Paralimnals: Ultimate You Mindfest Begins March 18th

The Ultimate You Mindfest


The great folks at Learning Strategies asked me to be part of the Ultimate You Mindfest, and I was already planning to join in, so of course I was happy to help spread the word.

I really love paraliminals, and during the Ultimate you Mindfest, we get to use five new paraliminals for free…that’s awesome.

As a bonus for me, Learning Strategies granted me free access to the Ideal Weight paraliminal(see my review) before the Mindfest to help me with my weight loss goals.

Stimulate the proven power of YOUR genius “inner” mind to make effort-free changes beginning Monday, March 18

Your host, Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D., knows how the human mind works. He has devoted the last 40 years to understand just how to get quick and lasting results in your quest to live a great life, to be the ultimate you. And he is turning his attention to you.

Each day of the brand-new Ultimate You Mindfest you will receive 20 to 40 minutes of radical mentoring and breakthrough coaching. You’ll get practical tips, techniques, and insights that you can use right away in your life. The advice will be immediate and practical.

Then you will listen to your new secret weapon: an unmatched audio technology that can literally guide your brain to bring you:

  • More Money
  • A Great Memory
  • Fearless Living
  • The Midas Touch Gut Instinct
  • Perfect Health
  • Your Ideal Weight

Click here for your free pass:

Follow the lead of over 600,000 people to Immediate and Dramatic Change

Begins Monday, March 18, 2013 – Absolutely free of charge today!

You are one click away from getting a Free Pass to a life-altering online event that will help you vaporize these problems with mind tools that really work. Welcome to the Ultimate You Mindfest!

This free online event features 15 audio sessions to help rid you of the bee stings of life and help you experience its full-blown potential.

When you get your Free Pass today, you can listen to each audio session with no commercials, no obligation, nothing to get in the way of your success. The Ultimate You Mindfest is created to help you stimulate the proven power of YOUR genius “inner” mind to make effort-free changes.

Click here for your free pass:

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