Law of Abundance

The Law of Abundance means thinking and living as though you are prosperous…even when your broke.

“A major contribution of miracles is their strength in releasing you from your false sense of isolation, deprivation and lack.”

Manifesting Abundance

When I think about manifesting abundance in my life, I generally remember the first line of the 23rd Psalm…

“The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…”

I might change this around in my around in my head I a little bit…

…I am abundant…I have everything I need…I am in want of nothing.

Abundance and Prosperity

Abundance and prosperity seem like great goals!  And they really are…unless your mission in life is to use a physical state of poverty as part of your life message, life Gandhi or Mother Teresa, then you will want some form of prosperity in your life.

The key issue with abundance and prosperity is really boils down to priorities…

If you think you are broke, then you will be broke. If you think you are rich, then you will act in a way to make yourself rich. I have money now.  Not a lot of money by any stretch of the imagination, but I have enough money so I don’t have to live “pay check
to pay check.”

I have enough money to purchase cars with cash…not expensive cars…not even new cars…the point is, I don’t WANT to take out a loan to buy a car ever again.

That is just one of benefits of having money…but that is not really what The Law of Abundance is about.

There are people on earth today that have little or no money and they feel very prosperous.  Why?  Because they define “wealth” more broadly than than their net worth.

Mother Teresa took a vow of poverty…yet she was able to travel the world…and implement her desires without money.  How, well, I don’t know frankly…but
I do know she went wherever she wanted to help people…

…somehow the way was opened and she went.

Ghandi started out with money in his youth, but renounced wealth and it’s trappings latter in life as a personal choice.  He still travelled the world and had a global impact wearing clothes he made himself.

NO!  I don’t think everyone should take a vow of poverty!

There is nothing wrong with taking a vow of poverty, but even Ghahdi knew that poverty was not the way man can be his best…he choose poverty to make a point that served his mission in life.  If that works for you…go for it.

These two examples of poverty are to illustrate the point that poverty and wealth are choices.  So, if you are poor, you are choosing to be poor, whether you are conscious of your choice or not.

I know nobody wants to hear that, so I’m sorry for “getting in your face.”

Good news is that once you are conscious that your are choosing poverty,  then you can change your mind.  No one should BE poor unless they consciously choose to be poor as part of your mission (like Ghandi and Mother Teresa).

So, if you don’t have as much money as you want…then your first step is to realize that you are creating your own situation.   Once  you have accepted that, then you can start to shift your consciousness  to the law of abundance and away from poverty consciousness.

So  now you say:  “Ok Mr. Smarty Pants…how do I shift into the law of abundance?”  Or you might say something else more funny and less nice.  :-)

I wrote a series of articles on my blog about the law of abundance …I am revamping them and reposting them here…they are  still pretty good and get to the point of changing the way you think about money and wealth.

Step 0:  Ask yourself what you think about money.

Money does not equal happiness.  There are plenty of “rich” people that are far from happy.  More over, being rich often works against their happiness because they believe that they have more to lose.  That is one nice feature about having no money, you don’t have to worry about protecting your assets.

Step .5:  Shift to The Law of Abundance

This is a continuation of step 0.  It asks you to ask yourself where you seek happiness.  Do you seek happiness in buying things? A lot of people do this and then when they don’t find happiness or when the temporary thrill of the new purchase wears off…they seek happiness in more buying.

True happiness comes from inside you and it is always there and always FREE!

Step 1:  Live below your means.

This idea is actually counter to the idea of The Law of Abundance, because if you think you are rich you shouldn’t really need to worry about living below your means.  However, getting to where you truly believe you are wealthy takes time, so this is a stop-gap measure and more practical information about how to be thrifty and save the money you do have.

Step 2:  Payoff  credit cards

This is more practical advice about paying off your credit cards.
It is a critical step towards getting a handle on your money.

Step 3:  Invest money

Once you have paid off your credit cards, and have some money left over, you
need to research your different saving/investing options.  This article discussing tax-advantaged accounts (401ks, IRAs) and non taxable investment accounts.

Step 4:  Stock Index Funds

Now the fun part.  You have set up your 401k and are investing up
to your employer match (or more) and you still have money left over for
your Roth IRA or Traditional IRA and you might even have enough money
left to open a taxable brokerage account.  The best investment out
there is (IMHO) stock-based index funds.

Recession Time:  Tim O’Reilly tweeted about this great article called the Smart Growth Manifesto by Umair Haque…it’s about what I have been talking about concerning
the economy…i.e. the answer is not about tax breaks and bailouts and
recovery…it’s about re-inventing and re-booting the way we think about money and growth.

I thought of some things to feel good about during this time…sort of the “silver lining” if you will: 1)  If you like the environmental movement…there were fewer cars built in the world then cars disposed of in the world during 2008…this doesn’t bode well for the auto industry…but we might live in a healthier planet if this trend continues…we probably could do with fewer cars anyway.

2)  The lack of business world wide has decreased carbon emissions… this seems to be pointing to an interesting idea.

Perhaps the next economy will look a little different:

1)  Less travel to work…and if we do travel it is via a cleaner transportation system

2)  Buildings that are designed like trees…that sustain themselves and don’t require a “grid” or a much greener grid.

3)  Cities like a forest…each building a sustainable part of the whole…

4)  People eat food that was grown from their own area…fresher food, and not so much transportation expense.

I know these are pie in the sky sounding ideas…but I would rather come up with new ideas than work on going to back to the old way of doing things…that doesn’t work, that’s why we are here in this wrecked economy…

The Law of Abundance during a Recession

It is some blog therapy for me to get over my stuff and just write more…and to tune into the law of abundance even during a recession (or an expansion for that matter!)

The law of Abundance and Consumerism

What do we need to ponder during a recession…did you really need that new gizmo?

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