I went for walks with the kids (not my kids…my friends kids)…we also played games on the beach and I got plenty of exercise.

Upon returning home early Sunday afternoon, I was basically useless…I lazed around the house and napped…

My pants are really starting to look and feel big, and I have swapped out one of my belts for a smaller one!!! That was cool.

This plan gets easier as I go…when I started…it seems that I was hungry more often…now, it seems that I am eating before I get hungry…

28 Apr 09

Waist: 41

Weight: 200

BP: ???

I guess the big news is that I stopped drinking beer on a regular basis…I thought I might switch to wine after dinner…but I don’t like wine nearly as much as beer, so…

…I bought a video game…sure it’s a waste of time…but it’s fun, and while playing it’s hard it eat :-)

This just keeps getting more fun and easy…

I help my wife cook veggies and soup and other things that we can stick in the fridge and eat throughout the week…we are on a corn on the cob and chicken sausage kick right now…we both like it and it’s easy…I am ready to move on though…

My breakfast has stabilized (for now)…

2 whole wheat toast with cashew or almond butter, honey, and cinnamon

instant coffee with non-diary creamer

This is easy and doesn’t require anything “just for me” that will go bad in the fridge if I decide I want something else…so that’s a cool breakfast for me.

My workouts are getting easier and more fun. My right shoulder always hurts during workouts due to an old injury, but I can work around it if I rest it right…

The fact that my gut is smaller makes the posture holding more doable and less painful….

…this is the part of the ride that gets interesting….in the past…when losing weight…I would get stuck around this weight and really have to work to push to 190…

…I want to shatter that and get to about 175ish so this is where the real fun starts…

All my size 40 waist pants are getting far too big…we are looking for old 38 waist size pants to hold me over until I get to the destination waist…not sure what that will be yet…I am hoping for a 32, but I could settle for a 34…

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