If you have not heard about paraliminals and you are into audio CDs for self-improvement, then you are really in for a huge treat.  These are not really meditation, or subliminal…but for a real description I am going to quote from their developer, Learning Strategies:

“You will hear one voice in one ear speaking to one part of your brain, while another voice in the other ear speaks to a different part of the brain. Very unusual, very pleasurable, and very effective.

There are no “questionable” subliminal messages on our CDs. You will find no short-term motivational hype. You will not hear fluffy affirmations or wishful positive statements. Rather, you will hear Paul R. Scheele, cofounder of Learning Strategies Corporation, skillfully guide your mind so that you get the results you want. To improve your life, sometimes all it takes is guidance to evoke your inner wisdom.

Paraliminal recordings increase your personal power by activating your “whole mind” with a precise blend of music and words. Each session is carefully scripted by Paul, trained in neuro-linguistic programming, whole mind learning, and preconscious processing, to give you the best CD for your investment.”

I have a few paraliminals and I will describe each and let you know my experiences…

Paraliminals – Ideal Weight

I received this MP3 for free as a thank you for participating in the Ultimate You Mind Fest (Sign ups start March 18, 2013).

The idea in this paraliminal program is to help train your unconscious mind to tune into the signals from your body that will tell you what foods to eat, when you are hungry, and maybe most importantly, when you are full.

This MP3 program helped me create goals at the unconscious level of the mind which is extremely powerful in helping to guide and shape behavior that I really want to make into lifelong habits.

Like all paraliminals, it’s ok and encouraged to drift off or even sleep while listening to most of the MP3s, but little things like remembering it’s really a good idea to stop eating about 3 hours before bed time, really stick with me and help me stick with my weight loss goals.

Paraliminals – Belief

This was one of the first paraliminals that I bought…and it works great!

This CD, like many of the CDs, has two sessions.   The first session helps you identify a limiting belief that you learned in the past…the CD helps guide you to re-live the learning experience that created the belief and then inform your whole mind (the unconsciousness and consciousness) that you were young and growing up …

…and the young version of you didn’t have all the internal knowledge and resources that you have now and that you can let go of this belief and replace it with a belief that empowers you…

Session B guides you to the same event in your life and your re-live the event, but this time you do it as an empowered adult with all your knowledge of the past and the future along with all your adult experience and education.  The outcome of the event is now empowering and helpful instead of limiting your personal growth.

One of the events in my life involved a traumatic event in my childhood that involved my brother telling me to “finish it” and me streaming “NO!”…I won’t bore you with all the lurid details of the event…but I believe that this may have been holding me back from “finishing” things…

After doing the CD many times, I was able to install a new belief concerning completing things and I became much more productive at work towards seeing tasks through to the end.

This is just small example of the power contained on this CD…it is one of my favorite CDs and I still use it often when I think I am some how stuck…

You really don’t even need to consciously be aware of what your are trying to remove/replace…many times…after playing the CD session A…some new memory would fill in the space and I would say to myself…oh…that one again….turns out I didn’t really unplug it the first time…

…other times the limiting belief would just show up while the CD was playing and then would have an “Aha” moment and unplug that sucker and get busy plugging in a new belief.

Ok, I will stop gushing…I find this paraliminal very useful and I highly recommend it…nuff said.

Paraliminals — Automatic Pilot

This paraliminal CD is for installing 100% commitment to a goal and then programming your mind to move towards it with all of your internal resources…like using the law of attraction on steroids (not really using steroids!)…

…Session A is prep work to ensure that you are really committed to the chosen goal…it helps you visualize your goal as if you have already achieved it…the purpose is to “eliminate negative self talk and vaporize self-sabotage” from the CD booklet.

I just tried Session A for the first time today, so I will update this part after I use it a few more times.

“Session B completes the process of switching on automatic pilot by guiding your whole brain to achieve your goal” and eliminate the self-doubt that you would generally face on the road to goal completion.

Again, I will update more on Session B once I have tried it out…STAY TUNED.

Paraliminals — 10-Minute Supercharger

This paraliminal only has four tracks that last about 10-minutes…I used it on a break after lunch today at work…WOW!

Way better than caffeine or a nap…kinda like a supercharged nap, but much more effective…

…When I finished the session not only did I wake up…but I was actually motivated to do some work…and I don’t really get all that sleepy after lunch…but today I was doing some work that was kinda dull and repetitive and the work sorta of lulled me into a funk…

I can’t wait to try this INSTEAD of coffee…I might use it after work as well as a transition to typing highly motivated web pages!!!  If you see a lot of “!!!” you can blame this paraliminal :-)

Not much to explain here…you enjoy listening to Paul start talking…you close your eyes…you listen to very calm and relaxing voices, sounds and music…and then 10 minutes are up…Paul tells you to open your eyes and come back and feel great…and YOU DO!!!

Paraliminals — Prosperity

The prosperity paraliminal came to me as a gift with another purchase from learning strategies…BONUS.

This is CD is one session and makes you install a belief in “prosperity consciousness” versus a believe in “poverty or scarcity consciousness”…I am all about abundance and prosperity…

…this is about more than money…if you want money…you can get it…but it is more about just guiding you to shift your whole being to resonate with the natural state of the universe…which just happens to be abundant and ever-expanding…

…this is another great paraliminal CD and I have used it only a few times to try it out…it was a great gift and I will use it again, but I already lived this with a prosperity mind-set long enough in my life to know that this is the way the universe just “is”…

On the other hand, I could use an up-scale shift to get ready to handle having more money than I ever had before…so…no I am not selling this CD…:-)

Before you can accept more money in your life you have to change the way you think about money and stuff…

…if you think $100 is a lot of money, then $1 million is not even allowed to enter your consciousness…

if you have $300,000 in the bank…$1 million is still a ways a way, but it seems more doable to you now…

That is a new way of thinking…I might need to up scale my prosperity meter some day really soon (intention goes out now….)

Break the Habit

This has become my NEW favorite CD.  Have you ever heard “What you resist…will persist…”?

Well, the folks at Learning Strategies have and they have figured out a way to “break” a habit by helping you convince yourself (even the parts you don’t like!) that you really don’t want to <insert your bad habit here>.  I used this to stop chewing smokeless tobacco (many times :D) and to work out more, work on my web biz more often, enjoy life more often…this just became my default meditation for many months and it worked wonders for me…

It is soooo cool…it helps you to remember that you are always FREE to choose…if you choose the bad thing…choose again…

The idea is to help you catch yourself before you get to the behavior and to keep choosing until you get to a healthy choice that will make you happy…brilliant!!!

Dream Play

I can’t really be all glowing about dream play.  I tired it and it didn’t really work for me…but I don’t blame the CD.  I was NOT motivated to have Lucid dreams…I was working on different things (see above)…so I will update this again when the mood to fly to Mars to have sex with some dream babe tickles my fancy :D

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