The Holographic Universe

Before we start…the “holographic universe” page, let’s look at a snip from Wikipedia about the topic:

“The Holographic Universe is a pseudo scientific book by Michael Talbot containing physics theories that explores the idea that the entire universe is a hologram. After examining the work of physicist David Bohm and neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, both of whom independently arrived at holographic theories or models of the universe, the book then argues that a holographic model could explain various paranormal and anomalous phenomena, and provide a basis for mystical experience.” – Wikipedia

So, ok the skeptics label this pseudo-science…that’s cool…I just think it’s yet another neat idea.

Here is another link I found with some information about the book…I think I will try to pick up a copy of this book…sounds like a fun read.

My first thought when I read this page was that is if:

“…We are really “receivers” floating through a kaleidoscopic sea of frequency…”

…it seems like it would take more effort on my part to convince myself that the holographic universe was real…

…my first thought was “it is effortless to believe I am a solid being living in a solid world”

…then I started thinking that most of my life was and is, on a moment by moment basis devoted to just that…

When I started to list the lengths it takes to “stay alive” and I realized the amount of effort we put into “dreaming” we are human…

…The survival instinct seemed more like a “prime-directive” or a choice one makes before becoming human as a requirement of “staying in the game”…

…if you kill your body…game over…

All the things we fret about drive us toward prolonging earthly existence…food, clothing, shelter, employment, health care, transportation…even pro-creation…practically every moment of our journey on earth is somehow wired toward keeping this dream going as long as we can…

…its seems so effortless….then I remembered that I had a JOB…it’s not a bad job…I actually like it quiet a bit…but I would rather not have a job at all…

…sure it is easy to quit a job…but then my human house of cards begins to fall apart…

…no job…no money…no house…wife leaves…takes half of the nest-egg…then what…can I do what I want to do?

No…because I still have to eat…and I need a place to live…I could work it out, but do I want to? No yet…

…it seems that convincing ourselves that we are solid humans in a solid universe takes great time and effort…

1. Get up at 4:30 A.M.




Pack Gear

2. Drive to Work

3. Work til lunch

4. Eat

5. Work until quitting time

6. Drive home

7. Have fun? Relax?

8. Eat

9. Exercise (walk)

10. Wash

11. Sleep

12. Repeat….until “body death”

Hmmm…If I don’t have fun at work…this is a a dull boy existence. :-0

So, what? Does the idea of a holographic universe help me NOT believe that I am solid human in a solid objective universe…maybe a little, but I am not ready to stop eating to realize the “truth”

It does help explain things like miracles, and the nature of time…it also alleviates the fear of death…even though I know my body will die, I can take comfort in believing there is a deeper truth of existence beyond the Holographic Universe we call life.

Link to Consciousness Shift

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