Weight Loss Goals

This time of year I generally like to focus on weight loss, detox, and improved health and fitness.  Last year, I did a juice reboot, and I really loved it.

This year I had been planning to do “something” related to weight loss, health and fitness…but I hadn’t really come up with many new inspirations…until about 2 weeks ago.

So if you didn’t know, I am a Certified Massage Therapist now, and I was on the Air Force Base in El Segundo, CA having lunch with a friend.  I went to the fitness center on base to research doing massage therapy there.  I copied down contact information for a Personal Trainer (Sarah Beck).  Later that day, I emailed Sarah to ask her how she started offering personal training services on base, and also if she was interested in trading massage therapy for personal training sessions…she said YES!

So, for the first week, I have been eating the diet that Sarah created JUST FOR ME!  It is very personal, so I love everything on the plan, and it is also low in junk food, bad carbs, sugars, and high in good protein.  In just the first week, I feel more mental clarity, more energy, and far less sluggish…probably because I am avoiding those chexmix food binges and other mindless eating habits.

I have also lost a few pounds already without even talking with Sarah about working out yet…I have just continued what I was already doing exercise wise…about 3 bike rides per week about 16 miles each ride…and yin yoga every morning (well most every morning).

I also received a new paraliminal MP3 download called “Ideal Weight”.  I have listened to both of the sessions of this MP3 and it really helps inspire diet compliance at the unconscious level, and does so without the ordinary guilt trip when you might slip up a little bit.

I feel great and look forward to more sessions with Sarah to shed the excess fat and build some lean muscle mass to replace it.

Stay tuned…

P.S:  Coming soon…a chance to listen to the “Ideal Weight” paraliminal along with 4 others FREE from Learning Strategies…Really stayed tuned for that!  :-D

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