Inducing Consciousness

“Inducing consciousness” sounds a lot like it means waking up or a scientific way to say…Dude! You need a cup of coffee!

There are numerous methods of inducing various states of consciousness. could try hitting your thumb with a hammer…

…however, this would not be what I call a “desirable” state of consciousness. :-)

The very cool thing about consciousness is that it is universal…meaning it basically affects or is somehow connected to every aspect of your life…

So inducing consciousness can be achieved through any given aspect of your life…be that your career, your spiritual side, your physical heath…anything in your life’s experience can help you to induce a different, expanded level of consciousness…
…for example, a couple years ago I tried a new diet and exercise plan which helped me to expand my awareness of how my body feels, and why it feels that way…

I was really tired of my old way of eating and work out plan…my workouts didn’t really help me lose weight and my eating habits left me in a endless loop of starving — to pig out —to food coma tiredness…

…with my new diet, all my meals are small, and the right foods, so I not only feed my body what it needs, I also lose weight gradually and never get the food coma.

And my new workouts are shorter, easier and actually produce more muscle and less fat!

There are also things like… meditation audio programs, and other methods of “inducing” desirable states of consciousness.

Dr. Harry Henshaw, of Enhanced Healing creates relaxation music, Sleep music, and relaxing music for Stress relief.  He provides positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self esteem.

Depending on what I am doing and where I am, I use different approaches to change my current internal state. When I meditate, I usually say “Ahhh” over and over again. So, if I’m in a public place with people around…I will use a “silent” mode of meditation so I don’t bother anyone.

Sometimes, if I have my iPod, I might use one of the many audio programs that I have, to relax or other “induce” a different state.

The really cool thing is there are a lot of audio programs available that focus on different goals or states. For instance, there are programs designed to give you an energy boost…no drugs required!!

There are programs for prosperity, weight loss, relaxation (duh!) even programs to that help you establish new beliefs and and let go of old believes that are no longer serving you.

Speaking of weight-loss, Ralph Price, offers some excellent information concerning hypnosis, which is yet another way to induce desirable states of consciousness to help you achieve your goals.

Shift Cast Podcast

My buddy Rick aka “Jindai Hideo” and I engage in an on-going discussion of the many aspects of inducing consciousness…These are the shows we have created to this point…enjoy, and call the voicemail line and leave us a comment…you might be on the show!


Shift Cast #2 – Inducing Consciousness, Part 1
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Shift Cast #4 – Meditation
Shift Cast #5 – More Meditation
Shift Cast #6 – New Patterns
Shift Cast #7 – Accepting What is

The Benefits of Meditation

Inducing Consciousness… There are many benefits of meditation…most of them come along for the ride like free bonus prizes…these  are just a few…

Instant Awakening

Instant Awakening might be the only sort of awakening there really is…then again it depends… Let’s do some inducing consciousness… DUDE!

John Lennon warned about “Instant Karma” and that it’s “Gonna Get you!”

Like all questions…all answers have value…right and wrong are really meaningless…



Developing self awareness provides benefits in all areas of your life and is a critical factor in creating “YOU 3.x” …this is another method of inducing consciousness…

In the “tubes” in London…there is an automated voice that reminds passengers to “MIND THE GAP”!  You can use this phrase to help remember the space between your thoughts…

Lucid Dreams

When you become aware that you are dreaming within a dream, and remain asleep…talk about inducing consciousness baby!


Fear of Dying

The fear of dying consistently ranks below the fear of spiders (?) and the fear of social situations…on this list below, it ranks # 10…

Top Ten Phobias List

So death is feared…even if it’s only #10…my guess is that people would rather not think about dying and that’s why they respond with other phobias and then…yeah well…sure dying is on the list…but that’s far away. Maybe there is an age bias in this list?

The fear of dying is rational…it’s really the ultimate “unknown” situation that everyone has to face sooner or later…I prefer sooner…

Let’s look at death from a new point of view…Let’s think about it as an event that is part of life… as a way of inducing consciousness.

Mindful Meditation
Mindful Meditation seems like a difficult practice to get started. Perhaps, if you had a better idea of the performance boost you’d get, you might find the right motivation for success.

Just set aside all of the beliefs you have and focus on the performance boost you will enjoy, and then give mindful meditation a try… as a method of inducing consciousness.

The Shift:  Taking your Life from Ambition to Meaning by Dr. Wayne Dyer

The Shift is Dr Wayne Dyer’s latest book and it is a companion to an innovative film which is a hybrid documentary/dramatic-narrative.  Since the word “shift” looms large on my search engine hits… I love the title!!!  A great book for inducing consciousness.

Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats are a great way for inducing various states of consciousness for a huge number of specific purposes…different frequencies produce different states.  These will help in inducing consciousness to a wide variety of highly desireable states…

Book Review:  Defy Gravity, by Caroline Myss

Hay House sent me this book for free to review on my web page.  So, this is my second book they gave me for free.

The first one was from Steve Pavlina through Hay House, but this book came to me directly from Hay House…how cool is that!!!  :D  Dear Hay House…I love all your books…and I will review them for the free book (for now anyway).

Defy Gravity is a metaphor for any number of ideas that really describe miracles that heal or or help but can’t be explained by a rational explanation.  This book does a wonderful job of inducing consciousness and expanding self awareness.

Meditation Techniques

Meditation Techniques are all beneficial ways of inducing consciousness, so the one you choose for yourself, should feel right for you.  You, can try my simple method, right now!  You can also try Buddhist, Zen, Chakra, Mindfulness, Zen or countless others.

Overcoming Fear

Overcoming fear is fundamental to inducing beneficial states of consciousness and enjoying a more joyful, conscious, purpose-driven life.  It is a process, a process that will be with you all of your life…overcoming fear is a skill that you can learn.


If you have not heard about paraliminals and you are into audio CDs for self-improvement, then you are really in for a huge treat. These are not really meditation, or subliminal…

“The Esoteric Agenda” Illusion and Reality (2 of 2)

I thought this video was rather interesting…check it out if you want to induce some new states of consciousness…


What is the Ego?

I am reading The Seeker’s Guide” by Elizabeth Lesser and she had some interesting things to say about the concept of “ego”.  The ego isn’t necessarily “bad” it’s just something we all have to deal with while being human.

There is also a very long and interesting thread that is about the ego concept…there are many voices and opinions, but for the most part this entire thread has remained a great discussion about what the “ego” is to different people…My posts are under the name of YooperSmith…me telling you that has a little to do with my ego wanting to feel special :-).

Mindful Meditation brings a quiet mind

Learning to meditate brings many benefits to my life. One benefit that that I think stands out from the crowd is that of a quiet mind. Your mind remains the same, but the storyteller in your head learns to take a break.



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