Paralimnals: Ultimate You Mindfest Begins March 18th

The Ultimate You Mindfest


The great folks at Learning Strategies asked me to be part of the Ultimate You Mindfest, and I was already planning to join in, so of course I was happy to help spread the word.

I really love paraliminals, and during the Ultimate you Mindfest, we get to use five new paraliminals for free…that’s awesome.

As a bonus for me, Learning Strategies granted me free access to the Ideal Weight paraliminal(see my review) before the Mindfest to help me with my weight loss goals.

Stimulate the proven power of YOUR genius “inner” mind to make effort-free changes beginning Monday, March 18

Your host, Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D., knows how the human mind works. He has devoted the last 40 years to understand just how to get quick and lasting results in your quest to live a great life, to be the ultimate you. And he is turning his attention to you.

Each day of the brand-new Ultimate You Mindfest you will receive 20 to 40 minutes of radical mentoring and breakthrough coaching. You’ll get practical tips, techniques, and insights that you can use right away in your life. The advice will be immediate and practical.

Then you will listen to your new secret weapon: an unmatched audio technology that can literally guide your brain to bring you:

  • More Money
  • A Great Memory
  • Fearless Living
  • The Midas Touch Gut Instinct
  • Perfect Health
  • Your Ideal Weight

Click here for your free pass:

Follow the lead of over 600,000 people to Immediate and Dramatic Change

Begins Monday, March 18, 2013 – Absolutely free of charge today!

You are one click away from getting a Free Pass to a life-altering online event that will help you vaporize these problems with mind tools that really work. Welcome to the Ultimate You Mindfest!

This free online event features 15 audio sessions to help rid you of the bee stings of life and help you experience its full-blown potential.

When you get your Free Pass today, you can listen to each audio session with no commercials, no obligation, nothing to get in the way of your success. The Ultimate You Mindfest is created to help you stimulate the proven power of YOUR genius “inner” mind to make effort-free changes.

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Weight Loss Goals

This time of year I generally like to focus on weight loss, detox, and improved health and fitness.  Last year, I did a juice reboot, and I really loved it.

This year I had been planning to do “something” related to weight loss, health and fitness…but I hadn’t really come up with many new inspirations…until about 2 weeks ago.

So if you didn’t know, I am a Certified Massage Therapist now, and I was on the Air Force Base in El Segundo, CA having lunch with a friend.  I went to the fitness center on base to research doing massage therapy there.  I copied down contact information for a Personal Trainer (Sarah Beck).  Later that day, I emailed Sarah to ask her how she started offering personal training services on base, and also if she was interested in trading massage therapy for personal training sessions…she said YES!

So, for the first week, I have been eating the diet that Sarah created JUST FOR ME!  It is very personal, so I love everything on the plan, and it is also low in junk food, bad carbs, sugars, and high in good protein.  In just the first week, I feel more mental clarity, more energy, and far less sluggish…probably because I am avoiding those chexmix food binges and other mindless eating habits.

I have also lost a few pounds already without even talking with Sarah about working out yet…I have just continued what I was already doing exercise wise…about 3 bike rides per week about 16 miles each ride…and yin yoga every morning (well most every morning).

I also received a new paraliminal MP3 download called “Ideal Weight”.  I have listened to both of the sessions of this MP3 and it really helps inspire diet compliance at the unconscious level, and does so without the ordinary guilt trip when you might slip up a little bit.

I feel great and look forward to more sessions with Sarah to shed the excess fat and build some lean muscle mass to replace it.

Stay tuned…

P.S:  Coming soon…a chance to listen to the “Ideal Weight” paraliminal along with 4 others FREE from Learning Strategies…Really stayed tuned for that!  :-D

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The Shift is Hitting the Fan

Welcome to the evolution!

The Shift is Hitting the Fan

Shift your Consciousness: Humanity is waking up!

The world is filled with factories…giant machines…and most of us have unwittingly been duped into compliance…

We have been conditioned by our factory education system to be a cog in the machine…

…If you want to find your own inner peace, and shift to unity or quantum consciousness…where you extend your concept of self to include…

… YOU…warts and all with acceptance and love

… Others…mostly those closest to you who you fight with

… The environment…animals, mountains, rivers…the whole planet and universe…

…Then take a moment to subscribe to my newsletter…My messages are short and funny and provide links to new pages, products, offerings, services, podcasts…whatever I have going on…in the moment.

When you join you also get access to my tribal free gifts page…as a thank you for joining our tribe…

The freebies page will continue to grow and include “beta” versions of future “non-free” products and well as valuable free audio mediations and funny outakes from our podcast (Shift Cast)

Shift your Consciousness: The machine is breaking down

The machine has grown too BIG…it can no longer continue to grow and consume infinite resources…

There is finite oil…there is finite clean water and air…

The machine that we unwittingly created is falling apart.

You might think this is bad news or good news…I can see both sides.

Yes it’s good news, because I am aware and I can change myself and help serve universal consciousness, help to wake up more people to the machine and let them know it’s falling apart…

On the other hand, the machine has created a fun place to live and play…some of the fun parts of the machine created world may disappear some day…

…no oil…no air travel or car trips…that will be a different world, and I will miss the days of abundance oil…

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Shift your Consciousness: What should we do???

This site is about connecting to universal consciousness and cultivating inner peace and then doing what is healthy and in service to the whole…of which we are all a critical part.

The call from the universe is to wake up! See the truth of your life situation and focus on the world we want to see…hopefully that is a world where most people don’t live lives as a cog in a machine…

…but where everyone is appreciated for their gifts and supports and inspires each other to co-create a more peaceful world that is free of “machine thinking”

Ever heard of lucid dreams? If so, you might get excited to think that if you practice…you can change the dream of your waking life much like you can during lucid dreams…

…maybe you can start…lucid living

Things move more slowly in waking dreams than in sleeping dreams, however, the ability to create your life is waiting for you to start playing!

The world of science is catching up with humanity’s consciousness shift…what spiritual masters have been pointing toward for centuries…

Shift Your Consciousness: Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics really gets me excited…the ideas coming out of this field really point to what spiritual masters have been pointing towards since the dawn of time…

…but in the discussions of quantum physics…the ideas are bases on observed facts rather than touchy feely spiritual traditions…

…so quantum physics at least points to the fact that just the act of observation has the ability to create affectsat the quantum level.

Shift Your Consciousness: Fractals

From Wikipedia:
“A fractal is generally “a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of which is (at least approximately) a reduced-size copy of the whole…”

Awareness can be thought of in a similar way in so much as it can not be divided into pieces that do not contain the whole…thus your’s is the SAME that is in me, your house plant, your neighbor, your dog even the earth and the entire universe…there is only ONE awareness.

Holographic Universe

Similar to fractals, Holograms have a nature that is impossible to divide without finding a smaller version of the whole image…

…Science has not embraced this idea, but it is still quite fascinating to open your mind to the idea that the universe may be a giant hologram…or a real life version of “The Matrix”…without the killer robots, and less kung fu!

Shift your Consciousness: Consciousness Drives the Universe

This is the theme of this site…an offer to you to expand or shift your consciousness…these ideas are being expressed everyday more and more…President Obama!!! That’s a SHIFT…the economic melt down…THAT’s a HUGE SHIFT!!…

…Your role is to make a choice…basically you can separate yourself and hide away from the world…or you can embrace the experience of your life and choose to be a conscious participant in your own HERO’s journey…

…The choice is yours NEO…do you want the RED pill…or the BLUE pill?

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What is ego?

What is ego?  Is the ego bad?  Does one need to rid oneself of their ego?

The Ego is the part of you that wants to be unique.

“…The part of ourselves that feels separate from everything else.  It is the part of ourselves that struggles and fears.  Ego is not necessarily something bad, nor does it refer only to the aggressive, conceited part of ourselves.  Ego is that part of the self that wants to be unique, unchanging, solid.  Ego Struggles against the reality in an attempt to preserve itself.  It is so afraid of looking at the vast, mysterious, untamed, eternal universe that it tries like hell to convince itself and everyone else that it is in control…”

— From the “Seeker’s Guide” by Elizabeth Lesser

I remember feeling my ego become very concerned at some new ideas that I was trying to integrate.

The truth that I learned is that I am not my past or the story of me.

What?!?!  What am I then?

What is ego:  The Story of ME!

My past and the story of me seemed like it was me. So my ego resisted very strongly at letting this idea change.  The good news here is that when I did manage to let the complete identification with my story go, the truth turned out to be much better…why you might ask?

The truth is better because, now I don’t identify myself with a story…I can still use and access my past experience, knowledge, information…

…but those things don’t define me, or limit me in anyway…those things are more like a tool that I have…but not WHAT I AM.

The truth is better because, this story will be over when I die anyway…I might as well get a jump on the truth and accept that my story was never me anyway…the part of me that goes on (consciousness) may or may not want to keep any of that story anyway.

This was tough…when I thought of death and “after death” in the past, I used to think, as long as I am still “right here behind by eyes” then I am the same…

…it scared me to think that the story of “wonderful ME” would be over…but I would still have a point of view and at least a sense of being…knowing that “I am” in some form (or lacking any form at all sometimes) forever…that turns out to be better than what the ego offers…

Facing the unknown truth is wonderful in so many ways…one of the first steps and probably one of the most difficult was accepting that I am not my story.

Probably one of my most beneficial, and perhaps painful realizations was that I AM NOT my life story…

…in our culture today, we are pretty much convinced that we are our life story…our accumulated experiences and memories make up everything that we are…

…I guess this is why “death” seems so scaring…I don’t fear death any more…because I have come to realize that I am not that story…

What is ego —  The false self

…I like to think of myself primarily as consciousness…a focal point of consciousness peering through my pinhole view from the un-manifest realm into this world of form…for a little while…then I will turn my gaze elsewhere…

…my true identity is without form…and eternal…it is also sinless, and perfect without needs, or improvement…

Sure while I am on earth, in a body, I have needs, wants and desires, but these are temporary…nothing to get really worked up about.

Trust me, it was not easy for me to let go of the idea that I WAS my story and my past…but once I was able to realize that my consciousness still would be…forever….then my past, and my sometimes sad story (sometimes happy too)…was just that…a story….

…a story told to me by me about me…the wonderfully sad, happy, quirky, unique and oh so very special ME…

…So, now I know that I AM consciousness…eternal…outside time/space…completely without need…not a story about a boy that was born in Michigan and helped his friend Scott with his paper route when it was about 40 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.

What is ego —  A necessary part of evolution

The ego is not bad or good…it just is…and because it is, we must have needed it to get us here…or it’s all just a mistake…whichever you choose to believe…the fact is if you are being human…you have an ego.

I have an ego…my ego is just like your ego.  My ego is very sneaky and pretends he’s special and spiritual and WAY more conscious and aware than most people he meets…and doesn’t that just make him….UNIQUE!?!?

My ego also likes to be different and blaze my own trail sometimes…nothing wrong with that…

My ego loves to make people laugh and be the center of attention and gets jealous when it has to share the spot light with someone that might be more entertaining.

My point is, is everyone has an ego while being human…you need to practice some sort of awareness technique every day of your life just to stay on the path and to stay awake enough not to get sucked back into the dream…but we all do fall back to sleep…that’s why you hear the best teachers repeating to students “stay awake!”…

…because those teachers know that they still fall asleep…so they have built a system to remind them to wake up several times each day…through meditation, breathing, mindful awareness, exercise, reading…whatever works!!!

So, don’t feel like you need to destroy your ego (or anything)…you can learn to accept your ego…warts and all…and use it to help you teach others.

What is ego —  “The you” you think you are

Another way to think of the ego is the “YOU” that “you THINK you are”.

People that are completely identified with form most of the time are operating at a highly unconscious state.  For all practical purposes those people think they ARE their egos, and so they pretty much are (even though the truth of them remains the same as you and me…it is hidden under so much “stuff”, the true self rarely sees the light of day).

We all go through this period, and I am no exception.  I have had several major awakenings, only to go back to sleep for years…and then wake up again…

…Part of my practice is to say “the truth is still true”…I don’t really know the truth…but I know that the real me is true…it is eternal and it does not change…no matter what…

…so regardless of how crappy any moment may be…I can take a deep breath and remind myself that “The truth is still true”…and that helps to chill me out and wake me up.

What is ego — The Voice in your Head

This is one of Eckhart Tolle’s favorite expressions…are you the voice in your head?  No that is most likely your ego…your true self is the listener, the stillness in which the voice speaks…

…most seekers of the truth come to realize that the voice in their head talks to much and really just gets in the way of helping you wake up…

…it is a lot like the constant drone of television or the radio…non stop HITS!

Almost all spiritual practice begins with learning to reduce the number of thoughts that you have during the any given moment and throughout the day…

…the idea being that the truth is quiet, silent and still and very much alive and trying to live a fulfilled life through you…most of your thoughts are getting in the way…

Each seeker has to create their own method of quieting the voice in your head…the ego won’t like this…but trust me, the truth is WAY better.

What is ego —  Unconsciousness

The most basic definition of the ego is when you are unconscious, your ego is operating…this is not necessary a bad, or undesirable occurrence…

…when you get really good at thing, you can do perform that activity “unconsciously”…

…problems arise, when we take our skills that have been tuned to the “unconscious competent” level for granted and start becoming unconscious of the miracle of life around us.

Driving for me falls in to a potential pitfall of totally unconscious behavior sometimes…diligence is required sometimes to relax into the moment and accept a traffic jam…or to be conscious enough to drive and avoid all the hazards that the situation calls for.

There are plenty of times, when you can get totally focused on an activity and be unconscious of your environment around you…I sometimes get into this “flow” state when I write, and time just seems to slip away…there is nothing wrong with this focused level of consciousness…

Another way of thinking about your ego and unconsciousness is the story of Jesus on the cross…

…Jesus knew that the people that were killing him didn’t know what they were doing…he said something like “forgive them, for they know not what they do”…”know not” here meaning…unaware or unconsciousness.

What is ego — Identification with Form

When you are identified with form you are identified with your ego.  Your ego makes the mistake of thinking that it NEEDS an endless about of stuff to prop it up and make it special…

Stuff can be a really cool job…or a horrible life situation, or a dreadful past…

…it could be identified with an addiction to pornography, drugs, TV or DVDs, the internet or countless other things…

…perhaps your ego is really identified in a role that you play in your life situation…mother, father, Colonel, Mayor, President, teacher…

…there is nothing wrong with doing those things, as long as you remember and  are aware that the roles that you play are not you…you are always a human being…and not a role…

…you can consciously choose to play a role and then stop and remember that you are a human playing a role…

We also identify with money in an unconscious way…if we have money…we are afraid to lose it in the future and won’t allow ourselves to be happy now with what we have…the ego will always try to get more money…

…if you don’t have money, then the ego will always be longing for something outside itself…money in this case, and won’t allow itself peace and happiness until it gets some money…

…even when the ego gets the money…it will turn the situation around and be afraid to lose the money…

…if you are aware that money is around for a while and if you have it is ok to use it and enjoy it while it is around…but it is not you.  You can have money or not have money and be conscious of the fact that your money situation is NOT you…

Same goes for STUFF and this is linked to money sometimes as well.  I watched a DVD about credit card debt (“maxed out”)…there was a woman who lived alone in a huge house that was about to go into foreclosure…

…she had maxed out all of here credit cards, and still had a house full of plates and other collectibles that she was very much afraid of losing…

…obviously, she was completely identified with form…she could not possibly give up her plates and her house to try to live without debt…without her stuff…who would she be?  Without her sad story…who would she be?

…This is a great example of investing a large part of our identities in what we have.

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Stages of Acceptance

The Stages of Acceptance could be thought of as the stages of grief…but that really ends in acceptance…it begins with denial…

I think the stages of acceptance begin with an unemotional view towards the current state of affairs…

Stages of Acceptance – Stage One: Acceptance

This may seem a little obvious…the first stage of acceptance is acceptance…

…ok…are we done?…nope! :D

Here I go with some quotes:

“We can create the future…we can revise the past…we must accept now AS IS.” — Deepak Chopra

So the current level of our collective consciousness is not at stage ONE of acceptance…

We spend a lot of time, thought and energy resisting and denying “WHAT IS” NOW…

So…in this model…it is pretty safe to assume you are spending large portion of your day being in denial about something the way it is…

…maybe you can quickly change it and then move on…

…maybe you don’t have the power to change it, and don’t have the serenity to accept it…so you deny it…fight against…or otherwise just stay in a state of denial

So, getting to stage ONE is quiet a big step…

Stages of Acceptance – Stage Two: Enjoyment

Stage two is enjoyment…these stages are from: The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment…by Eckhart Tolle…

After you have accepted a situation “as is” the next level up from that is to engage with the situation with your unique talents and gifts…

It’s natural to enjoy using your talents and gifts, and with the acceptance already in place from stage one, you are free to be happy and enjoy doing…

When you first start with enjoyment, your skills may be raw and require honing and practice…

With practice your skills will improve. With improved skills the value that you provide with yours skills and talents to others and the world will increase…

Others and the world will be attracted to you because they will appreciate the value that you, with your enjoyment of using your talents and skills, provide them…

They will provide you with feedback…good and bad, that will help you to continue to improve your skills and talents…

Stages of Acceptance – Stage Three: Passion

The third stage of acceptance is passion or enthusiasm…which is a natural consequence of the first two stages…

At this stage…using your unique skills and talents to give of yourself and provide your gift and value to the world…is your passion…

…One becomes excited to jump out of bed in the morning…just so they can DO their JOB!

Their JOB is to use their unique skills and talents to help change the world…through providing value to others…

The passion level is when your doing begins to flow and time slips away…hours and hours pass while you are giving of yourself and you are lost…things are produced…they are generated, organized and delivered in a constant flow of ideas that come from within…

Like Mozart connecting to the world of music…and writing down some snippets and bringing them back and hoping they sound Mozart-y! :D

We all are geniuses waiting to acceptance NOW as is…

Stages of Acceptance – Defending your Life

Defending Your Life is one of my all time favorite movies…why?… #1 It deals with “after life” issues. #2 Rip Torn is in it! #3 It suggests that one purpose of life on earth may be to face our fears. #4 It’s very FUNNY! #5 It deals with various Stages of Acceptance

Stages of Acceptance – Ground Hog Day

Shut up! You don’t expect me to believe that I can learn life lessons from a movie like “Groundhog Day”!! Um…well…yeah, I do. :-O The film “Ground hog Day” stars Bill Murray and is about a Pittsburgh weatherman that lives the same day over and over again. If you have not seen the movie yet, I want to warn you that this page contains “spoilers” about how the film ends.


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Consciousness Store

Shift Your Consciousness Store

Welcome to the Shift Your Consciousness Store! Here you will find outstanding deals on products that I have used on my journey…Enjoy!

The Unexplainable Store

The Unexplainable Store sells binaural beats that induce various states of consciousness through a process known as brainwave entrainment.

These audio files contain different beats that you can really barely notice, underneath smoothly music and sounds of flowing water and other sounds of nature such as birds and crickets.There are no words on these file, and you don’t need to consciously think about anything, just relax and allow the beats to help you meet your goal.

Consciousness Books

These 10 books really helped me along the way they are all enlightening and life changing. This selection includes books that will help you learn to succeed, grow, know yourself, shift your beliefs, and laugh at yourself!

Playing for Change

Check out Playing for Change…music produced with players from around the world…most of them found on the street! Check the video to see how music can Shift Your Consciousness…


Playing for Change

Consciousness DVDs

DVDs of movies that helped me wake up my consciousness. Movies included What the Bleep, The Secret, The Matrix, and many more you may have not heard of…

The only way to keep something is to give it away…

We are all here to GIVE! Giving money is one way to give… it’s easy and it makes you feel good.

Kiva is awesome!!!…you loan 25 to someone and then get your money back later…to loan out again!…it is the perfect circle of giving!!!

Loans that change Lives

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Inspirational Movies

What can Hollywood teach us about Consciousness?

Actually, quite a bit.  I have to admit it…I am a movie FREAK!  I LOVE movies…mostly I love movies that inspire me….I recently re-watched one of my favorite all time movies…

“Defending Your Life”…a very funny movie that teaches a great lesson about fear, learning how to get what you want and standing up for yourself.

…watched a DVD called “Young @ Heart” about a Chorus of folks who are…well you get the idea…

I was inspired by this movie mostly because of their desire to just keep singing…right up until their bodies gave out…I mean why not right?!?!

One of the singers said “Nobody gets out of here alive…” referring to earth…I might ammend that to: “No Bodies get out of here alive, but every one continues to live.”

I know what you’re thinking…oh great…boring movies about Ghandi and John Denver…ick!

Nope…both those guys do inspire me, but I am not inspired by boring movies any more than you are…

The cool thing is…exciting movies do inspire…”The Matrix”, “Star Wars”, “2001: A space Odyssey”…all cool movies teach great lessons while taking you on an adventure.

I can actually find a lesson about consciousness in ANY movie!  Yes, I am throwing down a challenge to the WORLD.  You tell me about a movie and I will find a lesson in that movie about consciousness.

It’s pretty easy, really, because you have to be conscious to make a movie, so I always have a fall back answer…

“…This film teaches us that one needs to be conscious to make a film (but barely conscious to make certain films).”

So, this page will grow…with more of my favorite movies and your suggestions as well.

Groundhog Day

Shut up!  You don’t expect me to believe that I can learn life lessons from a movie like “Groundhog Day”!!  Um…well…yeah, I do.  :-O

The Shift Movie

The sneak peaks look very cool and inspiring for this film that is still in production…you can help!

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Unexplainable Store

Unexplainable Store

The Unexplainable Store sells binaural beats that induce various states of consciousness through a process known as brainwave entrainment.

These audio files contain different beats that you can really barely notice, underneath smoothly music and sounds of flowing water and other sounds of nature such as birds and crickets.

There are no words on these file, and you don’t need to consciously think about anything, just relax and allow the beats to help you meet your goal.

Free Sample Binaural Beat

Chakra Tuning

This is the first product that I purchased from the unexplainable store…and I was really blown away.

I had used several forms of audio programs before, but these are different first because, there is no talking…at first I didn’t know what to think…then I just relaxed and let the beats do their job…and they do…

I felt relaxed and energized after using the this mp3 file and I highly recommend you try it to clear your chakras.

There is a huge list of mp3s available:
Deep Sleep
Lucid Dream
Creativity Free Flow
Good Health
Short Nap
Sleep Package
Short Nap Monaural
Short Nap Isochronic
Counting Sheep Monaural
Counting Sheep Isochronic
Deep Sleep Monaural
Deep Sleep Isochronic
Sleep Monaural Package
Sleep Isochronic Package

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True Meaning of Life

I recently watched the movie “I like killing flies”  which is about Shopsin’s in New York.  Kenny Shopsin said something about “The Meaning of Life”, and I thought…”Gee, I think I know a little bit about the true meaning of life, so I should write about it.”

I believe people like Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer have “filled in the blank” of life’s meaning, and I have too…but of course, just because I have filled in the meaning of my life, that doesn’t really help you all that much…right?

The true meaning of life seems to perplex and elude most people that I come into contact with in my day to day life.

So, how can I help you fill in your true meaning of life question?  I don’t know.

But, I am willing to give her a shot by letting you know about some experiences I went through to arrive and my current true meaning of life answers.

The one thing that gives my life meaning is me…or my life.  I give meaning to my life.

Neale Donald Walsch, author of the “Conversations with God” books said in the “The Secret” something like…’s as if people think that there is something that everyone is supposed to do on earth.  (paraphrased)

He used the idea that there is a blackboard in heaven and God writes on it…

“Here lies Jeff Smith.  He was a pretty cool dude that laughed a lot and hugged people.  May he rest in peace.”

That would be good enough for me…but you see I get to fill in the blank with what I do with my life.

His point is that most people spend all their lives trying to find the blackboard…and there is no blackboard…and if there was…you could write on it anything you WANT!

I don’t believe there is any MUST do destiny items that I need to accomplish on earth in order to find the meaning of life. Instead, it is more a realization that I am already complete, whole and perfect just as I AM.

I watched a movie about Ram Dass called “Fierce Grace” and I learned about a book that Ram Dass wrote called “Being Here”.  The general message of the book was: Love People, Serve People, Feed People and Remember God.

I really liked that.  Sort of a very easy to remember mission statement for my life.  I have done all four in one day on several occasions and it is quite fun.  It can be a little exhausting if you do all four really often…but still well worth the effort.

I know that sounds really simple and easy…but heh that’s what I got.  But don’t worry…I started the story at the end, so you will remember where we are going when we come back to the beginning.

So if you want to write your own meaning of life statement here is a list of bullets—everybody digs bullets!

True Meaning of Life:  There is no meaning to life beyond what you give it.

You get to fill in the blank for what your life means.  Don’t be messing with other peoples meanings because…what the hell do you know? Real happiness is a more like remembering the truth than accomplishing a goal.The quite desperation that you feel…like a huge gaping HOLE in your SOUL…is the real you…trying to tell you that you are OK and perfect right now and forever.

True Meaning of Life:  It doesn’t matter what you choose

…to give your life meaning, if you don’t like your choice, you have perfect free will to change your mind.  Pick something that you want to give your life meaning and start moving towards it.  Remember what Deepak says:”You can create the future, you can revise the past, but you must accept NOW “AS IS”.

True Meaning of Life:  Meditate

…and spend more time listening with your brain and less time “chatting” in your head.

Your brain is divided and your mind is divided…its fun!  It is a big part of being on earth.  One side is about NOW.  It is only about NOW.  It connects you to Unity consciousness, where you are one with all consciousness.

The other side is about before (the past) and after (the Future).  It is required to have this piece of brain/mind here on earth so you can keep up with this illusion called space/time.

It also keeps chatting.  Trying to keep you out of trouble and remember things from the past to help you do better in the future.

The NOW part of your brain doesn’t talk…it listens.  When you learn to meditate you are learning to shift into “listen mode” instead of consciously chatting in your head…just listen without out judgement.

In this way, you can allow your consciousness to expand into the unity consciousness part of you and connect to higher wisdom….it’s a blast and some people learn some cool super powers!

True Meaning of Life:  Embrace the idea of Unity Consciousness

Unity Consciousness says that we are all ONE.  Our bodies are temporary teaching devices to help communicate, love and learn while on earth…but you don’t need a body to be alive.

If we are all one, then that means that those people out there that make you anger are YOU!  So, what I do, is imagine that people ONLY MEAN on of two things when they talk to mean:

1.  I love you unconditionally…which is cool.
2.  If they say anything else (like “get the FX*# out of the ROAD!”)…What they MEAN is (I need your help).  Help can be food, money or just a kind thought.

True Meaning of Life:  Embrace the idea of Nothing

The idea of Nothing will get it’s own page some day.  In a nutshell:

1.  I need nothing.
2.  Nothing I perceive is real.
3.  At some level there is nothing other than consciousness…this is closer to reality than ANY THING.
Silence, peace…other ways to say…nothing.  When you embrace nothing, you embrace peace and eternity and trust in a loving universe.

True Meaning of Life:  Thoughts are creative

Learn that your internal emotion state, along with your thoughts and desires and reflected back to you during your day-to-day life.  If you learn to consciously induce happy and loving states…your day-to-day life will improve.

See more about this under the heading of “Powers of the Mind” and or the “Law of Attraction”.

True Meaning of Life:  Go after what you want

Nothing shows up in your day-to-day life without you:
– visualizing its presence
– Putting emotional energy behind the image
– you Allowing and accepting the “THING” into your life

Knowing this, you should starting learning what you WANT and learning how to effectively WANT it and work on getting it.

True Meaning of Life: Make it believable

Figuring out how to get what you want can’t start until you allow yourself to really want something and truly believe you can make it happen.

People will say:  “I want to buy a million dollar house…but I don’t have the money, so I can’t”The universe (and your higher self) will respond:  “OK, you can’t have a million dollar house.”On the other hand, if you were to say:

“I am going to buy a house that costs a million dollars.”

The universe responds:  “OK, you might need some money to help you do that…I will start working on that for you so you get what you want.”

True Meaning of Life:  Positive Goals in the Present Tense

Once you decide you want something…make it a positive goal and think about having it in the present tense using positive language.

A good goal statement is like:I am so happy NOW that I have a million dollar house.The statement is stating how you feel about the result “As IF” it has already occurred.

The universe knows that space/time is an illusion, but you don’t and you can get in the way.

If you make a goal like:

“In one year, I will buy a house that costs a million dollars”

The Universe and Your higher self will take that to mean that that million dollar house is “ALWAYS” one year away.

True Meaning of Life:  Ask questions

Learn to ask good questions about what happens in your day-to-day life.  Instead of blaming the world or playing the role of victim ask yourself “Why did I bring this into my life?  Where is the lesson in this?  How can I make this into something that has value to me?

The power of positive questions along can instantly shift your consciousness into a more positive and productive state in which you can get things done.

So, yeah, that wasn’t really an answer to the question of “what is the meaning of life” now does it?

The meaning of life is something that I believe that I can’t possibly come to know while I am alive.  However, instead of operating my life “as if” it has no meaning…I can choose to give my life meaning myself.  I know I am not right…but I’m ok with that.

I choose to believe that my life has meaning.  That meaning comes through my life through the way I live it.

I always try to be kind, helpful, happy and LAUGH…people really love to listen to me laugh, because they know that there is something inside me that makes me happy…no matter what is going on in the world.

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Think About Money

This is Step 0 in a series about money and how to keep what you have

Link to Step 0 Think about Money

Link to Step .5 Shift Your Money Attitude

Link to Step 1 Live Below your Means

Link to Step 2 Payoff Credit Cards

Link to Step 3 Invest Money

Link to Step 4 Stock Index Funds

Step 0 in shifting to prosperity consciousness is asking yourself:  What do I think about money?  Do I have enough?  If you are reading this, you probably don’t think that you do.Are you spending more money than you make?  Can you afford where you live?

I am the “spender” in my family. Before I married my AWESOME wife Yayoi, I had wracked up well over $10k of credit card debt.

Wait a second, let me write that again and put all the zeros behind to get the message through: OVER $10,000!! And what were the life changing purchases that required me to go so far into debt?

Hmm, well it’s been about 14 years, but here is a short list of what I remember buying with my credit card:

  • $1500 A Roland JV80 professional keyboard — I never learned how to play it
  • $400 Portable CD Player – they had just came out, I think I owned like 12 CDs
  • $8100 Clubbing, drinking, girls, clothes, strip joints
…you know “the essentials”.  These actions later helped me think about money.
So, I can tell you what I was thinking about money. I was thinking that using money to buy things would make me happy.Granted, there is a sense of happiness that comes from buying something new, but everyone knows that when the newness wears off you just have a dusty keyboard in your room and you still don’t know how to play.

My point here is that, often people think that money is for buying things to make us happy. Since those early spending days, my thinking has changed. Now I think a lot differently about money and things.

First, as I stated above, they DON’T make me happy (we can get into what makes me happy in another post). Second, I prefer to have more money than I need from paycheck to paycheck.

Yayoi and I are by no means “RICH”, but we have a nice little sum of money invested in the stock market that I refer to as “the pile”. The other day a co-worker of mine asked me what I was planning to do with my bonus this year to which I replied “put it on the pile”.

Having a pile of money set aside is much more satisfying to me than the quick little “high” I used to get from buying something new. This is not to say that my pile makes me happy…but I choose to have a pile rather a lack of a pile.Now, when I think about money, I think:  “Yes, I like having money, but even if I lost it all…I would still be happy”.  Yayoi would be very upset, and would make sure we started working on a new pile.

Having money set aside in various stages on investment provides the benefits listed below and more I have not thought of:

  • Earn interest on (savings, checking, stock investments etc.)
  • USE credit cards all the time and pay off the balance every month…no matter what. Use the “points” to purchase airfare. We volunteer to use our credit cards at work and get paid back in cash or checks down the road…so we get the points!
  • Buy cars by writing a check. You save a TON of money on that interest you don’t have to pay…and one less bill every month.
  • Yayoi’s piece of mind
  • If you lose your job, you can survive for a while without income…you are emergency tolerant.
  • Have almost enough money to pay off your California mortgage in a crappy sub-prime market disaster (whew glad I have a pile!)
Yayoi and I still spend money, just not all of it. Yayoi gets upset if she can’t SAVE her goal every month…which happens when we do some out of the ordinary spending.Here is a list of things that help us keep the money we have:

  • Cable TV – We get “broadcast basic” and Cable internet – $53 per month – I like to watch TV on DVDs or on the internet (a lot of shows are now web-casted for free).
  • Cell Phones – Yayoi and I both have pay as you go phones and they only cost $20 per quarter. This works for us, because we don’t use our phones that often. Also, are phones are just phones….not toys. Hey, if you want a toy…go for it….we just want phones.
  • Work clothes: Outlet malls – get shirts for work for $6 or $9, shoes—50-75% off, suits $200 per suit for 100% wool (ok that is about what you have to pay to get a good suit, but people pay a lot more than that as well)
  • IPOD: Yes I bought an IPOD, but I only paid $2 downloading one TV show. I prefer Podcasts which are all free for now.
  • NFL ticket? – No WAY! I get the NFL field pass which is about $40 per season and you get all the radio broadcasts on the internet. I also got Sirrus Satellite Radio…so I can take football on the road; I think it costs about $13 per month.

What do you think about money? Do you have a pile? Do you want to have a pile? Step Zero is changing the way you think about money. If you are ready to do step Zero, then you have a chance at succeeding in creating that pile of your own.

However, having a pile won’t make you happy (well maybe a little happier) but not truly happy…that is another post.

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Stream of Consciousness

Tap directly into the deep well of universal knowledge

This morning I decided to try out the stream of consciousness technique for writing down the ideas that were floating around in my head when I woke up. The unedited results are below:

stream of consciousness
happiness is free
joy is inside you
you need not search for truth outside yourself
journey inward in silence to find joy
pain and pleasure are the same
you don’t have any problems that you don’t create and feed to learn
the truth is for everyone
help to save the sonship
heal yourself
be kind
eat well
drink water
breath right
sleep well
deep well
teach people
feel good
eat now

Not really many typos and the first line is the title and the last line is letting me know I was done…it was over rather quickly.

Generally, I mediate before I try to write anything, but this morning I really wanted to get this written down before they escaped….sure they don’t make much sense, but I am going to treat this like and experiment with the stream of consciousness technique.

Each one of those lines is worth explaining a little bit, so I will attempt to do so…links to separate pages might come out as well.

Stream of Consciousness

This is the technique of just “letting go” and witting whatever occurs to you without thinking about rules or grammar or punctuation and seeing what comes out.  I did this with my eyes closed as well…as much as possible.

Stream of Consciousness:  Happiness is Free

This idea has two sources in my recent week.  1) Reading a book by Tony Robbins, (Awake the Giant within), Tony tells a story about Elvis. Although Elvis had achieved huge external success, he never stopped seeking happiness through external means.

At the end of his life, he could have anything he wanted in the world, and he choose to use drugs until they killed his body.  Elvis never learned that “happiness is Free” and you don’t need to search for anything outside yourself to find it.

The eternal part of Elvis (not his earthly body…as far as I know) continues to exist.

The second idea came from a conversation with my wife Yayoi.  She has been trying to come up with an idea for a new job.  She is not quite ready to quit her current job, and at the same time, she can see an end point coming up in the next couple of years…

…whenever her boss decides to retire Yayoi doesn’t want to get stuck doing her job, so she wants to make a plan to get a new job.

So, Yayoi is thinking about what job to do next.  She has several ideas:  voice acting, translator/interpreter, dental technician and she is going over her ideas with me to ask me what I think.

This is when I told her maybe she should learn that a job doesn’t make you happy, but if she could learn to be happy first, then any job would do.

She agreed in principle that a job will not make her happy, but she doesn’t know how to find happiness herself, and that she is not really inclined to to try right now.

Happiness is free…but everyone must find there way inside and report back what you find.  This idea might warrant more pages…stay tuned.

Stream of Consciousness:  Joy is inside you

Proctor and Gamble might love that!  This is the same idea as “happiness in free” I think.

I guess I must have finished a part of the earth lesson plan, because I know these things, and I am now learning how to express them to people.

There are more people in American today that are seeking joy outside of themselves than people that are content with nothing.  And I think most of them would tell you that they are some form of Christian believing person.

The 23rd Psalm lays out a nice plan for letting go of earthly desires that are attachments.  If you are free from “wanting” then you can be happy with nothing and the universe will provide for you and protect your body while you are on earth.

Look at how many people are so broke that they will most likely never recover from debt in America.  The trap isn’t because the bank is evil…the trap is everyone thinks they need an endless stream of “stuff” to make them happy.

The right job, spouse, career, house, clothes, boy friend, social network, cell phone, cable plan, China, Crystal…the list is endless…whoever dies with the most toys wins!

There is nothing wrong with stuff by itself, as long as you realize that joy and happiness comes from turning your attention inward and learning the the truth of the universe and find the silent truth…

…that you are a sinless eternal piece of “god consciousness” that cannot be changed in any way by your earthly experience.

…then you can work on making your “earth dream” a little more happy with the the things that you prefer for your dream.  Such as, your preferred job (it still won’t make you happy…but you are already happy(!).

Stream of Consciousness: You need not seek truth outside yourself

The objective truth of the universe cannot be found in the waking state of consciousness (yet!).  Which brings me to a little bit on “levels of consciousness”:

  • Deep Sleep
  • Dreaming
  • Day-to-day Life
  • Higher states of consciousness (meditation, cosmic, unity, Christ) there are more states then these.

The objective truth is just that…it is objective and doesn’t change regardless of your state of consciousness.

You are familiar with the the first three:

1)  Deep Sleep…practically unconscious…but not really.

2)  Dreaming:  You are a little more aware and thinking, but not moving your physical body.

3)  Day-to-Day Life:  This is where you are seeking to find the truth, but you won’t find it outside in the waking world, because that is still a dream relative to higher states.  The truth is still true in this state…but you need not rush around or try to “buy” truth.

You don’t even need to move much, first you need to learn to quiet your mind and get comfy with silence which will lead you to a new level of consciousness.

4)  Meditative Awareness:  Using meditation, you can find a silent partner in your life…you can call it whatever you want….a helpful angel, God, the universe, your higher self…it is the real you.

The real you is the silent piece of “consciousness” that hears your thoughts, and observes your emotions….but is not changed by them.

The real you is eternal, outside of the illusion of space and time, and doesn’t need a body or food or air or water or a planet or anything to “BE”.

You will continue to “BE” your true self even if you lose all of your earth stuff (including your body that you are so worried about).

5)  Happy dream…this might be where I am.  I am now sure about the truth in my day-to-day life…sure I have to deal with everything that you have to deal with…

…but I already now that I will be happy when my head hits the pillow at night and I don’t need any more fixing or improvement…I’m cookies!!!

(check out Buffy the Vampire Slayer…or if you don’t want to…this is just a cute way of saying “I’m done”.)

6) More levels after this that I will find as I go further inward on my journey back to the real me.

Stream of Consciousness: Journey inward in silence to find joy

So, the first step in finding joy is to take an inward journey.  This can be a little scary and boring at first…but you have courage and I know you can stay awake.

Try yoga if mediation seems to dull.  Here are keys to the inward journey:

Key #1:  Fear is an illusion.  Jack Canfield made up an acronym for F.E.A.R


So fear, is you thinking about a future event, and not liking one possible outcome.

Most people I know are afraid of silence at an unconscious level.  The first thing people to in the morning is turn on the radio or TV to fill the void.

I LOVE the void.  I love the sound of silence.  Real silence becomes a roar if you listen to it long enough.

We all really love peace and once you get past the fear (do you really think silence can “hurt” you?…now that you know that the real you doesn’t even need a body, planet, or universe to be?).

A big part of the earth journey is to get over every kind of fear…what is the worst thing that can happen?  Your earth body dies…big whoop…get another body, get re-born…start playing again.

That’s not really the worst that can happen…sometimes you might think it is not fun being alive…if so, you might need to seek professional care in the “real world”.

I suggest you read books my Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer and talk to professional care givers if you have think you have real problems.

Key #2:  Breathing and a quite mind

The inward journey starts with mediation.  I have a meditation page.  You can start your journey there…but don’t stop there.  Learn to meditate everyday.  Take a yoga class, or a guided meditation class.  Buy some meditation mp3s or CDs or books…get into meditation and you will find the truth.

Key #3:  Read books in the “Day to Day” world about the inward journey and spiritual matters

Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer are great places to start.  I also recommend:

No Time for Karma
A Course in Miracles

Stream of Consciousness: You don’t have any problems that you don’t create and feed to learn

How did I think that from the stream of consciousness?!?  That is mostly from the voice that wrote “A course in miracles”.

If you accept the “truth” that you are a piece of “God consciousness” that doesn’t have any needs at all…then how could you have any problems?

The problems that you “think” you have you are unconsciously co-creating with your higher self to teach the little you something your higher self wants your lower self to learn….sounds crazy….I KNOW!

You and your higher self create and feed problems in your earth life that create your earth life’s problems.  It’s ok…it’s a perfect system.

Once you meet your higher self and start interacting and communicating with him/her then, you can start asking for what “you” (the little earth you) wants and stop making up problems for yourself.

Stream of Consciousness:  The truth is for everyone

Everyone that walks around on earth knows the truth of reality and of their true self.  We have all just forgot.  This isn’t a bad thing, we all forgot on purpose.  Remember life in general, including life on earth is a perfect system…everyone that is on Earth, came here for a reason and of their own free will.

So, in reality, this message’s “target audience” is everyone…but that doesn’t mean everyone wants to know the truth NOW and will seek to find the truth during this life time.

So I do have a niche of those people that are on earth now, and look for answers to the “big questions” of earth using the internet.

Stream of Consciousness:  Help save the Sonship

“The Sonship” is what “A course in miracles” refers to as humanity.  The central message of “A course in Miracles” is to first learn the truth of your own identity and then help teach and share the truth with everyone else. So I guess, Help save the sonship is one of my long term goals.

Stream of Consciousness:  And the rest!

heal yourself
be kind
eat well
drink water
breath right
sleep well
deep well
teach people
feel good
eat now

These are what are left over and they pretty much just mean what they say….almost like….ok that is enough for now do these things and have a nice day, now stop and go make yourself a smoothie for breakfast!

Note, I finished this the following morning after writing for nearly two hours on the explanations, which is a nice writing session for me at this point.

I tried to tap into the stream again this morning thinking there might be something new to start on, but I then just wanted to finish this up.

I like this stream of consciousness method of writing and I am going to try making it work more often in new ways.

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Stock Index Funds

This is Step 4 in a series about money and how to keep what you have

Link to Step 0 Think about Money

Link to Step .5 Shift Your Money Attitude

Link to Step 1 Live Below your Means

Link to Step 2 Payoff Credit Cards

Link to Step 3 Invest Money

Link to Step 4 Stock Index Funds

Now the fun part…we learn how to buy Stock Index Funds.  You have set up your 401k and are investing up to your employer match (or more) and you still have money left over for your Roth IRA or Traditional IRA and you might even have enough money left to open a taxable brokerage account.

The best investment out there is (IMHO) stock-based index funds.  If you are closer to retirement age, then you need to research bonds, but otherwise stock Index Funds are the place to start.

Before you can do any of this you need to pick a broker and fund an account.

So, here’s a useful link!

Ok, now you are ready to start picking Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs).

I invest in funds that are linked to indexes (or if you prefer, “Indices” I can roll that way too, dog!)

What’s an index? Well, we already know that I don’t like to beat a dead horse, so, if you don’t know what an index is, here’s another useful link! (If you hadn’t guessed, I love the Motley Fool!)

What is an index?

Ok, now that you know all about indexes [indices], I will say I like index-based funds because:

* Fund Managers attempt to “beat” an index (generally the S&P 500) and most of them fail to do so. So if you do as well as the index, you are getting a better return than most managed funds.
* The manager of a fund has to get paid. An index fund does not have a manager, so the expenses on managed funds are generally higher than on index funds.

Want to read more: (Bow down to the Fool!)

Ok, so now you have a clue about what you want to buy, namely: Stock-based index funds. So, you might be thinking, “Which funds should I buy?” That’s why I like you so much, reader, because you ask such wonderful questions!

This brings up the wonderful topic of “Where to put your money,” which is otherwise known as: (Drum roll, please)

Stock Index Funds:  Asset Allocation!

Stock Index Funds:  Scenario #1:

Stock Index Funds Question:  I’m busy, so I only have time to invest in ONE fund, any help?

A: If you only get one fund, then I suggest you get a fund based on the S&P 500 Index. Most 401k plans will offer such a fund. These get you “build-in” diversity of 500 companies. Some fund ideas are:

* SPY: ETF called Spiders.
* VFINX: Vanguard’s S&P 500 Fund.

Stock Index Funds:  Scenario #2:

Stock Index Funds Question:  I have a little bit more time to devote to investing; do you have any more ideas?

A: Sure! If you do a little research, you will find these categories of options that are labeled “Asset Classes” and funds within each class. Here’s a break down of how I do my Asset Allocation:

US based funds (Domestic)

US Large Company Funds: 20%
US Large Value Funds: 20%
US Small Company Funds: 10%
US Small Value Funds: 10%

Foreign Funds (Overseas)

Foreign Large Funds: 15%
Foreign Large Value Funds: 10%
Foreign Small Company Funds: 10%
Emerging Market Funds: 5%

Stock Index Funds Question:  How do I find good funds of each class?

A: I’m glad you asked. You should do the research and find funds that have a low expense ratio…lower is better, because it is the money you pay to own the fund.

Please click here for an explanation of an expense ratio. (We’re not getting away from the Fool, this time!)

I did a little research (not using my broker, so you can too) and found out that Vanguard has a good link that shows the different funds (ONLY that they sell, of course).

This is just an example , not an endorsement of Vanguard Funds: (Sorry, no Fool, I know you’re sad.)

That is a list of all of their index-funds. If you click on the fund’s link you can find the expense ratio at the bottom of the page. This research will be easier once you have a brokerage account you can do more in-depth research on all available funds, for free, as part of your brokerage account.

Stock Index Funds Question: I don’t have enough money to invest in all of these funds. Which funds should put my in money first?

A: My method is invest in U.S.-based funds first, and from top to bottom. It took me several years to purchases funds in all of these classes.

Stock Index Funds Question: Ok, but what happens when the value of a fund within a class exceeds its target allocation?

A: Well, first…THAT’S GREAT!!! It means that you are making money!!! Don’t worry about it.

You rebalance once per year. I keep a spreadsheet in which I enter the total amount of money invested and then calculate the target percentage and compare that to the actual amount of money I have in the fund.

If I have too much money in a class, I sell shares of that fund class. If I don’t have enough in a class, I buy more shares of that fund class. I only do this once per year in order to keep my transaction fees minimized.

Stock Index Funds Question: What is a transaction fee?

A: Every time you buy, sell, or exchange funds, you are charged a fee (these vary by broker and fund).

Stock Index Funds Question: Do I have to pay taxes when I sell?

A: In a taxable account, YES! That is why tax-advantaged accounts are so cool.

And another reason to only rebalance once per year. You really want to hold onto a fund for at least one year, plus one day, in order to ensure your capital gains taxes are at the lower “long-term” rate.

(If you make a profit, of course, that’s what capital gains taxes are all about. If you lose money, that’s a whole other proposition, and maybe a topic for another post!, but you don’t pay tax on a loss.)

Stock Index Funds Question:  How much money do I need to start?

A: Good question!! Every fund has a minimum opening investment, generally in the range of $2000 – $3000 dollars. This is an added wrinkle when trying to establish an opening position in a new fund.

You might have left over money, but not enough to open up a new fund. In that case, the only thing you can do is spread out that extra money in the funds you already own and wait for them to grow.

You see, once you have a position in a fund, you can add to it in any amount, small or large.

For example, if I already made my initial investment in VFINX for $3000, and I want to add $1000 the next year, I can do that. But, I can’t take that $1000 and invest it in a new fund if the new fund has an initial investment of more than $1000.

If you don’t have any funds at all, and you are looking to get your first one, but you don’t have the minimum amount to open that position, you’ll have to either find a fund with a smaller opening investment, or just hold on to that extra money until you do have enough to get into to the larger ones.

Ok, now we’re cooking with gas!! I’m still learning the next step, so it may be awhile before you get to read it!

Legal disclaimer: This is not financial advice. YooperSmith thinks everyone is responsible for themselves as should take all information from all sources as suspect. Readers are encouraged to seek more information from places like and countless more reputable sites.

YooperSmith reserves the right to be wrong and inaccurate as to specifics of all information as things like tax-code and investments options are subject to change.

It is hoped readers will be inspired to read further and seek out professional advice and or education before investing any money or opening an accounts.

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Stages of Acceptance Ground Hog Day

Stages of Acceptance – Ground hog Day

Shut up!  You don’t expect me to believe that I can learn life lessons from a movie like “Ground hog Day”!!  Um…well…yeah, I do.  :-O

The film “Ground hog Day” stars Bill Murray and is about a Pittsburgh weatherman that lives the same day over and over again.  If you have not seen the movie yet, I want to warn you that this page contains “spoilers” about how the film ends.

This film has been out for a long time, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you can hardly blame me for ruining it for you…go see it already!!  :-)

Phil Connors (Bill Murray) is sent to cover Ground hog Day with his producer Rita (Andie MacDowell)

In the beginning of the film, Phil is not a nice person.  He is “ego” centered,  sarcastic and a little mean (you know the type–a butt head).  He hates the fact that he was sent out to “the sticks” to shoot this dumb little piece.  He wants nothing more than to do the job, and hit the road.

Turns out that the weather turns bad and Phil and his team are snowed in, so they have to spend the night, which sets the stage for the rest of the film.  The next day when he wakes up and it’s Ground hog Day…again…and again…and again.

The movie leaves it up to the viewer to decide just how long Phil is stuck on Ground hog Day…but we know it is long enough to work through several stages of consciousness.

Throughout the movie, Phil goes through many different stages of acceptance to react to the fact that his actions in this town, on this day…have no consequences.

Stages of Acceptance:  Denial

He wakes up and the day is the same as yesterday.  He more or less just does the day over again trying to deny that it is happening.  There are some funny parts during this stage, but it mostly set up for all the different events during the day.

He treats people throughout the day much the same as he does everyday, he either ignores them or throws them a false platitude.

Stages of Acceptance:  Depression

In stage 2, Phil decides he has had enough and he decides to kill himself…repeatedly.  It doesn’t matter what he tries, he always wakes up at 6:00 am to “I got you Babe” by Sonny and Cher.  These scenes are sad, and a little funny, with all the different ways he goes about trying to off himself.

Stages of Acceptance:  Hedonism

In stage 3, Phil takes advantage of his knowledge of the days events.  He steals money, it’s easy, he has the whole day timed out.  He seduces women, by using his knowledge of them and being the “perfect” guy.

Phil goes out and gets drunk and gets arrested for drunk driving…who cares…No one!  He wakes up and the day has reset again.

In this stage, Phil is actively looking to manipulate people for his own benefit. You don’t really see his whole day (which is a good thing, really, it would be a very tedious movie if they just kept playing it over and over again).

The parts of his day that you do see will be one day, he sees a pretty woman, and finds out a piece of information about her.  The next day, he will use that information to change something about himself to make him more appealing to the woman.

…This works pretty well on at least one woman, you are left to assume he may have used this method on several women…or not…its up to you.

Stages of Acceptance:  Hope of escape

Phil decides he would like to get to know Rita, and maybe he loves Rita.  He uses the stage 3 method to try to seduce her, but it doesn’t work.  He loves her, and is not comfortable deceiving her…even though he knows she will forget everything in the morning.

He confides in her that his day is repeating and he can’t get out of groundhog day, and she suggests that he make himself a better person.  Rita helps Phil realize that there might be hope…which, of course, leads to Stage 5.

Stages of Acceptance:  Acceptance and Self Improvement

Phil begins to use his knowledge of Ground hog Day to help people.  He knows just where to be to catch the kid falling out of the tree.  He knows when the man in the restaurant is going to choke on his dinner so he can be there to save him.

He is able to save everyone except for the tired homeless man…it seems that Ground Day is his day to die.

We return to the morning of the Ground hog Day and Phil is now a new man:

1)  He warmly greets everyone he meets with genuine love and concern.

2)  He actively tries to serve and love everyone in this little town.

3)  Instead of rushing through the piece about Ground hog Day…he presents a heart-filled piece, and brings the locals and his crew to tears with his passion for the piece and the day.

Phil also has taken the time and interest to memorize the life stories of everyone in town.

He learns how to play the piano and many other skills.

He becomes a beloved member of town…all in one day (from the towns’ perspective).

At this point, Rita and Phil fall in love and time starts again.

Stages of Acceptance:   Personal Insights

It is interesting to note, that Ground hog Day’s message sneaks up on you.  It is there, but not in your face or preachy.  Life is like these five stages, even though there are seemingly consequences in real life, I do wake up everyday with a new opportunity to make choices about what do to with my time.

This film provokes me to ask myself some questions:

Stages of Acceptance:  What stage am I in?

I move between stages, I try to start each day in Stage 5 (acceptance and self improvement).  Some time before lunch, I have slip into stage 3…I just want to eat and take care of myself.

I guess, after lunch, while still in work mode, I spend most of my time in stage 3…thinking and doing for me.

I do my best to read something “inspirational” at some point during my work day…which would allow me to shift into a quiet moment of hope…then I go back to work and its back to stage 3.

When I get home in the evening, it’s more stage three…dinner, rest, visit with my wife, watch some DVDs maybe read…

…right before bed, I mediate and remind myself about stages 4 and 5.

Stages of Acceptance:  How do I treat the people I meet everyday?

I am a very upbeat person with people that I know.  I do a decent job of bringing positive energy their way.  I am still choosy about the people that I like and that I don’t like…so there is work to be done.

Stages of Acceptance:  Am I serving the people in my life?

I feel that I serve the people that I work with.  I am mostly motivated to serve them because I wish to keep my job…at the same time, I really enjoy using my knowledge and skills to help people with whatever they need…even if it might not be officially “my job”.

Stages of Acceptance:  Do I do the things I love?

I am learning how to build an online business (web skills and writing) and I enjoy writing and I feel it will improve my ability to be happy a greater amount of time.

When I am happy it is easier for me to help and serve others, so, while I am helping myself, the goal is to make myself better for others…and to move on to a different (hopefully better) tomorrow.

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Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development?!?! Yeah dude, that’s what I said. You don’t have to climb mountains to find gurus, or walk bare-footed in Indian to grow in spirit (not that there is anything wrong that!…see link below)

Meditation and Yoga in the Himalayas

Visit Dharamsala, The home of The Dalai Lama, and explore different Tibetan and Buddhist Meditation and Yoga techniques together with Hindu knowledge on the ancient arts of Meditation and consciousness control.

Spiritual Development, to me, is a daily practice of thinking, feeling and acting in a way that is in alignment with my life’s purpose.

My life’s purpose seems to be to help people learn to live happy lives…that’s what brings me the most joy.

It’s a pretty cool life purpose for me, because I get bored of doing things rather quickly, but my purpose allows me to do different activities everyday and still stay on target.

Think about it. How many different acts can you think of that might make someone happy for a little while?  Off the top of my head, helpful little things that might be thought of as spiritual development.

  • Smile
  • Hold open a door
  • Tip
  • Do my job with a smile (very hard sometimes!)
  • Show genuine concern and interest in people
  • Buy lunch
  • Buy coffee
  • Buy drinks
  • Tell a joke
  • Help carry something

Spiritual development includes: spiritual practices, meditation, forgiveness, service (to self and others), love (real love…vice Hollywood love), oneness and all the the things I haven’t thought of yet.

Spiritual Goals

Spiritual goals are different for everyone. The spiritual journey is as personal and unique as a finger print…everyone has their own unique life path.

Follow your Bliss

But what if my “bliss” is to eat cookies??!?

Joesph Campbell is quoted saying:  “Follow your bliss” in order to find your life’s work…but what if my bliss is drinking beer and watching TV all day?

So, if I drink beer and watch TV, I will find my life’s purpose?  I think there must be more to “follow your bliss” than just do whatever you want to do…

…Finding work that you love and create a livelihood and offer spiritual development at the same time…imagine what it would feel like to be excited to go to work…that would be amazing right???

What is Ego?

Dr Who Meets Eckhart Tolle

I just watched an episode of the new Dr Who, and I noticed a connection with what Eckhart Tolle said in his video.  The episode suggests that the story of you is NOT you…but your real self is something far more wonderful!  This just answer the question “What is Ego?”

Life after Death

An upbeat look at what might happen…after death.
Have you ever felt you died and went to heaven? Or how about Hell? What if every time you thought you died, you did die and just didn’t realize it?  I am really fascinated by the idea of life after death.

For the record, I choose to believe that there is consciousness after death…I don’t claim to know what it is like, but I choose to believe that my life after death will continue in some way that I don’t understand right now.

Stages of Acceptance

The Stages of Acceptance could be thought of as the stages of grief…but that really ends in acceptance…it begins with denial…

I think the stages of acceptance begin with an unemotional view towards the current state of affairs…

Many opportunities for spiritual development manifest as life tragedy…there is always buried treasure in pain and suffering if you can find the your way to acceptance.

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

Spiritual awakening symptoms are, in a way, everything that comes into your awareness…in your mind internally or in the world externally…shows up for only ONE reason…

That reason is to help you “wake up” to a spiritual truth that you are ready to deal with in that moment…

So, that’s it!…

…just kidding…for the sake of helping you see some of the big rocks that I faced, I will offer some of the symptoms that have rolled through my life to help me “wake up”…spiritual development includes some crazy and scary twists and turns….

Stages of Acceptance – Defending your Life

Defending Your Life is one of my all time favorite movies…why?… #1 It deals with “after life” issues. #2 Rip Torn is in it! #3 It suggests that one purpose of life on earth may be to face our fears. #4 It’s very FUNNY! #5 It deals with various Stages of Acceptance

Stages of Acceptance – Ground Hog Day

Shut up! You don’t expect me to believe that I can learn life lessons from a movie like “Groundhog Day”!! Um…well…yeah, I do. :-O The film “Ground hog Day” stars Bill Murray and is about a Pittsburgh weatherman that lives the same day over and over again. If you have not seen the movie yet, I want to warn you that this page contains “spoilers” about how the film ends.

Awakening Spiritually

Awakening Spiritually isn’t a “new age” phenomena…not that there is anything wrong with new age…my point is that folks of all faiths, religions, cultures all over the world are learning to embrace this awakening…

This means people begin to experience spirit personally…

How to Forgive

You can learn how to forgive, first yourself…then others.

I read a book by Dr. Phil called “Self Matters”.  This books suggests that you think about your past and try to figure out if you are unconsciously being held back by memories and beliefs that may or may not be “true”.

Choose to Believe

I was listening to NPR the other day, and they were talking about some kids at a secular “discovery” camp…kinda like a church camp…for kids that didn’t really believe in god. The camp was not strictly atheist, but the kids sounded as though they were thinking as atheists.

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Shift Money Attitude

This is Step .5 in a series about money and how to keep what you have

Link to Step 0 Think about Money

Link to Step .5 Shift Your Money Attitude

Link to Step 1 Live Below your Means

Link to Step 2 Payoff Credit Cards

Link to Step 3 Invest Money

Link to Step 4 Stock Index Funds

We have all kinds of attitudes.

  1. Political attitude
  2. Religion attitude
  3. Music attitude
  4. Family attitude

I want to talk about the money attitude.  How did I do the “shift money attitude”?

In step 0 (in case you missed it), I discussed the way I think about money (my money attitude). To sum up, when I was younger I thought that buying things would make me happy or somehow change my life or make me a better person.

I soon learned that for me, this was not the case. I would buy the things that I desired or just spend money out on the town eating and drinking and perhaps trying to impress people.

I learned that the things that I brought home did not change me, my life, or make me more or less happy…

…I needed to do the “shift money attitude”

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that we don’t require “things” in our lives or that there is anything wrong with feeling happy about buying things. But I want to suggest to you, that you might want to consider your motivation for spending money before you drop the cash.

Think about “why” you really need a product. Do you need it, or do you want it? Both are valid, but I am suggesting to you that you might want to assess your overall goals for short-term and long-term savings before you make a significant purchase or even something that seems cheap.

I am writing this article, so I think that I have a fairly healthy attitude towards spending money. I think, I can tell the difference between a purchase that I need to make and the purchases I want to make.

Yayoi and I have a great system. I already told you on other pages that I am the “spender” in the family. Yayoi is the spend thrift. To deal with this situation, I agree to allow Yayoi to determine the amount of cash that goes in my wallet everyday.

There is enough money in there to get me through the day, usually a little over $20 dollars, so I can buy little things at work or donate to buy someone flowers or buy girl scout cookies. I am ok with this arrangement, because I know that if there is money in wallet, I can spend it, and I do.

Whatever amount of money that is in my wallet I will spend it. This system works well for us. It limits my spending to an acceptable level for Yayoi and still provides me with enough money to get by.

As far as things that we NEED go, we classify these things as the must pay items:

*  Gas for the cars
*  Mortgage
*  Electricity
*  Natural Gas
*  Water
*  Internet (Cable)
*  Vonage Phone
*  Cell Phones
*  RV Storage
*  Credit Card Bill
*  HOA
*  Home/Car insurance
*  Food/supplies
*  Netflix
*  Clothes for work
*  Vehicle Maintenance

I think most people would agree that this a short list of what most people consider needs. I included things that are really wants on a monthly basis that could come off in a pinch, but these are the bills we choose to pay every month.

Here are some examples of what we do since we did the “shift money attitude” thang:

Shift money attitude:  Mortgage/HOA

I love the fact that I was able to purchase a townhouse in the greater LA area in 2003. It was the first home we EVER purchased, and it was pretty scary. We were lucky to purchase it right before the housing prices went through the roof in the area.

The really nice thing about this area is that, for the most part, property values go up and they did.

Now, with the sub-prime loan situation and the overall slump in the housing market, the property value is no longer climbing with reckless abandon, but it is still more than I owe on my mortgage.

I have an ARM which will reset in 2010, but I can afford to refinance to a thirty-year fixed rate mortgage before the reset date. We choose to pay principle on our ARM loan, even though it is an interest only loan.

I’m not sure this is the most financially efficient investment, but it makes me feel better if my principle goes down instead of up, even if it is only $3600 per year.

We can afford our mortgage and our HOA and still meet our savings goals on a monthly basis. The value of the property exceeds the loan amount and we plan to live in the area for at least another 3 to 5 years if not longer.

If we do choose to move, we will most likely keep the property and rent it out, because long term property values in the greater LA area will keep going up, regardless of short term slumps.

Can you afford your housing bill? People often get into housing situations that they can’t afford and wonder why they can’t save money. It is a bit work to move, but long term savings should be considered in your overall plan.

When you think about money, you have to think about all of your money, and look at each bill and think, does this meet my overall goal?

Shift money attitude:  Cable TV

I have said this before, but Yayoi and I am have mostly quit TV. Broadcast basic, which includes only local channels and WGN from Chicago, comes bundled with my cable internet.

We like this level of service for TV. I have researched into upgrading to the next level up from where we are I think the current bill is about $60.

The next level up, which would include your basic cable channels, like ESPN, and the news channels would cost us about $80 per month. We could afford that, but we wouldn’t watch it.

Occasionally this gets in the way for me a little bit, because I like to watch the Green Bay Packers and Monday Football moved to ESPN. I solve that issue by watching the game on the TV at work…nobody minds, and they stop in to check the score as I watch.

The TV shows that I watch, I can watch on the internet or on DVD through Netflix.

Do you need to pay what your paying for TV? I you want it, that’s fine, just make it part of your plan so you can afford your TV bill and still meet your monthly saving goal.

Shift money attitude:  Cell Phones

Cell phones are now a fashion item, or a prestige piece of your ensemble. People are really sold on the idea that you have to have a monthly contract…

…Hey…you DON’T.

Yayoi and I have old phones through Boost Mobile and can cost as little as $10 every three months. Sure, they are not fancy phones, but we really feel that impressing people with neat gadgets is less important to us than meeting our monthly savings goal.

I know some people pay $100 per month for their cell phone contracts, and again that is fine, if you can do that while meeting your monthly savings goals.

Is there an opportunity to do a “shift money attitude” here for you?

Shift money attitude:  Clothes

Are you trying to say things to the world with what you wear? Yayoi and I are trying to dress “the part” of business at work and casual at play. We are not attempting to impress the world with our fashion sense. If you are, that is fine, as long as you meet your monthly savings goals.

Shift money attitude:  Netflix

What a great service this is. To me, Netflix is really a cable TV replacement without adverting. Also, we rarely see a movie in a theater these days. We both prefer watching movies at home, where we can pause, or stop in the middle if we are tired and watch the rest later. You could save money on cable and movies if you choose Netflix.

I believe that happiness is found “in your mind” instead of “in the world”.  When I seek joy and happiness, I meditate on what I believe to be the truth.

I no longer seek happiness out in the world, I seek happiness in my “inner world”. Sure it may lead to enlightenment, and a sense of inner peace, but on a more practical level, changing my attitude toward money happiness really helps me meet my monthly savings goal.   :-)

Can you do “shift money attitude”?  Do you want to you shift your money attitude?

If you like the bible, think about the 23rd Psalm: “The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want”. Stop there. I feel I have achieved this goal in my life when it comes to “physical” wants.

The things I want now are more related to creating more meaningful, happy, and joyful life situations and less about “things”.

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A Conversion between two brothers

Imagine that two brothers:  Separation and Unity, had a conversation where they both answered questions or made comments about statements.

Separation and Unity are also states of consciousness.  Unity consciousness is awareness that separation is an illusion and we are all united in a single field of awareness.

Separation consciousness is what we experience in our day-to-day life on earth.  You are you in a separate body having separate thoughts and feelings.  The separation is merely a perception for the purpose of learning.

Do you love your brother?

Separation says:  “I love my brother (brother meaning any other person you see male or female) if a certain set of conditions are met.”

I love my brother, but sometimes, he makes me angry and he takes my things.  Then I don’t love him for a while.

Unity say:  I love my brother.  My brother and I are one.  I love myself, my brother is a part of me.  If my brother hurts, I hurt.  If my brother attacks me, he is confused and needs my help.  If he takes what I have, he is asking for help, because he forgot we are one.

Is he part of you?

Separation says:  My brother is over there and I am over here…how can he be a part of me?

Unity says:  My brother and I are one.  Our divided minds on earth allow us to pretend that we are separate for a little while, but I know the truth. I am consciousness, and those that appear to be separate are really one.

Are you part of him?

Separation says:  I end where my body ends.  My arm is a part of me, but my brother is separate from me.  I am my body, that is what I am.

Unity says:  I am part of my brother and he is a part of me.  Our bodies make us appear to have boundaries of skin and hair, but in truth we are one consciousness.

Where does he live?

Separation says:  My brother lives in his house (in New Jersey).

Unity says:  My brother lives with me in the unified field of consciousness where there is no separation, perceived or otherwise.  This is where he lives with me.

Are you there?

Separation says:  My brother and I are separate people that are unique.  I do not live with him.

Unity says:  Yes.  I am always with my brother…even when I don’t see other bodies around, my brother is with me and I am there with him.

You are together.

Separation says:  Sometimes I am with my brother and sometimes I am alone.

Unity says:  Yes, I am together with my brother…always.

You are one.

Separation says:  No, I am separate from my brother.

Unity says:  Yes, we are one and the same, different points of the same light.

Your mind is divided.

Separation says:  I think I know what you mean…there are two halves to my brain right?

Unity says:  Yes, my mind is divided here in this place.  One mind talks and the other mind listens.  Both minds share peace, and the separation is perceived, not real.

You are whole.

Separation says:  I don’t feel whole.  I feel alone, and lacking…I have needs.

Unity says:  Yes, I am whole and complete.  Perfect, sinless, and without need.  My body has needs and desires that are fulfilled when I share my gifts with my brothers.

There is a connection.

Separation says:  Sure, there is a connection, but it is temporary and subject to conditions.  There is not permanent connection.

Unity says:  Being one, we are connected forever.  There are no boundaries between me and my brother.

Unity is reality, the divided mind creates separation.

Separation says:  You’re crazy!  And you don’t know what you are talking about!

Unity says:  While I have a divided mind, I can use this time and this body to help myself and my brother learn the truth.

When you see earth from space you know we are one.

Separation says:  Sure there is one planet, but billions of people live on the planet…we are not one.

Unity says:  Yes, you can see that the earth is one living creature in the universe.  One planet, one life, one being, the living earth.

Who are you? What are you?

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Powers of the Mind Think positive

Quick! DON’T think about a pink elephant wearing a purple tutu balanced on one foot on a high wire holding an umbrella. OK, now how did you do?  Did you succeed in NOT thinking about that silly elephant?

I have not met anyone that can truthfully answer that last question as yes.  Your brain/mind just does not work that way.

The idea of NOT is a higher brain function that you can understand in the context of your everyday life…but when it comes to the more basic functions of your mind, the idea of NOT, just does not compute!

You must HAVE the idea, before you can think about NOT having the idea (you must need some brain bleach now, because you are still seeing that silly elephant right?).

This is one of the key reasons that people fail to get what they want when trying to apply the law of attraction.  The powers of the mind and the law of attraction are indifferent, they just provide a match to the images held in your mind…even if you are saying NOT THIS to yourself when you are holding the image.

The law doesn’t compute NOT…just like your brain/body/mind.

So big deal, so what?

Look around at the world and count how many WARS we are waging AGAINST ideas:

  • WAR on DRUGS

These are TWICE as bad as other ideas:  You are holding an image of WAR on each, which brings more WAR.  The ideas are also perpetuated by the images held in the mind.

These examples are sneaky, because they don’t contain a negative word, but merely imply that if we are WARRING on an idea…we don’t like it, but through the powers of the mind we unconsciously (or consciously?) strengthen that which we do not want (for the most part…I suppose some people DO want war).

Then, you have the powers of the mind doing their job helping people that like to protest against ideas:

  • Mother’s against Drug Driving
  • No Nukes!
  • United Students Against Sweatshops
  • End Violence Against Women

I mean no ill will toward any of the organizations or their supporters.  I am sure that they succeed in providing help and services to people, which is great.  I am only suggesting they re-think their names and change to something they want instead of fighting against what they don’t want.

  • Mother’s for safe Driving
  • People for Clean Renewable Energy
  • United Students for Free Children
  • Start Peace for Women Or Campaign for Domestic Peace

This works in your life when you want something, think about the idea you WANT instead of thinking about the things that you don’t want.

Thinking about what you don’t want (aka worrying or fretting, or fearing a negative future result) has a very high percentage of successfully getting the negative result that you are thinking about.  WHY?

The powers of the mind are indifferent to what you want…it only picks up the 1)  the images you hold in your mind 2) the AMOUNT of emotional energy fueling the image.

Note, I said the amount of of emotional energy, not the type or color of emotional energy.  In other words, it is the relative of strength of the emotion that you generate behind the image regardless of WHAT emotion you are feeling.

So if you are afraid (fear is a powerful emotion), and you think about the thing you don’t want (worry) then you are unintentionally screaming at the universe….PLEASE GIVE ME THIS THING THAT I DON’t WANT NOW!!!!

What do you do instead of worrying about things you don’t want to happen?  If you have a thought about a negative outcome don’t try NOT to think about it….

…think about it for about five minutes…go through and accept the fear that goes with the idea….accept it as a POSSIBLE outcome…then put it out of your mind and THINK ABOUT and get excited about how cool it will be when you get what YOU WANT!

When you think about what you want and get excited about how cool it will be when in happens…you are joyfully asking the powers of the mind to give you what you want…and this works just as well as worrying.

People that have been worrying things into their life for a long time will have a hard time making this SHIFT.  I suggest committing to doing it for 30 days as a trial and if you don’t like the results in your life, then just go back to worrying…its your life, not mine.  :-)

Mother Teresa was once asked if she would march in an Anti-war march to which she replied (paraphrase, I couldn’t find the quote) No.  But if you have a march FOR peace, I will be at the front of the march.

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Powers of the mind: Logical Sense

LOA is Common Sense

The law of attraction and powers of the mind are not some mystical mumbo jumbo (although sometimes it sounds like it is).  The reason why it sounds like mumbo jumbo, is that when you figure it out, and see results in your life…it seems like “MAGIC”.

It’s not really magic…it is just common sense.

Powers of the mind: Think, speak, and act in a positive way

The words you use “color” the way you think and feel.  Tony Robbins does a great job in his book “Awaken the Giant Within” of describing how the words you use (choose to use) can instantly change the way you think about a problem.

Instead of saying:  “I hate that” you can choose to say:  “I prefer something else”.

Now you don’t have that ugly HATE word rolling around in your head…and you don’t really HATE Rocky Road…you just really love Chunky MONKEY!

The words that you choose to use really do color the way you THINK. Using positive words in your speech can help you think more positive thoughts and that will help you learn to get a handle on your emotions.

Powers of the Mind:  Use mediation and audio programs

…to “coach” yourself into more positive states of awareness.  Spending time with your attention focused inward is really a must do practice for a healthy and successful life and to use the powers of the mind to help you get there.

I go for weeks at a time without meditating…usually because I am excited to be out in the world playing with some new experiment or idea that I am working on in my life.  I have been like a little kid for the past few weeks because I am riding my new bike and the metro.

Then, I start feeling down, and a little less than optimal, and I wonder “hmmm…why am I feeling a little less than optimal?”….then I remember that I have been blowing off my meditation sessions.

I start again, and I get back to an optimal state on the inside and its back to easy fun street…I feel great and happy and I am ready to rock to the world.

There are some great audio programs out there for the using the ideas of the powers of the mind…one that I bought and really love is by Jack Canfield called “Effortless Success:  Living the law of attraction”.

I highly recommend “Effortless Success”…I will right a whole page about it some day.

Powers of the Mind:  Create and focus on goals

…to get the things and create the situations you want to create. I really used to shy away from the word “goal”…I didn’t like that word for some reason…I think whenever I heard or thought that word…I associated it with “work” which I am not really all that fond of either.

Then, I listened to “Effortless Success” and Jack Canfield said “Goals are like you putting in your order with the Universe”

Now, I really LOVE goals.  My current goals are:

1.  Build my web business, so it will help people learn to live happy, healthy lives.

2.  Reinvigorate my body so it can keep up and help me with my other goals.

There are other things in my life that I want and that I spend time thinking about, but these are my two “Big Rock” goals for the moment.

I like to focus my attention on two or maybe three goals at a time, until I am happy with the results or I change my mind about what I want.

Powers of the Mind–Listen to your emotions

…don’t hide from them or deny them…acknowledge them…if you feel bad…then try a heart mediation and ask your heart why (<—see that sounds like mumbo jumbo right there…but it’s not!) Now your emotions are not always going to be positive…and that’s a good thing.  If you feel bad, that is your sub-conscious self asking you to check whatever you are doing…because it’s hurts something inside you.

Acknowledge the emotion, try to figure out its message, let it teach you whatever it is trying to tell you…and then move forward.

A lot of people deny emotions…and this leads to worry and sickness.

Powers of the Mind:  Daily Goal Review

I spend time going over my goals in the morning when I meditate (about 20 minutes).
During this time, I try to think about how cool it is in the present tense that my goals are complete (even before they are complete).  This is the idea of acting “as if” your goals are already done.

Again, I know it seems like mumbo jumbo…but give it a shot…it really works for me.

A little visualization that I came up with was to think about a goal as a request from me to the Universe.

Then I would visualize packing up the request in a box with wrapping paper and a big bow and drop it in a river that flows the request to the Universe and will return to me as a present in the future….

…A gift from me to me!

Powers of the Mind:  Adjust goals

…as necessary and repeat daily. When you have achieved your goal(s)…then make a new goal.  There are always new things to work towards…if you get discouraged…figure out a way to be happy and start all over again.

Suggested Reading: Awaken the Giant Within–Tony Robbins.

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Powers of the Mind: Reality and Perception

Reality and Perception

Does any of this sounds familiar?…

  • Why can’t I pay my bills on time?
  • Why can’t I find the right job?
  • Why am I always broke?
  • Why did that person attack me?
  • The government sucks!
  • We are ruining the environment!
  • Mother’s against drunk driving.
  • No nukes!
  • Save the whales!
  • I’m against abortion!
  • I’m against gay marriage.
  • I hate my job!

I hear things like this all day, and I think of ways to help people who say these things…most of them are not interested in asking me for help.  They are all unaware that the powers of the mind works whether you learn about it our not…

Powers of the mind –  LOA In a nutshell

If you don’t already know here is the nutshell version of the powers of the mind and the law of attraction:

  1. The images you hold in your head most often…become your reality.
  2. If you think No war!….The image in your head is WAR…you create more war!
  3. SO…think about what you want…like peace…and you get peace…
  4. The image is what you get…it is fueled by emotional energy…more energy…the sooner you see the image in the world.

I have come to believe that everyone creates there own life experience.  This happens regardless of your knowledge of the fact that it is happening.

The affect of powers of the mind means that, whatever you choose to do/think/feel will become the reality that you perceive.  The law works whether or not you are conscious or  of it or not…

The law of gravity works in a similar fashion.  The law of gravity works whether you are aware of it or not.  Please don’t test this theory.  :-)

This is not “new-age” thinking.  Have you ever decided that you were going to do something and then did it?  That’s it.

For example, I tell people that I am going camping and it’s Monday and I plan to leave on Friday.  Some people will tell me about all the obstacles that are in front of me that might deter me from my plan.  It might rain, can you get a spot?, gas prices are pretty high, can you take off from work?, did you ask your wife?…

…to which I reply….Bah!  Details!  I’m going!  Then I go.  Sure I have to work through those details, but in the end, my happy ass is burning wood and drinking beer, cuz that’s how I roll.

So you might be thinking…na-ahh…that’s not how it works!  I suggest you try for yourself and lemme know how it works out…

My goal, is to consciously create my perceptions of this earthly life to create a perceived life of joyful contribution. I want to effortlessly think, act, and feel my way to success in all areas of my life…

…Healthy relationships, an abundant lifestyle fueled by a source of income that brings me joy.

I want a healthy body, and a quiet mind.  I want to have fun everyday not only through my joyful giving, but also playing computer games, camping, running, and other fun activities.

I’ve been aware of the powers of the mind, reality and perception for about 3 years, and I am still working on aligning my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors with what I want.

One of the most important lessons I learned is that whatever happens in my life, I am responsible for that coming to be.

If you learn to practice and live with the powers of the mind consciously, you learn to see what you want in your imagination before you see it with your perceptions.

Athletes use visualization to “rehearse” their performance over and over again before the actual event.  The golfer will do the perfect 18 holes in his/her head. Then he/she will live out the vision in the “real world” and experience the perfect 18-holes for real.

For me, if the powers of the mind are going to work whether I consciously attempt to affect the outcome or not, why not at least attempt to make my life more desirable?  Sure, I really am not a master of the powers of the mind…but at least I am aware of it…that is the first step.

If my perception of reality is 100% my responsibility, then I am going to learn how make everything I want in life become my reality.

At the same time, I already know that if something shows up in my life that I really don’t want …that is my responsibility too.  But once it shows up, I just need to accept it as something I don’t want but somehow made it happen anyway…

…maybe I did actually want it unconsciously…maybe I just let myself unconsciously attract the situation…doesn’t really matter…I need to accept it anyway.

So the next time you hear someone (or hear yourself?) complaining about something in their (your?) life…you might think…Who put that image in (my) your head?

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Powers of the Mind Models

Models of Reality

When I first started learning about the powers of the mind, my model of reality was what I call Objective Reality (from Steve Pavlina)…but when I shifted to a subjective reality model…things began to get real interesting!

Powers of the Mind:  Objective Reality

  • Separation is real
  • Every person is a unique consciousness
  • Consciousness arises from the body
  • You are your body
  • You can be hurt and die (you being your body)
  • Your soul is something you may or may not think you have, you don’t really think it is YOU.

Objective Reality is basically the modern western materialistic worldview…what you most likely believe, either consciously or unconsciously, is the objective reality model.

I want to be believe in subjective reality, and I often forget that everyone I meet is working from the same consciousness…essentially ONE with me…but wait, I am getting a little ahead of myself…let’s introduce the idea of…

Power of the Mind:  Subjective Reality

  • Separation is a projection or illusion
  • Everyone is sharing one Consciousness
  • Consciousness gives rise to my physical form
  • I am Consciousness
  • My body (a projection of consciousness) will die…but it’s not me
  • I am my soul which is me existing at a different level of consciousness
  • There is only ONE consciousness

When I started to work with the powers of the mind such as the law of attraction and other laws…I was very much convinced and amazingly relieved that my thoughts and beliefs had a creative effect on my waking life…people, events, situations…all changed when I started working with the powers of the mind…

…but at the same time I was still working under all the assumptions of the objective reality model…so I couldn’t figure out why any of this stuff worked…I knew it did…but it didn’t really make much sense to me…and it seemed like magic or something.  My results were cool…interesting, but rather limited.

I kept searching for the answer to why this all worked.  I found the term subjective reality on Steve Pavlina’s web site…and I had an AHA moment…but I still really didn’t get it all the way…I still don’t…but I am getting better everyday.

Powers of the Mind – Why Subjective Reality works better.

Subjective Reality is much like saying that our waking life is like a dream.  In a dream, we all KNOW that all the characters in the dream world are contained within our consciousness…whatever they say or do…is a projection of our subconscious acting out a role for whatever dream purpose the character is playing.

If you have a lucid dream, then you become aware of the fact that you are dreaming within the dream, and now you can not only fly, and have other superpowers, you can totally create the content of the entire dream world…change characters, have sex with a movie star…the sky’s the limit!

So, if we translate subjective reality into what we experience in waking like…no we can’t fly, unless we are in a plane…but that is only because we don’t think we can.  In a dream…we know we can fly like a bird…when we wake up…we know we can’t…

…but, the powers of the mind, the law of attraction, makes complete sense now in the waking world.

You are not the dream character…you are the dreamer…and your body is your earth dream character.

So, when you use intention, and creative visualization and act as if your desires are coming true, then you (being the dreamer) will start to see evidence that the powers of the mind is merely YOU waking up and changing your dream based on your intentions…like in a lucid dream.

Powers of the Mind:  How to Change to Subjective Reality

First off…it’s not easy…the world is SLOWLY waking up to this reality model…it will take some time for large groups of folks to really embrace this model.

Next, you really have to want to try out subjective reality for yourself and then see what results you get…a model of reality must be experienced first hand in order to be believed…just like in the Matrix…you have to take the red pill.

If you try to learn about subjective reality without trying to live as if subjective reality is real, then you will be filtering your results through objective reality.

Here are some ideas to try…

Read “A Course in Miracles” the Text and the lessons…this helped to expand the powers of the mind…

Do what Mother Teresa did when it comes to everyone else in her world…everyone she met…were all Jesus in disguise and she was married to her beloved Jesus…that’s where she got her well-spring of compassion and power.

When you experience negative thoughts towards others…as soon as possible (stop throwing punches if you can…) remember that they are ONE with you…and whatever you put out in the world comes back to you…

…if you put out hate…you get more hate…

…if you put out courage and compassion, hey you get more courage and compassion…

This is not the end of the powers of the mind…I didn’t come here to tell you how it ends…I came here…ok…enough with THE MATRIX already!

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Powers of the Mind

Law of Attraction

So, what is all this Law of Attraction stuff about? The idea is that the thoughts, feelings and desires that you hold in your mind, create your external “waking” experience….talk about power of the mind….

…or at least your perception of reality

…The law is in affect whether or not you are consciousness of it working…sorta of like gravity. You don’t need to be aware of gravity for it to affect you…

This is a story from my blog that I am dusting off. It has real life examples of just how powerful this LAW is. The “key” message that I LOVE is that in this system…the “HOW”…is not your job to figure out…

…you don’t need to figure out “HOW” to solve problems…just want and visualize the results and wait for the gifts to be attracted to you…YOU do have to ACT in order to receive the results…but you just have to look for signs not actively problem solve.  It is truly amazing to see this work…and one of my favorite powers of the mind

I read “Manifest your Destiny” by Wayne Dyer…(which I didn’t know at the time, but is about the law of attraction without using the term). This is a great little book.

…This really “got me”.  I started meditating and following the rules in the book and IT WORKED.

I was in charge of a network. I was not a sys admin, but more like small time IT manager, so I know enough to know what I don’t know (if you know what I mean). I didn’t have a sys admin. I had a network, but no one that knew how to make it work…

…or fix it if it broke. The backups hadn’t worked in six months and nobody could figure out how to make it work. In practical terms, I was dancing with disaster. I told my bosses without being to chicken-little-like…

…but they couldn’t help me because there “was no money” to hire a sys admin. It seemed that my only choice was to fire the person who was supposed to be the sys admin but didn’t have the skills…

…I didn’t want to do that because he did add a lot to the shop in other ways that I needed, so I didn’t want to lose him. So, I didn’t know how, but I knew I needed a sys admin…

…I did the meditation, where you think of the thing you need. You visualize it happening and everything working out great, then I visualized a gift-wrapped box that I would throw into a river and let it float away. Sounds like hooey I know…

…But guess what? I got a sys admin and here’s how…remember the law of attraction takes care of the “HOW” for you…in an amazing display of the powers of the mind…

We had been supporting another organization for years, because they were small time…like 8 users and five machines, no big deal. There was no official agreement to help them, but we did. Then their guy comes in and says…

…“we need you to build us a network and set it up in another building and support 14 computers and our network” So I said “Ok, then you need to fund another sys admin for me”…

…And he said “ok”. He didn’t even ask how much! It cost about $300k…and he complained that I didn’t spend enough (I’m not joking)…

…So the new sys admin comes in and fixes the network in the nick of time. The first full backup of the file server was done only three days before we had a total hardware failure on the main file server. We only lost a day worth of data and we looked like real pros (I know most places would fire me, but what can I say?).

The powers of the mind that I experienced during this time, changed my life for good…I started seeing the world through an entirely new lens.


– My new boss and I were at odds when we first started working together. Then I said to myself, “self! You are doing this to yourself!…stop it”. From then on, I thought only good things and gratitude toward my boss. The next quarter he nominated me for employee of the quarter (WOW!)

The next book I found was called “No Time for Karma” which is an awesome book that is very cool, funny and FREE. Check it out for more information about the law of attraction…and powers of the mind…

This all eventually lead to me seeing the DVDs “What the Bleep do we know” and “The Secret”…which really do a good job of explaining the Law of Attraction.

Don’t just take my word for it…check out Fun with Carol’s Law of Attraction Articles she talks about “The Secret” and many others…in a fresh and fun sytle.

Powers of the Mind – Models of Reality

When I first started learning about the law of attraction, my model of reality was what I call Objective Reality (from Steve Pavlina)…but when I shifted to a subjective reality model…things began to get real interesting…many new powers of the mind began to open to me.

Powers of the Mind – LOA How to Guide

Law of Attraction Guide: You don’t need to know how to get what you want. “The how” is up to the universe and a way will be presented to lead you to get what you want.

If you are really looking for more law of attraction information…like say maybe a whole site about the law…check out The Ultimate Law of Attraction Guide…

Law of Attraction guide featuring the best programs for learning how to manifest, attract abundance, visualize and create positiveaffirmations, along with the teachings of Esther Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Bob Doyle, Rhonda Byrne and many more…powers of the mind…

Powers of the Mind:  Think Positive!

Quick! DON’T think about a pink elephant wearing a purple tutu balanced on one foot on a hire wire holding an umbrella. OK, now how did you do? Did you succeed in NOT thinking about that silly elephant?

One of the powers of the mind is that everyone to some degree thinks using images…pictures…it’s the images, not the words that expand…

If your war cry is “NO WAR” the image is of WAR and that is what expands…

If your peace cry is “MORE PEACE!” then the image of peace is what expands….

Follow your Bliss

Powers of the Mind

Joesph Campbell is quoted saying: “Follow your bliss” in order to find your life’s work…but what if my bliss is drinking beer and watching TV all day?!?

All the powers of the mind work more effectively when in a state of peaceful fullfillment.


Imagine that two brothers: Separation and Unity, had a conversation where they both answered questions or made comments about statements.

True Meaning of Life

I recently watched the movie “I like killing flies” which is about Shopsin’s in New York. Kenny Shopsin said something about “The Meaning of Life”, and I thought…”Gee, I think I know a little bit about The Meaning of Life, so I should write about it.

Powers of the Mind:  LOA is Common Sense

The law of attraction is not some mystical mumbo jumbo (although sometimes it sounds like it is). The reason why it sounds like mumbo jumbo, is that when you figure it out, and see results in your life…it seems like “MAGIC”.

It’s not really magic…it is just common sense.

Interested in learning more about the LOA?

I have checked out this Law of Attraction site, and have found more content worth checking…from Susan Vittner’s site description: “I’ve compiled many Tools and Techniques and motivational quotes to help in your journey of living the life of your dreams. Manifest Financial Freedom, Health, Happiness and Joy. LOA Life Coach resources.”

Check it out and let me know what you manifest into your life!

LOST: Nature of Reality

I recently checked out the Lost Time Loop Theory website…and I must say, I am most impressed.

The theory uses the idea of time travel and time looping to explain most of the weird things that happen on the island…of course there are some holes in the theory, but that is most likely due to “poetic license” used by the producers of the show than a lack of diligence on the part of the author of the time loop theory.

As I watched the show, I noted things that jived with what I was thinking about the nature of reality…some of my thoughts match up…while others don’t…

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Personal Development for Smart People Pt2

This page is Part 2 of my review of Steve Pavlina’s new book Personal Development for Smart People.   If you missed Part 1 (it was really good!) you can click below to go back.

Personal Development for Smart People:  Part II Practical Application

In Part II, Steve really dives in with suggestions for real world things to experiment with…the inspiration and challenges still abound as well.Throughout Part II, Steve applies the principles from Part I to each of the areas of your life in Part II.For example, Chapter 8 is Habits, Steve has sub sections for each of the seven principles and how you can align your habits each principle.

Personal Development for Smart People: Habits

Steve starts out this chapter describing the benefits of habits, and how we really can’t live without them.For example, he reminds me that when I was a baby, I had yet to learn how to control my arms and legs……I’m sure this was a rather difficult endeavor that my little baby-self spent a large amount of time and effort trying to work out.  Thankfully my mind saved all that work in habits (or sub-routines in computer lingo).

Now, I don’t have think about moving my arms and legs…and frankly I don’t even KNOW HOW to do it…I just do it…my mind-body remembers the sub-routine and I benefit from the habit.

The system of saving habits can also create some bad habits as well…we label those habits “addictions”.  I have already talked about my attempts to convert bad habits…so I will discuss how I have done with installing new habits.

For some reason, I don’t like shaving in the morning.  I think it has to do with me serving in the military for 20 years and being required to take up this habit.

Now that I am retired, I can skip shaving for a day or two and still go to work and that is acceptable…another thing I can do, is shave before I go to bed instead of part of my morning clean up routine.

I tried doing this while I was in uniform, but inevitably, five-o’clock shadow would show up after lunch instead of at five o’clock and I would feel “out of uniform”

This habit was rather easy to install, because I wanted to…but I still had to make a conscious effort to remember to do it before I went to bed…the upside was if I forgot…I went to work scruffy that day.  :-)

Habits and Truth

“To apply truth to your habits, take a moment to assess the habits you’re already running (<—see computer geek!).  What are your best habits?  What are your worst?  Do you have any addictions?  Do these habits serve you well or hold you back?  Do they help you align with truth, or do you feel compelled to lie about them?  What habits are you hiding?  What habits are you most proud of?”

I still have addictions…I am working on ridding myself of tobacco (not very hard really, but I am working on it.)

I recently stopped drinking beer and wine after work or with dinner.  I changed into an “event” drinker.

One of my favorite habits is getting up at 4:00 am basically everyday.  Even if I was up really late the day before…I still get up.  If I feel like I need to sleep more, I will stay up for a little while and then go back to bed…at least I maintained the “wake up” habit.

I have also started riding my bike to work, which is a lot of fun, but I am still perfecting that habit.

I really need to start working on my diet.  Even though I am exercising quiet a bit, my weight is off the charts.  I weigh more now than I ever had.

I have just recently (like this weekend) started experimenting not eating meat…it’s not as difficult as I thought…you can usually find a bean burrito in California…I want to see if I feel better without meat…so far I do…after just a few days without meat.

This meatless idea was sort of a spontaneous experiment that I decided to try after feeling EXTRA bloated after eating a hamburger.  I thought,  “I wonder how I would feel now if that had been a veggie burger?”  So the next day, I got the veggie burger…I felt (and feel) a lot better.

Habits and Power

“Bringing truth to your habits is an important step, but nothing will change if you don’t take action.  You must accept the greater truth that if you don’t consciously and deliberately alter your habits, you’ll continue reinforcing your existing patterns by default, and your predicted outcomes will likely come to pass. If you wish to improve upon those results, you must do whatever it takes to change your habits now, even if you expect the process to be brutally difficult. Facing a significant short-term challenge today is vastly superior to decades of regret.”

Steve uses a metaphor of a chess game for attacking your problems.  In chess, there is a early game, a middle game, and end game.  You should approach bad habits (or new good habits) the same way.   I like this paragraph about the early game of weight loss:

“…For example if you want to change your eating habits and loss weight, specific methods may include measuring food portions, keeping a food journal, buying extra fruits and vegetables, ridding your house of junk food, learning healthy recipes, keeping the television turned off at mealtimes, finding a diet buddy, joining a weight-loss group, buying a new scale, posting pictures of thin people to motivate you, avoiding situations where you tend to overeat, charting your progress, and so on.”

…whew!  If I did all of those in preparation to loss weight…I think it would be a foregone conclusion that it would happen.

List of 66 good Habits

Under “Habits and Authority” Steve lists 66 habits that you might try to install in your life, all of them described in about 3-5 lines of text…wow!  You already know some of them, but as a small sample of habits:

(I paraphrased the first two of these and partial quoted the last one)

Daily Goals – Decide what do to; then do it

Worst First – Do the thing you dread the most first…everything after that will seem easy

“Peak Times – Identify your peak cycles of productivity, and schedule your most important tasks for those times…”

I use Peak Times to write this web page.  I am most able and willing to write as soon as I get out of bed (after I make a banana, raw chocolate, flax, cashew butter smoothie…yummies!).

Personal Development for Smart People:   Career

“The message of your career is at least as important as the medium.  Your medium is how you express yourself, but your message is what you express. My message is about consciously growing as a human being, but I can express that same message through different media.  I can write about it, speak about it, or even make a movie about it if I wanted to.  Someone else could use these same media to express an entirely new message.  For example, a doctor’s message could about healing, compassion, scientific discovery, education, vitality, or a variety of other possibilities.  Just because two people share a similar medium doesn’t mean that they share the same message”

So, for me this web page is my medium, and my message is about shifting your (and my) consciousness.My current “job” does allow me to express my message…just only the small amount of folks that work with me or near me get to benefit from my message…that’s why I am working on changing my medium to this web page.

Steve says you should not confuse your medium with your message…your medium is bound to change many times during your life, whereas your message will remain largely unchanged.

Also, when you change your career, you can expect a significant income drop:

“The most important element of choosing the right medium is whether it’s a good fit for your inner message”.  It’s important to stay true to that message, even if you must endure a substantial pay cut.  In order to transition from game development to personal development, I allowed by income to drop significantly, and my family made some sacrifices to support my decision as we cut back on expenses.”…

“…Never allow considerations such as security, money, or fame to get in the way of the truth.  Real security doesn’t come from your job or position; it can only come from your alignment with truth, love and power.  You’ll explore money in more detail in Chapter 10, but for now just consider that the best way to optimize your income is to find a career medium that allows you to share your most important message.  By sharing your message with others, you provide exactly the kind of value that can generate abundant income.  And as for fame, if you do become famous, then let it arise from your alignment with truth, love and power, not because of a false image you’ve concocted.”

Career and Love

In order to find your core message Steve suggests the process below:

“1.  Take out a sheet of paper or open a blank word-processing document where you can type.  I recommend the latter because its faster.

2.  Write at the top:  What is my true purpose in life?

3.  Write an answer (any answer) that pops in your head.  I doesn’t have to be a complete sentence.  A short phrase is fine.  If your feeling nihilistic, begin with the answer:  “I don’t have a purpose,” or “Life is meaningless”, and to take it from there.

4.  Repeat Step 3 until you write an answer that makes you cry.  This is your core message.”

I started doing this exercise, but I ran out time before I cried, so I will have to try again later.

For now, I am going to ask life what it wants me to do and see what happens.

My current message that I am working with is I want to help people learn to shift their consciousness and learn to be present in the moment.

I want to teach everyone that they can be excited to jump out of bed in the morning (whenever that is) and be excited to live the day in service to humanity however they see fit.

Career and Power

Steve is more than a little “in the face” of the reader here…I LOVE IT.

“Reasonable career choices will depend on your knowledge, skills, and talents; and it’s up to you to proactively develop those abilities.  You may have been born with few advantages, but you’re perfectly capable of growing beyond the limits of your upbringing.  If you didn’t receive a good education, then educate yourself now.  If you’re starting off broke or in debt, then accept that as your reality, and work your out of it with disciplined effort.  If you’re surrounded by people who denigrate and criticize you for wanting more, leave them behind and build a new social group that will support you.  Stay loyal to truth, love and power and you’ll attract others of a similar nature.

Don’t waste time making excuses because that will only disempower you.  If you want to grow beyond your current situation, you can’t pretend to be powerless.  No matter how many obstacles stand in your way, you can still use your power to knock them down one by one.  If it takes years to reach your goals, then so be it.  The time is going to pass away, so you might as well put it to good use.   Years from now you’ll either be where you want to be…or you won’t.  You can either invest your time in growth or do the time in a cage.”

This is SO true…for me I love this.  I want to stick these two paragraphs all over my work space.  This is really inspiring for me when I do something growth related…but I kind of limp through it…at least I did something.

Facing the truth about life is hard…but Steve makes a great point here…I am going to be somewhere…I might as well make that be where I want to be, doing what I want to do.

I like the idea of working myself out of my OWN cage that I created.  Sure my cage is comfortable.  It keeps all the distractions that I used my money and time to buy in order to keep me in the cage!

If I use my money and time to GROW and improve my abilities, it will not only be A LOT more fun, eventually, I will be able to leave the cage behind forever.

The cage here is not just my house and my stuff…it is my job, my relationships, my friends…my entire life situation.

It is scary knowing that I am doing this to myself…but I can use that fearful feeling and transmute it into POWER to change my cage into a great SHIP that will carry me where ever I want to go on earth.

Ok, enough with the metaphors.

Career and Courage

This is my favorite paragraph in this section:

“Don’t play the career game for cash.  If you think money is the top prize, you’ll get suckered in by all kinds of get-rich-quick schemes, and you’ll make a lot of dumb bets.  Even when you win the money you seek, you still lose because you miss the mark.  The real prize is fulfillment.  This means putting yourself in a position where you’re doing work you love, building your strengths and talents, enjoying abundant income, and making a meaningful contribution to others. Now, that’s a prize worth having”

Ok, so let’s look at me:

1.  Played the career game for cash.  CHECK!

2.  Thought money was the top prize.  CHECK!

3.  Got suckered by get-rich-schemes.   CHECK!

4.  Won the money…still missed the mark.  CHECK CHECK!

I was at a get-rich-scheme event (where I did get suckered out of $777 for some training that was worthless) when I did learn a valuable lesson.

I can decide to be happy NOW before I have my fulfillment.

It was Tony Robbins that first pointed this out…he basically said, why do you want money?

People shout out…TO BE HAPPY!  TO BE FREE!  QUIT MY JOB!

Tony says:  Why do you need money to be happy or free or quit your job?  You can be happy NOW and work on the other stuff along the way…it will make the trip more fun (I am paraphrasing here).

This is my most valuable lesson…to be completely happy and fulfilled NOW.  Now lasts forever.  The rest is just window dressing or what I like to call “making the dream more fun”.  After you learn to be present in the now, work on getting everything else lined up.

The next paragraph is really good too:

“Don’t settle for cowardly career choices.  Don’t wimp out on your dreams.  Exercise your courage to go after the prize of true fulfillment, which is so much greater than the illusion of security.  Don’t get so attached to material possessions that you’re afraid to risk them for what really matters.  When you die, all your stuff will be left behind anyway; it’s really not that important. What matters is how much conscious growth you experience while you’re here since that’s the only thing you can possibly keep after you die.”

I might say that being fully conscious and truly accepting each moment is step #1…but that is really a tomato—tomatoe kind of difference.

Career and Intelligence

“To build an authentic career, you need to find the path that keeps you aligned with truth, love and power.  This requires paying attention to the following four questions:

1.  Body (needs) What must I do?
2.  Mind (abilities) What can I do?
3.  Heart (desire) What do I want to do?
4.  Spirit (contribution) What should I do?

An authentic career is found the place where all four of these questions produce the same answer…”

“It may take significant effort to build an authentic career, but it’s definitely worthwhile.  When you have all four areas working synergistically together, the combined effect is truly amazing.  Instead of meeting your needs, you experience true abundance.  Instead of applying you knowledge to your tasks, you unlock your true genius.  Instead of tolerating your daily routine, you work in a state of joy.  And instead of just putting in time, you fill you days with a sense of purpose.

What if you know these four areas are out of balance?  If you can’t immediately target all four, where should you begin?  Of all of them, the heart area the best  place to start because it gives rise to all the rest.  There’s some truth to the notion that if you do what you love, the money will follow.  It’s not quite that simple in practice, but the basic idea is correct.  If you simply persist in doing what you enjoy, you’ll eventually get good at it.  Once you reach a decent skill level, you’ll be able to share the value you create with others, and many people will appreciate it.  Then you simply ask for for fair value in return, you can begin to generate income from your work.  This process may take many years to unfold, but it will lead you to a very positive place, and it all starts with doing what you love.”

Steve goes on to say that most people start on #1 and #2 and then start making money doing things they can do that will make them money…which works, but doesn’t address the other two…then you end up with a job that makes you money, but you don’t really enjoy the work, and so you contribution is very limited.

Steve also mentions people that do what they love, but don’t attend to the other three areas, so they don’t have enough resources to pay the rent and struggle to build abilities which in turn limits their contribution.

Finally, Steve points out that it is also a trap to focus on skills development first.

“The last alternative is to make your top priority the development of your talents and skills, but this can also be a dead end.  You may wind up getting really good at something you simply don’t enjoy or that fails to meet  you needs, and this disconnects you from your true self.  I think it’s a huge mistake for parents to pressure their children to go into a certain line of work such as medicine or law just because it’s what the parents want.  The world doesn’t need more unhappy, unfulfilled doctors and lawyers.

There are not substitutes for true happiness.  It’s better to do what you love, homeless and broke, working from a park bench, than to sell your soul for millions of dollars.  The good news, however, is that if you follow the heart-centered path, you probably won’t be broke for long.  You’ll be doing work that provides value for others, which is precisely how you generate income in the first place.”

The part about the park bench is probably inspired by Eckhart Tolle.  I am currently reading Eckhart Tolle’s book the “Power of Now” and I just noticed that Steve has “Power of Now” on his recommended reading list.

Eckhart was a professor in England before he basically became so UNHAPPY with his job and life as a professor, that he shifted his consciousness and became a mostly conscious person.  He quit his job and lived on a park bench for about two years…and he experienced JOY…on that bench.

I’m not sure what went on with Eckhart’s life when he was on the bench in the park…how he ate and drank and stayed warm enough to live…the important lesson was that he experienced more joy with NOTHING in his life more than all the “stuff” and trappings of his old life.

I don’t live on a park bench…I don’t feel the need…but I get the idea and I really understand the joy of “no stuff”…allow me to use a story to elaborate.

I spent 20 years in the USAF.  One on my favorite times during my Air Force years, was PCS time.  PCS stands for Permanent Change of Station…or in human speak…its time to MOVE.

I moved about every 3 years or so…and even though it was a lot of work…when we finally moved I felt more free than ever before.

The process was fun, and my wife and moved so many times, we were very good at moving.  We lived in 3 different house in England within a 3 year period…the last house we moved into, we were only there for about 8 months, so we didn’t unpack much.

My favorite part was toward the very end.  The Air Force has all sorts of support agencies to help make your moves in and out and easy as they can be…one of the things most people do when they move from an overseas location is to borrow furniture from the Furniture Management Office…they store and lend out furniture for people coming and going.

When you have borrowed furniture in your house…it means that the movers have come and gone and you are now so close to leaving you are living out of suit cases.

Another sign that we were about to be temporarily homeless, is the Diminishing number of keys that we had to carry.  I had a couple of keys from the office, car key, house key, and of course a badge to beep into work…as those get turned in…we got a little closer!!!

When we were overseas, we bought cheap cars and sold them before we left and then rented or borrowed a car until it was time to leave…two less keys…now I am getting sooo close.

Finally the day comes and you move out of your house and into “billeting” which is Air Force speak for “temporary lodging” aka a hotel room…more like a nice suite when you are a Master Sergeant.  At that point, I gave away my last key and have two temporary keys…that’s the point when you are traveling and are officially “homeless”.

My wife and I would stay homeless for about a month or so…visit friends and family…talk about how cool it was to be homeless for a while…then eventually do the opposite of the move out process and move back in where ever we landed…and eventually I got all the keys back….bummer.

That lovely feeling of not having “stuff” at “my place” was kinda cool…some times I secretly wished that my stuff would be destroyed…of course it was insured and my wife would just go out and get new stuff…but I would get NEW stuff…back then, I think I just wanted NEW toys…now I don’t think I would really mind not getting much back.

I suppose I need some things to do my work and for a basic level of comfort, but I am looking forward to taking the “Jeff” or “Yooper” show on the road.

My wife and I want to be disconnected from place and roam around.  That is one major motivation for wanting a business that is not connected to place…like a web business.

I can write anywhere and then the next time we hit a wifi hot spot…hit send…then keep going.  Maybe when we get this thing really rolling I will get a wireless anywhere internet card…but those are limited to places to where you can get a cell signal, so I’m not sure it would be worth it…we’ll see.

Personal Development for Smart People:  Money

The Chapter about money is a little challenging for me to read…not because I don’t have money…but because I think I a little bit of money, and I think I know something about it already.For the record, I’m not a millionaire, I have a nice little nest egg invested in the stock market.We live below our means and control our debt.

Having said all that, Steve gave me some new ideas to think about.

“There are two basic ways to earn money:

1.  Make a meaningful social contribution, and receive payment commensurate with the social value of your contribution.

2.  Take advantage of market inefficiencies to extract money without contributing any substantial value.”

Steve goes on to say that #1 is can be called a contributor and #2 can be called a moocher.

I don’t want to think that I mooch…but I guess I do some level of in-direct mooching by Steve’s definitions.

The first thing that hit me was, that I was investing in companies and stock indexes that “mooch” off the system….this is a totally new way for me to think about what is happening with my money.

In the short-term I will continue to mooch in this way, until I can figure out how to invest my money in non-mooching interests.

The company that I work for most likely does some mooching…I have already decided that I want to quit that job in the long-term plan (next couple of years I hope) and work for myself on this web business.

In this paragraph, Steve made me think more about what I do at my job that Steve calls mooching:

“Sometimes mooching becomes so habitual that’s easy to overlook.  Many people who think of themselves as working in contribution-based careers harbor an underlying moocher mind-set.  They aim to extract more social value than they actually contribute.  This includes the attorney who records more billable hours than were actually worked, the CFO who fudges the numbers to inflate a company’s stock price, and the employee who performs personal tasks while on the clock.  Such actions are unbecoming of genuine contributors.”

I do the one about “personal tasks” while on the clock at work when I bored. Steve says…it’s easy to do…everybody does.  I can work on that and still know that I still contribute a lot of value to my company and my customer, so I do lean to the contributor side…I just never really thought of that as “mooching” so it made me think.

Steve then writes about the contributor mind-set, which is where he is working from and where I am working towards.

“Under the contributor mind-set, you receive money as payment for your social service.  The money you earn is society’s way of saying:  “In exchange for your valued contribution, you are hereby granted the right to extract equivalent value from society at a time of your choosing”  This is a beautiful thing!”

This is how Steve’s web site works, and the very cool thing is that his built a system that allows him to provide value to his readers FOR FREE and still create abundant wealth.

I think this is so cool, I get up a 4 a.m. nearly everyday in order to work on creating my own system (this web page), to do the same thing.  It doesn’t matter that Steve is doing it already…it doesn’t work like that.

Even though Steve is already doing it very well, there is still room for me to do it as well.

Personal Development for Smart People:  Health

Steve’s book inspired me to improve my health and health and fitness habits is a couple of ways so far, and a few ideas are on my to do list.Shortly after first reading the book, I decided to cut down on my alcohol intake.  Instead of a couple of beers are a couple glasses of wine after work…I ride my bike or read or watch a little TV (via DVD on Netflix or maybe PBS).

I converted myself into what I like to call an “event drinker”…if there is a drinking event, such as Oktoberfest, I get my Stein and dance the Chicken Dance and have a couple of Lagers.Drinking every day, really wears me out and saps my energy.  I really noticed that lack of energy, so I wanted to change.  It easier for me to change or delete a habit, if I am motivated to do so…Steve provided a little nudge to notice that after a 3-beer night it was more difficult to get up at 4 a.m. and work on my web page and then perhaps ride my bike to work.

I recently bought a bike and went through a 3-month(ish) trial with riding my bike to work in combination of using the LA Metro system.  It worked, and I enjoyed the bike rides, but the overall system was cutting into my web business time.

I can drive my car to work and get home early enough to ride to the be beach and listen to the ocean for a little while (it’s about 7 miles to the beach and another 2 miles alone the strand in Redondo) and then ride back in time for supper.

I love to ride my bike…I didn’t realize before this year…that greater LA has seasons!  I love riding after work and seeing the leaves fall from the trees and notice the longer shadows of the afternoon/evening time.  I lived here since 2003 and this year was the first year I felt like I was living back in Michigan watching the leaves change color.

I even did a very short experiment with a “no meat” diet as I mentioned before (that was a couple of weeks ago now).  It was very spontaneous trial and it only lasted a few days, but it was still informative.

It was a lot easier than I thought it would be to find food that didn’t have meat.  We were in Sedona, AZ when I thought I would not eat meat one day…it was easy…veggie burger instead of meat burger (I still do this…those are yummy and less filling) and a bean burrito for dinner.

I stopped pretty quickly because I had not discussed the plan with my wife and she is not ready to try it yet…she did indulge me and we bought a couple of  meals sans meat from whole foods which were are really good.

I felt a less bloated and more energized with the no meat diet, so after the holidays I think I am going to try with some preparation and planning and discussions with my wife.

Steve’s book doesn’t tell you what to do to get your body healthy…he just reminds you that you already know what to do…ask your body what it needs and help it out.

I can exercise about 3-4 days a weak at this point…mostly because of soreness after what feels like a long ride…so a rest in between rides feels better now.  I would like to exercise every day, so I might look at taking a short walk to the park on my “rest” days, so I at least move my body a little.

I don’t get sick that often, and I really have an “emergency only” rule when it come to doctors and hospitals.  When I fell a little sick, I get more rest and exercise less intensely…Steve seems to follow the same advice.

I don’t like the ideas of western medicine…i.e. take this pill…it will make you feel better.  Nah, I’ll take a nap.  Steven seems to agree.

Personal Development for Smart People:  Relationships

“Learning to communicate with love was a tremendous challenge for me.  I was raised by two left-brained parents, my father being an aerospace software manager and my mother a college math professor.  The dominant communication channels in our home were truth and power, with love trailing far behind.  I don’t recall phrases such as “I love you” being spoken much at all, and hugging was an uncommon occurrence.  Consequently, by the time I reached adulthood, my communication was predominately rooted in truth and power.  My ability to connect with empathy and compassion was weak; in fact, seeing others connect with love often made me feel uncomfortable”

I know what Steve is talking about when he said that his love channel was weak, and he felt uncomfortable when he saw others connect with love and hugging.  I have since changed quite a bit, but when I was younger, although love was around in my home growing up…it was not expressed all that often.  I’m not sure what channels were predominate in my home growing up…not a lot of truth, love or power.I do remember that uncomfortable feeling when I was around people that were communicating with love…I felt compelled to make a joke.

I got over this, after making fun of someone in a college speech class for sharing a very painful time for her and someone she loved.  I was rightly shunned and chastised…but I was also shocked.

I just didn’t realize that people communicated in this manner…I didn’t think she could possibly be seriously talking about this type of very painful and emotional time in her life with a classroom of people that she barely knew…I figured she had to be joking…she wasn’t—->me:  insert foot in mouth!.

I have since learned to really connect with the love channel…it is most likely my most dominate channel now…truth is probably second and then maybe a little power on the side.

As far as my relationships go, I’m pretty happy.  My wife and get along fairly well most of the time and have a good time living together…we are really good friends and partners and we help each and talk to each other to keep the marriage strong…I have no complaints.

I am in the mist of large transition in my life, one of many, and as I transition, I intend to make many new friends that like what I like…mostly waking up to being fully consciousness less egoic type of people.

I will always be willing to help anyone that asks me to help them learn to be more present and aware…through nature, and meditation and chatting about the global shift in consciousness (heh…good web page name)…or whatever happens to be going on…but not all those folks will end up being my friends.

Sure, I want to save the world, but I”m not sure if I am ready to be best buds with the world…could you imagine if you were friends with everyone???  You would be constantly be moving people around or going to weddings and the like.  :-)

Personal Development for Smart People:  Spirituality

To me this entire book is about spirituality, so having a chapter about it is more of a summary.I have been reading and listening to Eckhart Tolle on DVDs and webcasts on…he is a very effective spiritual teacher.

Eckhart’s central message is to live in the NOW and to learn to identify with the silent listener within you instead of the constant stream of words or thoughts that are going through you mind.

That probably doesn’t make much sense to you, so check out and look for “A New Earth” with Eckhart Tolle, maybe your ready for a shift in consciousness.

Steve’s afterword is awesome, so I will give him the last work in this review:

“Seek truth with open eyes.  Courageously accept your discoveries and their consequences.  Rid your life of falsehood, denial, and fear of what is.  Make truth your ally, not your enemy.  This isn’t easy, but it is correct. Share your love openly.  Connect with yourself and others by tuning in to the connection that already exists.  The risk of rejection is overshadowed by the rewards of loving connections.  Whenever you feel disconnected, reach out and connect with another human being.  Remember that you’re always loved. Fully develop your human abilities, and use your power in honorable service for the highest good of all.  False power corrupts, but true power elevates.  The more you resonate with truth and love, the greater you ability to wield power wisely.  No one is served by your refusal to shine. Embrace your unique path to growth.  Use your intellect and emotions to guide you in the conscious pursuit of truth, love, and power.  Invest in creative self-expression, service, and contribution, and you will suffer no scarcity.  Your greatest gift to the world is to share who you really are. Enjoy your incredible human journey.  Accept the highs and lows as equally valuable.  Recognize that your deepest sorrows reveal your greatest joys.  Share your stories with others, and know that your not alone.  Be grateful for your time on earth.

Live Consciously.”

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Personal Development for Smart People pt1

Part 2 of this review is here

Steve Pavlina is a huge inspiration in my life.  I am writing this web page because of him.  Steve is the creator of the web site His web site is named Personal Development for Smart People and that is also the title of his new book.

Steve was kind enough to convince his publisher to give away about 420 free review copies of his new book to bloggers and web page owners that could prove they were trying to write something.

So, I got a free book, that I would have bought anyway, (THANKS!) and I also get to review it on my web page (which I would have done anyways….THANKS again!) and not only that…if Steve feels my review provides value to the world…he will link to my site….(OMG!!!  THANKS!)

The link is a huge boon to a web page like mine, because Steve’s site receives about  2 million hits per month, so here is hoping I provide a lot of truth, love and power alignment with this review…but wait…I might be jumping ahead a little.

Personal Development for Smart People:  First impressions

I was really excited to get this free book to review…and of course excited to read what Steve would put in a book.  I read this book in about two weeks, but I was more than half through it in the first two days.

I was able to read it while riding on the Metro during my commute…so that was about two hours of reading for a couple of days.  Before I got the book, I was worried that I would have trouble finishing the book before the the end of October…it’s the 2nd of October and I finished yesterday.

I think you can tell by now, that I am a Steve Pavlina fan, so I am doing my best not to sound too “gushy” with praise…but I have to admit the truth…I have a hard time being objective or critical with anyone…and Steve is kind of a hero of mine, so I will probably sound like a Fan Boy during this review…

…I will do my best to point out aspects I didn’t resonate with or disagreed in the book.

Personal Development for Smart People:  Part I

The book is divided into two Parts.  This page will focus on Part I, and I will cover Part II on a separate page.

Part I is about the Fundamental Principles of Personal Development which are:


1. Truth
2. Love
3. Power


4.  Oneness (Truth + Love)
5.  Authority (Truth + Power)
6.  Courage (Love + Power)
7.  Intelligence (Truth + Love + Power)

Now, on the surface, this doesn’t seem all that new.  Most books of this sort, use some sort of framework to outline and provide structure to the ideas in the book.

Steve’s outline in Part I provides the framework and is echoed (a lot!) through out the whole book…this might sound tedious…but I liked it.

One of my complaints with other Personal Development books, it that there is so much to remember….with Steve’s ideas you can read the book and then remember a couple key questions that will help you in any situation…i.e.:

“Where is the heart in this?”

“Am I aligned with truth, love and power?”

That’s cool…I like “easy to remember”.

Steve is working from a highly conscious state all the time.  So, he is as close to a “Whole Brain” thinker that I have ever come to know.

Steve started out his life as a primary left-brain logical type thinker…but over the years, he developed his right-brain intuitive/creative side as well.

This “blending of the brains” type of thinking, along with a deep knowing and love of himself and others, allows him to happily and lovingly give of himself everyday.

I don’t consider myself a whole brain thinker…I use one brain at a time for the most part…but I am working on it.

I have said before that one of my goals in life is to wake up and want to enthusiastically jump out of bed and be honestly excited to go to WORK!  Steve does this everyday of his life!

Try to imagine how cool that would be to live like that for ONE day…and then realize you COULD do it everyday…that is real life inspiration right there baby!

His spirit shines brightly through on all the pages of this book (as it does on his web page) and it is challenging and simultaneously inspiring.

Personal Development for Smart People:   Truth

I was most challenged by the chapter on truth…about the truth about myself. Admitting the truth to myself is not an easy thing to do…but Steve let me know that step one is just to accept the truth even if I don’t have the power to change in right now…

..I can work on making it better for the rest of your life…but at least look at myself in the mirror and admit the truth…the whole truth about myself and accept it as is.

Here is short quote from Chapter 1…simple and yet very powerful:

“Genuine personal growth is honest growth.  You can’t take shortcuts through the land of make-believe .  Your first commitment must be to discover and accept new truths, no matter how difficult or unpleasant the consequences may be.  You can’t solve problems if you don’t admit they exist.  How can you achieve a fulfilling career if you won’t admit that your current job is wrong for you?  How can you improve your relationship situation if you refuse to accept that you’ve been feeling empty and alone?  How can you better your health if you won’t accept that your current habits don’t serve you?

I love that paragraph…it reminds me of what this Air Force Colonel who was talking about a person that was going to be discharged from the Air Force for being over weight.  He said as if he was the person being discharged,

“I want to stay in the Air Force…if I could just put down this piece of pizza!”

I think if the person really wanted to stay in the Air Force, they would have lost the weight…perhaps, they truly wanted to get out.

I faced some truths about me…I wanted to cut down on my drinking…I want to be an “Event” only drinker for now…not a beer after work guy.

I don’t have problem with beer…I just don’t like that habit…I gain too much weight and if I drink more than a couple, it is harder to get out of bed and ride my bike.

So, if I limit my drinking to event only the I can plan to tend to the hang over on a day off and still try to get a work out in later on in the day…that’s not perfect either…but it’s better.

Steve also makes a lot of suggestions for clearing potential “Blocks to Truth”.

My favorite is media fasting.

“A great way to reduce the impact of media conditioning is to go on a 30-day media fast.  For 30 days straight, keep the television turned off and avoid all newspapers, magazines, and online media sources.  Unplug yourself completely and see what happens.”

I stopped watching most TV around 2003 when we moved to LA from England.  Cable was just to expensive, so we get very basic cable bundled with our internet (local channels only…no ESPN even…or CNN).

We watch TV via Netflix on DVD and online.

My life is much better after cleaning out all the advertisements…I just don’t need to hear about new products to make my life better…I’m good.

I never liked newspapers or magazines…I get a ton of them…but I rarely read them…they came from from left over frequent flyer miles…now we have stacks of unread magazines in the house…great!

I read online news, the Motley Fool, and I really like Sirius Radio…music with no commercials!  I also get my NFL radio broadcasts for all the games (that I can take in the car) and Deepak Chopra all day on Saturday.

Personal Development for Smart People:  Love

The love chapter is awesome…I tried to write a page about love and it is just funny…but Steve does a great job of defining love and recognizing it’s fundamental importance in life.

Here is a small quote to let you sample what I am talking about.  This is the opening paragraph of Chapter 2:  Love.

“Love is the second principle of personal development.  Obviously love is an emotion, but it is much more than that.  One of the fundamental choices you face in every encounter is the choice to approach or avoid.  You can try to connect with people, or you can pull away from them.  You can immerse yourself in your day’s work, or you can procrastinate.  You can approach any person, place, or thing with the intention to connect, or you can remain aloof and keep your distance.  The decision to connect is the essence of love.”

When I was reading “A course in miracles” I went through a “transitional phase” in my life.

For a long period time…many months…I loved everything and every moment…I projected love all the time and saw love coming back at me as well.
This time was a huge amount of fun…I actually performed everyday miracles at work and had a great time doing it.

One time (…but not a band camp…it was at my Former Air Force IT job) I had to swap out a voice mail server.  The old server broke…but my predecessor choose not to buy the service contract.

I needed a new server, so I arranged for the service contract with the voice mail service provider.

So, while the check was in the mail so to speak…the service provider sent out a new server for us to install, but could not send out a technician to install it until the contract was finalized and paid…but I needed to get the voice mail working again.

I figured…meh…how hard can it be?  I don’t need to know what to do or what to say to work a miracle…I just need to want what I want and show up and see what happens.

So, I asked one of my new troops to help me…she had less experience in computers than me…but she was very mature and fun to be around and I figured it would take some time and I wanted some company and a hand to talk on the phone in case I need to call the service provider.

Right away, I found a CD with documentation which outlined the whole procedure.  We would have been done before lunch if I hadn’t missed a small step in the procedures and forgot to write down a password.  The only way to re-set the password was to do it all over again…no big deal, just took the rest of the day.

I loved that day…my troop was amazed…and frankly I was to.  It was really easy and a lot of fun to just “jump of the cliff” and see what happens.

Now, I understand that this is not a world class event…but so what?…there was a task in front of me, that in the past world have caused me to be fearful and most likely procrastinate as long as possible…

…but because of my love projection miracle mind set…I just accepted and thought…”what’s the worst that can happen?

Really the answer to the question was…”we still won’t have voice mail” and since we didn’t have voice mail at the time…the downside was the same as doing nothing…so any success would be great and if we didn’t figure it out…at least we would have learned something.

Steve would say that I aligned with love and immersed myself into the project…I loved it until it was finished…and that is a true statement.

Reading Steve’s book reminded my how fun and exciting life can be when you align with love…I need to do that more often.

“Power is the third principle of personal development.  It is you ability to consciously and deliberately create the world around you.  When your power is weak, you can’t effectively satisfy your needs and desires, and you become a victim of your own environment.  When your power is strong, you successfully cultivate a life of your own choosing, and your environment reflects it.”

This is the first paragraph of Chapter 3, Power…I love that definition.  He later lays out a challenge again saying:

“The triad of truth, love, and power and can serve as an incredible force for good.  When honest, compassionate people remain powerless, and only dishonest, uncaring people acquire power, we all suffer for it.  The world is well served when those who are aligned with truth and love gain the third element.  If you can be such a person, then I encourage you to consciously develop your power, since that decision benefits us all.”

When put in this light, I fell compelled to work more consciously to develop my power…not just for me…but to help my country and the world shift from a fear and dishonesty based system of power to a truth and love-based system of power.

Steve also describes a person like me.  I am a person that is aligned with truth and love but I don’t have much power.  I have more power than some people, but not much “worldly” power…which Steve is talking about.

Last night I watched Michael Moore’s new film called “The Slacker Uprising” about how Michael “almost” got enough votes in 2004 to get John Kerry elected.

It’s a fun movie to watch…and my wife couldn’t believe that Kerry lost…I know he did and the movie was set in the past, but the number of people that Michael Moore inspired to vote (mostly for Kerry) was quiet staggering.

So, why did he fail?

Was Michael Moore fully aligned with the truth?  Maybe…maybe not.  Was he fully aligned with love….maybe…maybe not.

He definitely aligned with POWER.  In 2004, on college campuses…Michael Moore was like a Bob Dylan or a John Lennon…there were girls asking him to sign their boobies (I think I would have…but he declined…boo!).

Perhaps, people that are fully aligned with all three of these principles will help successfully turn our country and our world toward truth, love and power (or TLP for short.)

Personal Development for Smart People:  Oneness

“Oneness is the principle that results from combining truth and love.  Whereas love is the ability to connect by choice, oneness is the recognition that being connected is your natural state.  Love is choosing to connect.  Oneness is knowing you’re already connected.  Oneness has no specific target; its omnidirectional feeling of connection to everyone and everything at the same time.  Oneness is pure unconditional love.”

Oneness is the first of the secondary principles.  Steve tells a brief story about his first experience of oneness.

I had a similar experience again, while I was reading and doing the exercises within the course of miracles.

Steve says that once you have had an experience of true oneness, you are forever changed…and I agree with him.  After I experienced the knowing that I am not contained by my body and am connected to everyone and everything, I have forever transformed into a new entity…

…I became a butterfly…as Jed Mckenna might say…or I might say “I am cookies” if I am in a Buffy sorta Joss Weedon kinda of mood.

I still need to meditate for a few moments to remember oneness…but I don’t need to say ahh for 20-30 minutes…I can remember the truth of oneness in a few quite moments sitting at my desk at work.

When I am tired, hungry, or emotional…or intensely focused on a task…I might tune out of the fact of oneness and act a little less connected, but I have not forgotten the truth of oneness…I have just turned down the volume of the oneness radio station.

Steve suggests some activities that might help me experience oneness, such as:

A form of meditation called “Oneness World” where you “…imagine what it would be like to live in a world where everyone lives in alignment with oneness.”

He also suggest that I spend time in nature…which is neat…because I already do that one.  I love being out in the world, and in nature.  I even love being in the concrete jungle some times…but I really prefer nature.

The sounds and smells of nature always rejuvenate my spirit and help me turn up the oneness radio dial.

Steve also suggests physical contact…I have this one down as well…my friends know that I don’t need a beer to want to hug someone…but if I have a few beers then the hug monster is really strong and powerful…very few people have the ability to escape the hug monster in full force.

I also hug my wife as often as possible…hugging and other physical contact…reminds us that we are connected and one…without really being consciousness of why we are making the contact.

Look at sports teams.  Those folks are always touching each other…because touching helps them tune in too each other and increase their performance and their ability to “sync up”.

Just the other night I experienced a little “oneness” in my life…it happens to me quiet a bit, but this was sort of special.

Steve does Personal Development for Smart People…I might do PD for Drunk people…I have many experiences while meeting people in bars.

So, I rode my bike to the beach, to get in touch with nature…really…then after listening to the waves crash, I remembered that I was close to a favorite bar of mine that has a lot great microbrew beer (I no Steve doesn’t drink…and I do…I’m ok with that.)

While at the bar, I meet a great couple, and we start jamming out to the blues/rock band and they invite me to their table and we start talking.

After a while, I think…wow…I need to leave if I am going to make it home on my bike without getting killed on the way home…so I start getting ready to go.

The couple then offers me a ride in their truck if I stay…so I thought…oh what the hell.

After that, we really started sharing and I found out that he is still feeling a lot of pain from discovering his son after he had committed suicide years ago…I didn’t say much…but I said death was an event…not a real state and that he could let him go and he will always be with him.

We all cried and got another beer…then I got a ride home and we exchanged phone numbers.

These are the types of experiences I have had since connecting to oneness.

I had mild hangover they next day…not to bad…but that is the payment for drinking…not really worth it…I know, I’m working on that.

I was kicked out of the same bar a long time ago, for talking to another dude’s girl friend…I honestly don’t remember what I said…I had to much to drink…but her boy friend didn’t like what I said and the bouncer very kindly asked me to leave…

…so I left…I waited outside for my ride and then had to go back in to close out my tab.

I vaguely remember that the girl was crying in her beer about the way her boyfriend treated her…it is interesting that drunk people talk to strangers in bars about things they won’t share with their best friends…or boyfriends.

I’m not sure if the booze does this…or a connection to oneness…or both.

Personal Development for Smart People:  Authority

“Authority is the principle derived from truth and power.  Truth without power accomplishes nothing.  Power without truth generates wasted action.  The principle of authority teaches you to purposefully blend knowledge and action to produce intelligent results.When you live without authority, your default behavior is to squander your time.  You may acquire some knowledge, but you won’t apply it well.  You may take some action, but your movements will be chaotic and unfocused.  You have the potential to live a powerful, self-directed life of your choosing, but until you step into your true authority, this potential remains a fantasy.”I really like the How to Increase you authority section of this chapter…there are only three sub-sections:  1)  Orchestrate Small Rebellions 2)  Triage 3) Experiment.

“A small rebellion is an act of free will with minimal negative consequences”

I love doing small rebellions…like when I tell people that I enjoy being in traffic on the freeway after work…because I am alone and it’s quiet…which is true…I enjoy the quiet time alone…but most people just HATE traffic.

I don’t watch much TV…or listen to the news.  I don’t get upset about little things that go wrong…but I do my best to empathize with other people feelings.

Steve tells a story about how when he was a kid, he turned in math homework done in crayon…that’s funny and cute…but a little annoying…his teacher encouraged his creativity.

Some day, I am going to work without matching my shoes and belt…I’m going to do it…just watch me!!!

Personal Development for Smart People:  Courage

“…When your mind predicts a positive long-term outcome but a negative short-term outcome from a course of action, courage is required to bridge the gap.  If you want to leave an unfulfilling relationship, quit an uninspiring job, or restore an unfit body to a state of health, the long-term outlook may be wonderful, but you can also expect short-term challenges as you transition.  Courage is the application of power to break through short-term challenges in order to achieve long-term goals.”I work in an unfulfilling job.  I use truth to accept that.  I use courage to get up at 4:00 am most everyday to work on this web page, so I can create my new source of income.I have a fulfilling relationship with my wife, but I can use courage to make it better and to be more loving and connected.

My body is less than optimal (which is a nice way to say “unfit”)…but three times a week I use courage to ride my bike 12 miles one way to work and about 7 miles home…that not only takes courage it also takes Ben Gay sometimes!

Personal Development for Smart People:  Intelligence

“Our universal principles give rise to the following definition of intelligence:  Intelligence is alignment with truth, love and power.  There is an elegant simplicity to this definition.  In order to behave as a “smart person” in any area of your life, you must bring yourself into alignment with truth, love and power.  If you use these principles to guide your life, you will live intelligently.  When you violate these principles, you turn your back on intelligence.”

So, the next time things don’t go my way, I have a list of questions to ask myself:

Was I aligned with truth?  Was I aligned with love?  Was I aligned with Power?

Want even more???  You are really crazy…ok…

on to Part 2…

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Payoff Credit Cards

This is Step 2 in a series about money AND how to keep want you have

Link to Step 0 Think about Money

Link to Step .5 Shift Your Money Attitude

Link to Step 1 Live Below your Means

Link to Step 2 Payoff Credit Cards

Link to Step 3 Invest Money

Link to Step 4 Stock Index Funds

Credit Cards are great!!!  Paying 12-19 percent interest to giant banks is very giving and generous and I am sure they appreciate it.  Instead of doing that, I like to give my money who people need it to eat or do something good…like provide me dividends and a higher investment value.

I decided that I needed to payoff all my credit cards, and that was the best idea I ever had about money.

Everything I know about finance and investing I owe to the good folks at the Motley Fool ( One of their guiding principles is everyone should learn to “live below your means”.

Now that sounds simple, but this is actually more difficult than it sounds on the surface. For me this means that your monthly income should be more than your monthly outgoing payments. The first step in living below your means is to get out of debt, specifically credit card debt.

There are books written on this topic and I read one published by the Motley Fool, so I don’t mean to go into the gritty details. Instead, I would like to relate to you my experience on both sides of this line.

I carried a credit card debt of about $12,000 into my marriage. For about 3 years, my wife and I paid an agreed upon amount towards this debt every month…

…I don’t remember how much we paid, it wasn’t the minimum payment, but it was not an amount that would pay off the debt any time soon either. This meant that we were tagged a monthly interest charge. This interest charge was in the range of 12 – 15% of the balance of the debt.

Now here is the rub. At the same time, we had about $15,000 in the bank in combined savings and our big cash wedding gift. This money was held in a regular savings account and only earned about 3 – 4 % annual interest.

I’m sure the fool guys have a fancy term to describe this situation, but what I call this stupid. Once I figured out the math, I started trying to convince my wife that we needed to pay off the credit card and then re-build the savings (and then start investing!).

Yayoi (my wife) took a lot of convincing. I think she was more afraid of NOT having much savings left then she was interested in paying off the debt. Well after much effort on my part and enlisting the support of friends that we both respected, she relented and let me pay off the credit card.

To this day, she doesn’t let me forget that I brought debt into the marriage, but since living below our means and paying off our credit cards every month, no matter what…it has become more of a cute joke than an actual fightin’ dig.

Of course, most folks will say that they have credit card debt, but don’t have money in the bank. You’re right we were lucky to have a nice pile of “get of debt money” after our wedding. But, again at least we had the discipline not to go out and spend all that money and saved it instead.

After we paid off this debt, we kept saving our money and didn’t have that big credit card payment any more, so we saved more each month. Eventually, I started investing while living below my means and saving money.

Today, we have a pile of money invested in the stock market and always max out our IRAs. In 2003, I bought a used car with cash for about 12K and a new one about a year later for 16k with cash on hand.

People freak out when I tell them how much money I have, because I’m not flashy and I don’t buy useless stuff to impress people. I generally don’t tell people how much money we have so they don’t think “I’m better than them” because I know I’m not.

I just learned some simple rules about life and money and I stuck to them. It’s easy to do you don’t have to be smart or weird.

The whole point here is that if you are saving money AND carry ANY credit card debt, you are THROWING AWAY MONEY!!! Take what you have saved and take a chunk out of that debt.

Then take the money you are saving every month and put it on your credit card debt until it’s gone. If you don’t have any savings, and have credit card debt, then I suggest you check out the following link at The Motley Fool called “How to get Out of debt” It’s free by the way:

I trust the Motley Fool guys…they are great, but if you don’t like them then you could try an internet search on “get out of debt”. Be careful though. There are scam artists out there that will try to get you into a debt consolidation loan.

This might be a good idea for you, but I suggest doing research before you pay someone to solve your problem for you. I’m sure there is amble free information out there for most folks to get themselves out of debt without paying anyone.

If you really need a debt consolidation loan to get out debt, find someone you trust not to rip you off.

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Paranormal Phenomena

I have experienced many examples of paranormal phenomena: Precognitive Dreams, Deju-Vu, Law of Attraction, Claircognizance..just to name a few..

Modern Day Miracles

Modern Day Miracles could be more about changing the way you see the world…than it is about super hero feats with flash…

“There are two ways to live your life – one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle.” — Albert Einstein

I see the world “as is”…AND full of miracles…simple things that we take for granted everyday are really miracles if you take a moment to consider it…

Awakening Psychic Abilities

Awakening psychic abilities is a natural state of acceptance of miracles, listening to your intuition, and tuning into your body’s intelligence.

Have you ever had a gut feeling? What’s that?

Do you ever witness a miracle in your life, or a least something you could not explain?

Have you ever listened to your bodies messages and taken action in your life…

Paranormal Phenomena:   What is reality?

What is Reality?  Are we in the Matrix?  Do you know kung-fu?  What is the universe made of?

OK, first off, I DON’T KNOW…but you know me…I love the “QUESTION”!!

The first time I saw the movie “The Matrix” I had a seriously weird feeling…I thought I was the only person on the planet to ever think that my “real” self…whatever that is…is somewhere else dreaming this life so to speak.

Paranormal Phenomena:  Precognitive Dreams

Since I was a little kid, I have experienced dreams that would inform me of future events. Many times, especially when I was very young, these would manifest as seemingly meaningless information that I became aware of as a very strong sense of Deju Vu.

My primary sensory modality is auditory and more specifically talking to myself and others. I would have dreams that I thought were nothing special…but then in a matter of days, the very same conversation that I dreamed about would occur in the real world…

It was a very strange experience…this happened to me throughout my life, it still happens to me on occasion…the last time it happened…I even whispered to myself… “Now Andre says…” Then Andre said it…

…it still gives me the willies a little bit, but now I have come to accept this as a part of my consciousness…I need to develop this gift into to a talent, I’m sure it could be quiet useful!

Of all the paranormal phenomena I have experienced myself this one seems to hold the most promise…I was even told by a physic that I had dreams that foretell the future…talk about the universe trying to kick me in the pants…sheesh!

Paranormal Phenomena:  Deja Vu

Most of my experience of Deja vu experiences have come from dreams…but I can’t say all of them started that way. Deja vu as a paranormal phenomena comes up all the time since about 2004 when I started studying paranormal phenomena…

I consider deja vu to represent a nod or a wink from the universe (my higher-self or my spirit guides). I have a whole team of spirit guides. Generally they are yelling at me to put down the remote and to get back to work. Or they might say…how about you put down that beer and write a new web page…I have started to listen to them!

So, for instance, I will notice things a little more, and the universe will conspires to have me see things more often…more than the (reticular activating system?…I think so) like the Fibonacci numbers. I thought they were interesting. A while a ago, I posted a video to my home page that included some information pertaining to Fibonacci numbers.

Then, while reading about “Lost” the TV show, I stumbled about more information about the Fibonacci numbers…then later that day…I watched an episode of “Fringe” which featured more information about…you guessed it…Fibonacci numbers…most people would say this is just coincidence…to which I would same…OF COURSE it is. Then again most folks don’t know what coincidence really means.

Coincidence really means when angles coincide…or match perfectly! Which is completely opposite to what most people take as just random, meaningless events that happen to look the same.

This Fibonacci number thing…could be nothing, or something very small…but I have learned to pay attention to this paranormal phenomena…and follow the white rabbit…

Paranormal Phenomena:  Law of Attraction

This isn’t really paranormal phenomena to me any more…it is the way the universe works…You can check my Law of Attraction for more stories.

The Law of Attraction works perfectly…even when you self-sabotage your efforts…it just means that your higher self knows that you are either not ready for the situation, or that you don’t really want it…

The situations and things that I create are so numerous, that I really have a hard time keeping up with all that I see that I think…oh yeah…I wanted that…hmm it showed up…cool!

Most amazing are things that I just sort of passively want to see…I definitely know I don’t want anything do with their creation, I just want to have or see them…and then I find out the objects/situations have been around for a while or are coming soon…WOW!

My experience with this “paranormal phenomena” became really very strong when I first started…and I was passionately working on sending out powerful intentions…not all of them came through of course, but the things and situations that I really wanted showed up in a perfect way without me knowing how do it.

“A course in miracles” says that (I am paraphrasing) you don’t need to know what to do or what to say to work a miracle…just show up and allow the miracle to happen through you…I did this all the time when I first started and I still do it today…

I amaze people at work…I help people with computer issues…and 90% of the time, my presence or what my co-workers sometimes call “mojo” will be all that is required….I don’t do anything…just show up…I might say something like…”try it again”…then it works…hmmm.

Paranormal Phenomena:  Claircognizance

If you don’t know what this paranormal phenomena means…think of it as spider sense…at least that is how it works for me.

The most obvious example of this is surviving multiple car wrecks in L.A…there where more than a dozen all told, but the most dramatic example was a multiple car “Matrix” style pile up…

…I noticed some smoke in the far left lane in front of me a little ways…

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If you have not heard about paraliminals and you are into audio CDs for self-improvement, then you are really in for a huge treat.  These are not really meditation, or subliminal…but for a real description I am going to quote from their developer, Learning Strategies:

“You will hear one voice in one ear speaking to one part of your brain, while another voice in the other ear speaks to a different part of the brain. Very unusual, very pleasurable, and very effective.

There are no “questionable” subliminal messages on our CDs. You will find no short-term motivational hype. You will not hear fluffy affirmations or wishful positive statements. Rather, you will hear Paul R. Scheele, cofounder of Learning Strategies Corporation, skillfully guide your mind so that you get the results you want. To improve your life, sometimes all it takes is guidance to evoke your inner wisdom.

Paraliminal recordings increase your personal power by activating your “whole mind” with a precise blend of music and words. Each session is carefully scripted by Paul, trained in neuro-linguistic programming, whole mind learning, and preconscious processing, to give you the best CD for your investment.”

I have a few paraliminals and I will describe each and let you know my experiences…

Paraliminals – Ideal Weight

I received this MP3 for free as a thank you for participating in the Ultimate You Mind Fest (Sign ups start March 18, 2013).

The idea in this paraliminal program is to help train your unconscious mind to tune into the signals from your body that will tell you what foods to eat, when you are hungry, and maybe most importantly, when you are full.

This MP3 program helped me create goals at the unconscious level of the mind which is extremely powerful in helping to guide and shape behavior that I really want to make into lifelong habits.

Like all paraliminals, it’s ok and encouraged to drift off or even sleep while listening to most of the MP3s, but little things like remembering it’s really a good idea to stop eating about 3 hours before bed time, really stick with me and help me stick with my weight loss goals.

Paraliminals – Belief

This was one of the first paraliminals that I bought…and it works great!

This CD, like many of the CDs, has two sessions.   The first session helps you identify a limiting belief that you learned in the past…the CD helps guide you to re-live the learning experience that created the belief and then inform your whole mind (the unconsciousness and consciousness) that you were young and growing up …

…and the young version of you didn’t have all the internal knowledge and resources that you have now and that you can let go of this belief and replace it with a belief that empowers you…

Session B guides you to the same event in your life and your re-live the event, but this time you do it as an empowered adult with all your knowledge of the past and the future along with all your adult experience and education.  The outcome of the event is now empowering and helpful instead of limiting your personal growth.

One of the events in my life involved a traumatic event in my childhood that involved my brother telling me to “finish it” and me streaming “NO!”…I won’t bore you with all the lurid details of the event…but I believe that this may have been holding me back from “finishing” things…

After doing the CD many times, I was able to install a new belief concerning completing things and I became much more productive at work towards seeing tasks through to the end.

This is just small example of the power contained on this CD…it is one of my favorite CDs and I still use it often when I think I am some how stuck…

You really don’t even need to consciously be aware of what your are trying to remove/replace…many times…after playing the CD session A…some new memory would fill in the space and I would say to myself…oh…that one again….turns out I didn’t really unplug it the first time…

…other times the limiting belief would just show up while the CD was playing and then would have an “Aha” moment and unplug that sucker and get busy plugging in a new belief.

Ok, I will stop gushing…I find this paraliminal very useful and I highly recommend it…nuff said.

Paraliminals — Automatic Pilot

This paraliminal CD is for installing 100% commitment to a goal and then programming your mind to move towards it with all of your internal resources…like using the law of attraction on steroids (not really using steroids!)…

…Session A is prep work to ensure that you are really committed to the chosen goal…it helps you visualize your goal as if you have already achieved it…the purpose is to “eliminate negative self talk and vaporize self-sabotage” from the CD booklet.

I just tried Session A for the first time today, so I will update this part after I use it a few more times.

“Session B completes the process of switching on automatic pilot by guiding your whole brain to achieve your goal” and eliminate the self-doubt that you would generally face on the road to goal completion.

Again, I will update more on Session B once I have tried it out…STAY TUNED.

Paraliminals — 10-Minute Supercharger

This paraliminal only has four tracks that last about 10-minutes…I used it on a break after lunch today at work…WOW!

Way better than caffeine or a nap…kinda like a supercharged nap, but much more effective…

…When I finished the session not only did I wake up…but I was actually motivated to do some work…and I don’t really get all that sleepy after lunch…but today I was doing some work that was kinda dull and repetitive and the work sorta of lulled me into a funk…

I can’t wait to try this INSTEAD of coffee…I might use it after work as well as a transition to typing highly motivated web pages!!!  If you see a lot of “!!!” you can blame this paraliminal :-)

Not much to explain here…you enjoy listening to Paul start talking…you close your eyes…you listen to very calm and relaxing voices, sounds and music…and then 10 minutes are up…Paul tells you to open your eyes and come back and feel great…and YOU DO!!!

Paraliminals — Prosperity

The prosperity paraliminal came to me as a gift with another purchase from learning strategies…BONUS.

This is CD is one session and makes you install a belief in “prosperity consciousness” versus a believe in “poverty or scarcity consciousness”…I am all about abundance and prosperity…

…this is about more than money…if you want money…you can get it…but it is more about just guiding you to shift your whole being to resonate with the natural state of the universe…which just happens to be abundant and ever-expanding…

…this is another great paraliminal CD and I have used it only a few times to try it out…it was a great gift and I will use it again, but I already lived this with a prosperity mind-set long enough in my life to know that this is the way the universe just “is”…

On the other hand, I could use an up-scale shift to get ready to handle having more money than I ever had before…so…no I am not selling this CD…:-)

Before you can accept more money in your life you have to change the way you think about money and stuff…

…if you think $100 is a lot of money, then $1 million is not even allowed to enter your consciousness…

if you have $300,000 in the bank…$1 million is still a ways a way, but it seems more doable to you now…

That is a new way of thinking…I might need to up scale my prosperity meter some day really soon (intention goes out now….)

Break the Habit

This has become my NEW favorite CD.  Have you ever heard “What you resist…will persist…”?

Well, the folks at Learning Strategies have and they have figured out a way to “break” a habit by helping you convince yourself (even the parts you don’t like!) that you really don’t want to <insert your bad habit here>.  I used this to stop chewing smokeless tobacco (many times :D) and to work out more, work on my web biz more often, enjoy life more often…this just became my default meditation for many months and it worked wonders for me…

It is soooo cool…it helps you to remember that you are always FREE to choose…if you choose the bad thing…choose again…

The idea is to help you catch yourself before you get to the behavior and to keep choosing until you get to a healthy choice that will make you happy…brilliant!!!

Dream Play

I can’t really be all glowing about dream play.  I tired it and it didn’t really work for me…but I don’t blame the CD.  I was NOT motivated to have Lucid dreams…I was working on different things (see above)…so I will update this again when the mood to fly to Mars to have sex with some dream babe tickles my fancy :D

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Overcoming Fear

Overcoming fear is fundamental to inducing beneficial states of consciousness and enjoying a more joyful, conscious, purpose-driven life.  It is a process, a process that will be with you all of your life…overcoming fear is a skill that you can learn.

Overcoming Fear –  Two Types of Fear

Healthy Fear

The fear response that helps warns us and keep us safe from physical harm is completely rational and a healthy.  You need to work on this type of fear.  This kind of fear lets you remember that certain animals, objects, situations in your life are dangerous…we all know this kind of fear.

This fear is based in the NOW…that tiger was not a real threat when he was lazing in the sun, but when he decided to rush your car, you would rightly feel fear at that moment.

Unhealthy Fear

Your body only has ONE response to fear — which is fight for flight…however most situations that cause fear today don’t allow us to fight or run away.

This causes anxiety that creates thoughts and energy patterns in your body that need to find release.

Another aspect of unhealthy fear is that your feeling of fear is not based of a situation that could cause you physical harm NOW.

Many the things that we fear would never cause us physical harm, only some form of shame or embarrassment…like the feel of public speaking…unless the audience decided to throw things at you!  :-)

Some of the things we fear might some time in the future cause us harm, but not now, but our bodies react the same way to fear…fight or flight.

Still other fears are memories of past hurts and pain, which are valid, but again this will cause the body to react as if the trigger were happening NOW.

These deep seated hurts from your past may require professional help, only you can know how much pain and fear your are carrying around with you…if you try some of these suggestions and don’t think you can handle moving forward, then I would advise that you seek professional help.

The rest of the strategies apply only to the unhealthy sort of fear…if a tiger attacks you…run!..or hopefully you have a gun handy.

Overcoming Fear:  Learn to Accept Fear

Eckhart Tolle has this wonderful idea he calls the “pain-body”.  He describes the pain body as a separate entity that lives in you like a ghost or a gremlin.  When you are not experiencing fear, the pain body is dormant, waiting for a trigger in your life to SPRING into action.

…Of course, this is just an idea, but it is an amazing metaphor what what it FEELS like to have a fear or anger reaction.  This is also another great tool in overcoming fear.

Again, since the body only has one reaction to fear, many times you will want to attack what you think is causing fear…which might be ok if you are facing a healthy fear, but might get you in trouble if that tiger is really your boss, a friend, a stranger…or even your computer…

…I have seen people yell at and even punch and kick computers, fax machines, copiers…you name it.  I used to work in IT support…:-)…IT needs love too!

Tolle asks you to try to be very aware when you think you feel fear coming and learn what it feels like in your body, and do your best not to react violently.  The pain-body can take over your mind and having you throwing punches in no time.

But, if you learn to just be still and not listen to that voice in your head and let the trigger moment pass and then as soon as possible, walk away….if you can’t walk away, just stay present and try to quiet your mind and thoughts.

Mediation practice can help learn how to quiet your mind so you can learn to catch yourself before your let your fears get the best of you.  Overcoming fear was made much smoother when I learned to create a space between me and my experiences.

Overcoming Fear:  Examine your Beliefs

“…The opposite of love is fear, but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite.

This course can therefore be summed up very simply in this way:

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.

Herein lies the peace of God.”

– A Course in Miracles

That is one of my favorite quotes from “A Course in Miracles” This means that the “REAL” me can NOT be hurt in anyway in the universe.


Yup, really…

I believe that I am unconditionally SAFE in the universe…I have no way of knowing this, and I can’t prove it to you, but I choose to believe it to be true

Sure, I know my body can be hurt and will die.

But, I also know that I am not my body…I am real…my body is part of something unreal..i.e. the physical universe…

…some people call it a soul, I like to call it consciousness…just a sense that “I am”

So, a very fundamental question to ask yourself when trying to overcome fear is:

“Can I be harmed in anyway?”

That is an unconditional question…if you say yes, then you believe that you are your body and when your body is hurt or killed you cease to exist…or go to your version of the after life…

Now, if you believe that you cease to exist, then you will most likely try to prolong your earthly existence as long as possible, that is, if you like your earthly life…

If you believe that you will go to some version of an afterlife…hell might hurt, so you could be hurt there as well.

Overcoming fear might be much more straight forward, not easy, but a smoother road if you tried on a different model for your beliefs, one in which you can not be harmed.

Steve Pavlina did a great podcast about this subject and I took some inspiration from it for this page (like a lot of my pages!).  Check it out, he is an awesome teacher….the podcast is called “overcoming fear”…big surprise there eh?

Overcoming Fear:  There is no Escape

“No Escape” is a great term that I heard Steve Pavlina (again) use, and then again in the “Seeker’s Guide” by Elizabeth Lesser.  It may help you in your process of overcoming fear.

The idea is that if you believe

1) you are conscious…which I do, and that

2) you are “eternal” or at least my consciousness is

…and you believe that

3)  once you are conscious there is no going back (sure there are breaks and sleep and thank god we forget stuff between lives!)


There is NO ESCAPE from consciousness!  Participation in consciousness is mandatory…you can run and hide and avoid your fears for as many lives as you want…literally, but you will keep coming back…

…time means nothing to the universe…the universe is YOU!

Your fears are lessons from you to YOU…to wake up and be fearless in the face of fear and live your life with courage…sorry if that came out preachy…I was yelling at myself mostly…I guess :-)

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Open your Heart

At some point, you will need to open your heart.  Most people block off the pain in their heart and close themselves off to the messages and lessons that heart needs to tell…

Open Your Heart: Joseph Campbell

At this link you can read more about Joseph Campbell’s view on how to open your heart…the videos are hard to come by on the internet now.

If you don’t have time to watch the whole series I will do my best to sum it up.

He is using images of spiritual symbols from all over the ancient world to describe the journey of life and death how to transcend each of the seven levels of consciousness or chakras…very cool stuff!!! :D

…The heart chakra is like the gateway chakra where you have transcended what Campbell calls “animal consciousness”.

The first three chakras are concerned with health, progeny (making babies) and propensity…all of which are important, and yet there is more…

…Once you can live life from a state of consciousness that is centered in the heart chakra, all of the first three chakras become secondary and their energy is then used to open the higher levels of consciousness…

bad drawing of the 7 chakras with 4 on top

For example, the energy from chakra three for what began as mastery and prosperity is channelled to chakra five so you can speak the truth to help others see their way…

Chakra six is the third eye and the energy of chakra two is channelled here so you are now concerned with turning your vision inward to the truth within…

Like I said, this is really over simplified…(a lot)…

The point here is to show you the door to the heart chakra, Neo, is up to you to open the door.

Open your heart:  Pleasure and Pain

Another lesson of the heart to to learn that pleasure and pain are the same energy…our souls seek both because it is the path to the higher energies.

There is nothing right or wrong about lower energies…we need them…they are part of the path and all of them have their lessons…when you transcend to live in the heart chakra…you learn that you need an open heart to “suffer with” or to experience compassion for the world and universe and all the people in it…

…the universe is perfect…suffering and pain are necessary for the journey….just as forgetting the truth of the path and the journey are necessary…

If you were aware of the “big lie” that our souls can’t be hurt, there really is “no place to go”, then you wouldn’t take the lessons seriously and you would be….BORED!

There you have it…an entire universe of suffering…for what?  Entertainment!!!! Re-creation…Why???  What else are you going to do for eternity???

Once you begin to live with your heart leading your way…the world will open to you like a flower…you will no longer struggle to think of others first, you will live to serve the highest good of all…

The whole universe sings to you…”FOLLOW YOUR HEART!!!”

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Mindful Meditation

Create a Quiet Mind

Learning mindful meditation brings many benefits to my life.  One benefit that that I think stands out from the crowd is that of a quiet mind.  Your mind remains the same, but the storyteller in your head learns to take a break

When I first started my mindful meditation practice…I was utterly amazed at everything thing that I noticed in the world.

At the time, I was car-pooling to work, so I didn’t drive everyday.  Most of the time, my partner and I talked…but in the gaps, I would look about in wonder at all the amazing “stuff” in the world.

Now, you are probably thinking, what was so amazing?

Mindful Meditation: Open Your Mind

A quite mind is more likely to perceive interesting and relevant information from the environment than a distracted mind.
And here you might be a little underwhelmed…but if you are in the right frame of mind…a quiet mind that is open and accepting to the present moment…every little piece of nuance in the world is amazingly beautiful.

This mundane commute was a simple car-pool lane journey in greater LA.  My house is very close to the I-110 freeway, so we get on the freeway right away…but on some days…I noticed very interesting junk in the road…with a quiet mind, seeing the interesting junk was amazing…how did THAT get there(!?)….

…then the story that I made up about how that piece of junk got on the freeway amused me for a little while.

…many days, I would just try to focus on seeing certain things…for example…birds.  Birds are great.  Even in a giant city that is greater LA, you see all kind of birds…I saw birds on the on-ramp perched high above the fray…chilling and laughing at our frantic running about…I wanted to be a bird, so I didn’t have to go to work…:-).

There are billions of little details going on in the world right now that you are not paying attention to.  I am not suggested that you should pay attention to all of them, but if your attention is constantly distracted…you might miss important and/or amazing bits of your life.

People that don’t mediate fear peace and silence…that’s why they always are filling the silence with more noise to match the noise in their heads.  TV, Radio, cell phones, IPODS…all really cool, but like anyone distraction from the now…are a less desirable after you quiet your mind.

Mindful meditation creates this quite mind seeks and helps me seek peace and stillness.

Mindful Meditation: Where is your attention throughout the day?

Are you listening during that meeting, or you thinking about YOUR problems and trying “to get some work done” in your head.

I sit through meetings at work…and I do my best to listen…I do zone out during some of the boring stuff, mostly because the talk is technically above my head…I literally don’t understand the words being used (I work with some rocket scientist…so they are pretty smart).

But I do my best to be engaged, because, that’s my job…the more I know about what people are doing in my organization the better I can do my job to help them out.

Some of the people that I sit in the meeting with are thoroughly distracted for almost the entire meeting…they sorta of listen when the boss talks…

One person brings stuff to work on during the meeting…this makes complete sense…he has a job…and this meeting is cutting in to his day…even if it is his boss who is doing the cutting.  He listens when the boss talks (mostly to him…not to anyone else…he listens JUST enough to get his actions).

My mindful meditation practice helps in this situation…I can more readily accept boring and uninteresting input…you can learn to zone in…make it a challenge.

When I use mindful meditation, I like to focus on something to notice in my body.  That helps remove my focus from my thoughts and into my body.

For instance, the next time you are in a boring meeting, instead of day dreaming…take a few deep breaths, and try to move your attention to one of your hands.  Just ask yourself, “without looking or touching my hand…how do I know it is still part of my body?”

This question will help you to quiet your mind, because it moves your attention to your hand….this is a form of mindful meditation

Another idea is to start to just try to notice your heart beating, and then notice your heart beating in your hand.

Once your mind is focused on something other than the conversation going on in your head (“thinking”)…then you will be working on your quiet mind…and you will do better at listening during that meeting.

I zone out when people are talking to me quiet a bit.  It is usually because they came in while I was working…and I have to PULL by attention out of the computer before I can attend to to them…

…if the computer is more interesting than the person…or if I want to get something done more than I want to chat…that person might get the “I’m working…” blow off…

…we all do this…and the person that wanted to b.s. understands and leaves…because you “needed to work”.

I’d rather really pay attention to people I talk to…

If I want to help someone…the best thing you can do is shut up and listen…eventually they will stop talking and perhaps you can talk…but if you hang in there and listen to them for a while….and accept them as they are in that moment…

…you will be much more helpful than the person that half listens and thinks of something to say and stops listening because he is waiting for a place to jump in and talk.

My mindful meditation practice and my quiet mind can more readily accept input and allow a person to talk…you can learn to be a great listener.

Mindful meditation A quiet mind makes more connections that are fun and amazing.

One of the cool connections that I made during my life is related to a childhood friend by the name of “Mr. Anderson”.

One day, we were discussing life, the universe and everything (the actual universe…not the book by the same name)…and some how we got to the topic of suicide…

Mr. Anderson said something like…”I can’t kill myself, because what if I’m the only one?”

At the time, it was a neat idea, that I had not really thought about.  He didn’t want to kill himself, because he thought that with his death…the entire universe…and all the “people” in it would die as well….

“Huh…very interesting idea”…thought the young me…and then of course…life proceeded as it tends to do.

Now flash forward to me in the Air Force stationed in Japan and I am watching the the movie the Matrix.

Mr. Anderson is NEO.  NEO is also known as “the one”…his nemesis…is Agent Smith (hey my name is Smith!)…

I really thought that was a freaking awesome connection to notice…almost something that Stephen King would come up with in one of his books or one of the writers on the TV show Lost might have come up with…but it is so much cooler because of the fact that the connection has elements in the “real” world.

You see, I have come to realize that space/time is an illusion.  Everything is really connected across space and time…

…and everything happens NOW…

It’s like the 3-D world we live in day to day, is what we decided to learn today.  We are not ready yet to experience the universe as it really is…so that’s what space and time are for…for us to use time to learn in space what we want to learn.

This means that something that happened in the past is still happening and will continue to happen…the event doesn’t change…but whether you observe the event and how you perceive it changes.

When I learned mindful meditation and quieted my mind, I noticed more connections across space and time and let your attention fall where it might…I noticed something now that means nothing…

Then several years later, I notice something new that has meaning to me that refers to that old something that meant nothing to me in the past…but now you know why you noticed it in the past.

Mindful meditation: Strategy for “Crunch” situations

Wayne Dyer says something like…when you are overwhelmed in a situation…and you can’t figure out what to do next and you are very stressed and worried and frantic to fix a problem…the way to make that problem go away is to quiet your mind (what he  said was “think of god”…so if that works for you…great…I prefer “quiet my mind”….when I think about god…I quiet my mind).

This works!  You are far more resourceful if you take a couple of deep breaths…calm down….maybe go hide out in the restroom stall or better yet take a walk outside or in a quiet hallway…and find a little peace….

The sooner you calm down and stopping fretting and thrashing about…the sooner you will solve your “problem”.

You see, God is always trying to help you….that voice in your head…that is stressing out and frantically trying to fix the problem…is really just in the way of god trying to help you let go go of the problem.  The problem isn’t really what you think it is anyway…the problem is your current frantic state.

Why do you think the #1 rule is an emergency is to “remain calm” and almost no one follows the rule?  It’s because…although it is the #1 rule…everyone is expected to violate the rule and panic.  If there are few calm people around…sometimes they are in charge…sometimes not…

…the calm people see through the “problem” right away and know how to fix it…then they have to deal with calming everyone else down which is probably more work…and a bigger problem.  Mindful meditation helps me help people in the moment…

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Mindful Meditation

Mindful Meditation seems like a difficult practice to get started. Perhaps, if you had a better idea of the performance boost you’d get, you might find the right motivation for success.

Just set aside all of the beliefs you have and focus on the performance boost you will enjoy, and then give mindful meditation a try.

Many people I talk to about mindful meditation will say that they having difficulty with just sitting and trying not to think…

…OK I say, then DON’T do that any more!

Trying to have ZERO thoughts might seem like the goal of meditation, but it’s not really the point.

The point of mindful meditation is trying to use your WHOLE brain, instead of just the part of your brain that is constantly chattering away about what amounts to brain “noise”.

One goal that I like to use during mindful meditation is just to accept all the thoughts that pop into my mind, and release them as they show up…with a smile. :D

Now…let’s talk about this performance boost I mentioned…let’s image our brains are like a computer…

Mindful Meditation: Computer Metaphor

Have you ever been at work or at home and your computer is JUST really moving very SLOWLY?

Then, you happen to glance down at your computer clock in the toolbar and notice a whole boat load of background applications running.

Maybe you are at work, and you don’t really have a choice to close some of those CPU and memory sucking vampire apps…well, do your best…you could close some of those programs that you DID open and try to mimize the load on the computer’s resources.

I can’t tell you how many times I have sat down to help a co-worker with a computer issue, only to have to close a ba-jillion windows before I can get to the desktop…as the MythBusters like to say…”THERE’S YOUR PROBLEM!”

Now, let’s suppose you are at home, and you share you computer with your wife and family.  When you want to play a hardward intenstive 3-D first person shooter, you probably already know that your frame rate will greatly increase if you minimize the number of background applications that are running while you play Half-Life 2.

Your brain is like your computer.  Practicing mindful meditation is like closing all those excess attention draining applications that are running in the background of your mind.

What I like to do when I begin my mindful meditations, is to just tell myself that all of my worries, issues, hopes, dreams, desires…all that stuff that is running through my head…can just take a break.  It’s not going to go anywhere…they will all be there for me when I am done meditating.

When you practice mindful meditation on a regular basis, you are training yourself to quiet that brain chatter, and close all those excess apps until you need them.

There is no sense thinking about getting that big project done before your deadline, when it’s time to go to bed…you will be better served if you can set those thoughts aside and allow you mind and body to rest and get a great night’s sleep, so when it’s time you have a fully charged and unencumbered mind to fully engage and focus on completing the big project.

When you close all those excess background apps, and then you check your CPU and memory meters on your PC, you notice that the computer is NOW ready to handle whatever it is you want to work on right NOW!

Your brain and your mind are the same!  How can you focus on the “big project” of the moment when you are thinking about your kids soccer game, or that you have pick up bananas after work???

Mindful meditation practice helps you re-wire your default brain state to “ready for work NOW” mode…your CPU is idle, and waiting for a task…your memory is not over tasked with some things that “might” happen.

Overtime, you will find that mindful meditation seeps into your default internal brain mode.  Instead of getting upset when you stop at a red light in traffic, you will think automatically…oh great!  A moment of peace!  I can just sit here quietly and wait for the light to turn green…take a deep breath and enjoy the silence of the moment.

Mindful Meditation:  Why so Serious?

Another thing I hear a lot, is that people get caught up in being serious and quiet in order to meditate…well you do need to be quiet…you can’t get a round that…you don’t HAVE to be serious!!!  :D

I have a ton of fun and actually laugh on the inside (and sometimes on the outside as well) during my mindful meditations.

If you come at mindful meditation with a light-hearted and playful attitude, you will succeed much more quickly.

Have zero expectations…tell yourself that all you are doing in taking a break from thinking so much…put a gentle little smile on your face and think “I will sit here and breath for 20 minutes…regardless of what happens”.

Many of the “spiritual truths” that I have come to believe in my life, have followed a mindful meditation in which an “ahh-ha” insight will come to me…like, “Oh, I CAN’T really die!!!”  which is quickly followed by a huge belly laugh.

If you have tried mindful meditation in the past, and thought, “well that just doesn’t work for me!”  WRONG!  This practice is universal…it’s like saying breathing doesn’t help you live.

Try it again, and forget about saving the world or seeking some noble and spiritual insight…you are just trying to boost your performance at life in general, not trying to save the world or transcend the physical universe.

Now, find a quiet spot, right here will do…close your eyes, and just breath and let your mind take a break in silence…close all those excess apps and give your CPU and memory some room to breath.

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Meditation Techniques

Meditation Techniques are all beneficial, so the one you choose for yourself, should feel right for you.  You, can try my simple method, right now!  You can also try Buddhist, Zen, Chakra, Mindfulness, Zen or countless others.

Meditation Techniques – My Simple Method

This is one of the first meditation techniques that I tried.  I was inspired to develop this method after reading Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, “Manifest your destiny”…so far it’s worked great!

Yes, This is the same method that is list on my mindful meditation page, but it’s short, so twice on my site is ok with me.

1. Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted for 15 – 30 minutes.

2. Choose a comfortable chair, bed, couch. You want to be comfy, but not so comfy that you fall asleep.

3. Choose a position: sitting, lying down, or some sort of yoga position.

4. Set a timer for 15-30 minutes.

5. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and try to quiet your mind, then let your breath return to normal.

5a “Not thinking” is practically impossible, we are going for “fewer” thoughts.

6. Choose a word or sound that you are comfortable repeating as you exhale (such as OM, or Ahh…shorter words are better.)

7. Use your Mantra word as you exhale. You don’t need to constantly repeat your mantra, do what comes naturally.

8. Start with being grateful for everything you are and have. Put yourself in an attitude of gratitude.

9. Think about things that you want and how amazing your life will be when you get what you want.

10. Turn off the timer, because it is beeping.

There you have it…you just did it. It doesn’t matter what you think or believe…if you do this once or twice a day on a regular basis, you will enjoy the benefits of meditation.

Meditation Techniques – Buddhist Meditation

Buddhist Meditation Techniques are many and varied.  You don’t have to be a Buddhist to benefit from Buddhist Meditation Techniques.  Western medicine has embraced the practice and many psychologists and psychiatrists use it to help promote physical and mental health.

This is huge topic and the beyond the scope of this page, but all the techniques within the Buddhist traditional are valuable and worth exploring.

For more information, please consider checking these links:

Wikipedia – for an overview
How to Meditate – For a free “how to” guide

Meditation Techniques – Zen Meditation

When I was in my 20’s I read my the book “Zen Mind the Beginner’s Mind…and it was a great little book…very straight forward.

Zen meditation differs from other meditation techniques in that it teaches to use an activity to focus your mind…

…you can you any activity…even driving…just don’t close your eyes…but you can when you are a stop light…

…instead of fuming that you are going to be late, or you would rather be somewhere else, use that moment to meditate.

Another key feature of zen meditation, is that it focuses on direct experience over knowledge and religious texts…which of course, I like…I don’t need any more reading assignments!

Meditation Techniques – Chakra Meditation

I have used this after listening to Deepak Chopra on Wellness Radio and also Erin Pavlina did a blog post about clearing your chakras.  This is a very quick and easy meditation technique that involves creative visualization.

Chakras are the your bodies energy centers.  There are seven main chakras in the body and many more, but I will describe the main seven.

  1. Base Chakra:  Between the Anus and the Genitals, Color is Red — Deals with basic survival issues
  2. Sacral Chakra:  Near genitals, Color is Orange — Deals with sexual and reproductive systems
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra:  Near the Solar Plexus, Color is Yellow — Deals with digestion and metabolism.
  4. Heart Chakra:  Near the Thymus and the heart in the chest, Color is Green – Deals with the immune system.
  5. The Throat Chakra:  Near the Throat, Color is Blue, deals with Communication and expression.
  6. The Brow (or third eye) Chakra:  Between the eyes, color is indigo, deals with inner vision and intuition.
  7. The Crown Chakra:  At the crown of the skull, color is violet relates to your connection to pure consciousness or the universe.

In Erin Pavlina’s clearing method she describes her technique of imagining each color spinning over each chakra…spinning faster and brighter until you move up to the next chakra…

…this method works quite well.  I woke up one night and I couldn’t go back to sleep…so, I decided to try to “clear my chakras.   I couldn’t remember the colors, so I just imaged the “right color” and whatever that might have been in my mind at the time…and it helped me go back to sleep.

Meditation Techniques – Japa Meditation

I was introduced to the japa meditation technique by Dr. Wayne Dyer on the CD “Getting into the Gap”.

Wayne guides you through seeing the first ten words of the Lord’s Prayer in your mind and then slipping into the silence between “the gap” between two words as a time…as a way to reduce the number of thoughts you are having…

Once you are in the gap, you repeat what Wayne call the sounds of God…or “Ahh” 2 or 4 four times per gap.

…it is a wonderful technique and I still use it from time to time…Wayne’s words on the CD are sometimes just what I need to get me into the perfect state of consciousness.

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Lucid Dreams

When you become aware that you are dreaming within a dream, and remain asleep…talk about inducing consciousness baby!

What is a Lucid Dream?

We all dream, but in normal dreams you don’t realize in the dream that you are dreaming…

…I first learned about lucidity in dreams in my 20’s when I read “Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming” by Stephen Laberge.

Before that, I had become lucid while dreaming before, I just didn’t know what they were called!  This book taught me the difference between a normal dream and a lucid one.

How to have Lucid Dreams

The first step to training your mind and body to induce a lucidity is to improve your memory recall.

The best way to do this is to keep a dream journal.

This can be a recording device or a book or notepad kept very close to your bed, so you can immediately record your memories of your dreams after waking.

If you wait to long, or even roll over, those memories are gone…

This works…I did this, and I was successful in improving my dream recall and also increase the time that lucid dreams occurred…

I kept my dream journal back in my 20’s, but I stopped working on it and have lost my dream recall ability…but I can get it back…I just have to start keeping the journal again.

Another method I have recently tired and have had great success with is the “Dream Play” Paraliminal.

Paraliminals are CDs that use NLP, music, sounds and a soothing voice to “program” your intentions into your subconscious mind.

Each time I have used the Dream Play paraliminal, my dreams have been more vivid and easier to recall…I have not induced lucidity yet, but I have only been using it for a week…and each night “something” different and fun happens in my dreams as per my intentions before falling asleep…

Mediation practice helps you quiet your mind and teaches your subconscious to attend to your intentions, so this is yet another good reason to start your meditation practice NOW!

Benefits of Lucid Dreams

The benefits of lucid dreams are huge to me.  First, I want to use my whole self, even the unconscious parts of me, to work towards my goals…dreams are naturally built to help you tap into your subconscious to gain awareness about yourself.

Lucid dreams can help you solve problems that your conscious mind is to busy to notice.  But if you can become lucid in a dream, you can play around and talk to geniuses and get insights that you never DREAMED could even be possible…so overall I want to increase the number of “AHA” moments in my waking life.

Then there is just the pure awesome amount of liberating fun I can have while in a lucid dream…

…generally the first thing I do when I “wake up” within a dream is to FLY…of course…who doesn’t want to fly!!

Flying is great fun, but that is just the tip of the inter dimensional iceberg…time travel…yup…space travel…yup…any superpower you can image…yup..yup yup!

If a great dream is awesome, then they need to make a new word that is way better than awesome for great lucid dreams…I would say the sky is the limit…but there are no limits in lucid dreams.

There is also the allure of physic abilities in lucid dream…where you can have physic lucid dreams…

…a physic once told me that I have dreams that foretell the future…of course I know that I too from time to time, but to be told that by a physic sorta woke me up to want to explore that ability in dreams and it waking life…

There is also a widely held notion that lucid dreamers gain the ability to learn how to astral travel…WHOA!!  Now that would be some cool stuff beyond the dream world…an entirely different plane of existence?…and I can play there to?…Sign me UP!

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Live Below Your Means

This is Step 1 in a series about money AND how to keep what you have

Link to Step 0 Think about Money

Link to Step .5 Shift Your Money Attitude

Link to Step 1 Live Below your Means

Link to Step 2 Payoff Credit Cards

Link to Step 3 Invest Money

Link to Step 4 Stock Index Funds

When people talk to me about investing, they usually want to start somewhere around the middle of the idea with questions like:

  • Hey, what should I invest my money in to make a lot of money?
  • Yo, I heard you make a lot of money on your investments, what mutual funds do you buy?
  • So, Mr. Investing guy, now that you lost all of that money in the stock market (after a big slump) what are you going to do now?

These are all great questions, but I always end up just referring people to because when I try to answer them, they really don’t understand what I’m talking about.

Before I can save and invest money, I first have to have some money that I don’t spend. I know several people, many really great friends, that struggle with this idea and have a very difficult time saving money.

Even when I was a “spender” I never felt like I needed to spend all my money and then use credit or sell things to get more stuff…so I have to say, I really don’t understand this way of thinking.

When I was spending too much, I was mostly using my credit card like a fool.

I do remember once right before my wife and I were married, money was very tight. It was an unexpected situation where I had another Air Force co-worker that was sharing rent with me.

He got orders to move to Korea, decided he didn’t want to go and so he separated from the Air Force. I could no longer afford my RENT!!

I had some savings, and my ex-roommate “to-be” gave me as much money as he could before he moved out. I also got a one-time Air Force aid loan to pay rent for one month.

My wife and I got married and moved into base housing as soon as we could to get out of the “not enough money” situation.

That was extremely un-fun for me. I was ok, but not having enough money, makes you have to make some strange choices. Such as, “I need to eat, and I need gas for the car….hmmm”.

“Less food and less gas”, I think was the solution. These are choices no one should need to think about. When these extreme cases of “lack of money” happen to you, you need more help with your money situation then just information from a web page.

What I am talking about is a lot less dire. Some ideas off the top of my head (there are so many out there!):

  • Live below your means: Pack a lunch – save $5 – $10 or more per day

  • Live below your means: Bring drinks and snacks from home – save money every day

  • Live below your means: Take the time and effort to get money back from rebates: There is a reason that retails use rebates to convince you to buy something.

    Most people get the “thing” home, lose the receipts, forget about filling them out or worst yet…make the attempt to get the rebate and then quit because “it’s too much trouble”….THAT’S YOUR MONEY!!!

  • Live below your means: Shop at outlet malls, save a bundle off retail.

  • Live below your means: Plan ahead before you buy plane tickets. If you can fly SouthWest Airlines, the more time before your fly date, the cheaper the ticket.

  • Live below your means: Buy coffee at the grocery store and make it at work (or quit drinking coffee…I quit for a while, but I’m back to it again :-(. This will save a lot of money compared to buying a Venti Bold Starbucks everyday.

  • Live below your means: Replace all of your light bulbs with “low watt” bulbs…they last forever and use hardly any energy. This is for you…not the world or the environment…it will save you every month on your electric bill.

  • Live below your means: Use a VCR instead of the DVR…the tapes are big and bulky, but they still work…and are loads cheaper.

  • Live below your means: Get Netflix…dump cable TV.

  • Live below your means: If you have high speed Internet, get a Vonage phone or other IP based phone. I get 500 free minutes and never use them all for under $20 per month. The vonage service I get comes with voicemail, call ID, call waiting, and lots of other cool features that are all better then a basic phone company land line.

  • Think about your cell phone bill and try to minimize your monthly plan or get a pay as you go. This is not for “high volume” users….but do you really need to talk that much? If you do, like for work or something, ok

    ….but if you are just paying the bill to have a cool phone…that is a lot of money just to make people think you are cool. I gave up on being cool….it costs too much. Be a dork, it’s much more affordable.

  • Live below your means: Turn off the power on your “vampire” devices. We have our computer and home theater set up so we can use power strips to turn off the non-essential items when not in use like and night and during the day while at work.

    Good for you electric bill and will send good vibes with your name on it towards Al Gore.

  • Live below your means: Use coupons for things you need.

  • Live below your means: Ask for discounts if you can get them. Almost every place on the planet has a 10% discount if you join AAA. Might even make having AAA membership worth it beyond the peace of mind you get knowing you can get a free tow.

  • Live below your means: Have your spouse cut your hair. Mostly works for guys. My military clipper cut is free because we bought a clipper kit. I really hate to go get my hair cut out somewhere now.

    It is so much nicer when my wife cuts it, and free, I just know I am wasting not only money but time and effort going out for a haircut.

  • Live below your means: Get your oil changes and your car maintained regularly. I don’t know much about cars, but prevention is always cheaper than correction. Don’t go cheap on tires or brakes for obvious safety reasons.

  • Live below your means: Fill up your gas tank when it is half full…there are good reasons for saving gas that have to do with the evaporation rate of gas in an almost empty tank that is supposed to save you money…I do it so I don’t run out of gas.

  • Live below your means: Pay off your credit cards every month. The interest payment is too much to carry a balance.

  • Live below your means: Buy used books for $1. Look hard enough in your town and you can find a book store that will sell used books for $1.

    I think for most people this may be cheaper than the library. Even though the library is free…they charge late fees if you don’t return them. Spend a buck…read the book…sell it back.

  • Live below your means: Sell all your old stuff that you don’t use on E-bay. Spend time really working on your ad and tell a story, people love reading stories :-).

I could keep typing, but I think you get the idea. You need to keep some money in checking account. Once you have enough money set aside in your checking account to pay your expenses for about 2-3 months (leave that there for emergencies)…

then open a Savings Account. They are easy to set up and pay about 4% interest. Name this account “Short-term savings” and let it build up to about $X. $X will be different for everyone. Now, $X for me now is about $10,000.

Once I have about $10,000 in my Orange account, I talk to Yayoi and ask her if she is willing to part with the money until we retire (at like the age of 70 or so).

If we want to buy a car, or re-finance the house or something…we leave the money there until after we make the major purchase.

If, we are ready to part with the money for the long-term then we invest it in the stock market…oh but wait…I am getting ahead of myself. Those are in future steps…I not sure how many there are or will be…I’ll let you know when I finish.

I was going to suggest some books about this topic, but I just googled “Live below your means” and a ton of links came up…so just do that…it is cheaper than a book (even one you bought for a dollar).

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Life, the Universe, and Everything*

*Of course I don’t really know.

UPDATE:  Steve Pavlina posted a podcast with the same title as this page…I thought that was too cool not to mention here…now back to my page…

I woke up at about 2:53 this morning and started to do a “heart” meditation that I found in a book “The Seeker’s Guide” (before that I had a fun dream..but that is another journal entry).

The heart mediation felt fun and a little scary, but then I started thinking about life, the universe, and everything…the actual and the book by Douglas Adams.

Life, the Universe and Everything:  What is Life?

Let’s start by getting some definitions out of the way…here is a definition of the word life:

the period during which something is functional (as between birth and death); “the battery had a short life”; “he lived a long and happy life”

I picked this definition from Google because it dispels something that many people think and which is not really based in fact:  that death is the opposite of life…let’s look at a definition of death for comparison:

the absence of life or state of being dead; “he seemed more content in death than he had ever been in life”

Here again, this definition is a loaded with the presumption that death is a “state of being dead”.

I choose to believe that life doesn’t really have and opposite…or if it does…it is not death.

For me birth and death are both events contained within life…well, life actually might start before birth.   We do know that conception happens…let’s break this down a little bit with the facts that we know:

Before conception – unknown (there are no facts before conception)

Conception – Conception happens…that is a fact.

Gestation – Gestation happens…that is a fact.

Birth – Birth happens…that is a fact.

Life – Life happens…that is a fact.

Death – Death happens…that is a fact.

After death – Unknown…(there are no facts after death)

So perhaps we can come up with a new definition of life:

Life:  At least 5 facts between 2 states lacking any facts.

Life:  From unknown to facts and back again to unknown.

We all journey from some “unknown” place or state…we are here for a while…and then we are gone from here perhaps gone for good…perhaps but to the same “unknown” place or state we were before conception.

So that’s life…Let’s put a pin in that there and move on to “The universe”

Life, the Universe and Everything:  What is The Universe?

Ok, back to some Google definitions:

The Universe is defined as everything that physically exists: the entirety of space and time, all forms of matter, energy and momentum, and the physical laws and constants that govern them. …

That is really good definition and it sets up some nice factual boundaries for us to discuss and ponder.

First, I think we can all agree by this definition that the universe is one thing.  It is an idea that contains everything that “physically exists” and the ideas (laws and constants…which don’t physically exist but I can see why we need to include them to play in this pool).

So, if something physically exists…it is contained in the universe.  All matter, space and time, energy and momentum…got those…those are all in the universe…

…the physical laws and constants are at best an idea and as far as we know as a fact…all ideas are thoughts, and thoughts could be thought of as energy…so I think this might be a bit a stretch, but I will go with the laws and constants being in the universe…

…there are observable facts of the affects of physical laws and constants within the universe…I would like to reserve the right to think the laws and constants might be in the universe and outside the universe as well…or something like that.

This definition also tells us that the universe is one thing.  If there are non-physical (non) things…those non-things are outside the universe.  For fun let’s look at some definition of non-existence.

nonexistent – not having existence or being or actuality; “chimeras are nonexistent”

Is the “Unknown” before conception and after death contained in the universe?  Not sure, we don’t have enough facts…factual speaking we either are in the universe or we don’t exist…

The meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything:  What is Everything?

Everything – is the concept of all that exists. Every entity, physical body, and abstract object is part of everything. Everything is the opposite of nothing.

Everything includes more than the physical universe.  It also includes abstract ideas…so the “idea of Chimeras” and other fantasies have a measure of reality within the container of everything.

Another way of thinking about this is that everything is contained within the universe, but inside thoughts and concepts that are not physical entities, but thoughts forms that spend time in storage devices, such as books, paintings, computers, and the human brain…if that the human brain does actually store information that is.

Once the idea is put into a physical media (books, painting, billboard) it symbolically represents the idea, without actually being the idea itself…but it creates a bridge between the physical universe into everything so we can come to understand the idea that is being transmitted.

This definition also brought up a curious new idea…everything is the opposite of nothing.

So, we need to expand our idea into a new question…

The meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything:  What is Nothing?

Nothing is a concept that describes the lack or absence of anything at all. Colloquially, the concept is often used to indicate the lack of …

By this definition, nothing must be outside the universe but perhaps could still be contained by everything, but you could argue either way.
Since there is a lack of physical matter, space/time, and all those other things are the contained by the universe, then perhaps “nothing” is the container for the universe.

The concept of nothing is here in our universe…but it’s not physically here…so are there concepts in nothing?

Yes and no.  Yes, because the universe is contained by nothing and no because there is nothing…not even concepts or ideas in nothing…you know because its nothing.

We really don’t know much about nothing…so we could also consider nothing to be…by definition…unknown and therefore unknowable.

Hey it must be time to finish because we have returned to the unknown…and that is where we started before we were conceived and that is where we go after we die…back to nothing in the unknown…

The meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything:  What about consciousness?

Definitions of consciousness on the Web:

  • an alert cognitive state in which you are aware of yourself and your situation; “he lost consciousness”
  • awareness: having knowledge of; “he had no awareness of his mistakes”; “his sudden consciousness of the problem he faced”; “their intelligence and general knowingness was impressive”
  • Vijñāna (Sanskrit; Devanagari: विज्ञान) or viññāa (Pāli; Devanagari: विञ्ञान) is translated as “consciousness” or “life force” or simply “mind”.See, for instance, Rhys Davids & Stede (1921-25), p. …
  • Strong AI is artificial intelligence that matches or exceeds human intelligence—the intelligence of a machine that can successfully perform any intellectual task that a human being can. or see where he defines strong AI as “machine intelligence with the full range of human intelligence. …
  • Consciousness defies definition. It may involve thoughts, sensations, perceptions, moods, emotions, dreams, and an awareness of self, although not necessarily any particular one or combination of these. …
  • The state of being conscious or aware; awareness

After quick look at what Google has to say about consciousness, we might be able to agree that we don’t really know what consciousness is.

I think Deepak Chopra believes that the unmanifest realm is pure consciousness itself…aware, alive, very conscious…completely without form, or energy.

I believe that the “unknowns” before conception and after death are this state of pure being without form.

…but, really, what the hell do I know?  :-)

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Law of Abundance – Recession

This is a bit of blog therapy for me…I am guilty of doing the opposite of each of these things.  Lately, I have been thinking a lot about being able to quit my job, but first I need to make enough money working this web business to do that…

…but first, I need to truly and completely live and act in accordance with the law of abundance.

Law of Abundance:  Think about creating and delivering value, instead of focusing on making money.

After reading a post by Steve Pavlina, I realized that I had been distracted by focusing on money or a future state and when I will have money.  This attitude was (is?) distracting me from what I really need to do…which is CREATE and DELIVER value…definitely not aligned with the law of abundance.

SBI takes care of the deliver…I need to focus on the creating…THANKS! again Steve…look at me, I wrote something.  I don’t even care if this sucks…heh, I’m a newbie and proud :-)…this method will help me align with the law of abundance.

If I can change the way I think, believe and act…SBI will take care of the law of abundance…what a deal!

Law of Abundance:  Meditate more often or start meditating.

I have gotten away from my mediation practice and writing lately…you might have noticed the the writing part…if you were waiting for something new to show up…but you probably didn’t notice that I wasn’t meditating that much…

…If you did notice me NOT meditating, please let me know via the contact form, because you are a really powerful physic!  :-)

So, this morning when I woke up, I knew I wanted to write something for this web page, and I finally decided to meditate first.

Anywho, during (or shortly after) I remembered being inspired by Steve’s post to write a response to his post that I already linked above.

The point is, is that when I meditate, which basically means focus on something other than “worry” and “Self-doubt” or even the questions “What should I write about today?”  or “I wish I had enough money to quit my job NOW”…all these questions I let go of for about 10 minutes.

After those ten minutes of mediation, I opened up KompoZer, my HTML editor and wrote answers to Steve’s questions…and how to deal with the recession…

…that’s this post…that was like instant karma or something…what I want is in me…I already have it…I just need to use it to CREATE content on this site…the best way to start writing something new is to meditate…

…and meditation helps me align with the law of abundance.

Law of Abundance:  Respect your time to CREATE…don’t make excuses and blow it off

I had been using from 4:00 – 6:00 am to CREATE content…and then I started doing other things during that time…instead of my writing routine…I need to respect the space to create and let whatever wants to come…COME OUT.

I had started reading, making breakfast, going to the gym, surfing the internet, and other things that are not CREATING VALUE…you have to love my ego…it’s so sneaky.

Sure those things are fun, but, they are not what I want from this time, even though each time I did them, I told myself I wanted to do them…what I really was doing was avoiding the blank page…I was afraid of the the blinking cursor.

Writing more, creating more quality, free content here will help me…align with the law of abundance.

Law of Abundance:  Learn to love where you are NOW regardless of your situation.

This idea came from another one of Steve’s post and that Idea is that you can unconditionally make friends with the present moment and still work on what Steve calls growth.

Steve is clearly aligned and living the law of abundance…he makes all his income giving away free content and he loves to create it…

I like to call it making my “Earth dream more fun for me”…and when I say me here I mean me the soul that has been to earth many many lifetimes and has a personality of its own.  My earth dream would be way more fun if I were living in with a belief system that was closer to the law of abundance.

What I don’t mean is make my Earth Dream better for my ego…I want to diminish my ego to the point where there is only the necessary parts of ego that allow me to excel on earth without feeding it any power.

Steve talks about how to accept yourself regardless of your situational position…be that broke…wealthy…homeless…or even “Happy”…its all the same illusion so you can accept everything.

At the same time, you can “grow” and get better and whatever your soul wants to experience during this lifetime…that’s really why your soul came to earth to begin with.

I think my soul really loves beer and watching movies and TV…that might be part of my soul’s life plan….or it might be my ego.  What do you think? :-)

There is nothing wrong with growth as long as I don’t peg my self esteem and identity to my ever changing “life situation”…I am free to improve and change things from a ego-less (or ego diminished) state.

The soul learns and experiences things on earth, otherwise…what’s the point of coming here… when you grow…you step out and do NEW things and have new experiences.

My soul is working overtime to show me the way to the law of abundance…my ego love scarcity…hmmm.

The ego is here because of a lovely little part of evolution, and the ego is great,  it serves its purpose on earth, but the ego really loves doing the same things that you have already done over and over and over again…so when you catch yourself having the same experiences over and over and over again…you might be working from a state of ego.

Doing these things is not wrong…it can be fun…just use the ego’s trips into past repetitious behavior as a sign to let you know that the soul is waiting with a “to do” list that has a bunch new things to try out while on earth during this life.

Acceptance of whatever is in the dream will help to align me with the law of abundance.

Law of Abundance:  When in doubt…just create more value

I will be the first to admit that I would like to become more aware of why “I just to don’t feel like writing” sometimes.  I suppose it could be fear or a bunch of past-life pain or some other ho-hah(!)…but regardless of the cause…I just need to WRITE anyway.

Maybe what I write that day will be something like…ok world…you all suck and I don’t want to write today…then I might go into why I don’t want to write…I’m hungry and sleepy and we are out of bananas so I can’t my favorite smoothy…

Or perhaps, it might be that I really want to read that cool new book about finding your soul’s purpose in this life by contacting your spirit guides…that sounds like a far more important thing to do than write some drivel on a web page…right??!?

If I had written that much on both of those days…my writing slump would have been over, because I would have written it!!!

I’m not the first blogger to realize it, but blogging is therapy for both the writer and the reader…you are doing it to deal with your stuff and allowing your people in to enjoy the ride…WHAT FUN and good for us too!

Creating value through this web page is my long-term solution to living the law of abundance…so I should want to do it more than anything else that might be considered “fun”…

Law of Abundance:  Learn to recognize procrastination and learn from it.

This morning when I got up I fiddled around a little bit before I started my mediation…it was a ten minute fiddle, but those are ten minutes gone…at least I figured out that I was fiddling around after 10 minutes instead of two hours.

I was able to notice that I was procrastinating…and move on to the next step in the routine…which was to meditate…and then write.

I guess procrastination is a lesson that I need to work through on the journey towards living the law of abundance.

Law of Abundance:  Build new habits to remind yourself how to remember to create and deliver.

If you have a long list of things that you do BEFORE you write…or do whatever you do to create value for the world…I suggest you slice and dice that list to a only a couple of prep steps and then get to the thing.

Before, I used to get up, make a smoothie, meditate, maybe go to the bathroom…and other forms of yada yada…all before I decided to write…that habit produced a lot of something, but it was not at all valuable.

My new habit is to get up, meditate for about 12 minutes and then start writing…this works better for me…especially if I can at least do an outline for a new page and maybe write a paragraph or two…and then once the process is started, I can take a break, if I need to.

I can use the food and other diversions as little rewards from me to me to say “hey dude…thanks for creating some value for us.”

I need to create more habits that remind me to live and act in accordance with the law of abundance.

Law of Abundance:  Embrace the recession and build a new normal state for your investments

See how I didn’t say much about money or the recession…if I did that I would not be following my own advice.

I have money in the stock market…I have not lost anything yet.  Sure, my holdings have lost value…but I have the same number of shares that I had before the big slump in the stock market.

Since I invest for the long term gain in good companies…I am buying more stocks when I have extra money…there are some real great companies on sale out there and the price is CHEAP!

I don’t need that money NOW.  It is for later when I am so rich I can just give it all away :-).

I know in a recession people are afraid of loosing everything…I’m not because I know the truth…there is nothing to lose that has any real value in this earth dream.

To me, being on earth is like being in the Matrix a little bit…if I know I’m in the Matrix…why should I care about getting and defending any stuff?

As long as I meet my basis needs (and my wife’s…she works too)…we are good.

Sure, my value is down close to 50% of what it was some day in the past…but that was a mostly slow decline…and I never really had that money anyway…I had already given it to the companies for them to use…

…I’m sure the world will figure out how to do this “stable growth” thing so we don’t have to deal with this bubble/recession thing over and over and over again.

Hey, it sounds like world economy has ego issues, just like me! world economy not really aligned with the law of abundance.

Perhaps the way to an earth that is more aligned with the law of abundance is for each of us to work on our selves to live and act in accordance with the law of abundance.

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Law of Abundance – Consumerism

Does the idea of consumerism align with The Law of Abundance?

Consumerism is aligned with egoic thinking.  The idea is:  Hey, if I buy that new thing, then I will be 1) cooler 2) cured(!) 3) better than someone else 4) happier 5) safer 6) smarter…this is NOT aligned with the law of abundance.

Of course…the buying of the the thing and the thing itself are innocent bystanders in this trade…there is nothing inherently unconscious (or egoic) with stuff alone…

…but when the ego is involved with making the decision, then you are attempting to add to your false sense of self…and you  will also identify with the new thing and temporarily feel “good” about buying the thing.

This “False sense of Self” is commonly referred as “The Ego”.

Of course everything that the ego wants is fleeting and temporary…so people end up with piles of “stuff” in their homes and continue to feed their egos need for MORE.

So consumerism…the thing driving our economy now…is totally based on an unconscious need to feed a false sense of self….NOT the law of abundance

I can see why “producers” of stuff what to sell to the ego…makes perfect economic sense…the ego always wants more, more, and more.

The supply and demand system requires the opposite of the law of abundance…

…a mindset of scarcity…a pervasive belief that there is never enough…

never enough jobs, money, wealth…to go around so…which is today seemingly true enough right? …but we CREATED the system…

…if you look at the natural world…which is aligned with the law of abundance…there is a flow between feast and famine…in the spring and summer…there is abundance… …you use your time to store up fat or food to survive the time of famine…

…this system works…it keeps populations in check…and works in harmony with nature….and the law of abundance. Our economic system may be trying to replicate this natural system…but it is not really aligned with the law of abundance …most people I know live this way between pay checks…most people don’t save up nuts for the winter…

If our economic system were aligned with the law of abundance…we wouldn’t all become billionaires… we would all shift our needs to preferences…we would no longer live in a state of “longing for STUFF”

I like to remember the 23rd Psalm “The lord is my sheppard, I shall not want”…I would rather that say…”I am abundant… I need nothing”…it’s more positive…when you say “I shall not want” you are really saying is “I WANT!”…but it’s still a good thought.

So now consumers have stopped consuming, relative to pre-recession levels of consumption…and that has the producers a little put off…they are asking congress to give the consumers a tax holiday in order to encourage them to go out and do some more consuming for the good of the country…

…what a load of crap…

I guess the people running the country like having MORE than they could ever need… seems like they are in accord with the law of abundance, some of them might be, but maybe not…

…the test would be how they survive a total or near total loss of all assets… those that are aligned with the law of abundance wouldn’t care…they would just get busy getting more nuts and soon enough they would have more than enough again…

Those that were not aligned with the law of abundance would feel as though they lost everything and spend a lot energy into getting it back instead of just starting over…

I have not changed my spending habits one lick since this whole deal with the recession happened…I don’t spend much money anyway…my wife is in charge of doing most of the shopping…so I wasn’t a good little consumer before the recession, so why should I change now.

If the producers decide to give me a “tax holiday” then I will keep the money for the holiday and then give it to them when it’s due…we will earn more of interest…thanks producers!  Sorry I can’t help you out with that consumption issue.

Perhaps, during the recession, people will come to realize that they didn’t need to get all that stuff to begin with…and that they are not lacking in anyway when they don’t “consume” stuff that the ego desires.

The Law of Abundance —  How did we get a Consumerism driven economy and what comes next?

The producers figured out that they can feed consumers a endless stream of stuff and the consumers did their jobs by consuming.

Now, in a recession, people are buying less stuff and the producers are worried that profits will diminish if the consumers stop consuming.

Was this really a healthy way to run an economy?  I don’t think so.  I watched a movie called “Maxed Out” about many people that were so wrapped up in wanting to be a good consumer and fitting in with the other consumers that they went into a bottomless pit of credit card debt.

Many people, then committed suicide because 1) to avoid having to pay the debt…because they didn’t think could manage and 2) without more credit and no “disposable cash” they were unable to play the consumer game and felt less valuable to the world.

The banks love these people that get into deep credit card debt and chase after all their money…that’s where they get all their profits.

So we have banks, feeding off of consumers until some of the consumers actually died indirectly from debt…the banks were ok with them dying, because a new batch of consumers show up to college every year.

So…what comes next?…I dunno.  I hope we come up with a way to work the economy in a more consciousness manner…I think we can, but I’m not sure we will…it feels to me like this recession and Mr. Obama getting elected are part of  a major global “Shift in Consciousness”…I hope we get a lot of people to become more aware of what is happening.

The Law of Abundance —  Can I buy things without being egoic?

Sure.  I do all the time (I think).  If you bring in a level of consciousness to your thinking and buying, then you can enjoy “stuff” without thinking it is part of YOU.

You get the thing and realize it is just a thing…it will not change you in anyway…it won’t make you 1) happy (for long) 2) healthy 3) sexy 4) cool or whatever label your ego is looking to add to…

…it will be around you for a while and you can enjoy it or not…it may even have a (gasp!) practical purpose for you.

The Law of Abundance —  But if I don’t buy things…doesn’t that mean I don’t think I am abundant?

You are aligned with the natural state of the universe…when you are in a state of abundance you are without NEEDs of any kind…you are far beyond survival mode…you have all you could ever want…

…if this were the case, why do you need to go shopping all the time?

Because the ego’s idea of abundance is WANTING more and more all the time.

Is the law of abundance Excessive?

Some people might think that someone with a lavious lifesylye is living the law of abundance…maybe…maybe NOT.

When I feel abundant…I don’t NEED the most expensive car…even if I could afford it…that is my preference…if I had more money…I might get the “best car” for me and not care about the cost, but I would not be doing it to “pump up” my ego identity or impress people…and I wouldn’t care too much if I lost it.

This too me is the law of abundance…it’s a way of thinking about stuff in the world…whatever I need to flourish and thrive on earth, I will get…but I won’t identify with the stuff and if I lose it I can always get more…

 How do I shift into The Law of Abundance?

I wrote a page about that I called “what do think about money” and this my take on how change the way you think about money and stuff

this took me a long time to change my thinking to the law of abundance and I read many books that helped me along the way

Become aware of your “thinking”…that which Eckhart Tolle calls the voice in your head.  I have read two of his books:  “The Power of Now” and “A New Earth…Check them out at Eckhart Tolle’s Web page.

“A Course in Miracles” is very cool and helped me move toward the shift towards the law of abundance.

Anything by Wayne Dyer is a great place to start. This book “The Power of Intention” has a whole chapter about the law of abundance…

Steve Pavlina’s web page rocks!!!  Check him out for free.

Deepak Chopra has written tons of books…I read “How to Know God”…He is a very articulate writer.

Before you make your next purchase, try to meditate for 10 minutes before you make the buy…then if you still think you want it, go ahead and buy it and take it home and then try to figure out if YOU bought it or your ego bought it…it might even be a little of both.

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Invest Money

This is Step 3 in a series about money how to keep want you have

Link to Step 0 Think about Money

Link to Step .5 Shift Your Money Attitude

Link to Step 1 Live Below your Means

Link to Step 2 Payoff Credit Cards

Link to Step 4 Stock Index Funds

YAY!…we can invest money!  Once you have paid off your credit cards, and have some money left over, you need to research your different saving/investing options.  This article discussing tax-advantaged accounts (401ks, IRAs) and non taxable investment accounts.

Finally, we talk about investing your money!

So, you followed all the previous steps and now you have a checking account that is full of money…

…Your credit cards are paid off each month. If you have any debt you have a car payment (pay that off as soon as possible) an/or a Mortgage (15-year fixed rate that you can afford…if possible).

No? Then please go, back and start from Step 0. :-)

The money you invest in the stock market should be money you don’t need now or for the next 3-5 years. I mean, don’t invest money in the stock market that you need to pay bills.

Ok, enough warnings, there are several types of accounts to invest in. You can get accounts from banks and insurance companies, but I suggest an internet discount broker.

I use TDAmeritrade and find them acceptable to good. The advantage with these discount brokerage accounts over the other kinds of “managed” accounts is that you direct where your money is invested.

It makes sense then that these accounts are called “self-directed”. It is a fairly straightforward process to setup an account. Just go to the web page, and fill out the online forms, link your checking or savings account to the brokerage account and then “fund” the account with the amount of money you want to invest.

The money will show up first as “cash” and the get “swept” into a money market account so you earn a little money with the money that is sitting in your account that is not invested in anything.

Also, as you invest in mutual funds, ETFs, and stocks, the investments pay out dividends that are “swept” into your money market account as they wait for you to invest them in more equities.

Types of accounts: Taxable and Tax Advantaged

Before we talk about “what” to invest in, lets talk about what type of accounts should get your money first, second, third, and fourth. Don’t worry you don’t have to do these all at once.

Invest money in:  Tax Advantaged

  1. Roth IRA
  2. Employer 401k (with match employer funds)
  3. Traditional IRA
  4. Employer 401k (without matching funds)

Invest money in:  Taxable

  1. Self-directed brokerage account

Invest money in:  Roth IRA

Goal #1 is to maximize your annual contributions to your Roth IRA each year. There are rules about income levels that you need to check before you invest in a Roth IRA. If you are eligible, then this provides the best tax advantage of all these types of accounts.

In 2008, a single person can contribute up to $5000. If you are married, both you and your spouse are allowed to contribute up to $5000 to separate Roth IRA accounts. If you can afford to contribute $10,000 per year as a couple (or $5k as a single person) then you should do that.

If you need to make automatic deductions from your pay check each month thats cool…when you can save up enough money to make the contributions as a lump sum on the 2 Jan of each year, you are maximizing your investment potential.

Invest money:  Employer 401k (with matching employer funds)

If you still have money after you have maxed out your Roth IRA(s), then the next best type of account is to invest in your employer 401k up to the percentage amount of your salary that your employer will match. I will explain…wait, no time to xplain, I will sum up.

Example: My current employer will match my contributions to my 401k account up to 6% of my annual salary (contributed monthly). So, I setup my 401k to 6% contribution each month to be taken out of my pay check before tax.

Your employer (bless them) will then contribute another 6% of your salary (i.e. give you FREE MONEY!!!). Some people will tell you to do this before you do your Roth IRA, and they would not be wrong.

If you can only afford one or the other, then you should take the free money first and then start working on your Roth IRA(s).

Invest money:  Traditional IRA

The traditional IRA is slightly less cool than the Roth IRA. The differences are subtle and interesting…these are subject to change as well but here they are in a nutshell:

  • Contributions are tax-deductible–if you need more tax deductions, then this is a reason to contribute some money. The total amount that you contribute counts as a tax deduction for the year you contribute.
  • You can “roll over” 401ks into these accounts. When I retired from the Air Force, I had some money in the federal government’s “Thrift Savings Plan” which is like a 401k. I “rolled over” my TSP account into my existing traditional IRA. This way, I can use the money to buy the stocks that other investments I want and I not restricted to what the TSP others in the way of available investments.

Invest money:  Employer 401k (without matching funds)

If you still have money left over (way to go you!), then the last option would be to max out your annual contribution to your employer 401k plan. I don’t do this, because I like to have more control over what I invest in, but if you are just starting out and are ok with the investment options that your 401k offers, this is a sound investment strategy. Tax-advantages are always good.

Invest money:  Taxable: Self-directed brokerage account

Last, but not least, if you still have money left over (WOW!!! you really rock now!), then you should open up a taxable brokerage account. These work the same as a Roth IRA/or Traditional IRA accounts, just you have to pay taxes on all the money that you earn within the account…which is ok.

You will pay taxes on dividends and capital gains. Yeah, I will tell you what those are:

  • Dividends: Are like “interest” with another name. Periodically, your stock, ETF, or Mutual Fund will pay out a dividend. This is a little chunk of change that will pop into your account like pennies from heaven. It is the company’s way to say “thanks!” for giving them your money.
  • Capital Gains: When you sell your investment and you make money, you have to pay taxes on the money that you make. This is important here so take note:
  •  You want to do your best to hold an investment for 1 year plus 1 day. This will make the investment a “long-term” investment and you will be taxed at a significantly lower rate than the “short-term” rate.
  • Capital Loses: If you sell an equity for a loss (you will…its no big deal) then you don’t pay taxes on the loss. Even better, your losses “offset” your gains within each tax year. Like this see:
    • Sold 100 shares of “T” for a Long term gain of $1000
    • Sold 5 shares of “UA” for a short term loss of -$1000
    • In this situation you pay no capital gains taxes, because the loss completely offset the gain…no tax

The one investment to start with is called “SPY”. It is an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that attempts to match the performance of the S&P 500. There are mutual funds like “VFINX” from Vanguard that do the same thing.

This is an easy place to start and great place for this post to end. If you still have money left over…take a trip to Hawaii or buy a Prius or something, you earned it!!! :-)

Legal disclaimer: This is not financial advice. YooperSmith thinks everyone is responsible for themselves as should take all information from all sources as suspect. Readers are encouraged to seek more information from places like and countless more reputable sites.

YooperSmith reserves the right to be wrong and inaccurate as to specifics of all information as things like tax-code and investments options are subject to change.

It is hoped readers will be inspired to read further and seek out professional advice and or education before investing any money or opening an accounts.

Nuff said? :-).

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Inspirational Movies

What can Hollywood teach us about Consciousness?

Actually, quite a bit.  I have to admit it…I am a movie FREAK!  I LOVE movies…mostly I love movies that inspire me….I recently re-watched one of my favorite all time movies…

“Defending Your Life”…a very funny movie that teaches a great lesson about fear, learning how to get what you want and standing up for yourself.

…watched a DVD called “Young @ Heart” about a Chorus of folks who are…well you get the idea…

I was inspired by this movie mostly because of their desire to just keep singing…right up until their bodies gave out…I mean why not right?!?!

One of the singers said “Nobody gets out of here alive…” referring to earth…I might amend that to: “No Bodies get out of here alive, but every one continues to live.”

I know what you’re thinking…oh great…boring movies about Ghandi and John Denver…ick!

Nope…both those guys do inspire me, but I am not inspired by boring movies any more than you are…

The cool thing is…exciting movies do inspire…”The Matrix”, “Star Wars”, “2001: A space Odyssey”…all cool movies teach great lessons while taking you on an adventure.

I can actually find a lesson about consciousness in ANY movie!  Yes, I am throwing down a challenge to the WORLD.  You tell me about a movie and I will find a lesson in that movie about consciousness.

It’s pretty easy, really, because you have to be conscious to make a movie, so I always have a fall back answer…

“…This film teaches us that one needs to be conscious to make a film (but barely conscious to make certain films).”

So, this page will grow…with more of my favorite movies and your suggestions as well.

Groundhog Day

Shut up!  You don’t expect me to believe that I can learn life lessons from a movie like “Groundhog Day”!!  Um…well…yeah, I do.  :-O

The Shift Movie

The sneak peaks look very cool and inspiring for this film that is still in production…you can help!

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Inducing Consciousness The Shift

Taking your life from Ambition to Meaning

 by Dr. Wayne Dyer

The Shift is Dr Wayne Dyer’s latest book and it is a companion to an innovative film which is a hybrid documentary/dramatic-narrative.  Since the word “shift” looms large on my search engine hits… I love the title!!!  This book help me in inducing consciousness and becoming more self aware.

Disclaimer:  Hayhouse sends me free review copies of new releases that relate to my web content.

Inducing Consciousness –  Chapter One: From…

This is a little book, and it has only four chapters.  Chapter one is about where we come “from” before we are born.

Wayne doesn’t assume he knows where we come from… it is unknown of course… however, he does attempt to describe what it might be like.

“To write about non being as the place we originate from requires me to imaginatively speculate on what the spiritual world of non being is.  The way I do this is to imagine a Divine consciousness who’s in the business of manifesting from out of nothingness.”

What I take out of this is we are going “to… ” where we came “from… “, the point of coming from is not getting to the destination, but growing, and playing on the journey.

The key points of where we come from are described below:

1.  Nothingness

Where we come from (and where we are going to) includes no things.  It is the void of just awareness.  We are still there in a way, we are merely experiencing a perceptual shell that allows us to limit ourselves and believe that THINGS exist.

Wayne suggests the shift includes practicing mediation in silence in order to reconnect with our true formless nature.

2.  Oneness

The shift also includes a remembering that our true nature knows we are ONE with all that there is (and all that there isn’t).

Dr. Dyer suggests to focus your efforts on your inner world instead of trying to control or change things in your external world.

3.  Surrender

The shift includes the practicing the art of surrender.  Said another way, this is to “let it be” or accept the truth of the situation “AS IS”.  That is not to say you can’t work to change the situation, but step one is acceptance versus denial (it’s not just a river in Egypt!!).

Once you accept or surrender to the moment you can remember that you are co-creating your life with your soul that is still in the void… and you are always free to choose again… in every moment of your life… you are FREE to choose what you think, say and do.

You can’t really control anything in the external world (dream, projection)… All that you have power over is your thoughts, words, and actions.

Inducing Consciousness:  Chapter 2, Ambition…

Dr. Dyer describes the first part of our lives as the ambition phase, which begins at birth and lasts until we about 30 or 33 (ish).

During this phase our lives, we take on what Dr Dyer calls a “false self” or an “ego” in which we “Edge God Out”.

Our false self is created by first our parents, who help us discover that we are (not really) separate from others.

I find it fascinating that studies show that for about the first two years of life on earth, infants cannot perceive themselves as separate from their environment…

The again, when you come “from” timeless eternity of nothingness, oneness and surrender, and show up here in the realm of things, separation, and attempts to control… One can see that it would take constant effort for a spirit to comes to grips with what the hell is going on!!!

Then one day the infant experiences the self-other split… when they realize that there is another person out there (not really) that will respond to stimulus and interact with them.

The false self or ego then must create an identity in order to play a variety of roles on earth… we learn to know that we ARE:

– Separate beings (NOT!)
– Separate from things that are “missing” in my life (NOT!)
– Separate from God or Source or Spirit…(again… NOT!)
– Bodies, and subject to death aka not being (we can’t “not be”)
– Our Stuff (…you get this now right?)
– Our Job (yikes!)
– Our Roles (Who are you?… Who who… Who Who…)
– Our Reputation (… But you made ME FEEL (insert negative emotion here))
– The voices in our heads (shhhhh….)

Another aspect of the ambition phase is that is dominated by “doing” are rarely “being”.  We are taught by the culture around us to “stay busy” and keep doing something.

This is why it is difficult for most people in the ambition phase of life to meditate or be comfortable doing nothing and just being.  We are taught to fear silence.

Thought of another way, one could think of the Ambition Phase as the “doing” phase or the Yang phase of life…then the meaning phase would be the “being” phase or Yin phase of life.

This is a necessary phase of life, if you are in it… embrace it!!!  This is your time to play the false self game…play as long as you like… someday you may feel like it’s time for the shift…

…I like inducing consciousness as often as I can throughout each day

Inducing Consciousness:  Chapter 3, To…

“Thoroughly unprepared, we take the next step into the afternoon of life; worse still, we take this step with the false assumption that our truths and ideals will serve us as hitherto.  But we cannot live the afternoon of life according to the programme of life’s morning; for what was great in the morning will be little at evening, and what in the morning was true will at evening have become a lie.”

— from The Stages of Life, by Carl Jung

This is the transition phase “to” meaning, being, YIN… Again the shift “happens” to us… We don’t have the ability to choose whether or not the shift occurs… Our choice is how we respond to the shift.

Dr Dyer suggests that we embrace the “To…” transition phase by:

Inducing Consciousness:  Making the U-Turn

The first step in making the shift is just a change in direction:

“The direction we take in life is far more significant than the place ego parks us in, in the present moment.  For example, inquiring about what direction we’re headed is more valuable than focusing on how much we weigh or when we had our last cigarette.  Making a commitment to change a self-sabotaging way of life is making a commitment to change direction, and then we head toward weight-loss or addiction control.  Heading toward something more purposeful and meaningful is even more significant.”

Inducing Consciousness:  Signposts of the U-Turn

– We become less interested in always doing and having more stuff
– We become more comfortable with “being” and “doing” less
– External approval and validation give way to humility
– Thoughts of separation are slowly replaced with thoughts of unity and oneness
– We come to realize we are really connected to what we thought was missing in our lives
– We begin to trust… ourselves, others and the source of all that created us.

…there are more great insights in this chapter, but for the sake of brevity I will move on to…

Inducing Consciousness: Chapter 4, Meaning…

The last phase of life moves us toward meaning, being, YIN (versus ambition, doing, YANG).

“Life is not meaningful… unless it is serving an end beyond itself; unless it is of value to someone else.”
— Abraham Joshua Heschel

The shift to the meaning phase of life represents a return to where we came from… cool thing is that we don’t have to die to get there.  We can live a life of meaning here on earth.

Dr. Dyer points towards four virtues that will help us accept, enjoy and even flourish during our meaning phase of life when inducing consciousness…

Inducing Consciousness:  The Four Cardinal Virtues of our Original Nature

1.  Reverence of all life
2.  Natural Sincerity
3.  Gentleness
4.  Supportiveness

The shift finally finds us home on earth in a body being what our soul intended to be.

Here are three things to watch out for in this phase of life:

1.  Shift from Entitlement to Humility
2.  The Shift from Control to Trust
3.  The Shift from Attachment to letting go

This book is basically a concise summary of the entire of theme of “shift your consciousness”…how perfect is that???  Talk about inducing consciousness!

This is my second free book from Hay House… If I ever write a book, Hay House will be my publisher of choice.

Thanks for the free book hay house, and thank you Dr Dyer for the wonderful book and movie.  Both showed up in my life in the “ta-dah” nick of time…

…but then again… Dr. Dyer would not surprised by that fact at all :D




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Inducing Consciousness

“Inducing consciousness” sounds a lot like it means waking up or a scientific way to say…Dude! You need a cup of coffee!

There are numerous methods of inducing various states of consciousness. could try hitting your thumb with a hammer…

…however, this would not be what I call a “desirable” state of consciousness. :-)

The very cool thing about consciousness is that it is universal…meaning it basically affects or is somehow connected to every aspect of your life…

So inducing consciousness can be achieved through any given aspect of your life…be that your career, your spiritual side, your physical heath…anything in your life’s experience can help you to induce a different, expanded level of consciousness…
…for example, a couple years ago I tried a new diet and exercise plan which helped me to expand my awareness of how my body feels, and why it feels that way…

I was really tired of my old way of eating and work out plan…my workouts didn’t really help me lose weight and my eating habits left me in a endless loop of starving — to pig out —to food coma tiredness…

…with my new diet, all my meals are small, and the right foods, so I not only feed my body what it needs, I also lose weight gradually and never get the food coma.

And my new workouts are shorter, easier and actually produce more muscle and less fat!

There are also things like… meditation audio programs, and other methods of “inducing” desirable states of consciousness.

Dr. Harry Henshaw, of Enhanced Healing creates relaxation music, Sleep music, and relaxing music for Stress relief.  He provides positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self esteem.

Depending on what I am doing and where I am, I use different approaches to change my current internal state. When I meditate, I usually say “Ahhh” over and over again. So, if I’m in a public place with people around…I will use a “silent” mode of meditation so I don’t bother anyone.

Sometimes, if I have my iPod, I might use one of the many audio programs that I have, to relax or other “induce” a different state.

The really cool thing is there are a lot of audio programs available that focus on different goals or states. For instance, there are programs designed to give you an energy boost…no drugs required!!

There are programs for prosperity, weight loss, relaxation (duh!) even programs to that help you establish new beliefs and and let go of old believes that are no longer serving you.

Speaking of weight-loss, Ralph Price, offers some excellent information concerning hypnosis, which is yet another way to induce desirable states of consciousness to help you achieve your goals.

Shift Cast Podcast

My buddy Rick aka “Jindai Hideo” and I engage in an on-going discussion of the many aspects of inducing consciousness…These are the shows we have created to this point…enjoy, and call the voicemail line and leave us a comment…you might be on the show!


Shift Cast #2 – Inducing Consciousness, Part 1
Shift Cast #3 – Inducing Consciousness, Part 2.html
Shift Cast #4 – Meditation
Shift Cast #5 – More Meditation
Shift Cast #6 – New Patterns
Shift Cast #7 – Accepting What is

The Benefits of Meditation

Inducing Consciousness… There are many benefits of meditation…most of them come along for the ride like free bonus prizes…these  are just a few…

Instant Awakening

Instant Awakening might be the only sort of awakening there really is…then again it depends… Let’s do some inducing consciousness… DUDE!

John Lennon warned about “Instant Karma” and that it’s “Gonna Get you!”

Like all questions…all answers have value…right and wrong are really meaningless…



Developing self awareness provides benefits in all areas of your life and is a critical factor in creating “YOU 3.x” …this is another method of inducing consciousness…

In the “tubes” in London…there is an automated voice that reminds passengers to “MIND THE GAP”!  You can use this phrase to help remember the space between your thoughts…

Lucid Dreams

When you become aware that you are dreaming within a dream, and remain asleep…talk about inducing consciousness baby!


Fear of Dying

The fear of dying consistently ranks below the fear of spiders (?) and the fear of social situations…on this list below, it ranks # 10…

Top Ten Phobias List

So death is feared…even if it’s only #10…my guess is that people would rather not think about dying and that’s why they respond with other phobias and then…yeah well…sure dying is on the list…but that’s far away. Maybe there is an age bias in this list?

The fear of dying is rational…it’s really the ultimate “unknown” situation that everyone has to face sooner or later…I prefer sooner…

Let’s look at death from a new point of view…Let’s think about it as an event that is part of life… as a way of inducing consciousness.

Mindful Meditation
Mindful Meditation seems like a difficult practice to get started. Perhaps, if you had a better idea of the performance boost you’d get, you might find the right motivation for success.

Just set aside all of the beliefs you have and focus on the performance boost you will enjoy, and then give mindful meditation a try… as a method of inducing consciousness.

The Shift:  Taking your Life from Ambition to Meaning by Dr. Wayne Dyer

The Shift is Dr Wayne Dyer’s latest book and it is a companion to an innovative film which is a hybrid documentary/dramatic-narrative.  Since the word “shift” looms large on my search engine hits… I love the title!!!  A great book for inducing consciousness.

Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats are a great way for inducing various states of consciousness for a huge number of specific purposes…different frequencies produce different states.  These will help in inducing consciousness to a wide variety of highly desireable states…

Book Review:  Defy Gravity, by Caroline Myss

Hay House sent me this book for free to review on my web page.  So, this is my second book they gave me for free.

The first one was from Steve Pavlina through Hay House, but this book came to me directly from Hay House…how cool is that!!!  :D  Dear Hay House…I love all your books…and I will review them for the free book (for now anyway).

Defy Gravity is a metaphor for any number of ideas that really describe miracles that heal or or help but can’t be explained by a rational explanation.  This book does a wonderful job of inducing consciousness and expanding self awareness.

Meditation Techniques

Meditation Techniques are all beneficial ways of inducing consciousness, so the one you choose for yourself, should feel right for you.  You, can try my simple method, right now!  You can also try Buddhist, Zen, Chakra, Mindfulness, Zen or countless others.

Overcoming Fear

Overcoming fear is fundamental to inducing beneficial states of consciousness and enjoying a more joyful, conscious, purpose-driven life.  It is a process, a process that will be with you all of your life…overcoming fear is a skill that you can learn.


If you have not heard about paraliminals and you are into audio CDs for self-improvement, then you are really in for a huge treat. These are not really meditation, or subliminal…

“The Esoteric Agenda” Illusion and Reality (2 of 2)

I thought this video was rather interesting…check it out if you want to induce some new states of consciousness…


What is the Ego?

I am reading The Seeker’s Guide” by Elizabeth Lesser and she had some interesting things to say about the concept of “ego”.  The ego isn’t necessarily “bad” it’s just something we all have to deal with while being human.

There is also a very long and interesting thread that is about the ego concept…there are many voices and opinions, but for the most part this entire thread has remained a great discussion about what the “ego” is to different people…My posts are under the name of YooperSmith…me telling you that has a little to do with my ego wanting to feel special :-).

Mindful Meditation brings a quiet mind

Learning to meditate brings many benefits to my life. One benefit that that I think stands out from the crowd is that of a quiet mind. Your mind remains the same, but the storyteller in your head learns to take a break.



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How to Sleep Better

Sleep is primary to health and well being…your body does four primary things…eats, sleeps, eliminates, and pro-creates…if you focus on how to sleep better and how to eat better the last two work themselves out quiet nicely.

How to Sleep Better – Regular Sleep Schedule

Probably the single most important factor in locking in a healthy sleep pattern (and how to sleep better), is to do your best to stick to a regular sleep schedule…On my current schedule, I start feeling sleepy between 8:30 and 9:00 o’clock…

…I know that’s like an old person…but I LOVE mornings…it’s quiet and my wife is a night owl…so my morning time is precious to me.

I get up at between 4:00 and 4:30 am…even on the weekends…this is one of the the ways how to sleep better.

Sure, I vary slightly due to events and such, but this is my day-to-day schedule and I think sticking to it really helps.  The times don’t manner as much as the regularity.

I could easily shift this to an hour later pretty easily, by staying up an extra hour and sleeping an extra hour in the morning…the transition time would be a little shaky, but after a week or so, I could have a new habit.

Some advice if you want to get up earlier…I find it easier to not even try to go to sleep earlier than my body is accustomed…I would rather gut it out and set my alarm for the earlier time in the morning and then the following night, I will want to sleep sooner, I won’t have to try to force sleep to happen.

This works best for ME, I am a morning person…it might work for you if you are too, but the opposite might work better if you are a night owl.

Audio Products from the Unexplainable Store to help you sleep:

Deep SleepShort Nap

Sleep Package

Short Nap Monaural

Short Nap Isochronic

Counting Sheep Monaural

Counting Sheep Isochronic

Deep Sleep Monaural

Deep Sleep Isochronic

Sleep Monaural Package

Sleep Isochronic Package

How to Sleep Better:  Psychological Stressors

These are the things that you THINK about that keep you up all night.  The best remedy I know is a regular mediation practice and a adopting a belief system in which you believe you are unconditionally safe in the universe…everyone can meditate…the second one might take a little bit more time :-)

You might also try sleep inducing audio programs that help you shift your brain wave patterns to a state the is conducive to sleep…

Ultimately, if you are really having trouble shutting out the inner voice in your head and worrying about tomorrow, the best way is to come up with your own ritual where you can realize that the those things that your are fretting about will be best met by you at your best…

…and you at your best means you with a good night’s sleep under your belt.

How to Sleep better – Nicotine, Caffeine, and Alcohol

I still use smokeless tobacco…and my habit is to use it right before bed…I am working on quitting that monster, and I remembered that nicotine is a stimulant, so this is a habit I really need to kick.

Caffeine is a no-brainier…you should avoid caffeine for several hours before you want to sleep…the reasons are obvious…

Alcohol seems like it might make you feel sleepy…and it does, but it will also tend to wake you up and interrupt your sleep…first if you drank a lot liquid anything you will have to get up to use the bathroom.

As the booze is processed by your body…it will wake you up…and also interfere with the your body’s repair work throughout the night and leave you dehydrated…ahh…the hang over…now that is not YOU at your best.

How to sleep Better – Diet

A healthy diet helps you get sleep better and will also help you lose weight.  A fit body is better at everything and more efficient and getting the work of the body done at night.

The more sleep you get, the more time your body has to create hormones that will help you suppress your hunger…helping you lose weight.

How to Sleep Better – Exercise

Aches and pains in an unfit body tend to cause you to shift your weight around during sleep in order to avoid pain…many times you don’t know you are doing this, but it is not the best quality sleep you can get.

A regular and gentle exercise program that is right for you will stretch and build your muscles and create an overall more pain free body overtime…sure you might have some soreness from a good work out…but that eases as your body adjusts to the new version of you.

In the past, I would work out for about 30-45 minutes 5 days a week in the gym on a cardio machine…yet I got stuck at my weight…well first I really needed a diet overall…I did that…

…then I started walking 30 minutes everyday (I can even break them up into 10 minutes chunks throughout the day if my schedule is really pressed).  Also, I do 20 minutes of strength training and stretching every other day…if you want to read more about the plan I am using today check out my page called YOU on a diet.

How to Sleep Better – Nap with caution

I would rather not nap…I now listen to a 10-minute paralimnal that helps me “re-boot” after work or if I need an energy boost during the afternoon, but don’t want to sleep…

Napping for more than 20 minutes or so will mess with your sleeping pattern and will make it more difficult for you to sleep when you want to go to bed.

How to Sleep Better – Meditate

I know I say mediate to every problem in your life…but it really helps!

Meditation helps train your mind at a subconsciousness level to induce relaxation and a feeling of abiding safety and peace…sounds like a great way to get some quality Z’s to me!

Return from How to Sleep Better to Current Health Articles

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How to Shift your Consciousness

Shifting your consciousness is a life-long process that starts NOW!  There is no required order and the shift is different for everyone…these are my experiences on the journey up to this point.

How to shift your consciousness: Beliefs

Your beliefs filter your reality…they can help to empower you, or they can sabotage your efforts…what you believe becomes the truth of your life situation.

How To Shift your Consciousness – Objective/Subjective Reality 

If you are not familiar with these models of reality here is the quick and dirty:

Objective = We are all separate physical beings and we are not connected.  We are our bodies and when our bodies die…we die.

Subjective = We are all one and the apparent separation is an projection of one consciousness.

The very cool part about subjective reality is that the belief allows me to believe that I am unconditionally safe in the universe…which removes the fear of death…this is a very empowering belief.

Subjective reality also empowers my belief that I am 100% responsibility for everything that happens in my life…everyone that I meet I know is ME wearing a different costume…:-)

This belief helps me get along with everyone in my life and accept every moment “as is”…then after I accept the fact that “it is the way IT IS…” then I can decide if I want to change it….

How to shift your consciousness – Time and Space are Projections

I have come to believe that this life is like a dream, or a projection, or an illusion…and that time and space are part of the hologram.

It makes perfect sense when you really think about it…there is only NOW and it is outside of time…

The past = THINKING NOW about things that happened before…but you can’t recall the past outside of NOW.

The future = THINKING NOW about what might happen later…

“You can revise the past, you can create the future, but you must accept NOW AS IS”
— Deepak Chopra

As far as space goes…the movie “The Matrix” helps describe how much moving through real space we are doing in the hologram…

…I don’t know where my “real body” is…hell I don’t know if I have a REAL body…maybe consciousness doesn’t need a body at all to be…

…wherever you go on earth YOU are always in the same place…right behind your eyes…

How to shift your consciousness – Our Thoughts, emotions, and desires are creative

This belief is know as the Law of Attraction or the Intention Manifestation Model.

This belief carries forward the idea that we are all ONE consciousness…so what is happening to you in your life is a composite of your total belief system…conscious and subconscious.

When I first starting working with these beliefs I was is AWE and full of gratitude at waking up to a truth that made sense to me…

…my purpose in life is to grow and learn how to fully and consciously participate in this great adventure on earth…by giving my best to everything that I do.

I got stuck on this part of the journey for about two years now…when I figured out that you can’t JUST think about what you want…you must totally commit every once of your being to your goals…whatever they are…NO HALF-ASSING!

You see this web page has been up for about a year or so, I didn’t really belief until just recently that I could do the SBI thing…well NOW I KNOW I will.

I have committed to do it…whatever it takes…however long it takes…I will make the web site succeed…my message is important and helpful and can make millions of being wake up to a daring adventure instead of “living the dream” as sleeping victims.

How to shift your consciousness – mindful meditation

Meditation is primary to success shifting your consciousness…check my page and the links and Google it…just do it NOW!

Mindful meditation will help you to quiet your mind.  A quiet mind will help you become a more conscious version of YOU on earth.

I have meditations that are just for the sake of breathing right…other meditations are for manifesting the situations and things I want to see show up in my life…

Sometimes, I use paraliminals to deal with specific issues in my life situation…not really meditate, but another way to induce consciousness.

How to Shift your Consciousness:  Open your Heart

The heart is where we feel emotions…it needs to be open to pain in order to feel love…

Most people block off the pain in there heart and close themselves off to the messages and lessons that heart needs to tell…

This may mean professional help for some people…therapy or a member of clergy who is skilled in helping people deal with repressed pain from the past.

My own experience started through the “mindful” pathway first and I was led gently to my heart…which was completely closed off…sure I didn’t feel any of the pain…

But the heart can’t feel joy, love, LUST, ecstasy or any of the good emotions…if you close it off…

…as it turns out, when it comes to the heart you have to learn to accept the total package or you reject the total package…the total package comes with a deep well of pain…you can handle it…just take your time and get help if you need it…

Start with “The Seeker’s Guide” by Elizabeth Lessor if you need a place to start…this book covers the heart as well as the mind, body and spirit.

Once your heart is open, you will find it easier to figure out what you LOVE to do…and then learn how to do that so you can “follow your bliss”

How to shift your consciousness:  heal your body

Find a diet and exercise plan that works for you…you can check some of my experiments…

Once I tried, YOU on a diet.

You will need have your body working exceedingly well…like a well-oiled machine, in order to fully participate in your life on earth…to create the daring adventure you need the body of a great and courageous warrior!  :-)

I like You on a diet…I don’t have to count calories…I don’t suffer from food comas…I can eat any where and feel safe…it is perfect for me and I have lost lots of weight and many inches off my waist…

The exercise is awesome…walk 30 minutes everyday (no excuses)…you can break it up to 3 10 minutes walks if you are crunched for time…

Also, I do a 20 minute work out video that I watch online for free…all I need is my body a mat and a towel…no shoes required…no gym, no machines and it over in 20 minutes…I do that video every other day.

How to shift your consciousness:  dance with your soul

Your soul, or your spirit has a mission for your life on earth…if you follow your heart, quiet your mind, and heal your body…well your soul will be dancing already you just need to join in and try to keep up!

Your soul wants you to give the best version of YOU to the world…a fully responsible, courageous, and conscious human being…

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure.”
Helen Keller
US blind & deaf educator (1880 – 1968)

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How to deal with Stress

How to deal with stress…stress is cause by hormones that build up due to a fear trigger fight or flight response…learn to deal with stress by changing your exercise, diet, meditation, breathing and your beliefs.

How to deal with Stress: Exercise

Those hormones are build to give you a boost of strength and energy in order to flight or fly or in our case RUN! If you learn to feel this stress…you can train yourself to burn off the built up energy and hormones so that don’t ended up mucking up your body

Regular exercise is great, and will help diminish stress in a general manner. In addition, when you feel stress build up during the day…take a few moments to walk, stretch or otherwise MOVE your body to dissipate the effect of the stress hormones.

How does Stress Affect Health: Diet

You can attack stress with your diet. If you eat healthy foods, your body will better able handle stress…and your body will be better able to move (see exercise above) and help you burn off the energy of stress.

I have experienced a huge boost of physical energy sense starting my YOU on a diet plan. I have also noticed a progression in my ability to perform my exercise videos for stretching and strength and flexibility…It’s almost like everything is connected or something :-)

How to Deal with Stress: Meditate

Check my meditation page about how meditation helps you bust stress…YOGA works too…I need to try that…

How to Deal with Stress: Breathing

This is a new idea that I am still working about. Breathing in a specific way will help reduce stress and help your body remove toxins from your body…it seems like the most popular idea is Diaphragmatic Breathing…

…which is breathing with your diaphragm…I am still experimenting with this way to breath…so stay tuned for more information.

How to Deal with Stress: Beliefs

Ask yourself a simple question…”Am I unconditionally safe in the universe”…if your answer is YES…then you will be able to handle stress much better…if your answer is NO, then you will be working up stream…I prefer rowing downstream.

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How Does Stress Affect Health

Two thirds of all medical issues may be related to stress. Stress affects, cognitive functions, behavior, emotions, and physical health. Does this story sound familiar to you?

How does Stress Affect Health: Cognitive

How does stress affect health?  This happens every day at work: meetings, deadlines, screaming bosses, quotas…and your body just wants to punch someone or run away to the beach. Instead, you stay. You can hardly think, because your thoughts are running a million miles per hour…

…you can’t remember your birthday and you are supposed to give a presentation in five minutes! …Even worse, you get all pumped and “ready” for the big show…and then the boss postpones the meeting indefinitely…GREAT!

Now you have all this extra time to worry about how things will work out…and all you can do is focus on the negative.


How does Stress Affect Health: Behavioral

So, your meeting was canceled by the boss…and even though your are annoyed, at least your current emergency is over for the moment…

…then you realize that you are starving, need a cigarette, and could go for another cup of coffee…You decide to prioritize! Cigarette…food with coffee…

The food should have been something light, but you really had a terrible morning, so you decide to “treat” yourself with a breakfast burrito with potatoes, sour cream, extra cheese, eggs and bacons…nummy!

The coffee is a Venti BOLD red eye with lots of cream and lots of sugar…you hardly slept at all last night fretting about this big meeting…

“GREAT!!” You think, “Now I have another sleepless week to look forward to thinking about this damn presentation!”

At least you think that you now have plenty of time to really prepare for the presentation…it seemed like you just never found time to work on it…but now you have a whole week to finish it, so you decide you can put it on the back burner for a couple of days.

So the rest of the day, you spend on the move, pacing the mouse maze hiding out from everyone involved in the presentation…because you just can’t deal with that right now.

You feel a little stressed and wonder, “How does stress affect health?”…hmmm.


How does Stress Affect Health: Emotional

Finally, the work day is over…GREAT! Now I have to deal with TRAFFIC!!!

My mood was already in the toilet and now I have to deal with all the idiots on the freeway…

So, as usual, you honk, scream, display gestures of dismay towards your fellow commuters on your drive home…this hardly improves your mood…which was a little agitated, to say the least.

You arrive home and oh great…the spouse…all they want to do is talk…I just need a few moments alone to collect my thoughts…but that will never happen! You have your normal welcome home shouting match and then each retreat behind slammed doors…

Then you decide you will have a little nap…and sleep for 3 hours…just in time to eat dinner at 10:00 pm…at least you got some sleep… Then as you head for bed at 1:30 am and set the alarm for 6:30 am…you start to feel overwhelmed with the presentation again…

You toss and turn all night thinking about how bad things will go…

When the alarm goes off…you dread getting up…you feel alone and a little depressed…hmmm, what will motivate me today…a HOT SHOWER?…hmmm…A cigarette and some coffee??? Now you are speaking my language!!! You drag your body out of bed and fumble around for your cigs in the dark…


How does Stress Affect Health: Physical

WOW! You really FEEL like utter crapola…getting out bed caused a lot of body aches…but that was nothing compared to your headache…and then there was that wave of dizziness after you got up from the toilet…you have diarrhea again, but that’s better than the constipation from three weeks ago…

After you get out of the shower, you sneeze…HARD…and you feel that little tickle in the back of your throat…GREAT!!! Another cold…just what you need!

On the bright side, the spouse will leave me alone about sex when I have a cold, so at least I don’t have to deal with that…sorta of a silver lining I guess..

hmmm…I’m getting sick again and I am feeling stressed…and again you wonder “How does stress affect health?”


How to Deal with Stress

How to deal with stress…stress is cause by hormones that build up due to a fear trigger fight or flight response…learn to deal with stress by changing your exercise, diet, meditation, breathing and your beliefs.


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Higher Consciousness

What is everyone talking about?

I hear about “higher consciousness”  quite often these days…and I think that is a good thing…but, there are many different interpretations that I can see that are being applied to this term.

First, and most often, I think people are talking about higher consciousness as being a version of inner guidance that can help you access information, inspiration, and emotional energy to help you fulfill your dreams.

Next, the “higher” refers to higher or faster frequencies of vibrations.   The idea is that higher vibrations lead to higher, faster, and different “levels” of consciousness.

Another idea is that higher … is your true-self, or your soul if you prefer that term.  Your soul is the real you, and the more aware you become, the closer you get to being connected and aligned with your higher self.

Ok, for ease of understanding (I hope) I am now going to become a reporter about higher consciousness and break this idea down into Who, what, Where, when, how, how many.

Who is …?

That is a great question!  You, me and everyone is higher consciousness. Our true identities are hidden from us by our senses (our perceptions). Through practices such as mediation and Yoga and many other channels, we can become more aware of our true-nature.

What is …?

Depends who you talk to, but let’s say for now it is your true identity and it can access information from the past and the future to guide you to your most fulfilling version of earth-life possible.

Where is …?

Heh-heh. That’s great question! The best answer is most likely “inside all of us”…but it’s just funny because I have realized that time and space are illusions of our own creation, so, that question makes me chuckle a little bit.

When is …?

Again with the laughing at the question here…but higher consciousness transcends space and time…it is all places and all times…now (the only real time).  Higher Consciousness can help your revise the past and create your future to your own liking.

How can I obtain …?

The most familiar methods of accessing higher consciousness are meditation and yoga, but you can also access higher consciousness through any passionate expression or activity…Math, Art, even a mundane and repetitive activity (Zen) can help you access Higher Consciousness.

This is not an event…it is a process that continues your whole life and beyond…

How Many people can obtain …?

Everyone can, but I don’t think everyone will. Part of the game of coming to earth is to forget about what your true identity really is…it makes the game more challenging and fun.

That’s why I think most folks resist learning about higher consciousness…they don’t want to remember the truth…it might spoil their “Earth-Fun”.

Others (such as myself…not sure why) are interested in learning about and sharing information concerning consciousness…

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Goals, giving, keeping

This is a summary of thoughts on goals, giving and keeping related to the recent sale of my RV…I really learned a lot from this ownership experience.

Goals, giving and keeping:  The only way to keep something is to give it away.

I still have the idea of an RV…and the actual RV was no longer bringing me pleasure.  So, what I really wanted was pleasure and adventure and freedom…I still have those ideas…

“If I give you a pfennig, you will be one pfennig richer and I’ll be one pfennig poorer. But if I give you an idea, you will have a new idea, but I
shall still have it, too.”
— Albert Einstein

Also, I now know how to drive an RV, so if I want one later on in life (rent or buy) then I know that I can drive it and take care of it.

Goals, giving and keeping:  If you make a mistake, at least you took some action

When I bought the RV I was moving toward something that I wanted…I wanted to:

1.  Live on the road in the RV and work my business.  I can still do this, just not in this RV.  Once I get the business making money, I will have achieved the first goal, and that is detach income from a PLACE.  After that, I can choose to live wherever I want.

…I don’t really think that will be in RV full time.  Living in an RV is more work than I want to do on a day-to-day basis…maybe someday though.

2.  I wanted to face my fears of driving big vehicles, and backing things up.  CHECK!  I am very confident driver and backer now.

3.  I wanted to have fun camping which for me really means going somewhere….drinking beer, sitting around a camp fire and making people laugh.  CHECK!  I did this several times while I owned the RV.

…the funny thing is, is that I still want to go camping….and do the things above…it will be easier and cheaper to go in my tent!  I might even stay in a cabin as long as there is beer and a camp fire…mission accomplished.

Goals, giving and keeping:  Large purchases bring large work loads and expenses.

Buying an RV is like owning another house.  It would be very easy if you could keep your RV where you live.  I might still have an RV if I could keep it where I live.

I live in a townhouse, so keeping it at home wouldn’t work.

Storage fees near my home are about $215 per month.  That is a lot of money. So, we stored it in many places…far away from home.

When you store your RV far from home, it is like you don’t even own it.  There were many times, when I said to myself…I should have my RV here…it would be great to be able to have my RV here now…

…But then I remembered how far it was, and how much it would cost me to move it and the time it would require and then think…no…I guess not.

If you are going to own an RV…keep it close so you can use it…or just sell it.

Goals, giving and keeping:  Having fun is work that you are supposed to enjoy.

After camping and or RVing for a weekend, I am sometimes exhausted by the amount of effort I put into my “pleasure”…this is an important lesson.  Doing something…even just for fun…is still some work.

It is work that you enjoy doing.  There is nothing wrong with working.  Working is really a great thing.  It is more fun when you can use your talents to work towards your own goals…like when you work on having fun.

Goals, giving and keeping:  You really have to decide that you no longer want to own a THING before you can sell it.

The process of selling the RV lasted several years.  At some point this year, after using the RV…I decided to let it go…it was shortly after this that the buyer showed up.

Before the decision, I still wanted to keep the RV, so…it didn’t sell.

Goals, giving and keeping:  Are your goals what you really want, or some interim step of a larger plan?

There is nothing wrong with working toward an interim step…because it may be the thing you can see from here.

The RV wasn’t really what I wanted, but I did get some things from it.  I also had to accept the bad with the good.  I didn’t like the work that was involved in owning, keeping, storing, maintaining, insuring, etc that was rolled into having the RV….but when I used the RV…it was nice.

I know that this web business is not really what I want to do.  I don’t really LOVE writing web pages.  However, I can see that if I master this business, and really provide enough people with value, then I will meet my goal of detaching income from place, and will be more free to choose where I live and what I do with my time.

…after that I will need a new goal.  Keep the web page going while I work on a new goal of helping more people learn to be happy.

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Global Consciousness

What is GOOD(!?) about high gas prices?

What do high gas prices have to do with global consciousness?  I know that sounds crazy!  High gas prices are a good thing??!?  What I am nuts!??!  Trust me, I AM CRAZY, but only in a good way, and yes I think HIGH gas prices are a GREAT thing…here’s why.

I live in greater Los Angeles and drive about 11 miles (very short!) one way everyday to and from work.

I carpooled for a long while, and then my partner moved.

The bus/train situation I researched and gave a pass to…it didn’t meet my needs.

So, like most people that live here in L.A., I use the awesome freeway system to get to and from work…one dude, one car…you know the American way.

So, now gas prices go up, and they are up significantly.  I judge this because there are a lot fewer cars on the freeway during my drive not only to work…but back home as well.

Granted some of the the change is due to school being out for the summer, but school alone doesn’t account for the dramatic decrease in the volume of traffic.

So, higher gas prices affected the global consciousness of greater L.A.  Higher gas prices affected the global consciousness of California, and the United States and the entire global.  Even sea creatures, Godzilla and the aliens living in Atlantis are affected.

So, why are higher gas prices a good thing?  Because we need to change they way we live.  If we don’t then the planet will be much better off, because Homo Sapiens with have affected their own extinction.

Just think about a place like LA.  I have heard all kinds of proposed solutions to alleviate the traffic problem, but nobody ever proposed higher gas prices.  What a great idea!  Even slow witted old ME, is considering alternate solutions to such an attack on my pocket book.

I am talking to a friend about carpooling…so far, we have not been able to work it out.

We are thinking about getting a Prius Hybrid…44 miles per gallon would be great!  In 2010, Toyota is coming out with a “plug-in” version that I am really waiting to see.

With a plug in hybrid (assuming I have the same job/commute situation) I could, in theory, drive to work without using ANY gas.

Left Coast Motors will convert your gas car into an electric only car.  They also will install the special charging device into your garage.  I looked at this option, but it seems that with the coming of the “plug-in” version of the the hybrid, the charging unit would be obsolete pretty soon.

I thought about trains but LA trains don’t make it to my house…but maybe someday they will.

A motorcycle, bike, or scooter might be a good option, but I have to work out the lack of cargo space for all my gym clothes.

I know there are a lot of bad things about high gas prices, like high cost of food due to transportation cost.

When something so fundamental to our life styles dramatically changes, we have to learn to adapt our global consciousness in order to adjust to the new paradigm…and in the case of our attitudes towards energy, I guess higher gas prices is what it will take.

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Forgive Yourself

“Miracles are natural signs of forgiveness. Through miracles you accept God’s forgiveness by extending it to others.”

–A Course in Miracles (Text)

Choose to Forgive Yourself.  I did, I makes it makes me feel better about me.

I read a book by Dr. Phil called “Self Matters”.  This books suggests that you think about your past and try to figure out if you are unconsciously being held back by memories and beliefs that may or may not be “true”.

If they are true or valid mistakes that I was sorry about, Dr. Phil pointed out that God and the rest of the world doesn’t require me to carry this regret to my grave…I am allowed forgiveness.

It was very helpful for me to re-look over these “stories” from my past to find regrets and beliefs that no longer served me.

For instance, when I was very young…maybe like 5  or 7 years old…my mother caught me playing with a neighbor girl with my pants down…cute huh?

We would take down our pants and kiss….because the older kids thought that was funny or something….they also told us to “finish it”…of course me and the little girl had no clue what they were talking about.

When my mom asked me what we were doing…I’m not sure what I said, but I felt like I lied to her.

Then my big brother used this “lie” to bribe me into doing things I didn’t want to do (which I probably wanted to do anyway!).

Anyway, he would tell me things like:

“If you don’t do this, I will tell mom:  “Finish it!  Finish it!”

My response was:  “NOOOOOOOO!”

That is a silly little childhood story, but I had to acknowledge that “Finish it!”  “NO!” response…because it had taken a seat in my subconscious mind somewhere and was making me believe that I could not finish anything.

“A miracle is a universal blessing from God through me to all my brothers. It is the privilege of the forgiven to forgive.”

–A Course in Miracles (Text)
The importance of identify in self forgiveness remember, that I believe that “I am” only one thing:

I am a focal point of eternal consciousness that remains unchanged forever.

Everything else other than what I am are things I have:

I have a past, I am not my past.

These labels are NOT me:

  • White
  • Male
  • Retired Air Force Master Sergeant
  • IT Guy
  • Husband

They are not me.  These are a set of labels that I have attached to my identity on earth in this life.  This set of labels helps me get work and have a stable home life.

I have some other labels that I could choose to see me myself as that would be less helpful:

  • Lover of Beer
  • Loud at Parties
  • Tobacco user
  • Coffee Drinker

Again, this list of labels are not what I am…but parts of my earth identity that I will have to carry around while I am on earth.  I did not list any really bad labels…I admit I am leaving the worst of my past off of the list.

I could list some labels I don’t have and it would be the same…

  • Felon
  • Sex Offender
  • Rapist
  • Thief
  • Whore

Again, if these labels apply to your past…they are NOT you…they are merely parts of your “earth identity” that you have to live with while you are on earth.

There are other labels that might make one think one is a victim in this world, labels such as:

  • Abused Child
  • Rape Victim
  • Child of Alcoholics
  • Poor
  • Gang Member
  • Addict
  • Sick person

To me, the role that I play on earth is not who I am.

I am a focal point of eternal consciousness that remains unchanged forever.

Here are some helpful labels that I apply to myself.  These help me forgive myself:

  • Sinless
  • Forgiven
  • Eternal
  • Unlimited by Space/Time
  • Loving
  • Kind
  • Generous
  • Ever-expanding
  • Creative

Although my earth identity will be with me until my earth body dies, I can choose to not let it define who I am.  Some of the labels I let go of completely…I can add new ones that I like better.

There are consequences in earthly life.  If you are have the label of “felon”, you will be much more challenged than someone who does not carry that label…but that doesn’t mean you still can’t find inner peace, earthly forgiveness from yourself and others.

There are countless examples of people that were in jail for a long time and forgiven and went on to great success:

  • Rob Lowe had sex with a minor.  Then he made more movies.
  • President Clinton lied to the American People.  He was still in office.
  • Tim Allen was in jail and now makes children’s movies.
  • Mel Gibson spouted racial slurs, and then made more millions.
  • Robert Downy Jr. won an Academy award, went to prison for drug use, and now stars in “Ironman”

Now, you might say, yeah but, those people were famous…to wit…ok then you will just have to become famous to get forgiveness (just kidding).

If you can manage to forgive yourself first, you will be on the road to putting together a life that will let you be at peace with your earthly labels.  Perhaps you can add some new labels that you like better.

Learning to forgive myself boiled down to a few fundamental questions:

Forgive yourself:  Did I choose to be?

Or in other words, did I choose to exist at all in any form?  For now, it seems to me, that I didn’t choose to exist, I just exist.  Participation in existence is mandatory (for all that exist).  If you do not exist, then you are exempt.  :-)

Because I exist and it seems it is not possible for me to un-exist, I might as well learn to forgive myself.

Forgive yourself:  Did I choose to be born?

Yes, I choose to believe that I at some point, I choose to be born. Furthermore, I believe that there was some goal to my current earth- dream-life that included drinking beer and helping people learn to be happy.

I think that when I was a child, I chose to think the opposite, that my parents had inflicted me with “earth” and I would get back at them.

Now, because I believe that I chose this life and everything that happens to me for my own reasons…I accept 100% responsibility for everything that comes into my life…good and bad.  Everything is part of the “Earth lesson plan” that I wrote with God before I was born.

What we are taught is sin is actually an error, that merely requires correction.

Forgive yourself:  What about free will?

Free will is why I am able to make errors.  Although the broad strokes of my life were written down before I was born, the day-to-day details are the choices left to me.

The plan contains goals and big events, but I still have choices to make in the NOW that will determine what happens to me on earth.

I find it an essential part of forgiving myself that I freely wanted to come to earth.  I have no one else to blame for my earthly experience outside of myself.

Forgive yourself:  Am I a victim?

Victim is a label that describes a role in the stories of earth.  I choose to reject this label, because I would only be saying that I chose to be a victim to myself…why would I want to be a victim?

Since I choose to believe that I created (and continue to create) the story of my life, if I ever feel “someone else” is making me a victim…I eventually remember that it was part of my plan on earth…

…that “someone else” was just doing his/her part in my dream to help teach me something that I want to learn.

If you carry the “victim” label, I don’t mean to belittle anything that you suffered.  But I offer that you can choose to blame your attacker and let that BE part of you, or you can forgive your attacker and stop playing the role of victim.

You may not be responsible for the attack on you, but you are responsible for how you live with and respond to that attack.

Forgive yourself:  Is it ok for me to Forgive myself?

Yes, it is ok for me to forgive myself.  Getting over my past is an ongoing effort.  I am much improved from years past, but I still have work to do.

I have learned to forgive myself.  “A Course in Miracles” suggests that once I realize that nothing on earth affects reality or GOD or what “I am” in anyway…forgiveness of oneself becomes a matter of letting go of your past.

This web site most likely will not help you learn to forgive yourself and others all alone…I am just letting you know that you can do it…that there is help out there and I am just pointing the way.

You can choose to be the person that shows up in your life and says:  “I forgive you…I love you.”   You can choose to forgive yourself.

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Follow your Bliss

But what if my “bliss” is to eat cookies??!?

Joesph Campbell is quoted saying:  “Follow your bliss” in order to find your life’s work…but what if my bliss is drinking beer and watching TV all day? So, if I drink beer and watch TV, I will find my life’s purpose?  I think there must be more to “follow your bliss” than just do whatever you want to do.

I am still “following my bliss” but that doesn’t mean that I think I have found my perfect job yet…and even when I do find a job that is more fun, I will still do things I don’t like to do…so what are we really talking about?

I know this is a recurring theme, but I will say it again…I think it’s important to seek inside yourself to find “your happy place” before you start to try to follow your bliss in day-to-day life.

If you are happy, then your current vocation, however un-blissfull it may seem at the time, won’t bother you.  You will learn that whatever job you are working now….is ok, just not perfect.  And really, isn’t that great!  I don’t want to work the same job for my whole life…yuck!

That is not to say that you shouldn’t follow your bliss, only that your bliss is inside you…that’s why you can follow it…it is in you.  If your bliss was outside of you in the “day to day” world then Joseph Campbell would have said “find your bliss” or “seek your bliss”…

…but he said follow your bliss, like your bliss is a dog on a lease that can smell out your next thing to do.

I agree that I want to create a more fulfilling and exciting way to make money (hey writing this web page is a lot more fun than my current job), and at the same time I accept that my web business is still a work in progress and that I still have bills to pay…

…so I will keep the job until the business makes money.

Now, even when my web business takes off and I can quit my job, I won’t be done doing the “follow your bliss” thing.  The web page will create new opportunities to travel, meet new people, join new groups and work in a completely new way…

…but I won’t be done, I will come up with some new goal and eventually the web page will be done and I will move onto the next thing in my life.

Oh yeah, I don’t think it is written in stone that there is one thing or a list of things you need to do in order to fulfill your “destiny” while you are on earth.  You get to fill in the blank with what you WANT to do.

Another important point about the idea of “follow your bliss” is that you should take the idea of money out of the equation when deciding what you want to do.

When I was younger and I was trying to figure out what to do to make money, I came up with a lot of ideas, but none of the ideas seemed all that exciting.  I made my goal:  “I need money….what can I do?”

Now, I want to say, I want to get excited about writing web pages that help people learn to be happy and I think I can make money doing that.

I put the “excited” part first, and then the money will follow.

The “system” and your parents and a lot of people will tell you that you need to make money, and of course you do…but you should always be working towards doing something that you want to do for free and keep trying to come up with ways that you can make money doing something that you enjoy doing.

How do I know if what I am doing is “the right path”?

1.  There is really is no right path beyond what you say is the right path.
You get to fill in the blank with what makes you excited.

2.  If you are excited to do the thing for free (this web page doesn’t make money yet…but I get up a 4:00 am every day to write…I like it!)

3.  If what you are doing provides value to others…eventually, they will return the value to you in the form of money or other gifts.

There are a few ideas I like to keep in mind while I do the “follow your bliss” thing.

  1. Detach from outcome.
  2. Don’t get hooked or addicted to the activity

De-attach from outcome:  Deepak Chopra has a wonderful way of saying you walk toward your goal…you keep looking at the goal and you walk towards it.  Then you don’t care if you get there….your job is to be happy walking.

You are always going to have a goal, as you finish things, you will start walking toward the next goal…there is always something new to do.

This way you won’t end up like Brett Favre.  He retired from football in March, but now he wants to play again.  My guess is that he found his bliss, he thinks the bliss is outside of himself…it’s not.

He doesn’t need to play football to be happy, but he is hooked on a feeling that he doesn’t think he can get doing anything else.

I just retired from the Air Force after 20 years.  I have to admit that I was running for retirement.  I loved the Air Force, but I was done.  And even though I did have a lot of fun in the Air Force, I was very much looking forward to doing something new.

I got a job as a civilian…working for the Air Force!  It’s like I really never retired…but the job is better than the Air Force was in a lot of was…and not as cool in other ways.  The important thing is that I learned to be happy without be attached to a job or an Air Force life style.

Brett Favre LOVEs playing football…but he will have to quit someday, time to look inside and find that the bliss is not the game, but the quite cheerleader inside you watching you succeed.

Brett doesn’t need to play football to be happy…just keeping loving life and giving your joy to people…and follow your bliss.

Follow your bliss take away bullets

  • Find your bliss first (It’s inside you)
  • Be happy now with whatever your doing
  • Make a goal to do something that excites you…that you would love doing for free
  • Keep working on providing value while doing that thing that excites you
  • Don’t worry about what happens…just make sure your still excited
  • If your not excited, get a new activity
  • Remember the activity is not your bliss…your bliss just leads the way.
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Effects of Sleep Deprivation

The effects of sleep deprivation cause fundamental issues that create challenges for you in areas ranging from weight gain, impaired brain function, inability to handle stress, impaired immune system, and generally decreases your overall state of well-being.

Effects of Sleep Deprivation – Weight Gain

Weight gain is not one of the widely known effects of sleep deprivation that most people think about.  I have experienced this as a cycle.  When my weight increases, my quality of sleep decreases and vice versa.

Proper diet and exercise aid in improving the overall quality of sleep…and the opposite is also the case. Improve your quality of sleep, and you have an improved ability to eat less and exercise.

It turns out that production of hormones that affect appetite are among the effects of sleep deprivation:

“While leptin is a hormone that affects our feelings of fullness and satisfaction after a meal, ghrelin is the hormone that stimulates our appetites.

When you suffer from sleep deprivation, your body’s levels of leptin fall while ghrelin levels increase. This means that you end up feeling hungrier without really feeling satisfied by what you eat, causing you to eat more and, consequently, gain weight.”


These hormones are throughly covered in the book that I am using for my diet and exercise plan called “You – on a diet”.

You can start on either end of this cycle to gain the benefits of good sleep…or both.  If you get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis it will make eating less becomes easier…

…if you eat less and exercise you will automatically sleep better.

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Effects of Sleep Deprivation – Overall Well-being

The effects of sleep deprivation are responsible for a fundamental shift in our bodies overall state of well-being.  Our bodies are much less complicated than the our mind, heart, and spirit…

…your body is fundamentally concerned with eating, SLEEPING, eliminating, and pro-creating…there are levels of complexity under each of these categories of course, but if you focus on the fundamentals, the details tend to take care of themselves.

This is a short list of the effect of sleep deprivation on your overall state of health:

* depression
* heart disease
* hypertension
* irritability
* slower reaction times
* slurred speech
* tremors

(list quoted from here)

Effects of Sleep Deprivation – Impaired Brain Function

We have all experienced the “mental fog” of an “all-niter”…we stayed up all night for something very important…and life is like that sometimes, emergencies happen.  When you fall into a pattern of low-quality sleep…you become accustomed to a lower level of overall mental alertness that will start to feel like your normal state.

Your ability to make decisions is one the most prominent effect of sleep deprivation…I have felt this in my life.  When I am tired and need sleep, my wife can win any argument, because I will agree to anything as long as she let’s me sleep.

At work, you brain’s ability to produce creative solutions to problems is another effect of sleep deprivation.  Your brain is working overtime just to keep you awake.  How can you expect to solve that elusive problem at work if you are always thinking about the next caffeine and sugar boost?

I have also experienced a inability to focus or concentrate when I don’t get enough sleep…think about the last time you had to sit through a staff meeting at work…were you awake and aware?…completely focused on the topic at hand and participating fully in the discussion?

Or were you “zoned out” or maybe even working desperately to fight the urge to nod off…I have done the “nod off” at many staff meetings…that is not the best way to stay employed or become employee of the month!  ;-)

Effects of Sleep Deprivation – Handle Stress

Another effect of sleep deprivation is an impaired ability to deal with stress…

This becomes really obvious when we try to push ourselves to drive longer than we should without sleeping…this can be a huge safety issue as well.

When you are tired, your mode can range from a little grumpy or cranky all the way up to violent…your bodies ability to deal with stressful situations is greatly impaired when deprived of quality sleep…

…your body is expending most of it’s energy just keeping your body moving and awake…so that limits your ability to decide whether or not you really disagree with someone or…you just “can’t deal with this right now”.

Effects of Sleep Deprivation – Immune System

I sleep pretty well these days…I have generally sleep well for the last 4 years or so…I have not taken a sick day off of work is those four years.

An impaired immune system is another effect of sleep deprivation.

When we sleep, our bodies use the time to create more chemicals and hormones that naturally boost our immune system…when you deprive your body of sleep you deprive your body of the time to create these chemicals.

The result is a body who’s immune system is not firing on all cylinders.  So if you are sick often…perhaps you are suffering from this effect of sleep deprivation.

Link to Current Health Articles

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Eckhart Tolle pt2

“The Flowering of Human Consciousness” DVD is a two DVD set…so he gets two pages…maybe more…who knows.

Eckhart Tolle: He brings presence…or awareness without thought

When he comes to the stage, he sits there for a little while without speaking…THAT’s cool!

Without saying anything “his presence” shows up and he silently states without words:

“I am here now with you”

Then he explains that “words” are coming and that the words are less important than the silent presence between the words.

There are many people that go to all his talks…he doesn’t say much that is new…but they just enjoy being in his presence…it is calming and healthy to be around this dude.

This is what I am trying to do with this web page…bring the idea of presence through to you.

Since I am not physically present with you now, you could think about your own presence for a few moments…to honor Eckhart and me.

Humor me please…just stop reading, close your eyes for a few moments and take a few deep breaths and try to quite your mind and accept NOW as is…

…I’ll wait…

NOW don’t you feel better!

Eckhart Tolle:   He taps directly into the deep well and talks from it…the words are merely pointers.

The deep well is what like to call Universal Knowledge.  We all tap into the deep well of knowledge all the time everyday…Eckhart has just really developed his skill to a highly effective peaceful presence transmission system.

You can’t help feel something when you watch this video.  I’m sure there are a lot of folks that don’t like what they feel when they watch the video…and they don’t know why the don’t like it.

Eckhart says that the words he uses to speak about the “spaciousness” and “stillness” are merely pointers to what is being transmitted.  The idea is actually impossible to think about while thinking with a divided mind…so the best that people like Eckhart (and me) is to point at the answer.

This is why teachers throughout time can’t speak plainly about the truth…as soon as you utter a sound…the truth is gone.  As soon as you think a though…the truth moves…

…the truth is still, silent, aware, and alive…with all the knowledge of space and time within it…without form…but these words are not the truth…they merely point at the truth.

…if you want to experience the truth try this exercise:

–  Ask yourself “WHAT” you are until you get to things you don’t “possess” or “Have”.

For example…most people think they are a “human being”…and just leave it that…

I will tell you my answer and how I got there…it’s not a test.

What am I?—-A human being.

What does a human have?—A body, a mind, things, thoughts, emotions, memories, will, desires, dreams, soul, spirit, ideas, etc.

What is a human?  An animal, an earth creature, a physical presence, a thinker, a doer, a perceiver, a knower…a self-aware entity.

Do you have a self-aware entity?   ahh…no…I think that is what “I am”.

Silent knowledge that “we are” is our true identity…without thought, words, sound or form…just silent and still “I am” – ness.

I am this presence.

You are this presence.

So Eckhart Tolle (and me too I hope!) bring the idea of YOU back to YOU.

Eckhart Tolle:   His flower metaphor for awareness without thought is wonderful

I am a lover of nature and plants…when I am outside with my quite buddies…I am in my happy place.

Plants are a great story of silent and still presence…there they are…living without thinking…they respond to threats…sure, but they don’t get confused about what they are…lucky for them.

Eckhart has a flower on stage with him and he refers to its still and silent “being” as a pointer to the true beauty of our own truth.

This reminds me of a quote I found online somewhere…I don’t remember who said it and I will have to paraphrase but it goes something like

“Forgiveness is the fragrance given by the flower to the boot that crushed it.”

Eckhart Tolle:   Stuck in the mud metaphor

Eckhart told a little story about two people who are stuck in the mud.

The first person is not accepting NOW AS IS…

– He rejects the fact that he is stuck in mud (kinda like people that are angry in traffic)

– He violently thrashes about in the mud trying to escape the mud…he can’t accept now as is.

– He is exhausted and finally, he dies in the mud.

The second person accepts NOW AS is…and immediately faces the fact that he is stuck in mud.

– He remains still and thinks….hmmm…here I am…stuck in mud….I don’t like it…but I accept it.

– Ok…what should I do?

– Well…I should be still, perhaps, someone will come by and find me, or perhaps, the wind will blow a branch my way from that tree…

The point of the story is…that accepting NOW AS IS…doesn’t mean you are not going to do anything about the situation…but merely asking you to face facts as they are…and not to identify yourself with the situation, or you use the situation to add to the story of you….just accepting NOW AS is…will most likely serve you better than any sort of rejecting of NOW as it is.

…feel what you feel about it…and act to change the situation if you want to.

As you can tell, I like Eckhart Tolle, so I will watch more videos and or read one of his books and then tell you about that as well.

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Eckhart Tolle pt1

I just watched a DVD by Eckhart Tolle called “The flowering of Human Consciousness”.  Mr. Tolle is a wonderful coach on consciousness.

Eckhart Tolle:  The basket metaphor

He asks us to imagine that we identify ourselves as a basket.  We created the basket in our minds.  We are born, and soon after that we create a “basket” and start filling the basket with “content”.

Content is everything that we experience is our lives.  Our thoughts, desires, emotions, and our life experiences.

It seems to me a part of the system of life is that you must go through a period in which you believe that you ARE the basket and the contents.

You ARE your past, your thoughts, and your “accumulated knowledge”.

Eckhart suggests that what you really ARE is the “spaciousness” that surrounds the basket.

After you realize you ARE NOT the basket…but more the silent space around the basket…you can begin your journey of “waking up” to your true identity.

Obviously, I am paraphrasing here, but the simplicity of the idea really struck me enough to want to share the idea right away.

I have believed the same idea (and written about it in the past!) so, I don’t feel like I am stealing his idea (HA!), but merely sharing some of his pointers.

The basket is similar to the idea of people living life as if there is a “hole” in them that needs to be filled.

Then people spend time filling in the hole with endless content:  jobs, career, education, knowledge, purpose, causes, wars, toys, concerts, friends, lovers, pets, nations, peace processes, major defense programs, plays, movies, knick nacks, coupons, breakfast cereals, fruit bats, flowers, meditation…

…you get the idea.

…there is nothing wrong with any of the above enjoyments…you just need to realize that all of the above fits in your basket…and YOU will still remain the silent “space” that surrounds and pervades the basket and all the content.

You are not changed by the basket or its contents in any way.

If the basket tears, thats ok.

If someone takes something from your basket…you remain unchanged.

You can have a basket, and let things and ideas and experiences flow in and out of it, just remember you are NOT the basket.

Eckhart Tolle:  Embracing NOW

I often think to myself…what is the best way to greet someone who I think “gets it”…everything that I write about.

I think the best way to greet someone like that is to greet them with love and silence…not an endless barrage of questions.

Eckhart Tolle really lets everyone at his talks sink into to the silent embrace of NOW.  It is a really beautiful moment to witness a large group of people being largely silent…and occasionally laughing.

One idea that struck me during Eckhart’s talk was how he so easily described “the field of NOW” and how everything occurs in the field of NOW.

If you think about what you want to do later…you are thinking about it NOW.

If you think about the past…you have to do it NOW.

I have said similar things, such as space and time are illusions (which of course they are)…I just really dug the way he pointed out that NOW is the only time there is is…and just left it that.

When I tell people that space and time are illusions (which of course they are)…people kind of shut me off…like I’m a crazy person (which I am…but I’m getting better).

So, Eckhart Tolle’s pointer is much cleaner than my pointer….no one learns much from CRAZY people…so I should try new pointers to help people learn to embrace the NOW.

Eckhart Tolle:  Learning to accept everything without identifying with it.

Once you realize that you ARE NOT the basket…you might HAVE a basket of a story of your life that you created…but it is NOT YOU…..then you can begin to learn to accept everything that arises in your life and let it be and accept the fact that it has shown up.After you accept its being, then you can respond to it as necessary.  This is different from reacting to it.

…in other words…if something shows up in your life and you don’t like it…you might not want to accept it all and try to deny it is here.

…if you first choose to allow it to be and let it go…it will come, be for a while and then go…don’t worry some new idea or form or thing will come along after that one is gone.

The best you can do is to embrace its being and accept it that it showed up…if you don’t like it…don’t worry…it will be gone before you know it….let it go.

If you like it…enjoy it while it lasts…and then thank it for showing up and let it go…don’t worry, there will be something new that you like coming very soon.

Eckhart Tolle:  Learning to use the power of YES

I have started using the power of YES as my default answer to most questions people ask me.  Sometimes, I still feel my EGO trying to tell me to SCREAM NO…and of course, I can still choose what I want…but in a very general way, I WANT to say YES to the universe and the people in my life.

It seems to me that YES is so much more useful than NO!  Why deny the fact that something showed up.  If it here…and you don’t like it…at least acknowledge with a YES…you did show up again…and I still don’t like you.

Eckhart Tolle:  Learning to feel what “NO” feel like

You know what “NO” feels like…it feels like a “constriction” in your chest. Eckhart used a great idea of a person in a traffic jam: “the bane existence” for a lot of people.Imagine you are in a traffic jam.  Why are you upset?  You are upset because you are in traffic…but not moving.  You are are saying NO! to what NOW is presenting to you.

This is really insane when you think about it.

I live in greater L.A. right now…I know that there is a parking lot pretending to be a freeway everyday waiting for me at the end of my day.

So if I choose to get on the 405 and try to drive south at 4-5 pm during the week…hmmm guess what…traffic.  So I raise my fists and and get angry and curse the DAY and get stressed out.


I can take my bike to work…


I can take the surface streets to get home….less direct, but I move.


I can take the bus…takes longer, but I can read.

better than all of these…work from home…or live close to work.

OR accept that the you are choosing to be in traffic.  I find that the 405 can be quite peaceful if I embrace the journey.  I am alone and it is relatively quite…at least no one is asking me questions…hey I even have AC!

When you feel a constriction in your chest…that is a warning to let you know that you are not accepting NOW as it is.

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Eckhart Tolle A New Earth

This is one of my favorite books.  Eckhart does a wonderful job explaining what is happening inside me that I just had to share my thoughts and insights.

Eckhart Tolle A New Earth:  The Ego

Tolle defines the ego as “identification with form”.  Form in this case, means any kind of form, such as, a thought form, your physical body, or even physical objects that you consider “yours” or “mine” and therefore part of your identity.

When you are completely identified with form, you take everything personally…

…I saw an excellent example of a person that was completely identified with form the other day while driving home from work.

…First a driver in the left lane slowly attempted to change lanes without looking to see if there was another car there already…turns out there was…

…The man that was there had to avoid him and in doing so almost hit another car in the right lane…no one hit anyone…

…but the driver in the middle lane took great offense in this…and went into a rage.  He drove through the signal, and blocked the way of the offensive driver…who was able to get by the raging man on the right side…(I was watching with curious interest hoping I didn’t catch any rage!)

…The raging man threw a bottle of Armour All at the offensive driver as he drove by…but the bottle didn’t hit it’s target…then the raging man got out of this car to pick up his Armour All and then drove away.

Ok, so the offensive driver is guilty of inattentive driving…but it was not a personal attack on the raging man…he was merely inattentive…which is something most people are guilty of quite often while driving.

The man that raged was totally identified with form…he KNOWs he IS his body, driving in HIS CAR…his car is extension of HIM or part of who is is…it’s reality in his mind has identified a possession as part of his being…so naturally an attack on his car, is like attacking his body, which is attacking him personally.

Tolle says that when he identify with form of any kind we are unconscious.

Well, you are probably saying…ok…so if I am not my body and my things, and my thoughts and my past…that the heck am I Mr. Smarty Conscious guy??!?

Well, I think you (and me and everyone else) are the awareness, or presence, or stillness that allows you to think, and have sense perceptions…that is who you are…you have thoughts, emotions, stuff, and a body…but those things ARE NOT you.

Eckhart Tolle A New Earth:   The Pain Body.

The pain body is a made up idea by Eckhart…I really like it.  Sure it’s a made up idea of entity that doesn’t actually exist…but it is a clever way to think about how people act unconsciously.

If you have a moment check out this video that talks about the pain body a little bit:

“Any negative emotion that is not fully faced and seen for what it is in
the moment it arises does not completely dissolve. … The energy field of old but still very-much alive emotion that lives in almost every human being is the pain-body” (p. 141–142)

Think of the pain body as an entity that lives in your body…It is not always active for most people, but when it activates it completely takes over your reactions to events in your external experience.

The pain body is partly made up of your own personal old pain energy trapped in your body.  Is is also partly made of of shared pain energy that is shared by all humans.

When a the pain body sees an opportunity to feed itself on pain being caused or endured…it will activate.  It doesn’t just love pain (to give and get pain) is also can feed on any negative low-frequency emotional vibration…fear, anger, worry, doubt, guilt, and kind of negative energy.

Take a moment today, and see if you see an example of pain bodies in “active mode” like my raging driver…it is easier to see a pain body in another person than it is in yourself…

When your own pain body activates, you are going to have to learn to catch it before it can take over.  Feel the emotion and learn to bring awareness and just become still and stop doing or talking or thinking and just watch the emotion…don’t listen to story or the other person or the memory

…just get in touch with your inner body and try to feel the pain body trying to wake up…

…with practice you can learn to catch it before it does damage…another good idea is to take a walk or go somewhere and do 5 minutes of stretching or yoga or something to release the built up emotional energy…let it out or you will just be dealing with it again.

Eckhart Tolle A New Earth:   Role-Playing.

“What really matters is not what function you fulfill in this world, but whether you identify with your function to such an extent that it takes you over and becomes a role that you play. When you play roles you are unconscious. When you catch yourself playing a role, that recognition creates a space between you and the role” (p. 90)

We all play many many roles…the roles are NOT us…but we tend to identify with the role that we play…

…I am a Retired USAF Master Sergeant

…I am a doctor

…I am a loser


When in truth you those are functions that you perform mostly in an unconsciouss way.

I have gotten better at just being me and not identifying with my functions…in my past I remember being a completely different person depending on the function that I was performer and the situation that I was in…

…sort of like a mild version of sciztophrenia…and much more common and acceptable…

When we think we ARE are roles and functions, then we think that a person with a more elevated role…boss, manager, big shot…is better than a janitor, bus boy, taxi driver etc…

…we are all human being (or I like being human)…regardless of what roles we play.

This video is about relationships…but he does talk about roles

Eckhart Tolle A New Earth:   Awakened Doing

There are three modes of awakened doing: acceptance,
enjoyment and enthusiasm.

“Each one represents a certain vibrational frequency of consciousness.
You need to be vigilant to make sure that one of them operates whenever you are engaged in doing anything at all—from the most simple task to the most complex. If you are not in the state of either acceptance, enjoyment, or enthusiasm, look closely and you will find that you are creating suffering for yourself and others” (p. 295).

Let’s look at each mode…

Eckhart Tolle A New Earth:   Acceptance

“Whatever you cannot enjoy doing, you can at least accept that this is what you have to do.  Acceptance means: For now, this is what this situation, this moment, requires me to do, and so I do it willingly. … Performing an action in the state of acceptance means you are at peace while you do it. … If you can neither enjoy nor bring acceptance to what you do—stop. Otherwise, you are not taking responsibility for the only thing you can really take responsibility for, which also happens to be one thing that really matters: your state of consciousness” (p. 296).

Acceptance for me, is sometimes the best I can hope to do when I am doing something that I don’t enjoy, but still must do…

…traffic in L.A. is an wonderful example…I work everyday with folks that complain about the traffic…

…they think I am crazy when I tell them I enjoy the quiet time alone…on the freeway trying to get home in bumper bumper slow moving traffic…

…why not accept it or even enjoy it?  One can sit and look around…pay attention to driving and still enjoy the quiet tranquility…it quiet nice…

…I should move traffic down to the next mode!

The first level of awakened doing is acceptance, so if you can’t enjoy driving in traffic you can learn to accept it.

Right now, my work is rather slow, so there is quiet a bit of down time.  I need to find things to do, this sometimes makes for a long day…

…Aha!  I have found something that I don’t like to accept…boredom.

To curb this, I get up and walk around and look for someone to help, or at least take a break and maybe just move my body, go outside, have a water cooler chat, doesn’t really matter…just need to change whatever it is I am doing…or better yet…

…take a minute or two to shift my awareness to my breath and reconnect to stillness…and accept now “AS IS”.

In A New Earth, Tolle suggest you make a list and:

“Include activities that you may consider uninteresting, boring, tedious,  irritating, or stressful.  But don’t include anything that you hate or detest doing. That’s a case either for acceptance or for stopping what you do. The list may include traveling to and from work, buying groceries, doing your laundry, or anything that you find tedious or stressful in your daily work. Then, when-
ever you are engaged in those activities, let them be a vehicle for alertness. Be absolutely present in what you do and sense the alert, alive stillness within you in the background of the activity” (p. 299).

Eckhart Tolle A New Earth:  Enjoyment

Once you have learned to accept doing things on such as list, if you can learn to bring awareness to them…you may find enjoyment in those activities…like me enjoying freeway traffic!

The second level of Awakened Doing is Enjoyment…

…granted you still have choices…there will be things that you don’t completely enjoy doing…

…the first question to ask yourself is “Must I do this?” and if you must then you will need to bring awareness and stillness into the activity and learn to accept it…

…you might answer “no, I don’t really need to do this” and so you can stop doing it and do something else…

…there is nothing wrong with consciously saying no to an activity…

A great example from my life was at a Christmas party this year…I wanted to be at the party, but the house was very noisy with children and people chatting…

I left the house because it was quiet outside.

At this party, I didn’t drive and my wife and her girlfriends were having a really great time, so I had to stay…it took me a little while to accept this, because I was also tired…eventually I fell asleep on the couch watching a movie.

In this situation, if I would have had the option of leaving I would have left…but since I didn’t, I took steps to accept the situation…by getting away from the noise and eventually taking a little snooze, I was able to accept the situation.

I did enjoy some of this party, it was just a little too loud for my taste and I would have preferred to have left a little bit earlier…

…I had a wonderful time talking to some new people and playing with the children.

Eckhart Tolle A New Earth:   Enthusiasm

The last level of awakened doing is Enthusiasm…this is when not only do you accept and enjoy what you are doing…but you bring a new level of inspired energy to the doing.We have all been enthused to do something in our lives…and we know it feels great…how great would it be to spend most of you daily life in a state of enthusiasm?

I think that would be just about as good as life can get on earth…imagine walking up everyday…enthused to go about your daily work…

There are people out that do this everyday…they enjoy their work to the point of enthusiasm…not only are they interested in the activity…they are inspired.

Most books of this type talk about “enlightenment” but they leave off what you do when you are supposedly enlightened…but this book tells you…you work through the levels of Awakened Doing and find the things that you can bring enthusiasm.

Link to Consciousness Coaches

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Deja Vu

Most of my experiences of deja vu have come from dreams…but I can’t say all of them started that way.

I consider this experience to represent a nod or a wink from the universe (my higher-self or my spirit guides). I have a whole team of spirit guides. Generally they are yelling at me to put down the remote and to get back to work. Or they might say…how about you put down that beer and write a new web page…I have started to listen to them!

So, for instance, I will notice things a little more, and the universe will conspires to have me see things more often…more than the (reticular activating system?…I think so) like the Fibonacci numbers. I thought they were interesting. A while a ago, I posted a video to my home page that included some information pertaining to Fibonacci numbers.

Then, while reading about “Lost” the TV show, I stumbled about more information about the Fibonacci numbers…then later that day…I watched an episode of “Fringe” which featured more information about…you guessed it…Fibonacci numbers…most people would say this is just coincidence…to which I would same…OF COURSE it is. Then again most folks don’t know what coincidence really means.

Coincidence really means when angles coincide…or match perfectly! Which is completely opposite to what most people take as just random, meaningless events that happen to look the same.

This Fibonacci number thing…could be nothing, or something very small…but I have learned to pay attention to this paranormal activity…and follow the white rabbit…

Deja Vu:  In Childhood

My childhood memories are peppered with such experiences.  Most of the memories are of re-lived situations and little conversations when I would recognize a pattern in the situation or conversation, and then have the choice of playing my part,or saying or doing something new and different than I remembered I did.  Sometimes I didn’t have a part to play and just would wait for the next person to say their line, and think…WOW!  That was weird.

Deja Vu:  Sceptic’s View

I consider myself the ultimate sceptic, in that I don’t believe anything that I perceive to be anything more than a solid a slowing moving and seemingly persistent dream.

The world of sceptics view this as another easily explained away experience, generally saying that the experience is merely weakly encoded memories, so when something similar happens again, you feel weird, because this time, you are paying more attention and your brain is filling gaps that creates this weird feeling of having pre-knowledge of an event that is happening for the first time.

For all I know, that could be true.  I can’t prove it one way or another, so I choose to have fun with this experience!  Why not!?!  Most Deja Vu experiences are little more than meaningless little conversations anyway, so where is the harm of taking a novel view on an experience?

Then again, with hindsight, perhaps at another level, Deja Vu happens for a reason, and there might be a bread crumb to follow if you care to take the open view.

I can also say that at the same time, I have experienced more Deja Vu when I was in a more “magical” frame of mind.  Looking back at those times, when all of this sort of thinking was new, I definitely was looking more closely at everything that happened, and looking for connections.

So, sure that can happen, most definitely…our thoughts create our reality, so if we are thinking about Deja Vu and how cool it is, then we experience more of that.  I suppose a sceptic would call that “self-fulling prophecy” and they would be right.

Deja Vu:  Time is An Illusion

Einstein and modern day physicists stated quite clearly that time is an illusion…that in reality it is just a tool to help us keep appointments.  In reality, there is only NOW.

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”

- Albert Einstein

Since this seems to be true (or close enough), there is no reason why we can’t access information from a likely future as easily as we can recall memories of the past, because the past and the future are nothing more than thoughts.

We have been conditioned to believe that we can only remember the past, but perhaps Deja Vu is a spontaneous realization that we can access information from a future (or create it for that matter) and then experience that “memory” or “thought pattern” in the present moment.

Some of my experiences of Deja Vu were so vivid that I KNEW what the next line was going to be in a conversation, sometimes, I would whisper the next word to myself, then hear it and smile.

Return from Deja Vu to Paranormal Phenomena

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Current Health Articles

These current health articles deal with the four fundamentals of your body’s health: Eating, sleeping, eliminating, and pro-creating.  If you deal with the fundamentals, the details take care of themselves.

Feb 2012 – My current health is much improved this year…Near the end of last year, I stumbled upon some videos on YouTube showing people who looked amazing after completing a Juice Fast.

A juice fast (or sometimes called a juice feast) refers to a short period of time when all one consumes is home made juice…

My Juice Fast is a ten-day period…(which begins 21 Feb) that will include 4 days of only home made juices using fruits, veggies and herbs…artfully destroyed in my juicer…the other days of the ten-day period include , fruit, salads, and cooked veggies…

What is not included is meat, dairy, processed foods… I will also forgo nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine during the reboot…

The energy and overall improvement in my health and well-being outweighs the downsides of withdrawals symptoms and fighting off cravings…follow along with the fun on my podcast:

Shift Cast #54 Juice Fast Reboot

Shift Cast #55 Juice Reboot Prep

Keep up with all the fun stuff by subscribing to my newsletter…get acesss to freebies (coming soon)…

Current Health Articles:  How Does Stress Affect Health?

Two thirds of all medical issues may be related to stress. Stress affects cognitive functions, behavior, emotions, and physical health. Does this story sound familiar to you?…

Current Health Articles:  How to deal with Stress

How to deal with stress…stress is cause by hormones that build up due to a fear trigger fight or flight response…learn to deal with stress by changing your exercise, diet, meditation, breathing and your beliefs.

Current Health Articles:  YOU on a diet

Hey this is new for me…I found a diet that is not really a diet at all, it is called “You on a diet”…and it teaches you how to eat the right foods, and do EASY works outs…that REALLY WORK.

..i.e. walk 30 minutes everyday…and work out to a video for 20 minutes every other day at home or where ever you happen to be…you don’t need anything but your body and the video…after you memorize the video you don’t need that either…

…oh yeah…the video is free as well, along with a diet plan for two weeks, shopping list, and recipes…all free on the web page..but you should probably at least get the book…

..I got it used for about $12.50…it’s available on Amazon for less than that, and you could check the local library as well.

The book tells you why your body works this way and is FUNNY and sensible…no measuring food, no counting calories, no silly will power…if you are hungry EAT…just eat the right food.

I am excited about this program…I feel like I can make it work to feel better and shrink my waist…all the while increasing my health consciousness.

Current Health Articles:  The Effects of Sleep Deprivation

The effects of sleep deprivation cause fundamental issues that create challenges for you in areas ranging from weight gain, impaired brain function, inability to handle stress, impaired immune system, and generally decreases your overall state of well-being.

Current Health Articles:  Benefits of Sleep

The benefits of sleep are as important as those of eating, breathing and drinking…if you don’t sleep, you will die sooner than with sleep.  There are many positive benefits of sleep that most folks are not aware of…including weight loss, memory, concentration, reduced stress, improved immunity.

Current Health Articles:  How to Sleep Better

Sleep is primary to health and well being…your body does four primary things…eats, sleeps, eliminates, and pro-creates…if you focus on how to sleep better and how to eat better the last two work themselves out quite nicely.

Alternatives For Better Health Personal development site teaching the benefits of herbalism,ayurveda, aromatherapy and other forms of healing to create better health, happiness and well-being.

Health as Expanding Consciousness a web page written by Dr. Margaret Newman. Her Theory and treatment method are very intriguing.

“…The theory asserts that every person in every situation, no matter how disordered and hopeless it may seem, is part of the universal process of expanding consciousness – a process of becoming more of oneself, of finding greater meaning in life, and of reaching new dimensions of connectedness with other people and the world.”

…oh yeah…the ebb and flow of our physical health is part of the universal expansion of consciousness…of course…how cool is that?

I have believed and lived this as if it were a fact for a few years…but that I didn’t think I would ever hear someone with a Ph’d write those words so eloquently.

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Consciousness Shift Introduction

Welcome the Consciousness shift of humanity!  Consciousness is infused throughout your entire being: body, heart, mind, and spirit.  This introduction will guide you through my experiences with the consciousness shift.

Consciousness Shift Introduction

Holographic Universe

Similar to fractals, Holograms have a nature that is impossible to divide without finding a smaller version of the whole image…

…Science has not embraced this idea, but it is still quite fascinating to open your mind to the idea that the universe may be a giant hologram…or a real life version of “The Matrix”…without the killer robots, and less kung fu!

Consciousness Shift: What is Consciousness?

What is consciousness…That is an interesting question…consciousness seems to be a topic of much popular discussion today.  There are all kinds of efforts aimed at “raising consciousness” or “expanding consciousness”…but did one ever stop to think just what the hell “consciousness” is?

As usual, I don’t presume to know the answer…but as Trinity said to Neo…”It’s the question that drives us…” ;-)

Consciousness Shift:  Body Consciousness

The most straight-forward and fundamental consciousness shift you can undertake is that of the body.  This includes the obvious areas directly related to the health and fitness of your body.

A system of diet and exercise is where to start…you can try the plan that I use called  “You on a diet”, or you can try one that is right for you…

A less obvious part of body is a plan to provide for all of your body’s needs, while staying true to the mind, heart, and spirit…

…this means creating a plan to make money in a way that your mind is enthusiastic towards…

At the same time, your heart must be passionate about your plan, in order to insure you are truly doing what your heart loves to do.

Your spirit wants to give, and create value…so your plan must also take into account delivering value to others in a meaning way.

Consciousness Shift:  Mind Consciousness

Areas of the mind involve skills, talents, and knowledge that you will need in order to help you grow towards providing ever-increasing value to the world….these too are important for your personal consciousness shift.

When you find something you love to do, you may have potential talents, but potential isn’t a real talent until you hone all the knowledge and skills involved in making the results you produce highly valuable to the world.

You will need to pursue education, training and self growth to develop your abilities and potential into true talents…

…this means everything under the sun…read books, listen to CDs and MP3s, attend training seminars, take a college course, get a degree…whatever it takes…do it.

Don’t think you MUST follow all the paths to completion just because you started…you remember to follow your heart…

Consciousness Shift:  Heart Consciousness

Of all four areas, this is the key component, and many times the most difficult area to truly fulfill…it is really a life long growth process.  Your heart asks you every moment of your life: “Is this what I truly WANT to be doing?  Do I love doing this?

Once you find an honest “YES” answer to this question, keep doing more of that…then learn what skills and knowledge you will need to develop all the talents you will need in order to give the highest level of value you can squeeze out of your being…(see mind consciousness)

…but always follow your heart…if after trying something for sometime, you heart may take you down another path.

You have probably heard…”Follow your bliss…” or perhaps, “Do what you love and the money will follow”.

These are both true statements…however, this doesn’t mean you can decide that you love to eat cookies and just keep eating cookies…the doing must be in line with the other four aspects of consciousness.

To be aligned with what your spirit wants, you must give value in a meaningful way to others.

Consciousness Shift:  Spiritual Consciousness

If you work on the other three areas in your life, your spirit will SING!  Your spirit doesn’t judge or label your results with high value or low value…it just wants you to give…so you need your other aspects of consciousness to evaluate your results and help improve them…

…Think of your spirit like a faithful pet dog…

…Your dog doesn’t judge you ever…to your dog, seeing you in any state will cause the same exuberant and joyful result…


You are AWESOME!!!

It doesn’t matter if you were gone all day, for a month or even just a few minutes…time means nothing to your dog…

Your spirit is like your dog, as long as you ARE…you are creating something…your spirit is your eternal cheerleader…gleefully cheering all that you create…regardless of it’s value.

So when in doubt, create something…anything and put it out there without judging it…let the world tell you if they get value out of it…

Consciousness Shift:  Paranormal Activity

I have experienced many examples of paranormal activity: Precognitive Dreams, Deju-Vu, Law of Attraction, Claircognizance..just to name a few..

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Consciousness Coaches

As it turns out, I might be a consciousness coach. Go figure.

There are MANY MANY consciousness coaches out there that I will write about: Wayne Dyer , Deepak Chopra , Steve Pavlina, Eckhart Tolle and more to come.

Seekers in the past, had to travel miles and climbs great mountains to meet gurus…now we have consciousness coaches on TV!

…Here is a video of Deepak Chopra from an appearance on the Ellen show. It is just amazing to me that these great teachers are now being heard on TV and are connecting with people worldwide…I might need to start watching more TV?!?!

Consciousness Coach –  Eckhart Tolle Part 1

I just watched a DVD by Eckhart Tolle called “The flowering of Human Consciousness”.  Mr. Tolle is a wonderful coach on consciousness.

Check out this video from Mr. Tolle about the “Pain body”…very eye-opening insights:


Eckhart Tolle Part 2

I like Eckhart Tolle so much…I wrote two pages…there might be more coming as well. I’m like that when I like a new topic.

Steve Pavlina: Book Review Part 1

Steve Pavlina is a huge inspiration in my life. I am writing this web page because of him. Steve is the creator of the web site His web site is named Personal Development for Smart People and that is also the title of his new book.  I call him a consciousness coach…I’m not sure he word agree :-)

Personal Development for Smart People Part II

I liked this book so much, I couldn’t stop yammering on about in just one page…so there’s two!

Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth

This is one of my favorite books. Eckhart does a wonderful job explaining what is happening inside me that I just had to share my thoughts and insights.

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Life after Death

An upbeat look at what might happen…after death.

Have you ever felt you died and went to heaven? Or how about Hell? What if every time you thought you died, you did die and just didn’t realize it?  I am really fascinated by the idea of life after death.For the record, I choose to believe that there is consciousness after death…I don’t claim to know what it is like, but I choose to believe that my life after death will continue in some way that I don’t understand right now.

Life After Death:  Jacob’s Ladder Movie

This thought first occurred to me (I think?) after watching the movie, “Jacobs Ladder”.

****Spoiler Alert******:  This page spoils the movie “Jacob’s Ladder****

In this film, the main character is Jacob Singer.  In the opening scene, Jacob is stabbed with a bayonet in jungles of Vietnam. The movies cuts without explanation to him living in New York after the war.

As the movie progresses, strange things occur to Jacob, and you are led to believe that he is suffering from post dramatic stress disorder (or his is shell SHOCKED!).

He is trying to find out what happened in the war on the day he was stabbed. As the film nears the conclusion, events are very disjointed and reality seems to be getting very slippery and dream-like.

In the end, you return to see Jacob still in the jungle in Vietnam and he has died.  Neat huh?  Yeah, I thought so too.

The movie doesn’t really say at what point in time Jacob died.  Did the dream of his life in New York all take place while he was dying?…or after he died?  Either way, this leads me to ask myself some very thought provoking questions concerning life after death.

Life After Death:  How do you know you have not died? Have I died during this life time?

If I did die, how would I know it had happened?

If I died, could I just “pretend” it was a dream and then wake up?

When I was a kid, I did some things that should have killed me…but I lived through them all…right?  You are saying to yourself…”Yeah, you did dispshit, or you would not be here writing this webpage!”…yeah I know I’m a dipshit…but please indulge me here for a second or two.  :-)How do I know I didn’t die?  I don’t really.  All I know is that my life continued with “continuity”.  It seems to point toward some version of life after death…

Here is another movie example to illustrate my point:

Life After Death:  The Matrix

Remember in “The Matrix” when Mr. Anderson is interrogated by Agent Smith.  Near the end of the scene, the agent makes Mr. Anderson’s mouth close up…(with some really cool CG!) which is, of course, impossible. Then even more impossible, they literally “bug him” with a little CG robot bug…

…and then Mr. Anderson wakes up…and believes all those impossible things that just happened to him were part of a dream.  He soon finds out that those events did occur in his “real” life when Trinity takes the bug out of him.

I use this to illustrate the point that when impossible things happen to me, things that I know are impossible…maybe the instinctive and defensive reaction is to assume that what happened was a dream that I can wake up from.

This isn’t a direct example of life after death…but it still makes you go hmmmm…and consider the nature of life and consciousness…

Li After Death:  Anaesthesia…Where do you go?

I had a very minor surgery a few years ago.  Although it was minor, it did involve a rather large incision, so the doctor needed to “put me under” a general anaesthesia.  The experience was very interesting.

Someone told me to count backwards from 100 and breath deeply…I inhaled the gases and I remember falling asleep very quickly.

Then I woke up in a different room and the surgery was over.  Where did my consciousness go?  …or “Dude!  Where’s my consciousness?”  Here is the fun answer…doctors don’t know!

Doctors know that a certain mix of gases keep you asleep in a way that allows them to operate on your body without you experiencing any pain and without being aware of anything that happens to you after you go under…but they have no clue where “you” go…”you” being your consciousness.

It’s like there is a cosmic waiting room that your consciousness visits while your body is in the shop…and right before you leave the waiting room (and that nasty waiting room coffee…YUCK!) they hit you with a “Men in Black” style flashy thing so you don’t remember the waiting room…and who would want to, really?

Since this surgery was very minor, I had no expectations of death…but the question I am really asking is this:  How do I know that after they put me under that I didn’t die?  Well, you say, “you woke up later and went about your life…” which is true enough.

…but I lost time…there was a period where I was “gone” and I don’t remember where I went.  If this had been a surgery where death was a real possible outcome…

…whose to say that I don’t go sleep and “wake up” later and go about my life thinking that I was saved and everything was ok…but I actually died on the table?

Life after death:  Power of Belief

If I died on the table, who is around to tell me I’m dead?  Maybe a whole universe exists just for me that I create everyday?  I really don’t know…and only my perceptions and internal experiences to go on…and I can’t prove this one way or another…

This gets really fun now…because bodies do die…we all have bodies.  So eventually you have have to leave your earth body.

Let’s suppose I witness my body in such a state, such as in a war movie…that it is wrecked beyond repair…then I am just going to believe that I died and move on to whatever is next…

…or suppose I am old and in my death bed…I might think “Well, this seem like a good time to go and see what comes next.”

On the other hand…let’s say…I am blown up by a car bomber.  Or maybe shot in my head by a sniper who is miles away…This sort of death experience MIGHT allow my consciousness on earth to continue.

If I didn’t even know the bomb went off and my body was blown up…

…since I didn’t know what happened….I could “wake up” and convince myself that it was a dream…get up, take a pee, and go back to bed…or wake up in the hospital and ask them if I was OK.

Same scenario, but this time I know there is a bomb and I know the bomb went off…then I MUST be dead…I tell myself “I was too close to survive…so I have to be dead now…”In both scenarios…what I believe to be true…becomes the truth.  Perhaps there is a sort of “consent” rule to death on earth.  If you agree you are dead…then you are dead…if you don’t then you make up a version of reality that will allow you to continue on earth.

There may seem to be some disparity if the people around me know that I died, and I don’t know that I died….and I can’t really KNOW if there is life after death…

Again, I don’t know what happens.  But here are a couple alternatives:

Life After Death:  Option 1:  Subjective Reality

Here I mean the your world is totally contained within your “piece” of universal consciousness.  If this were the case, then other people do not exist in your universe beyond the dream characters that you create to populate your dream.

So, other people’s points of view cease when you are unconscious, and they would not note a disparity if they witness you die and you didn’t witness yourself die…because they are just parts of your imagination anyway…they will go along with whatever you come up with.

This viewpoint is not really life after death…it’s just more dreaming you are in a body…but for my purposes…it fits the definition of life after death.

Life after Death:  Option 2:  Objective Reality

In this case, there is no gray area.  If I die, I die…it doesn’t matter what I or anyone else thinks about it.

I think you can guess that I choose to believe Option 1.  I will post more about Subjective Reality later.

I don’t fear death.  I want to enjoy my time on earth, but I choose to believe that my consciousness will continue after the earth event of my body’s death.

I don’t identify myself with my body…my body is not me.  I am the person that is driving my body and I am eternal and exist beyond time and space…

…and I think you are the same as me.  So, the death of a body to me, is just part of the story of a much larger and eternal life…not something to get all fearful about.

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Collective Consciousness

I am pretty sure that I am here on earth right when I wanted to be.  I am 39 years old and I am alive and healthy enough to witness the current shift in collective consciousness from fear toward love.  Fear will not be gone, it will just take a back seat as love moves forward.

Collective consciousness to me means “the prevailing choice between love and fear”.  I think it is easy to see, that today fear is driving more people than love…but that is going to change soon…before I shake off this mortal coil.

You can see fear everywhere, it is still in charge of the collective consciousness…Here is what you get when fear is in charge…

…Fear-based economy–the people in charge use fear, intimidation, violence and laws to coerce people to give what they have to support the few that have it all.

…Wars rage for what seems like forever…old grudges and unwillingness to let go and move forward and or forgive past transgressions.  Or, war to ensure economic interests.

…poverty and homelessness—the lonely and the unloved are swept aside and not looked at.  They are talked about as a problem that may not have a solution.

…middle-class quiet desperation—most Americans don’t like their jobs.  If you like or (gasp…LOVE?!?!) your job and or business, you are very much in the minority.  Work (the activity you spend most of your time at) is something to be endured for the sake of your family’s benefit…not enjoyed by you (that would be selfish…right?)

I can see that the shift of the collective consciousness is GOING to happen…at this point it is not a question of “if?”…but a question of “When?” it is going to occur.

I can feel is starting to happen right now…here are some examples of what is happening now that tells me the its coming soon:

Costa Rica chose to disarm.  The then president Oscar Arias Sanchez wins the noble peace prize 1987.

An awesome example of love in force is the way Oprah gives away things and inspires people.

Great teachers like Deepak Chopra are respected members of our collective and his views are heard every Saturday on Sirius Satellite Radio.

A very recent NPR radio broadcast– Poll: Most Americans Aren’t Dogmatic About Faith…reports that a surprisingly large number of Americans across all faiths meditate on a regular basis.

Can you imagine what a love-based collective consciousness would be like?

Less or no wars.  In a perfect world there would be no need for arms and wars, granted it will take some time for the shift to be complete…but if you love all your brothers, your less likely to feel the need to blow him up.

Love-based economy:  Wow what would that look like.  We would all be aware that there is no need to hoard or stock pile when we know there is enough of everything to go around.  Schools, and those is power would use positive guidance to encourage everyone to contribute to the greater good.

Less poverty and homelessness—I would think that the “wealth energy” that is now concentrated into 1% of the population of the world could be more evenly distributed to help raise everyone’s life experience…why not? what do we have to fear?

What would it be like if most people LOVED what they did?  We wouldn’t want to drink alcohol and use caffeine, nicotine and other drugs so much.  We wouldn’t feel the need to “escape” into fantasy of TV and movies so much…because we would love our day to day lives more.

Fear will still be around, it won’t be a Utopia, but fear will be like a child in the back seat of the car (of course I mean it will be a hybrid, electric, solar, happy-thought-powered vehicle.)

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If you don’t know what claircognizance means…think of it as spider sense…at least that is how it works for me.

Spider sense is a cool power of spiderman…he feels tingles, or shivers down his spine when there is an immediate danger.  This is sort of like clairsentience, because it is a feeling, but with spidy sense…he always “KNOWS” to move because danger is coming NOW!

The most obvious example of this is surviving multiple car wrecks in L.A…there where more than a dozen all told, but the most dramatic example was a multiple car “Matrix” style pile up…

…I noticed some smoke in the far left lane in front of me a little ways…

…then time sorta of SLOWED WAY down…I don’t really remember much other seeing lots of cars flying around me…what I remember DOING was taking my foot off the gas and letting it hover over the break…then I don’t really remember much else…I might have swerved to avoid several cars…I may have just eased straight through it…

When I came out the other side safe…all I could think to do, was to get the hell out of there…I didn’t even think about stopping to help people until I was home re-thinking about the whole thing…

…then I felt bad because I didn’t think to help people…I guess I missed a potential hero moment…I was in shock I guess.

…was there really smoke?

In another accident that I was nearing involved in…right before an 18-wheeler (lorry in England, Semi in Michigan, big truck every else in the world) flipped over and crashed into the embankment…I smelled burning rubber…and I warned my wife to be aware…

…the truck was right next to us…my wife started to slow down…but we need to by AWAY from the truck…so I screamed GO!!!! She did and it didn’t hit us…

…again I felt bad, we didn’t’ stop to help…again, perhaps we were too close, I think we were both in shock.

My spider sense has kept me alive in other situations as well…often times, I don’t even realize it’s working, but for whatever reason, I listen.

I think ALL people some paranormal abilities, it’s just a matter of degree and the amount of time you work to develop them that will say who is stronger in their innate abilities.

Claircognizance: Brain as a Network Interface Card

Most people think of the brain in the way that they think about a computer.  The brain has a processor that processes information from the environment and from memory.

I think that claircognizance points towards the idea that our brains also have some hardware and software dedicated to a function that can be compared to that of a network interface card (NIC for short) in a computer.

The NIC in a computer connects the computer to a network, such as a corporate, or government network, or even the internet on your home computer.

We all know how much it stinks to be off the network…”no email!!!  I might as well go home!!”  You can’t open your files, because they are stored on the network…you can’t even print!!!  Most printers are now connected to your local computer via the network.

Our brains are connected to the “ethernet” of the universe.  Most people take this connection for granted and are blissfully unaware that the are constantly connected (you could say “ONE WITH”) humanity, the environment and the universe.

We are also connected to the “great beyond” or what I like to call infinite intelligence…you might choose to call this source, god, Frank, or even perhaps skinny soy latte…

Moments of claircognizance are like those pop up windows that the folks in the command post want you to know right away…like “water is not flowing to the toilets and we are working on fixing it.”

If you have a mildly developed ability in claircognizance, your life seems quiet different than most people.  You generally don’t have a lot of stories about being hurt in an accident, but have lots of “Near-miss” stories…or your stories will sound like…something just told me to slow down a little bit before that intersection.

If you are interested in developing your claircognizance…check our my friend Erin’s recent article.

Claircognizance: Immediate attention required

Claircognizance is different than other channels, because you know immediately the message from “the other side”…the guidance does not require interpenetration…

Then the trick is to learn to recognize it and act on it in the moment.

My favorite way to illustrate this point is to describe a cartoon (Mr. Boofo I think it was…)

This cartoon showed a man about to step around the corner of a building…he had a bubble over his head that said “Bonk?”.  He didn’t know there was a theif around the corner waiting to “bonk” him on the head…the caption read:

“Useless premonitions.”

Claircognizance is different than regular knowing where for the most part, you are processing information from the environment and your memory…

…for me again, it generally starts with something that I just seem to notice on the edge of my awareness…like smoke, or a weird smell…this is my guide’s way of getting my neck hairs standing up…so I am ready to receive the incoming transmission…

That might be…”slow down”…”STOP!”…or even “Speak your truth NOW!”…I do my best to avoid the “BONK”!

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Choose to Believe

I was listening to NPR the other day, and they were talking about some kids at a secular “discovery” camp…kinda like a church camp…for kids that didn’t really believe in god.  The camp was not strictly atheist, but the kids sounded as though they were thinking as atheists.

They were all big talk about how they couldn’t wrap their heads around religion and the idea of GOD…and then someone brought up death…and they all got bummed out…because they believed that without religion…there could be no life after death.

I thought that was sad for them, because they were afraid of non-existence. The good news is that they are young, so they have a long time to figure out that they can choose to believe whatever they want to believe and they don’t have to accept any one belief system lock, stock and barrel.

Einstein is a perfect example.  He was one our most celebrated scientists and he believed in god.  He wanted to know how GOD thought.

I don’t the specifics of his belief system, but he is a good example of how a scientific person doesn’t necessarily HAVE to be someone that doesn’t believe in some version of GOD.

Some of the children also mentioned scepticism as a belief system choice…which I am all for, but I take it to a slightly more radical point of view.

Allow me to explain the Yooper version of scepticism…wait…no time to explain…lemme sum up:

  • Choose to Believe:  Knowledge is not perception.

Knowledge and perception are not the same.  I think I can REALLY only know ONE thing for sure.  The one thing, is that I KNOW nothing.

I think and believe a lot of things, but because of the nature of my human existence, nothing is objectively verifiable.

This just means that any information I get on earth, has two possible entry points in my awareness:

1.  The external world brought to me by my senses…the usual and ESP or intuition.

2.  My internal world of thoughts, feelings, emotions, will, and desire.

Regardless of whether I sense something in the world or I just make something up in my head…all these inputs are subjectively reviewed, filtered and colored by my divided human mind.

So, I can’t prove that I am not NEO in the matrix, or a brain in a jar, or a spirit in heaven dreaming that I am on earth…I have no way of knowing and or proving one way or the other that any of the information that I am getting is REAL.

So, that I being said, the best I can hope for is “true perception” or something that comes as close as possible on earth.

The real cool thing is that some part of me has knowledge of reality.  I just don’t trust it here with 100% certainty.

Having the “knowledge” and being able to access knowledge are not the same thing.

I can know something, and not remember it when I want to…and then later on…when I no longer care to know…I remember and go…oh, great! thanks!!!

So, I look at the external world in which I live in as less than really real…or kinda like a dream that I am sorta awake in.  I don’t believe any of it is real.

Since I am a true sceptic of everything I can think and or perceive…I believe ANYTHING COULD happen here in this earth world reality dealio.

Now, your “so-called” sceptics out there…the Amazing Randy crowd, will tell you that ESP, and special super powers are not objectively provable…to which I tell them…yeah your right…who cares?

If Amazing Randy could objectively prove to me the existence of any Physical object on earth or in the universe…I will give him a big hug…I know he can’t…but I would hug him anyway.

  • Choose to believe:  I can’t KNOW anything, so I can CHOOSE to believe ANYTHING!

So, here I am, in my earth-dream existence.  The only thing that I KNOW for sure is that I don’t KNOW anything.

I can choose to believe anything I want to believe.  I will still not be able to verify if my belief system is right, or true…but I can act as if my beliefs are true…sort of the way science trusts theory’s until they are proven wrong.

  • I choose to believe that consciousness is eternal

I operate my life “as if” my consciousness is eternal, connected to a universal field of consciousness and exists outside of space/time.

All bodies die…but since they are physical objects in a dream world…is a body’s passing something to morn…not to me.  I assume my consciousness will continue without my body.

When I go to sleep at night, I become “unconscious” my perception of time’s passage is suspended and “I” go away.  During that period of unconsciousness…I don’t cease to exist…I just cease to perceive…I still am.

Same same for when my body ceases to function (I guess…I don’t really remember).

  • I choose to believe that my brain/mind is more like a network interface card than an Hard drive
Doctors THINK that memories are stored in your brain.  I tend to believe that memories are processed in your brain, but not necessarily stored…if they are stored in the brain…it’s not the only storage device that you can access.

I prefer to think of my brain/mind as a network interface card that connects me to universal consciousness.

As I experience things in my life, the events are recorded in perfect detail and stored in the universe…which I can access with my brain/mind.

This makes more sense to me than the brain as a hard drive or a long-term memory storage device.

I read a story about a doctor that was trying to find where long-term memories where stored in the brain.  For his experiment, he trained a cat to do a trick and made sure that the cat remembered that trick for a long time.

Then he started cutting out pieces of the cat’s brain (yikes!) until the cat finally died due to lack of brain matter.

All the way up until the cat died, the cat could do the trick.

Of course, this doesn’t prove anything…but it does fit in nicely with the metaphor I am trying to explain.

  • I choose to believe that love is more real than fear

Love is fear’s opposite.  If you don’t love something (an idea, a person, whatever) then, at some level you fear it.

I like to believe that a goal of my earth-dream is to learn about fear and learn to embrace fear and love that which I fear.

If I am an eternal consciousness that exists outside of space/time and doesn’t require a body or planet to exist…what do I really have to fear on earth?

I’ll tell you what…life in hell!!!

Life on earth can be a life in hell…or it can be a life in heaven or somewhere in between.

If I start feeling as though I am living in hell (I am in pain, people don’t like me, I am being tortured or raped or the things and people in my life are being threatened….yada yada)…

…I close my eyes and remember the “truth” as I choose it.

…wait that’s right….I am kinda dreaming this earth experience….

…not only that…but my internal state, thoughts, will and desires are reflected back at me in the day-to-day world…

…so why am I choosing fear and pain right now?

Generally, it’s because I am tired and or hungry…so it’s time for a snack/meal/nap…and maybe a little mediation on the “truth”.

Those people out there in the world ARE ME giving me whatever I ask for.

If I feel fear on the inside…I SEE fear on the outside…

If I attack someone on the outside, then I feel attacked on the inside.

If I DEFEND on the outside, then I feel defensive on the inside.

I have learned to embrace, love and help what I fear in the earth dream.  If someone “attacks” or insults me in the world…I assume they are requesting my love and assistance.  Maybe I can give them some food, money, or just a kind thought…why not? they are ME.

Love is real…fear is the illusion or belief that love is gone.  Fear you can feel…but that doesn’t make it real.

  • I choose to believe everyone should choose to believe for themselves…cuz what the hell do I know.

I don’t want to suggest that I want you to believe what I believe…rather just suggest that you don’t have to accept the pre-packaged “isms” as they are offered up off-shelf.

You should look to create a belief system  “ala carte”.  Pick and choose what you like to believe.

For instance, just because you don’t like religion, that doesn’t mean you can’t believe in some idea of “God”.

I don’t think there is a old man sitting in heaven with a white beard that stands in judgement of my behavior…(not that’s anything wrong with that).

I don’t believe in SIN…(not that’s there is anything wrong with believing in sin).

I believe in hell, but only because folks are unconsciously choosing to put themselves through a hell dream on earth….for whatever reason.

This is my belief system…you should make up your own!  I could be wrong and then it would be my fault that GOD sends you to hell…I just couldn’t live with that …

;-) (<——-that’s a wink!)

Link to Spiritual Development


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Caroline Myss

“Defy Gravity, Healing Beyond the Bounds of Reason”

Hay House sent me Defy Gravity for free to review on my web page.  So, this is my second book they gave me for free.

The first one was from Steve Pavlina through Hay House, but this book came to me directly from Hay House…how cool is that!!!  :D  Dear Hay House…I love all your books…and I will review them for the free book (for now anyway).

Defy Gravity is a metaphor for any number of ideas that really describe miracles that heal or help but can’t be explain by a rational explanation.

“Because I direct readers to leave their reason at the door, so to speak, and enter the realm of mystical consciousness–not just for healing but as a way of life–I choose the title Defy Gravity.  The word gravity comes from the Latin gravis, meaning “serious” or “weighted”; thoughts and emotions with weight, in other words, generate emotional, psychological, and intellectual gravity.  Mystics, by nature, defy gravity:  a mystic is someone who “perceives” life through the eyes of the soul, who experiences the power of God rather than speaks or debates the politics of God, and who understands the reality of mystical laws–laws that I discuss in depth in Chapter 6.”

Caroline Myss: Healings started Happening

While Caroline was lecturing for a previous work titled Entering the Castle people began to report being healing.  Some people were healed during the lecture, and other people were healed days or weeks later.

This was the first time such reports of healing came forth, even though she has written several other books and lectured and worked shopped those works as well.

“I realized that healing was not a matter visualizations, sacred oils, processing wounds, lighting candles and all the rest.  Ultimately, healing is the result of a mystical act of surrender, an awakening that transcends any religion.  It is an intimate dialog of truth between the individual and the Divine”

Caroline Myss: Chapter One – Healing in the Age of Reason

The key difference turned out to be prayer instead of mediation or guided imagery…

…so while speaking a group of about 800 people on a promotion tour for Entering the Castle, Caroline decided to break an “iron clad rule” against praying…

“So I told the audience that the journey into the interior castle required prayer and grace–not the ordinary prayer, as in prayers of petition or repetition, but the type of prayer that withdraws your attention from external distractions and from your five senses.  The audience was more than willing, and so for the first time in my career, I led 800 people on their maiden journey into their interior castle.”

I guess I have been praying for years (I called it something else too!), but praying works for me while trying to impress my intentions onto the stuff of the universe and co-create my reality…I also use prayer to heal myself…now I know I can try to use it to help and heal others…Sweet! :D

Defy Gravity has more in Chapter one…this was my favorite part…

Caroline Myss – Chapter Two – The First Truth: You Can’t Reason will Illness, Crisis or God

This chapter discusses the limitations blocks to healing that are created by people attempting to use reason to discern the truth in matters that are essentially mystical in nature.

Questions like…”Why did I get sick?  Am I being bad?”  No.  You aren’t being bad, but at some level…many people might think they are being judged negatively by God…

Letting go of thinking that 1) God judges us (I don’t think so) 2) we need to know why we are sick or in crisis in order to heal or to end the crisis and throughly discussed and Caroline suggests a great list of questions to ask yourself (which I really love by the way) to help you surrender to the truth that illness, crisis and God happens to everyone…

“Healing does not require that you master the unreasonable side of your reason.  Nor does healing require inner perfection of any order.  A common trait shared by people who have healed is that hey cease being unreasonable in ways that no longer matter in the greater scheme of life.  Against the scale of life or death, how important is winning an argument?  How important is holding a grudge?  How important is anything other than how well we love others, how deeply we regard the value of the gift of our life, and what we do with our life that makes this world a better place?”

Caroline Myss – Chapter Three – The Second Truth: Connect with Meaning and Purpose

Ah the hero’s quest for meaning and purpose…the noble quest to transcend the ordinary and seek the mystical answer to all the burning questions…it seems that we are wired for this journey…

“…the ancient texts from a multitude of traditions reveal that human natures has this fundamental design:  we are made to pursue the mythic course of one’s our own [sic?] lives, to seek out and follow our own greatest quests.”

This chapter in Defy Gravity details many personal stories of healing and transformation guided by the search for meaning and purpose in life.

Another central idea in this chapter is the idea that people don’t connect to meaning or purpose until they are faced with a crisis…

…I know this is true…it reminds me of seeing old family friends walking in the evenings in my home town when I was a kid…and being surprised.  I was surprised because these frequent walks, were totally new behavior for them.

When I asked my parents why they were walking these days…one of them said “Oh that’s because Don had a heart attack, and the doctor told him to walk everyday….or he would die.”

To the child version of me, this answer was all well and good…but when I think back, I now think it’s crazy to wait until AFTER one has a heart attack to start exercises!!

Caroline Myss – Chapter Four — The Third Truth: Courageously Navigate the Dark Night of the Soul

This is a very interesting chapter divided into parts…a discussion of the “dark night of soul” and how to navigate this mystical journey through it’s fundamental elements.

Next, Caroline discusses the 7 Dark Passions (aka the seven deadly sins) in turn and relates each passion to a chakra from the Indian tradition.  I love that!

Probably my favorite dark passion to give in to is sloth or laziness…but, hey I AM writing this web page…ok very late :D

Caroline Myss – Chapter Five: The Fourth Truth: Rely on the Power of your Graces

This was a new idea that was refreshing…each dark passion has a grace on the other side of the “center” line…so in each moment we are really choosing between a dark passion…and grace…or just to remain in the center (i.e. accept NOW as is).

“The seven graces also have their origin in Scripture:  Paul in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10 offers a list few the “gifts of the Spirit,” as does Isaiah 11:2-3.”

These graces are not as well known as the big sevens “sins” or dark passions, so I will list them here for you:

  1. Reverence
  2. Piety
  3. Understanding
  4. Fortitude
  5. Counsel
  6. Knowledge
  7. Wisdom

offers insights into penetrating, invoking and prayer for each grace to your life to help you on your mystic journey.

Defy Gravity also relates each grace to a chakra…

“I have partnered the seven graces with the seven chakras, using the same structure I created for the seven dark passions.  By understanding the currents that flow through each chakra, you can better connect grace to areas of your life and your physical body that are in need of healing.”

I like tables and charts to see ideas…so I made this…I hope Caroline doesn’t mind:

Graces/Chakras/Dark Passions

From Defy Gravity by Caroline Myss



Dark Passion















Luxury (Self-Entitlement and Sexuality)







Caroline Myss: Chapter Six – The Fifth Truth: Defy Gravity and Learn to Reason Like a Mystic

“Both the Buddha and Bodhidharma, the Indian patriarch associated with establishing Zen Buddhism in China are said to have remarked: ‘I am but a finger pointing to the moon.  Don’t look at me, look at the moon.”  The implication of this often repeated saying is that the wise master was aware that his followers would look upon him as the ultimate manifestation of the truth, and he cautioned them to bypass him for the more authentic target of their own inner enlightenment.”

This chapter guides us in our journey toward living like a mystic ourselves.  It challenges the reader to take up their own inward quest to the interior castle…and live life on a heroes quest.

“Although full enlightenment or divine realization can be difficult to define, one way to imagine this level of consciousness is to consider that it embodies the precise harmony of the laws of the universe:  energy precedes the creation of matter and cause precedes effect.  Attaining this perfected harmony of  soul and matter, truth free from illusion and love without limits, transformed the souls of Buddha and Jesus into fully awakened cosmic forces and could defy gravity.  The resided in physical form and were certainly subject to the vulnerabilities of the physical world, yet their unlighted souls also knew how to draw on the higher governing laws that commanded their interior reality.  And so, when Jesus declared, “Be healed,” a physical disease yielded to his command and the individual was immediately cured.”

She goes on to say that their mission was not to perform miracles but to:

“…disprove the need for them by demonstrating that you could become a source for miracles in this world, if you understood the true nature of your soul and how to open fully to that power.”

Caroline then turns to a discussion of the five mystical laws…sounds like a list!

  1. There is only now (Love that!)
  2. The Necessity of Forgiveness (Amen sister!)
  3. All is Illusion (I keep telling people that!)
  4. Trust in Divine Paradox, Irony, and Synchronicity (…!…)
  5. Maintain Spiritual Congruency

Of all of those, the last one is the daily challenge to live by your accepted set of truths…once you accept a truth as true for you…then when you violate it, that violation will come with a cost…these costs will build up…weigh you down and trip you up…

…that’s life!!

Embracing these personal inner truths with a sense of courage and joy is the path of the heart…any choice that is in-congruent will lead you away from power, drain your energy and ultimately teach you where you went astray.

I can freely admit that this year (I turned 40…so it’s not really a surprise) that I have been dancing with my dark passions.  In the past, I would notice the cost of say a night of indulgent drinking…

…Now, I can feel how the ego “seeks” the pain.  The pain of a hang over is intense and exquisite…just what the ego loves…my soul laughs…

…I think about adjusting my behavior (I’m stuck in the middle with ME :D)

Caroline Myss: Chapter Seven — Beyond Illness: Field of Grace

In this Chapter Caroline asks us to shift our consciousness (sweet!) and ask ourselves some questions about how we perceive life.

“Making that one shift in consciousness–from perceiving life as energy to seeing life surrounded by grace–would not physically alter one thing in your world.  Yet that one shift in perception would open up your inner vista to the realm of mystical intelligence and reasoning, because the space surrounding every living creature would pulsate with the creative potential of grace.”

…basically she is asking if we can learn to reside in the world as a field of grace instead of visiting grace in times of great need.

Three thumbs up!!!  Defy Gravity is a great book…I will have to read all of Caroline’s other books now and figure out if I can see her in person some day.

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Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats are a great way for inducing various states of consciousness for a huge number of specific purposes…different frequencies produce different states.

How do they Work?

The MP3s work by playing a different frequency beat in each ear…the frequency difference between the two beats is the target frequency range…

…For instance, if one beat is played in the left ear at 315 hertz and another beat at 325 Hertz in the right ear…then brainwaves are led toward the frequency range of 10 hertz.

10 Hertz is the Alpha range and is consider the relaxed awareness brainwave frequency.

Click here for more information.

What are the Benefits?

The audio files work differently from other audio programs.  They don’t require much more than time and open mind (you don’t really even need an open mind, but that never hurts right?)

Here are some things you might experience:

  1. The body feeling heavy and the inability to move freely
  2. Total relaxation of the entire body from head to toe
  3. Vivid visualizations, colors, and patterns
  4. Separation of the conscious and subconscious mind
  5. Anxiety, Stress, and Tension Relieved
  6. Feeling of sedation or not feeling the body at all

Everyone is different, but even while my thinking brain was questioning what was going on…I felt different, and I defiantly felt more relaxed and energized when I was finished.

Unexplainable Store

Unexplainable Store

The unexplainable store offers a very wide range of binaural beat MP3s for mediation, chakra tuning, lucid dreaming, spirit guides…and many more (it’s a giant list) they also offer a ten-minute free download and every purchase comes with $75 worth of free gifts.

Most of the MP3s start at 19.95 for a 20-minute download.

So far, I have bought the chakra tuning MP3 and I love it.


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Benefits of Sleep

Benefits of Sleep

The benefits of sleep are as important as those of eating, breathing and drinking…if you don’t sleep, you will die sooner than with sleep.  There are many positive benefits of sleep that most folks are not aware of…including weight loss, memory, concentration, reduced stress, improved immunity.

Benefits of Sleep:  Weight Loss

Let’s start here because you this is less obvious…one of the benefits of sleep helps your body produce a hormone that suppresses hunger…

…which will help you either lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.  Without the quality sleep time, the body produces more of the hormone that makes you feel hungry…so if you don’t sleep well, your weight loss efforts will be hampered.

Benefits of Sleep:  Improved Memory

Hey!  I have to cram for the test tomorrow and I have not studied at all!!!  Time for an “all-night” cram session.  So, you stay up all night…drink loads of coffee and attempt to cram all the information into your head.

Then you oversleep for the test, because you fell asleep on your books…show up late, and can’t remember how to spell your name let alone anything you tried to cram into your head…you bomb the test…

…ok so if you would have spent a few hours cramming and the rest of your available time sleeping, would you have performed better?  Probably not, you
should study a little bit at a time, not try to cram it all into your head in one night!

But, if I were in this situation, I would rather just sleep well and take the bad grade…the point is that improved memory recall is a benefit of sleep.

Audio Products from the Unexplainable Store to help you sleep:

Unexplainable Store

Deep Sleep

Short Nap

Sleep Package

Short Nap Monaural

Short Nap Isochronic

Counting Sheep Monaural

Counting Sheep Isochronic

Deep Sleep Monaural

Deep Sleep Isochronic

Sleep Monaural Package

Sleep Isochronic Package

Benefits of Sleep:  Concentration

We have all gone through this one…it’s after lunch, and you have a dull meeting or a boring report to get through…and you just can’t focus…you were fine in the morning (after your second cup of coffee!) and now all you want to do is take a nap…

…so you go grab a soda and some cookies…maybe the sugar will wake you up…

One of the benefits of sleep is an increased ability to concentrate and focus on what your are doing.

Benefits of Sleep:  Reduced Stress

Have you ever noticed that when you are tired your tolerance for minor annoyances shrinks to NIL?  I have…this affect is doubled if you are sleepy and
hungry and the same time…

…when someone asks you what time it is and you become GRUMPY and scream…”What do I look like…a &#^$ clock?”…

When you are rested and have plenty of sleep…you are happy to answer easy questions…when you are tired, you just can’t handle it…you body is working overtime just to keep your blood flowing and lungs sucking air…

…you can’t be bothered by much anything else without feeling irritated…which builds up as stress…

Sure, even after you start getting plenty of quality sleep those stress inducing situations will still be there…but now you will be ready to face them with a smile (or at least a few less curse words). :-)

Benefits of Sleep:  Improved Immunity

Your sleep time is your body’s time to heal and rejuvenate…it also has time to build up a healthy level of white blood cells to shore up your immune system.

I will keep saying this, I haven’t taken a sick day from work for several years…I get plenty of sleep…hmmm, perhaps there is a connection?

Benefits of Sleep:  Sum it up…

Check out this teaser paragraph that I found here…for more information on the benefits of sleep:

“Many people are surprised to learn that researchers have discovered a single treatment that improves memory, increases people’s ability to concentrate,
strengthens the immune system, and decreases people’s risk of being killed in accidents. Sound to be good to be true? It gets even better. The treatment
is completely free, even for people who have no health insurance. It also has no side effects. Finally, most people consider the treatment highly enjoyable. Would you try it?”

…you already know the answer NEO…it’s the question…

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Benefits of Meditation

The Benefits of Meditation

There are many benefits of meditation…most of them come along for the ride like free bonus prizes…these  are just a few…

Benefits of Meditation:  Learn to Relax

One of the benefits of mediation I learned when I first began my practice is that relaxation is a learned skill.  Meditation is not just learning to relax, but it does install in your brain and nervous system a predisposition to relax when idle…

…So, when you want to relax and rest or go to sleep, you can take a few cleansing breaths, assume a certain posture and this will trigger a mind/body response learned from meditation that will immediately start you toward relaxation…this is something that you don’t have to think about…it just happens as a great side benefit of meditation.

Benefits of Meditation:  Learn to Release Stress

I remember this day vividly…I was moving 100 miles per hour trying to meet TOO many deadlines and I was called in to my bosses office to give a report that I had yet to prepare…I had about 30 minutes…for the first three minutes I was utterly panicked…

…then I remembered a line from “Getting in the Gap” by Wayne Dyer, one of my first and favorite mediation audio programs…

…he says “when you are facing a struggle…the way to make it go away, is to think of GOD or silence”…that’s what I did….I sat there in front of my computer and breathed and quieted my mind for a minute or two…

…all the stress disappeared…I started working on the report in a very calm and quick manner…then it turned out the boss was late and I had plenty of time to knock out the report…

This method still works…but I create my days more often without much stress these days…keep reading…

Benefits of Meditation: Create an abiding Peace of mind

Doesn’t that sound nice?  This benefit of meditation goes beyond stress busting and relaxation…as you progress in your spiritual journey with meditation you can learn to live every moment very close this abiding peace of mind…it is not really practical to think that you live in the modern world and not have at least a few un-peaceful moments…but more moments everyday is an workable goal…

…this abiding peace of mind is not the result solely of the mediation practice, but meditation is a key ingredient to earn this “super power” and it really is a super power in today’s world.

Benefits of Meditation:  Focus your Attention

When I want to write, generally my practice is to meditation for 10-20 minutes and then leave my eyes closed between typing lines…a quiet mind is open for inspired action…I call in dipping into the “Deep Well” where I get all most of my ideas…

…sure I get ideas from every day sources…work events. TV, movies, music…but the REALLY GOOD stuff come from the deep well…

…Now most people didn’t even know they had a deep well…here’s the deal…there is ONLY ONE deep well…and we all share it…it’s called consciousness.

…a very cool benefit of meditation I would say…and it comes from a level of inwardly focused attention that you get access to after you start your meditation practice.

Benefits of Meditation:  Improve Sleep

I was like most people before I discovered this benefit of meditation…tossing and turning…trying to fall asleep…but my mind was filled with everything that I needed to do…and this the things that I forgot to do…my mind would RACE and the thoughts would be NONSTOP and I couldn’t sleep….

One the “big ideas” in meditation is the goal of reducing the overall number of thoughts that you have in a day…most of the “internal dialogue” that goes on in our heads is just mental diarrhea…not really helping us at all…especially when we want to sleep…

Once you start to reduce the number of thoughts you have during meditation…this spills into your waking life and when you get to bed, if you are still thinking…meditate again!!!…we already know that it triggers a mind/body relaxation response….

When I hit the pillow these days…it’s pretty much lights out in about 30 minutes or less…no thoughts about tomorrow…

Ask yourself…”will I be better facing these things tomorrow if I sleep well or sleep poorly NOW?”

…another idea is to ask GOD, or the universe or a petri dish (if you an athesit) to hold your problems for you until the morning…that works too.

Benefits of Meditation:  Improve your overall health

Ok…so we already know that most folks are stressed out…(right?)…

We already know that most folks don’t get enough sleep….(RIGHT?)

Those two only cause many of our illness today…

So one of the huge benefits of meditation is an overall improvement of health…I don’t like to brag…but I have not taken a day off of work for being sick in years…that’s not all from meditation…but meditation…a fairly decent diet…regular moderate exercise…the human body does better without abuse…

…meditation is like mind/body/spirit jiffy lube…quick and easy and the benefits make the ride smoother for miles down the road…

Benefits of Meditation:  Create your reality

We all know by now that there is not out there out there…and we are creating the “earth dream” right?

Well I do this with meditation as well…I ask for what I want and release my order to the universe and wait for a reply in the world…

We will talk more about this under the heading law of attraction.

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Benefits of Consciousness Shift

The benefits of the consciousness shift are really too numerous to describe on a web page or all the books ever written…this is a short of list of benefits that I came up with off the top of my head.

Benefits of Consciousness Shift

When I was young, I was always slim…not really fit or athletic (that was
my brother…I was playing the computer geek role at that time).

When I got engaged, I remember weighing myself at 185 pounds and
thinking…wow I’m FAT!

I would love to see 185 today…that would be great!!!  During my whole marriage I stayed at somewhere between 190 and 210 pounds…which caused me great amounts of stress because I was an Active Duty Air Force Sergeant at the time.  My weight shifts got me in some trouble because the Air Force has weight standards that I didn’t always meet.

I have to be grateful to the Air Force however; because, due to those standards, I did develop a life-long love of exercise and fitness…

…I learned that I could always lose weight and pass my fitness test from any starting weight.

Then, when I retired, I did still workout…but my workouts changed and my diet went crazy, along with drinking beer and smoking cigars and using smokeless tobacco.

After about a year of “hard living” I noticed that I weighed 225 pounds and worse than that my waist measured 44.5 inches…WOW!

You can read more about my journey back to health on my page called You
on a diet

When I seriously committed to eating right and doing a smart exercise plan,
I lost 25 pounds and 4 inches off my waist in about 4 months…a serious benefit of
the consciousness shift.

Benefits of Consciousness Shift:  Open and Honest Relationships

Of all the benefits of the consciousness shift that I have experienced, some of the most wonderful and amazing come from the real growth and expansion of close relationships.

My wife and I are more open and honest to ourselves and each other than ever before…she doesn’t really buy into all of my beliefs, but she does appreciate the changes in me…most of them anyway…

Sure, we still have conflict…sure there are still secrets…but we will work them out.

This benefit really taught me that in order to tell anyone the truth about anything, you must first come to know the truth yourself…I have to be true to ME first…then I can share that truth with others…

Again, this is a life-long process…I hope there will be new truths that are revealed to me all the way up to the day I die, so I can say…”Hey! THAT’s new!   <insert death rattle>”.

Benefits of Consciousness Shift:  Facing Truth

Truth in relationships, truths about ME, truths about my situation in life…all of these are empowered by a consciousness shift toward truth…

I still believe that there is a real “absolute” truth that is beyond my knowledge while in this body…I use that un-knowable truth as an unreachable lighthouse on the horizon to guide me in the right direction.

Everyday truths about myself, and my situation are then more readily faced and accepted even if I realize that there is nothing with in my power NOW to change the truth of the situation…

The benefit of accepting and facing a truth even when you know you are powerless to change it is that you can intend to shift yourself in order to want to change it…

For example, quitting tobacco…first I accepted that part of me wanted to use it…so I knew even though I didn’t think tobacco was the best choice for me…I decided to accept it use until I could honestly walk away from it…

…then I realized one day that I really wanted to quit…using tobacco made me fell sick and tired and I didn’t want to do that to my body any more…

…also I felt two-faced…typing this web page and asking people to grow when I was stuck on this myself…

…it was not the easiest thing to dot, but I got through it…with beer!!!

Yeah, that’s not a joke…I like to pit vices against each other…so I drank more beer than I should have over a long weekend…those brews got me through the toughest 3 days of nicotine withdrawal…

…I don’t recommend doing this…it’s silly and I gained weight, but hey…it worked for me!

Benefits of Consciousness Shift: Cultivate Good Habits

Empowering habits that keep you working on goals are another huge benefit of the consciousness shift.

I starting listening to a paraliminal called, “Automatic Pilot” earlier this month, and my goal was to set writing web pages on automatic pilot…so I would WANT to write web pages and enjoy doing it…the whole process…not just feel stuck about what to write next…

…this month has been my highest traffic month yet.

The idea is when you find a habit that you don’t like, you want to unplug that and install a new empowering habit in its place.

I wrestled for months trying to get this web page going, but I didn’t want to write or work on this business after work…

…after work was when I “HAD FUN”…

…Turns out all this fun that I was having was not really all that fun anymore!!!

I would watch TV…read, relax, eat dinner, walk and talk with my wife and then go to bed.

I wanted to work on my business in the morning before work…but I wanted to do everything before work…meditate…work out, eat, and work on my web business…there just wasn’t enough time in the morning to get it all done.

Then a friend asked me…what do you do after work…

…and I said “I don’ t do SHI(F)T after work…”

Then I realized that I was really just being lazy…I could work on my business after work for a couple hours or so and still relax and eat and walk and talk…maybe just less time watching TV…big deal.

This habit shift really turned up the energy level on this business…it is now only a matter of time before the traffic starts to really snowball…that snowball is a consciousness shift!

Benefits of Consciousness Shift:  Detachment from Outcome

I love this benefit of the consciousness shift…learning that I have 100% control of what I do, say, think, and believe…but after my action or doing or talking is complete…

…I have NO control over the outcome…I detach my identity from the outcome…I accept all outcomes as equal…

No winning
No losing
No success
No Failure

Just outcomes…

…if the outcome is what I want then my current actions might produce more of that outcome…

…if the outcome is NOT what I want then my current actions will need to shift somehow in order to change the outcome…shift-act-check outcome…rinse and repeat…what a great consciousness shift.

This makes life a little less interesting when it comes to sports that I am not participating in…since I am only observing…my actions and words don’t affect outcomes much at all…I am already disinterested in winning and losing, so I just can’t make myself care too much about other peoples outcomes.

I did notice recently while playing beach volley ball that I was able to model some other players and get on my knees in time to get some “digs”…which was fun…I don’t think I ever tried to do that before and it was fun to watch the outcomes…most not really that bad…not great but not all bad.

How can you fail when there is no failure…if you fail to ACT, say or think…then you will not get any outcomes to check to see if you need to adjust…so as long as you keep acting and adjusting “success” is just really a matter of time.

Benefits of Consciousness Shift: Trusting your Power

I spent about 30 years thinking that I didn’t know what was best for me.  In many cases, this was true…I was young and stupid…but I grew.

Now, I think we all can learn to trust our inner selves about things that are most important to US.

This shift means listening closely to each different voice in your head…

Like for me, my mother is always early to everything…my dad too…they never want to be late.

In my life, for certain events, it’s better to not be first…like at parties…Hey, this consciousness shift might make you look cool!  :-)

I listen to those voices for job interviews and important events when being early is beneficial…

…and when it doesn’t matter I ignore the that voice.

This is what I mean when I say I have learned to “Trust my Power”.

Even if you get an outcome that you don’t really like from trusting your power, at least you don’t have anyone else to blame for the decision.

I try not to advocate power, but I still do in situations that don’t matter much to me, and I would rather just follow along…but I still hang on to the responsibility…I just agree to follow, but I won’t blame anyone for leading me astray.

Benefits of Consciousness Shift:  A Soft and Open Heart

I have figured out that pain and joy co-exist in the same place…in my heart and in my whole being…this is a sometimes painful consciousness shift…

I need to open my heart and feel the pain and learn to live with my pain and the world’s pain (yeah it’s deep!) in order to be open for the world of joy…otherwise I am closed off to both…

I have learned that this benefit is most definitely another aspect of being human that we all must learn to accept if we are to really experience growth.

The alternative choice is to do what I did (and I am still doing I suppose)…which is to close of my heart to all emotions…

…I remember seeing RAM DASS on video trying to console a friend and he was brought to tears by her pain…and I was amazed!

At the time, I was working on mindfulness and being at peace…I was also very much like SPOCK…no emotions at all.

This is a work in progress…a life-long process…but I get better everyday…I feel things now and I listen for the messages that my heart and my body want to tell me.

Benefits of Consciousness Shift:  Willingness to Connect

This is another benefit of the consciousness shift…and it applies to people, ideas, and new situations.

I am curious again, and not completely fearless, but definitely more willing to try to experiments, just to see if I can make today’s version of ground hog day just a little bit more fun or more fulfilling than yesterday…

This comes up at work all the time when I want to try to do something that I might have shied away from in the past…if I think I can help someone now…I am really good at it…

The person that is overwhelmed needs to relax and figure out what is important and get started (THANKS KEN!)…

…Lot’s of people are interested in why my clothes look so baggy…I need to buy new clothes, but I still want to lose more weight! I will point them at my diet and exercise plan.

This goes for ideas as well.  If I see a great plan, in the past I might have gotten stuck on some steps…I still do, but I am more willing to keep trying and keep connecting until I get the outcome that I want.

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YOU on a diet, my Waist Management Diary

23 Feb 09

This page will start to feel like a blog…I am just going to update every so often (not everyday) and update my progress working with the book YOU on a diet.

Vital Stats Today:

Waist: 44.5 inches (yikes)

Weight: 218

BP: Unknown…I need to check it

I have been reading this book and working on the plan for about a week and here are my first impressions:

You on a Diet: Energy Levels

Much improved. I feel bored with all this extra energy that I have…it’s not nervous energy that needs to be “worked off”, but more a subtle willingness to do more during and after work.

My mental clarity is generally improved as well…it is 7:30 pm and I am working on my web page…before this diet I would have been more happy lounging in the recliner watching DVDs or TV…but I want to do things now…that’s cool and unexpected.

You on a Diet: Food

I am cheating a lot with the amount of food that I eat more…my general rule is this: If I feel hungry, I eat…whatever I eat needs to be on the approved list of food.

I downloaded a food meal plan that I am using as a guide for an idea of what to eat when, but not strictly following it. For example, it says to eat one piece of toast with apple butter..

…well the bread I bought is real good for you bread whole grain sprouted…but the slices are tiny, so I eat two instead of one…

…short term I assume that my first two weeks of waist lost will not be huge, but as my body adjusts to healthy food and starts to build muscles…

…I will naturally start to burn more calories and more fat…also I don’t want to ever “feel” hungry and one slice of toast didn’t do the trick.

Other meals, I am ok with, some I tweek a little to the more food side…so if this doesn’t work at all, I will need to figure out how to be not hungry at those lower calorie intake levels.

I really don’t miss the sugar and the junk food at all…before I started this diet…I was avoiding “food coma” lunches the best I could, but I would always end up in a food coma sooner or later.

A food coma is when you eat way to much food (lunch or any meal) after which feel useless for a couple of hours…that’s gone now…I mean two slices of toast versus a huge breakfast burrito with potatoes, cheese, and bacon!!!

There is really no comparison…why did I eat those burritos? Sure they taste great, but I felt like utter crap for hours after.

I cut cheese down to only the approved cheese list…for now, I only know about feta. Pork is out as well…

…potatoes are still on the list, but the plan suggests to eat them with some marinara to balance the load and get some fiber in with the carbs.

No more sugared anything…I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so this wasn’t that difficult for me. I cut out Vitamin Water (TM) before I started this. I stopped adding creamer to my coffee and I don’t really miss it.

You on a diet: Exercise

HOW easy!!! Walk 30 minutes everyday. Follow along with a 20 minute work out video every other day. WOW! This is so easy and cool I love it.

I really love that I don’t have to go to the gym any more. I work out in the living room looking at my computer screen…I already had a work out mat that was mostly unused. :-)

I don’t even have to walk the 30 minutes all at once…if I can sneak in 10 minutes at lunch, 10 minutes throughout the day, and ten minutes after work that’s cool…

…If I get a pedometer and walk 10000 steps everyday while working and doing your thing…that’s enough.

The workout video is free on the internet and is easy to do…but is still a work out…I don’t sweat too much, it is for strength building. All the exercises are very doable and I felt it right away.

YOU on a diet: The book

The book is funny! It teaches you what your body does with the food you eat. Why almost all the extra food you eat becomes fat in the belly and why having a big belly is really detrimental to overall health and life in general.

Having a waist over 40 inches for a man is the danger mark, and I am four inches over that!! I had no idea that I was such a high risk case. Sure, I knew I had packed on a few pounds since retiring from the Air Force…

But I had not measured my waist since my last PT test…my waist was around 38 back then (that’s not great either, but it’s way better than 44.)

You on a diet: Parting thoughts for today.

I promise future updates won’t be so long, I will try to keep it fresh and interesting and most of all inspiring. If I can do this, then you can do this too. Wish me LUCK!

2 Mar 09

Here is the video that I am starting with every other day…I just did it:

Feel great! My wife has joined me in the walking for 30 minutes everyday, and we are eating together…that’s a big deal, because down the road when I get lazy, and she starts doing the cooking again (mostly) she will be on board.

10 Mar 09

Vital Stats:

Waist: 43.5

Weight: 215

BP: Unknown

The plan still works…the book is still funny…and I feel better everyday still…

I am a little sleepy…still adjusting to Day Light Savings Time…it’s hard for me to sleep an hour earlier (just like everyone else!).

This is not directly about the diet, but my life has changed so much, I need to talk about it where people might read it…

…I started a new job a couple of days after I started this diet…17 Feb 09 to be exact.

I am back to being a sort of IT guy…I am working to automate some enterprise level access to some databases…the cool thing is they hired me knowing that I would have to “learn my way through”…so I am reading books on SQL, Access, and tinkering around with tables and queries…it’s fun.

The new job helped me change with this diet…new people new place…new ME…it’s easier to say “No Thanks” to cake in the office when you don’t know anyone. :-)

When change comes…it comes in bunches…New TV, DVD player, Ipod, Chair, lots of other examples…the Old TV, DVD player and Chair broke…I just wanted the IPOD….that’s cool, so when my new body shows up…it will fit right it.

I am using smokeless tobacco more often these days…I guess I am hanging on to something familiar for a vice…a nod to the shadow I suppose…I hope to kick it again in the future, but I am ok with it right now…

This web site is suffering while I change…I will find space for it in my life again…most likely I will shift my writing time to the afternoon or evening, I have to make a new habit…I have decided to keep this running until I have about 200 pages written whether it makes money or not…

…what other business can you keep working on for $300 per year?

…Gotta go to work…

18 Mar 09

Waist: 43.5

Weight: 212

BP: Unknown

Still loving this…I moved up to the intermediate workout…it is hard enough for me to use it for a while…there are plenty more advanced workouts to come.

My wife and I have gotten into a nice walking routine together and have added a lap for good measure.

I have learned to bring nuts, a lara bar, or another health snack with me to long meetings or training sessions during the work day…the first time I didn’t was rough…

…I have successfully navigated several eating out scenarios without drastic overeating…

I am still using smokeless tobacco and drinking beer and wine…but I have limited myself to a one per day (if any) during the week…during the weekends, I might have more if the occasion arises :-)

10 Apr 09

Waist: 43

Weight: 210

BP: ???

My wife and I had minor rumbles over food and meal prep…but we worked through those…we are not eating together much anymore except on the weekends…

…for dinner I am mostly eating soup that Yayoi cooks up on the weekends in a big batch…It’s quick and light…

The sides of my waist are sliming nicely…this is FUN! It’s like my body is a new and exciting project…I love looking in the mirror now and look forward to workouts and walking..

Feel great…loads more energy…and it will only get better…

…This weekend I am going camping on the beach for two nights…it’s a beer/food moderation challenge for sure.

19 Apr 09

Waist: 42

Weight: 205

BP: ???

Those numbers may be a little off…I checked a few days ago…

…Camping was fun…I slept in my tent on the beach…the ocean really kept me up…it was SO LOUD…

I drank too much beer, but not as much as in past camping trips…I got full much more quickly while drinking, so I had to take lots of breaks from beer.

The diet plan basically went out the window for the trip, but again, I did get full more quickly and ended up eating less food…even thought the food wasn’t really all that good for me.

Exercise was fun…I went for walks with the kids (not my kids…my friends kids)…we also played games on the beach and I got plenty of exercise.

Upon returning home early Sunday afternoon, I was basically useless…I lazed around the house and napped…

My pants are really starting to look and feel big, and I have swapped out one of my belts for a smaller one!!! That was cool.

This plan gets easier as I go…when I started…it seems that I was hungry more often…now, it seems that I am eating before I get hungry…

28 Apr 09

Waist: 41

Weight: 200

BP: ???

I guess the big news is that I stopped drinking beer on a regular basis…I thought I might switch to wine after dinner…but I don’t like wine nearly as much as beer, so…

…I bought a video game…sure it’s a waste of time…but it’s fun, and while playing it’s hard it eat :-)

This just keeps getting more fun and easy…

I help my wife cook veggies and soup and other things that we can stick in the fridge and eat throughout the week…we are on a corn on the cob and chicken sausage kick right now…we both like it and it’s easy…I am ready to move on though…

My breakfast has stabilized (for now)…

2 whole wheat toast with cashew or almond butter, honey, and cinnamon

instant coffee with non-diary creamer

This is easy and doesn’t require anything “just for me” that will go bad in the fridge if I decide I want something else…so that’s a cool breakfast for me.

My workouts are getting easier and more fun. My right shoulder always hurts during workouts due to an old injury, but I can work around it if I rest it right…

The fact that my gut is smaller makes the posture holding more doable and less painful….

…this is the part of the ride that gets interesting….in the past…when losing weight…I would get stuck around this weight and really have to work to push to 190…

…I want to shatter that and get to about 175ish so this is where the real fun starts…

All my size 40 waist pants are getting far too big…we are looking for old 38 waist size pants to hold me over until I get to the destination waist…not sure what that will be yet…I am hoping for a 32, but I could settle for a 34…

Link to Current Health Articles

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What is Reality?

What is Reality? Are we in the Matrix? Do you know kung-fu? What is the universe made of?

OK, first off, I DON’T KNOW…but you know me…I love the “QUESTION”!!

The first time I saw the movie “The Matrix” I had a seriously weird feeling…I thought I was the only person on the planet to ever think that my “real” self…whatever that is…is somewhere else dreaming this life so to speak.

When NEO woke up in the vat of goo…I literally had goose bumps and my neck hairs stood on end.

So let’s hit that first…

What is reality? – Are we in the Matrix?

I will take the 4 answer approach to this question:

#1: No. We are not living in the Matrix. We are just bodies on a planet in a vastly cold indifferent universe. When we die, there is oblivion…life is short…get busy!

#2: Yes! We need to escape the bounds of our robot masters and crush the machines that we created and enslaved…(how many times have we seen this story in Sci-fi?)

#3: Maybe…It seems like there might be something other than #1 and #2 seems interesting…I not so sure about the killer robots and the kung-fu…so I’m not sure…

#4: Oh so much more: read on…

What is reality? – Perception

I have a new phrase I use after I have traveled a long distance and visit friends or relatives…

They ask…”How was the trip?”…

My response might come out something like:

“No matter where I go…I’m always in the same place…right behind my eyes…”

Perhaps what I really am is a self-aware “point-of-view”.

Through years of introspection and study I have come to believe that my human perceptions hide more of reality than they expose.

When I close my eyes and get quiet inside, I can create whole worlds and universes…what makes those places less real?

Or how about dreams…

What is reality? – A slow moving dream world

When I dream, I am totally convinced that the the dream is real.

When I wake up…I realize that I was only dreaming…

Maybe that’s what the soul goes through when one wakes up from the “earth dream”.

When one adds in the idea of lucid dreams this begins to bake my noodle at a much higher temperature.

When lucid in dreams…I know I am dreaming and have the power to create and change the dream as I desire…on a whim…

…when this happens, I generally have too much fun and wake myself up rather quickly…but while it lasts…it’s a blast!

So, if life is like a dream…just a little more persistent…then that means if I become “lucid” during my earth dream…perhaps…I can change this thing we call reality…on a whim…

Maybe this is why the law attraction works when you finally figure it out…

Maybe this is why paranormal phenomena work or don’t work depending upon the observer…

Perhaps we are all “unconsciously” dreaming our way through this earth dream…KNOWING that it’s really real…

What is reality? I “know” nothing

One of my core bedrock beliefs is simple:

“All I know, is I KNOW nothing”

I think this was attributed to the Oracle of Delphi…whose name may have been “Fred”…were not sure.

This belief helps me remain a true skeptic, meaning that I will accept beliefs for practical uses, and remain convinced that while I am on earth…”true knowledge” maybe beyond my reach.

This allows me to accept any new idea…because anything can happen in a dream…maybe we are collectively making it up…

…maybe the rules of the universe and reality are unconsciously created by humanity…or the whole planetary consciousness… plants and animals included!

Who knows? Not me. But’s fun to think about…

Now where did I put that blue pill? :D

Link to Paranormal Phenomena

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What is Consciousness?

What is consciousness…That is an interesting question…consciousness seems to be a topic of much popular discussion today. There are all kinds of efforts aimed at “raising consciousness” or “expanding consciousness”…but did one ever stop to think just what the hell “consciousness” is?

As usual, I don’t presume to know the answer…but as Trinity said to Neo…”It’s the question that drives us…” ;-)

What is consciousness? – Awareness

Perhaps it’s a silly question…we know what consciousness is…it is simply awareness…when we are conscious we are aware of our surroundings…

…we are awake.

But wait a minute, so what happens to consciousness when we sleep…where does it go? Where does one go?

When we sleep, we are still conscious…just in a different “state” of consciousness…

…the body continues to breath, digest doughnuts and popcorn, and eliminate toxins…

So strictly speaking consciousness includes levels of awareness…and it seems there is more to it than just awareness.

What is Consciousness? – Knowing that I exist.

I am. I exist. I know this, because I am conscious of the fact.

Perhaps this is really the true nature of consciousness…a sense of being…a sense of knowing that one or more to the point “I” exist.

I know there are people in the world, but I can’t see through their eyes, or hear through their ears…

Consciousness is a personal and private experience…no one else can experience what it is to be me…others can witness my body and my words and actions, but no one else can experience consciousness from my personal point of view.

Perhaps this is what consciousness is…this personal sense of “I-AM-ness”

What is consciousness? The Fabric of the Universe

Dr. Robert Lanza wrote the book:

Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe.

This theory puts life and consciousness as primary features in the universe, before matter and energy…


Yeah that’s right…consciousness creates the universe baby!!

As you can tell I LOVE this idea! So, there you have it…this is what I choose to believe…I don’t know if it’s true, I just really like the idea…check out this video and the links below

Blog post by Robert Lanza about Biocentrism

Link to Introduction

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What causes fear?

We all have fears…fear runs the show in America today…did you ever stop to think…what causes fear? Let’s look at some possible causes of fear.

So if you google 10 Tep American fears…you will find the common fears or phobias ranging from #1 Spiders to #10 death, and dead things…#2 is still social phobias…way above dying…that’s funny to me.

…that’s not really all that suprising, but by looking at the news I would have thought that the economy, no jobs and terrorism would be on the list…or maybe flying counts…that’s on the list.

…Let’s look at some possible causes…

What Causes Fear? – Media (TV and Radio, et al)

If it bleeds…it leads is the new catch phrase in “selling” news.

Television news is more about selling ads and getting ratings than it is about “informing the public”…therefore what do we see on the news…

Plane crashes, traffic accidents, murders, suicides…

It’s not that we don’t NEED to know these tidbits…maybe we do…maybe we don’t…

…it’s really the way the news is presented that causes the fear…

…we sit and watch stories and images of death, pain and suffering that we have no power or inclination to DO anything about…

My solution to this is just to not look at television…I stopped reading the news as well…

Generally speaking, if I need to know something about what is happening in the world, I will find out through internet news…or my I will hear about it in my social circle…

…frankly unless I intend to do something about a certain news fact…the only reason I would need to know is to look good in a social situation…so I can appear to be an informed citizen…

If more people choose news sources that keep the focus on a balanced view of the days events without leading with all the death, pain and suffering…then news will change…but it’s not really the media’s fault…they just give people what they want…

What Causes Fear? – Corporations

I recently watched a film called The Corporation which looks at how this legal entity has allowed people to shift responsibility for what amounts to psychopathic behavior onto an imaginary “legal person”.

My favorite part of this movie was the segment where they work through the clinic traits of a “Psychopath” which is clinically called “Anti-Social Personality disorder”.

Let’s look at just a few of these and see if they apply to any corporations we have in our lives…

– Glibness/superficial charm

Oh yeah…if you do get to speak to a person when you call a corp, it’s difficult to have a genuine conversation with a representative…they are all working off a script of glibness…

– No sense of remorse or guilt

“Hey…look…don’t take this personally…it’s just business”…

…so that makes it “OK” to be a butt-head??? Because it’s business…this is what the mafia guys in the “Sopranos” said their friends right before they whacked them!!

– They do not accept responsibility for their actions – another caused it

Have you ever heard a corporate rep take responsibility for mistakes? They murmur “legally acceptable statements” that take the place for public apologies…and we accept them…they are really casting responsibility.

The list is long and quite amusing to think about when compared to the behaviors of corporations

What is a Psychopath?

What Causes Fear? – Forgetting What One Is

I heard a great definition of “Hell” on the Show “Super Natural”…

“That’s what hell is…forgetting what you are”

Maybe at it’s core, fear is forgetting our true nature…

What is our true nature…I don’t know!! I like not knowing…but whatever our true nature is…really…here’s what I think it might be described as being…

– Permanent

My true nature is permanent. It does not change. It can not be harmed, threatened or destroyed.

– Whole

My true nature is complete and whole, completely without lack of any kind.

– Unified – ONE.

My true nature is literally ONE with the universe…all forms of separation are perceptual illusions.

– Transcendent

My true nature exists beyond the bounds of space and time…

– Love

In a course in miracles…a close approximation to the opposite of love (not really though…but close enough) is fear…

When I feel fear…I reconnect to my true nature…then I can calm down and response creatively to any apparent challenge or obstacle in my path…

Why fear spiders, social situations and death?…if my true nature is safe…fear can come, but it doesn’t make sense…

So what causes fear really might be just forgetting that we can’t be harmed ever in anyway…sure bodies can get shredded and will eventually die…but that body was never the real me anywho…

How can I be alone if I am ONE with the universe?…my true nature is never alone…it’s always ONE with all that is.

Link to Inducing Consciousness

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Tribal Free Gifts

Thank you for joining our tribe!! One way of showing our thanks is to give tribe member access to free gifts.

This page will continue to grow and include BETA versions of future “non-free” products…

Please use, share, and modify these as you wish, please remember to follow the creative commons rules of attribution as we do…

This means, if you choose to use any of these products, to follow the rules, you provide attribution credit as we here at shift your consciousness have…

Enjoy and thanks!!!

Feedback is always much appreciated and used…

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The Meaning of Love

What is the meaning of love? There are many thoughts and beliefs that people hold about what it is.

The Meaning of love – Romantic love

Romantic love must be mutual and returned by both parties. If this state doesn’t exist in both parties it is “unrequited” love which is different and generally considered undesirable.

Romantic love is highly conditional. You probably think that you can only truly love a certain type of person, those that are a right match, or cosmically linked to you, or compatiable with your likes and dislikes. Or (gulp) there is only ONE person for you in the whole world (i.e. “THE ONE”)…

Also, in the case of my wife and I, I think she feels that our marriage is a lot like a service level agreement in business.

If I were to change my mind about providing her the services that she has come to expect, I think she would reconsider her love for me…

For instance, if I were to quit my job and move home and live with my mother, I’m not sure if my wife would come with me….would you?

I’m not saying my wife would be wrong to choose this…only that this version of love is highly conditional…break certain conditions and the love changes or even ends…

There are many more conditions that I could name that further illustrate the point that romantic love is highly conditional.

The Meaning of Love: Infatuation, Sex, Lust

Another kind of love might really be called infatuation. This is when you meet someone new and are drunk on the novelty of the experience.

…This has happened to me several times throughout my life and when it was over, I realized that I was merely indulging in an illusion….but it was awesome while it lasted!!!

I projected onto the this other person a sort of “halo” affect in which they seemed “perfect” for me.

Infatuation is definitely not really love and I think most people get that…it is more about opening your life through a new and exciting experience…

Then people get sex and lust confused with the idea and meaning of love, which I think since we have different words for lust and sex, we shouldn’t confuse sex and lust for love…they are just different…

Love CAN be expressed through sex…or not…but sex can be fun without love being present…

The Meaning of Love: Parent-Child Love

Another kind of love is the kind a parent has for a child, and the child has for the parent. This parent-child love is less conditional than romantic love…

I think the love a child feels for a parent has more conditions that the parent for the child, but not always.

Love of Stuff, and doing things

People also talk about loving things and activities:

I Love pizza!

I love shoes!

I love downhill skiing!

I love playing computer games!

I love beer!

Do we really LOVE things and activities??? I suppose this is a deep attachment to a thing or activity. Is this love?

Unconditional Love

Finally, there is the kind of love that comes from God. “A Course in Miracles” suggests that God’s love is unconditional.

This type of love that is the “no kidding, no-matter-what” God continues to love. This is a really a neat idea to me.

Regardless of what I do, God loves me.

A course in miracles also refers to love as “The opposite of Fear”

Love might be the most used word and while what it means to each person using it means something different…

Another thought is that LOVE is the primary stuff of the universe…that might be cool…

God is Love…

God is all…

…All is LOVE

…hmmm…nice idea…you think that’s air your breathing?

It might make the “love thy enemy” idea more easy to implement…if we are all one….and one is love…then “love thy enemy” comes to mean…”love thy self”…

Which is more difficult? Loving the enemy? Or loving the self?

hmmm…to be continued…


Link to Spiritual Development

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Subconscious Mind

Is there such a thing as a subconscious mind? What the hell is it? Do I want to know about it? Where did I put my keys? Oh wait…

There is a lot of information available about guiding your “subconscious” mind to help you achieve desirable results in your life.

I prefer other terms better than “subconscious mind” because the “sub” makes me think part of my mind is “under” or “below” my awareness. I don’t really think it works that way, but since I don’t really know, I am willing to go with it.

So, for the purpose of this page I am going to offer up what I believe other people are talking about when they refer to the “subconscious mind”

Subconscious Mind: “That part of my mind that I am not presently aware of or thinking about in the moment. This part of my mind could be thought of as a universal mind or my higher self. The universal mind knows everything I need to know and I can access the past and the future from it’s deep well of knowledge”.

This definition works well enough for me because it allows for the existence of that universal mind, or even a higher self that is connected to the universal mind.

I believe that I can access guidance, knowledge, insights and wisdom from the universal mind. The fact that I don’t walk around conscious of the universal mind every moment is because it would not be practical to walk around on earth that way.

Why? Allow me to explain (or sum up as it were).

When I consciously and intentionally connect to the universal mind, I turn my attention inward and intentionally attempt to disconnect from my outward sensory input. I close my eyes, relax my body, try to quiet my mind.

If I did this while I was say, driving a car, I might create some interesting “earthly effects” indeed!

Also, on a practical note, I can’t hold more than about maybe 7-10 bits of info at one moment in my puny short term memory. I am incredibly horrifically untalented when it comes to feats of short term memory.

But, I can access vast amounts of data that is stored in long-term memory which I think is “somewhere else”…and that somewhere else is the universal mind.

I think doctors think that the brain stores long-term memories, but I don’t think they really “know” for certain.

I tend to believe that our “brains” are akin to network interface cards that connect somehow to recall long-term memories. This makes more sense to me than the idea that our brains are like a hard drives storing data.

I remember a story about a doctor that was trying to find out which part of then brain held long-term memories. So, he taught a cat a trick, and then figured that the cat knew the trick well enough to believe that the cat had stored the trick in long-term memory.

Then, we started slicing away pieces of the cat’s brain (yikes) until the cat finally died. Right up until the last and fatal cut, the cat could do the trick…

…which makes me think that the cat still had his network interface card connected to the place where the trick was stored and the data was somewhere “outside” his “kitty” brain matter.

The universal mind is also provides guidance to me and responds to questions. I ask difficult questions to complex problems to the universal mind, and then get quite simple responses, answers, and directions about how to proceed.

So there is some intelligence and wisdom at work in the universal mind…its not just a data center.

So, I will answer this question: “Do I have a subconscious mind?”.

As long, as I get to define the term, then I will answer “YES!” I have a subconscious mind and so do you. I, however, prefer to use the term “universal mind”, but you say tomatoe, I say tomato…

Call it what you will, I think it is much more than brain matter that is working without your awareness.

Through different techniques and tools, you to can consciously and intentionally connect to the universal mind…just don’t try it when you are driving!

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Stages of Acceptance – Defending Your Life

Defending Your Life is one of my all time favorite movies…why?…

#1 It deals with “after life” issues.

#2 Rip Torn is in it!

#3 It suggests that one purpose of life on earth may be to face our fears.

#4 It’s very FUNNY!

#5 It deals with various Stages of Acceptance

Check out this Short Video from Defending Your Life:

Stages of Acceptance: Defending Your Life: Summary

Daniel (played by Albert Brooks) is killed in a car crash and wakes up in “Judgement City” where he will watch clips from 9 days of his life. Throughout the movie you can watch Daniel go through several stages of acceptance…he starts out afraid of everything…

Daniel and Bob Diamond (his defense counsel played by Rip Torn), …defend his life…or argue the point that Daniel showed that he has moved past the fears that have kept him on earth in past lives and he is ready to “…move on” to the next level of existence.

Lee Grant plays Lena Foster, who argues the point that Daniel is still very afraid and needs to return to earth to continue to work on his fears.

…When NOT in the “court room” people in judgement city can play games, eat, bowl, EAT!, play put-put golf and of course EAT!!! More on this later…

Along the way, Dan meets Julia (played by Meryl Streep) and falls in love…

Julia was a very courageous person on earth and will definitely “move on”…Julia is only looking at four days of her life…mostly just to admire her courage.

Daniel, was a rather timid person, often afraid to make the big moves in his life…again he is looking at 9 days of his life…mostly to laugh at his timid and fearful moves….and also funny moments as well.

Stages of Acceptance – Defending Your Life: Do I face my fears?

Of all the stages of acceptance, this one one of the most challenging…some might say, this is the ONLY one we are doing…facing and accepting the truth that we are afraid to face and accept.

Do I face ALL my fears???…Hell no. I avoid facing my fears at all costs…but I’m getting better.

The fears that are keeping me from doing what I want to do, or
creating what I want to create…these are the types of fears that we are given to overcome.

The first time I watched this movie, I really had no clue what I
wanted…now I have a better idea. I want to…

To work this web biz daily

Speak in front of people


Things like that…

Now that I know a few things that I want…some fears and obstacles will show up…I think I will have a much better chance of overcoming whatever shows up, now that I know a few things that I really want.

I am writing this from the metro train station while waiting for the train…if I drive, it takes just as long, but I can’t write while I drive.

This is an example of getting over a excuse for not writing…”I don’t have time!”…excuse…fear same thing really…

I also changed my work hours to start an hour later..that was easy and it gives me more time in the mornings, when I like to write. These steps seem easy NOW…

I have tried things like this before…facing fears is not easy…it’s not supposed to be…but one can create habits to help…

…take baby steps

…experiment…try new things

…keep asking yourself what you want

…Rinse. Repeat.

This film suggests that one of humanities goals for life on earth is to overcome and face fears.

Although Julia saved people from a burning building, I think the fears that we must face are more subtle than that.

I have struggled with this all my life…what do I want? When living in fear, “tuning out of life” with TV and beer seemed like “fun”…I still like tv, beer, movies, and the like, but I REALLY want to…

Grow in areas that I can take with me when I die…

I want grow in love, power, truth, compassion…and courage…I can’t grow that way watching TV and drinking beer.

Doing things in order to grow should be a challenge, and make us face fears.

Today, I used the LA metro for my commute to/from work…seems like an easy answer to help me…


Not drive in LA traffic

…this was after I felt like I was going to cry when starting my drive home the day before…

Now, I know why I was upset…not due to the traffic alone, but mostly because I was wasting time that I could use to grow.

Stages of Acceptance: Do I get what I want in life?

Of the stages of acceptance this one to the most time…many years…of me not caring WHAT I WANT…I was numb to my wants and desires…

…Do what I am told…shut up…go along get along and get back to TV, Beer, Sleep…

Then I started waking up to realize I could get what I want…

Example #1…quit a job for a better offer…

Recently, I took a new job…it seemed better and a lot more challenging…at first I was afraid it was more than I could handle…then I said YES!

I got over the fear pretty quickly and it really has worked out quiet nicely…

Example #2…I still don’t really want a job…so that is still a compromise…

I would LOVE to have the real courage to just quit the job and see how well I would do making ends meet working on this web biz full time…I don’t have that much courage…yet…

…I could say it’s my wife’s fault…but that’s a cop out…it’s my fault…I have to accept the truth…I just don’t have enough courage to NOT a have a pay check…

…that’s ok…some day I will and then I will move on to the next level…

Stages of Acceptance: Do I take chances?

Another tricky one of the stages of acceptance asks us to assess risk…generally…the better you get at assessing and accepting risk, the more chances you have to get want you want…

I take baby chances…here’s a for instance…please laugh because it should be funny…

…I knew there was a park and ride at the transit center…but I had never parked there before…part of me wanted to drive to the transit center and check out the parking lot the night before I drove there the first time so I knew where to go….

…good for me…I threw caution to the wind and just showed up (about 20 minutes early!) and parked…WOW now that’s daring…

…sure I did things that from the outside seem like they took courage…and I’m sure some of them did…

…I did Li’l Abner in High School…(it’s a musical) and I really nailed the audition (which was kinda scary) then I got the LEAD male role…NOW THAT WAS SCARY…but I did it and it was great…

Stages of Acceptance: What did I risk, to grow?

Risk in another one of the stages of acceptance, as long as you act, you will grow…even if you don’t get what you want…at least you learned something…ok…I didn’t want THAT! :D

Not much really…but then again…I should give myself some credit…I was more risky than some and less than others…

It’s been a while since I have risked something important…I could say that’s just not my style and I guess that would be accurate…

…it sounds like an excuse now, but I really don’t like real risk that is not mitigated some what…

…I risk money everyday in the stock market…I don’t get to upset about losing money, I know I will make it back…or not…I doesn’t really mean that much to me…

For things that really matter…I don’t take too many risks…and if I do take some risks…I take all kinds of steps to prevent disaster…

Stages of Acceptance: Do I identity with Daniel or Julia?

Watching this movie, I definitely identify with Daniel more than Julia…she’s great…but Daniel is far more like me…scared…timid…and afraid…

I have come a long way since about 2005…but for up to that point I was totally motivated by fear and avoidance and…always I was searching for the reason that life seemed so INSANE…

Sometime in 2005, I started to learn that I was a little INSANE and began to get grow to my current position of “a little less insane” and a bit less afraid…

While I was deployed to Qatar during my Air Force time…I found out that I was really bad at and afraid to back up any vehicle into a parking space…

…later on…I bought and owned an RV (Recreational Vechile..about the size of a bus)…I learned how to back that rig up into camping spaces that we really tight…

That whole episode of my life was about find and facing fears…

…the fears that I have left today inside me are hiding really well…it takes me longer to find them than it does to face them…

Stages of Acceptance: Is the afterlife like this?

We can deal with some of the stages of acceptance, like accepting death, now, while we are alive…

Is there life after death??? Who knows?!? I think that the cool people from earth that show up to judgment city would skip out on the trial out all together…they just might say…

…it’s up to me what I do and where I go…take your trial and stick it where the sun don’t shine! …and then pig out all day…steal trams and create a real ruckus until they are asked to leave…

…or perhaps…these type of folks would just bypass the way station all together…

Outside of earthy creations…there is only ONE consciousness and no separations…and yet there are levels…

The residents in judgment city were still egoistic and prideful of their brain size…so judgment city is still just another training ground I guess…

And Earth is a lot of fun, once you learn how to play the game…so while defending your life may seem scary…the worst thing that can happen is that you come back to earth…that’s not so bad…

Stages of Acceptance: Ohh…to eat anything you want without gaining weight…this is a food movie!

Is really one of the stages of acceptance…not really, just go with it! :D

One of the best parts of the this movie is all the funny bits in the restaurants where everyone can eat all they want without gaining any weight…

…at one point, a waiter gives Daniel 9 pies…and he takes them back to his hotel room…

Check out Defending your Life…then send me your thoughts using the contact form…I would love to her what you think.

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Spiritual Goals

Spiritual goals are different for everyone. The spiritual journey is as personal and unique as a finger print…everyone has their own unique life path.

Spirutal Goals

Image: Michal Marcol /

My goals today are to awaken to the truth of oneness on a more consistent basis through out my day…

This means choosing restful and supportive healthy activities such as yoga, exercise, spending time nature, mediation, spending time with friends…while moving away from old habits…

…such as beer, tobacco, TV, excessive web surfing and other mind-numbing activities…

My latest big life event was to quit my job to pursue my life-purpose…and find and follow my bliss!

The most fun I have these days is working! Which is a strange and interesting situation which will take some adjustment.

I started a podcast and really dedicated myself to working on this web business every “work” day…its really more “play” day :D

Link to Spiritual Development

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Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

Spiritual awakening symptoms are, in a way, everything that comes into your awareness…in your mind internally or in the world externally…shows up for only ONE reason…

That reason is to help you “wake up” to a spiritual truth that you are ready to deal with in that moment…

So, that’s it!…

…Just kidding…for the sake of helping you see some of the big rocks that I faced, I will offer some of the symptoms that have rolled through my life to help me “wake up”…

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms – Life Changing Events

Life Changing Events are sort of mile markers of spiritual growth.

I experienced a brief period of spiritual awakening when I was in my early twenties…only to really be lulled back into the “dream” again until I was in my mid thirties.

Then a major life event/decision opened my mind again when my wife and I realized that we didn’t want to have children…

…We had been trying to have children for several years…and then realized that neither one of us really wanted to have them.

We were trying to please our parents and the world’s expectation of “get married…have kids!”

For me, this event led me to question…”What else am I doing because I think I SHOULD?”

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms – Truth seeking

My next phase of awakening included reading loads of books (you can find links all over this site…have fun!), DVDs, movies, TV shows all with one goal…

…help me “wake up” from what I now considered a “dream” of my life…

During this period of investigation, I developed my core belief system and started meditating and committed to taking care of my body and to keep moving toward connecting to my soul’s life plan…

This was a magical and sometimes very frightening phase for me…

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms – Falling away of old habits

I am in the phase right now…in the last 30 days…I have not had any alcohol…and I feel so much better without it, I don’t really want to go back to a “beer a day” guy…

Other habits, like tabacco, and excessive TV and snacking are also falling away…

I am actually finding my most JOY working these day…writing this web page, my book and recording and producing my podcast are some of the most fun I have during my days now…it’s weird to ENJOY my work so much…it’s a really new experience…

The challenge is to break away from it…I can feel that I need a break…but I am still reaching for old forms of relaxation…I’m not longing for beer so much…just going…okay…relax time…what should I do…

Frankly, I generally watch a movie or TV show…or go exercise or go visit with a friend…it’s a work progress…

This is really quiet a new level of life…

Oh yeah, to begin this phase I quit my JOB!!! So there you have it…these phases repeat themselves…you begin to notice the pattern of the phases as you progress through similar elements of a new level…

Since this is a life-long process…as I move along I will update this page…stay tuned!

Link to Spiritual Development

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The Shift-Movie inspired this the web page

The Shift-Movie is about humanity’s shift away from fear and towards love. It is my best guess as to why I am here in a body, as it is a wonderful event to witness.

What would the world be like if more people were loving than afraid?

First, those that were still afraid would have plenty people to love them, it wouldn’t take long for everyone to turn away from fear.

Fear will not be gone, it will still be around, but fear will no longer drive governments and budgets…that will be love.

Check out this video and support the shift by being grateful, happy and loving right now…before all the cool kids are doing it.

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Powers of the Mind: How to Guide to Co-create Reality

When it comes to the powers of the mind and the law of attraction you don’t need to know how to get what you want. “The how” is up to the universe and a way will be presented to you for you to get what you want. Not so fast though, you still have things to do.

Step 1: Ask for what you want

Make sure you are clear about want you want and you are actually thinking about what you want and NOT what you DON’T want. Hold a clear image of what you want in mind and get excitied about how it feels to have what you want…embrace the powers of the mind…

Your thoughts should not be in the future, but as if you have what you want now. If you think about it in the future, then you will never get it.

Step 2: Give.

The universe does this step for you…the universal law of attraction is always reading your thoughts and working to bring a match to the images hold in your mind into your physical world. It will work out how to bring it to you.

Step 3. Receive:

This is your job again. You have to listen to people, events, everything thing that comes into your day might be a message to you from you (well your higher self) about what your next move is to claim your order.

Step 4. ACT:

When you get an answer from the law of attraction, do something about it. It might be an idea that you need to WRITE down for later.

It might be saying YES to an invitation. I might be having the courage to do something you’re pretty sure you don’t want to do.

This can get tricky, because people think that they can make a wrong choice…which is generally impossible. The worse mistake you can make is doing nothing.

I default to a positive answer when in doubt. If I say yes, and then act on that yes decision, but after a day or two I FEEL worse then I might re-evaluate my choice.

The emotional guidance system will make you feel good about a decision that is in the right direction and fell bad when it is in the less than ideal direction…so you really can’t go too far off course.

Repeat daily or more if you have time. I like to “Ask” in the morning and then do a review in the evening before bed perhaps take notes in a journal if I got any ideas that will help me with my goals.

Link to Law of Attraction

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Modern Day Miracles

Modern Day Miracles could be more about changing the way you see the world…than it is about super hero feats with flash…

“There are two ways to live your life – one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle.”
— Albert Einstein

I see the world “as is”…AND full of miracles…simple things that we take for granted everyday are really miracles if you take a moment to consider it…

Modern Day Miracles – Fruit Trees

This will sound silly…I know…please bear with me a little bit.

Have you ever walked up to an apple tree…walked around it for a little while…looking for a really nice looking…juicy looking treat?

You walk up to the tree and pick off your favorite apple…maybe you wash it off…or maybe you just shine it up a little bit on your pants leg…

Then you launch into that baby full on…

This piece of fruit will fill you healthy energy, it will clean your teeth and gums and make you more mentally alert than a cup of coffee…

…and it came from a tree that grew out of the ground…


…because there was another apple tree whose seed happen to land on this spot…

The system is perfect…the tree wins because if you eat the seed you walk away and provide it’s seed a nice warm bed for it’s seed to grow…(the tree has a better chance if you happen to be a squirrel on this point…but go with me!)

The whole point for the tree is to move it’s seed…it’s fruit is just a marketing gift…please have this free fruit!!!

Since there are several fruit options available to animals…each fruit tree does it’s best to make great fruit…in order to best spread its seed…

This fruit didn’t required to be cooked, and no great intervention or scientific manipulations were involved in preparing this food…

We didn’t have to cook it…it’s perfect…as is…ready to eat.

That whole process is really a miracle…we don’t see it as a miracle any more because we get our food from a store…still the idea is the same…

The earth is a perfect system…a miracle of natural wonder…

Modern Day Miracles – Child birth

Have you ever talked to anyone who has experienced a home child birth?

I think most people find it easy to see child birth as a modern day miracle…more so than fruit anyway!! :D

If you have a chance to speak to someone that experienced first hand the miracle of a home-child birth, do yourself a favor and buy them dinner and listen to the story…

I have a friend who told me a story of a home birthing she herself experienced with just her in a bath tub at home with her husband…

It was…amazing…

She started by just relaxing in the warm water and allowing the process to unfold…it’s pretty natural experience…

When the time came for the baby to come out…she felt like standing up, so she did with a little help…to give the baby a little help of gravity to come out…

Her husband wished he had a catcher’s mitt at that point…I just imagined myself in the dad role there waiting for the wind up and the…pitch…it’s a baby!!!

Apparently dad can catch…then the miracle continued…

The placenta remained attached to the baby via the umbilical cord for a while…they didn’t cut it right away…they allowed the baby to remain connected to the placenta by removing it and wrapping it in a towel and allowing the baby to use up the remaining nutrients.

All the while, mom and baby rested together and started bonding…

OK…when I heard this story…I still don’t want to have children of my own…but I would love to go through that experience and help the process along…maybe act as a baby catcher…

Child birth…wherever it happens is a a miracle…and it happens everyday…

Modern Day Miracles – Miracles are Natural

In the book “A Course in Miracles” miracles are natural and happen all the time…when miracles are absent…take that as a sign of “errors” in thinking…

So, just because most people on the planet don’t get excited about everyday miracles, doesn’t mean you can’t take a moment to connect to the miracle that is around you every moment of every day…

The miracle you are waiting for is there waiting for you to notice it…just change your mind about what it looks like…

“Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. They are performed by those who temporarily have more for those who temporarily have less.

— A Course In Miracles

Miracles are not really paranormal phenomena…but I bet most folks disagree with that statement…

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Mindful Meditation and inducing consciousness

Easy Mindful-Meditation Method

1. Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted for 15 - 30 minutes.

2. Choose a comfortable chair, bed, couch. You want to be comfy, but not so comfy that you fall asleep.

3. Choose a position: sitting, lying down, or some sort of yoga position.

4. Set a timer for 15-30 minutes.

5. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and try to quiet your mind, then let your breath return to normal.

5a “Not thinking” is practically impossible, we are going for “fewer” thoughts.

6. Choose a word or sound that you are comfortable repeating as you exhale (such as OM, or Ahh…shorter words are better.)

7. Use your Mantra word as you exhale. You don’t need to constantly repeat your mantra, do what comes naturally.

8. Start with being grateful for everything you are and have. Put yourself in an attitude of gratitude.

9. Think about things that you want and how amazing your life will be when you get what you want.

10. Turn off the timer, because it is beeping.

There you have just did it. It doesn’t matter what you think or believe...if you do this once or twice a day on a regular basis, you will enjoy the benefits above.

Thanks to Dr. Wayne Dyer, whose books taught me how to meditate. He has many greats books and audio programs out there to help you learn how to meditate. I encourage you to check those out as well as other products after you have practised for a while. Trust me, you will be nothing but thankful if you do.

If you are interested in exploring other meditation techniques, check out the sites below There are loads of free content regarding, techniques and information.

Link to Meditation is Easy Site

Link to Inducing Consciousness


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Manifesting Abundance

When I think about manifesting abundance in my life, I generally remember the first line of the 23rd Psalm…

“The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…”

I might change this around in my around in my head I a little bit…

…I am abundant

…I have everything I need.

…I am in want of nothing.

Manifesting abundance is tricky because the fundamental question that people ask most often is…”How do I manifest something that I want?”

My answer is simple…”you can’t”…sorry the universe doesn’t work that way…

…you can have anything, but “wanting” is a state of consciousness, and it happens to be the opposite internal state of abundance.

So, instead of “wanting” I find it helpful, to create an internal state of wholeness and happiness…and then “whisper an intention of something that would be nice to see…but if it does not show up…that’s ok…because I am perfect as I am right now…”

…Most folks will say…if I am perfect as I am right now…why would I be trying to manifest “stuff”???

…AH-HA! NOW you are asking the right sort of questions!!!! ;-)

Again, the universe is literally ONE thing, one song, one dream…and we are all IT…manifesting abundance means being happy with whatever situation happens to show up for you…

…homeless, sitting on a park bench…

…giving freeing however you can to all those you meet…

…or running your own business from your nice house…

…or working in your dream job…

When I think about manifesting abundance, I think about…thats right…ABUNDANCE! I think about all the wonderful people, places and experiences that have flowed through my life, and I feel grateful for all of it…THANKS universe…thanks ME, thanks you!

Manifesting Abundance – Money

Again, most folks are going to call me crazy, but when you think you want to increase your abundance in the form of money…wanting more money does not work…

I just watched the movie version of “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch. He said at one point if you want to create abundance for yourself…create it for someone else. In the movie, a friend of his was helping him write his first book by typing it up while at work…Neale was writing on his famous yellow legal pads.

Link to DVD on Amazon:

Conversations With God

Before Neale sold one book, before he made one book deal…he promised to share the profits with his friend, which turned out to be very abundant!!!

The best way I have found to create more abundance in my life with money is to give my money away…yes…that’s right…give it away.

I give money away in the form of donations, just straight up giving…charities and the like…this feels great.

Kiva loans are great, because they have a pay back that is nearly 100%…

I even consider investing in the stock market a form of giving money away…I have money, which I give to a company in order to use to create more abundance.

Think about the universe as one big pool of energy that is constantly flowing THROUGH life…I try not to get in the way and “keep” too much, that impedes the flow…I use whatever I need and then give the rest…the more I give…the more I receive.

Another great quote that I love is from A Course in Miracles: “The only way to keep something…is to give it away”

Link to Law of Abundance

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LOST Nature of Reality

LOST Nature of Reality. I recently checked out the Lost Time Loop Theory website…and I must say, I am most impressed.

The theory uses the idea of time travel and time looping to explain most of the weird things that happen on the island.

In a nut shell, the theory guesses that people have been fighting over the island since about 1900ish…and a many people have been going back in time to “try again”…

…either to destroy the island or create a “time loop” in which the island remains “frozen” in time and never reaches the point in time when the island is destroyed…

…both sides kill (people, rabbits, polar bear) and use any means required to meet their goals…

…of course there are some holes in the theory, but that is most likely due to “poetic license” used by the producers of the show rather than a lack of diligence on the part of the author of the time loop theory.

As I watched the show, I noted things that jived with what I was thinking about the nature of reality…some of my thoughts match up…while others don’t.

LOST Nature of Reality — Subjective Reality versus Objective Reality

If you are not familiar with these ideas of different Reality models…check out the link below and Google around for a while…I’ll be here when you get back…

Subjective Reality Simplified by Steve Pavlina

Welcome back! (Did you really leave?)

Here’s a short quote from Steve Article for you cheaters (feel free to skip if you already know this stuff):

“Objective Reality (OR) is the perspective that you’re the character in the dream world, and the dream world is solid, real, and objective. An OR person wouldn’t normally think of the physical world as a dream at all — they accept the (socially conditioned) notion that the dream world is reality itself. The objective world itself is seen as the basis for knowledge. Note that there can be no proof whatsoever that this is how reality actually works; it’s one giant unprovable assumption. It’s also not falsifiable….

…Subjective Reality (SR), as I describe it, is the perspective that your true identity is the dreamer having the dream, so you are the conscious container in which the entire dream world takes place. Your body-mind is your avatar in the dream world, the character that gives you a first-person perspective as you interact with the contents of your own consciousness. But that avatar is no more you than any other character in the dream world. This perspective is also not objectively falsifiable, so it cannot be proven wrong. However, I find it a very rich and empowering way to interact with the dream world of reality on multiple levels.”

In order for the Lost Time Loop Theory to work for me, you have to work from the objective reality model…the world is real and solid and time moves in the traditional now to later sort of flow…

…On LOST Objective Reality most likely IS REALITY...because it is a SHOW that is FALSE to begin with…whatever the producers say is real is real for the show…and the time loop theory really fits in nicely…

In the real world I prefer subjective reality…I can suspend my disbelief long enough to enjoy LOST.

LOST Nature of Reality – Perception

Have you ever seen the move “what the bleep do we know”? One of the coolest moments was when someone told a story about some western hemisphere natives seeing ships from Europe for the first time…

…Not saying this is true…just a cool story…

For the first few days while the ships where at sea and visible from shore…the natives could not see them….but the shaman noticed a disturbance on the water, and set his mind to figure out what was causing it…

…eventually he was able to see the ships and describe them to the others so they could see them as well….

…the idea here is that perhaps we can’t see what we have never seen…and if one in a group can perceive something he can teach others to see it as well…

On LOST we have seen all sorts of strange events, which are perceived (or not) from each person’s point of view…like in life…

…for example…John Locke’s perception of the island is one of a miracle…or destiny…something “meant to happen”…

…his perception that he is exactly where he is supposed to be is his main driver throughout his stay on the island…

…Jack Sheppard on the other hand perceives his stay on the island as a mistake to be fixed…just like every other situation or person in his life…

Jack’s solution to the “being on the island” problem is to leave…only to find out that life back in the world is still a problem…

This part of LOST is more or less in line with reality the way I see it…except to get the plot moving…as usual…

LOST The Nature of Reality…The fountain of youth

It seems Ben wants to create a Fountain of Youth on the LOST island…it won’t works IMHO…that never works in TV or movies…it will be a cool ending, but this goal doesn’t work out in shows….there’s no conflict….no drama…that don’t pay the bills on earth…

Good thing that my reality is already perfect the way it is…I don’t want to stay young forever on earth…I already live forever (NOW) and when my body wears out I will make a new one in a new dream…or not…it’s my choice.

The ultimate goals of fictional characters can’t be achieved without either ending the show…or radically changing the show…which a great bit about J.J. Abram’s shows…they completely change sometimes…

…yet I digress…

I guess the drive and yearning for a fountain of youth situation or a paradise situation is pretty common…and interesting from the point of view of subjective reality…

…we are free to choose that we live in our perfect paradise and a form of a fountain of youth right NOW and forever…

…in order to create a life situation in which the major areas of your life are in balance and create a healthy and happy “YOU” one needs to shift one’s consciousness and shift our way of thinking and being…

Which leads into the…

LOST Nature of Reality – Law of Attraction

…which operates in the universe whether we believe it or not…and it basically says that your life in the world is a result of the thoughts you think about the most and the feelings that go along with the thoughts provide the energy…

…many people who are unaware of the law of attraction can create their own version of hell on earth…thinking that they are being judged or otherwise victimized by a cruel world…they blame others for their life situation and think…”why me?”

…others (more and more each day) learn to co-create their outer experience more to their liking…they do what they want to do because they enjoy it…this comes at the price of accepting 100 percent accountability for everything that happens in their lives…

…overweight?…yup I did that.

Crappy job? Yup I did that.

Got ripped off in a deal…yeah that was me…

The folks on LOST are lost (sorry for the pun) to this idea…but don’t blame them…they are just written that way ;-)

The neat idea to think about on LOST is that everybody can be right…

Whatever happens in life can be explained as a result of being part of the dream world (the “real world”) and anything can happen in this world…

When I first thought about the time loop theory, I thought…ok that’s a good idea for the show, but that’s now how time really works…

…but then I remembered that each person creates the rules of the dream themselves…so if everyone believes and thinks that they are going back in time and forward time…then that becomes reality…until they change their mind…

LOST The Nature of Reality…Does Fate exist?

The author of the Time Loop Theory uses the idea of “fate” to answer a lot of questions…I agree this is a plausible solution for the show…but I’m am still perplexed by how fate works in the “real world”

So I guess…there are things I want to do during this life, and I am a work in progress until my body dies…so what’s the rush…I’m just working for me….I like to relax into a life and enjoy the ride…

…my Fate is my soul prodding me to get on with the program…I think my soul thinks I’m lazy…

So how does fate work? I don’t think anything in “the future” is ever set in stone…I look at things in my pre-birth life plan as the big events…those are going to happen…I don’t know what they are until I get there…the details work themselves out….

…whatever happens…happens…it is insane to not accept “WHAT IS”…that doesn’t mean that we can’t change what is…

…but that is different than denying the fact that it occurred.

…Mistakes, sure those happen, they delay events…perhaps whole big chapters of a life get postponed due to “unforeseen body death”…no big whoop…catch that stuff on the next ride….

LOST Oneness or Connectedness

All of the characters in Lost are connected to each other in seemingly strange ways.

The time loop-theory might explain it by saying “fate” is working to correct a future timeline, or maybe that some folks from the future have moved to the past and now have insights in what is coming…both very fascinating ideas to explain seemingly weird connections.

I would like to add the idea of oneness to the mix.

My idea of oneness means that we are at some level all ONE.

When seemingly weird things happen in real life, I like it because we are all really ONE thing…

For instance, while walking with a friend, one brings up a trip in the near future…and one person says….”hmmm where should we go?” The other person thinks “hmmm Death Valley?”….but doesn’t say it…

…then the other person says, “How about Death Valley?”….One mind means that all minds and thoughts are really one…so we don’t need to be next to each other to share each others thoughts…

Oneness applies to space and time as well…there is only really one time….NOW.

Think about it for a moment….how do you perceive the past? You think about some memories…the past exists in records and memories…no where else…in other words, outside of memories there is NO PAST.

The future is similar to the PAST in that it is NOT NOW. How do we perceive the future? We think about things that might happen…after we have thought them NOW has gone by and the future has moved into the past for you to remember what think MIGHT happen…the future is just us thinking about what might happen….not really real.

Space is real enough on earth, but at some level…there is no out there…kinda like The Matrix….how much did Neo move in the real world while moving in the Matrix? Not much…

…Oneness world is like The Matrix…without the evil robots and much less cool Kung Fu….

So Oneness does a fairly decent job of explaining a lot of what is happening on LOST…as it does in the “real world”…

LOST Nature of Reality —SUM it up

LOST is a great show…it always makes me think…these later seasons are much better in my mind…although I think they are going to lose some audience interest…but I hope not…

…I spoke to my brother the other day and he said the show is “getting weird”…he doesn’t like weird stuff…to me it’s always been a little weird…but they did really crank it up a notch with season 4 and 5…

…I don’t know where we are going on LOST, but I know it will be a FUN RIDE…

Link to Law of Attraction

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Instant Awakening

Instant Awakening might be the only sort of awakening there really is…then again it depends…

John Lennon warned about “Instant Karma” and that it’s “Gonna Get you!”

Like all questions…all answers have value…right and wrong are really meaningless…

Instant Awakening – YES!

YES…this is really the only sort of awakening there is…here’s why…

Time is an illusion…remember? So, if there is only NOW,then one can really only awaken in the only moment that really exists…

One might imagine that each moment of the eternal NOW offers a unique opportunity to awaken just a little bit more…to accept more truth now…to expand our awareness just a little bit more…NOW.

Is there a limit to being awake? I don’t think so, it really seems like an all or nothing situation…either you are awake or you are not…

Or maybe there are levels of being awake…we can see some of those levels of being awake:

1. Deep Sleep

We are out…if there are dreams, we rarely remember these…the brainwave patterns are known as delta waves and are unique to deep sleep.

2. REM sleep

This is a brain pattern that is very similar to waking brainwave patterns…it’s as though these dreams are simulating the waking world…beta brain waves are seen in this level.

3. Waking world

The brainwave pattern here is generally thought of as “beta”…this is normal, doing stuff in your life…driving, working, paying taxes…

4. Mediation

You are awake, aware…and very relaxed…the brain wave pattern here is called “Alpha” and is a unique level of consciousness…it also occurs on the way to sleep…

5. What’s next???

Are there more levels of consciousness??? Can we become more awake…seems like we should be able to wake up more…

Instant Awakening – NO!

NO. It takes many many illusionary lifetimes for ONE to awaken…so instant awakening is really impossible.

One can dedicate one’s life to awakening to unity consciousness and never achieve Buddha status and become one with Buddha consciousness…

One can awaken…but it really MUST take TIME…really obvious WINK ;-)

Instant Awakening – Maybe…

Maybe one can awaken in an instant…then again…maybe one can’t…

“Maybe” might be the worse answer ever really, because it means one is waiting to choose between two choices and therefore chooses one sometimes and the other other times, and can’t commit to one choice or the other…

This can get ONE in trouble…one can get stuck in indecision…

If ONE were to make a choice and commit to it 100% for 30-days…then one might be able to assess that choice with real data and perhaps choose to change…

…and then commit to the other choice for 30-days…

This way…one can stop with the maybe’s and just pick one already…even an icky choice is better than a maybe choice…because maybe is really a lack of a choice…

Instant Awakening – oh so much more…

The “Oh so much more” answer is allowing that one really can’t KNOW for sure…

Let’s leave room for the possibility that all answers have value and that one never knows the answer, only which answer currently seems to be pointing towards “more awake”…

The answer may change the next moment…if one can accept any and all answers…one might see the answers to all questions are really embedded in the questions…once you ask the question…one has all the answers one needs…

It’s the question that drives one….;-)

Link to Inducing Consciousness

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The Holographic Universe

Before we start…the “holographic universe” page, let’s look at a snip from Wikipedia about the topic:

“The Holographic Universe is a pseudo scientific book by Michael Talbot containing physics theories that explores the idea that the entire universe is a hologram. After examining the work of physicist David Bohm and neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, both of whom independently arrived at holographic theories or models of the universe, the book then argues that a holographic model could explain various paranormal and anomalous phenomena, and provide a basis for mystical experience.” – Wikipedia

So, ok the skeptics label this pseudo-science…that’s cool…I just think it’s yet another neat idea.

Here is another link I found with some information about the book…I think I will try to pick up a copy of this book…sounds like a fun read.

My first thought when I read this page was that is if:

“…We are really “receivers” floating through a kaleidoscopic sea of frequency…”

…it seems like it would take more effort on my part to convince myself that the holographic universe was real…

…my first thought was “it is effortless to believe I am a solid being living in a solid world”

…then I started thinking that most of my life was and is, on a moment by moment basis devoted to just that…

When I started to list the lengths it takes to “stay alive” and I realized the amount of effort we put into “dreaming” we are human…

…The survival instinct seemed more like a “prime-directive” or a choice one makes before becoming human as a requirement of “staying in the game”…

…if you kill your body…game over…

All the things we fret about drive us toward prolonging earthly existence…food, clothing, shelter, employment, health care, transportation…even pro-creation…practically every moment of our journey on earth is somehow wired toward keeping this dream going as long as we can…

…its seems so effortless….then I remembered that I had a JOB…it’s not a bad job…I actually like it quiet a bit…but I would rather not have a job at all…

…sure it is easy to quit a job…but then my human house of cards begins to fall apart…

…no job…no money…no house…wife leaves…takes half of the nest-egg…then what…can I do what I want to do?

No…because I still have to eat…and I need a place to live…I could work it out, but do I want to? No yet…

…it seems that convincing ourselves that we are solid humans in a solid universe takes great time and effort…

1. Get up at 4:30 A.M.




Pack Gear

2. Drive to Work

3. Work til lunch

4. Eat

5. Work until quitting time

6. Drive home

7. Have fun? Relax?

8. Eat

9. Exercise (walk)

10. Wash

11. Sleep

12. Repeat….until “body death”

Hmmm…If I don’t have fun at work…this is a a dull boy existence. :-0

So, what? Does the idea of a holographic universe help me NOT believe that I am solid human in a solid objective universe…maybe a little, but I am not ready to stop eating to realize the “truth”

It does help explain things like miracles, and the nature of time…it also alleviates the fear of death…even though I know my body will die, I can take comfort in believing there is a deeper truth of existence beyond the Holographic Universe we call life.

Link to Consciousness Shift

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Fear of Dying

The fear of dying consistently ranks below the fear of spiders (?) and the fear of social situations…on this list below, it ranks # 10…

Top Ten Phobias List

So death is feared…even if it’s only #10…my guess is that people would rather not think about dying and that’s why they respond with other phobias and then…yeah well…sure dying is on the list…but that’s far away. Maybe there is an age bias in this list?

The fear of dying is rational…it’s really the ultimate “unknown” situation that everyone has to face sooner or later…I prefer sooner…

Let’s look at death from a new point of view…Let’s think about it as an event that is part of life…

Fear of Dying: Opposite of Life?

My fear of dying is lessened by some core beliefs I have developed. What is death really? For me it is less a state of being and more of an event that takes place as a chapter bookend…

Most people think or even know that the opposite of life is death…but let’s try a new idea…

What’s the opposite of birth? Maybe death is really just the opposite of birth…

Let’s think about this…

Before conception/gestation/birth…there is no person…or at least there is no physical vessel or matter to contain a person…so we have some unknown state of being or not being before the sperm/egg party…

Then…BAM! Sperm this is egg…Egg this is sperm…YAY! Let’s have a party and make a new person holding vessel…

Then birth…life…yada…yada…purpose…diets…addictions…yada yada…


Then what…more unknown state of being or non-being…

So let’s some up…

Unknown – Conception/Birth – Yada – Death – Unknown

In this model…Death is not the opposite of life…it’s just another fork in the road…an event…what happens after is unknown…

Fear of dying is a natural…rational fear…if we didn’t fear death…we wouldn’t take care of our bodies and we would be sick and need health care reform, and we would have an obesity issue…oh wait…

No really the fear of dying does serve practical purposes…but we can move on and make some choices about how to deal with it now…we don’t have to wait until we are very close to death…

Fear of Dying: Can’t be all bad…everyone does it!

Every body that came to earth will die. That’s just part of the deal…you can deny it all you like…but it is an earth fact. Bodies are temporary…like a flower…nice for a while…then they then go away…

…does the apple morn the loss of the blossom that was there before? Nope…does the butterfly dream a tearfully sad montage of special caterpillar moments while it is drying its wings? I don’t think so…

I don’t miss my fetus…it did it’s job…we moved on…

Death can’t be all bad…everyone does it…and since it’s unavoidable…early acceptance of the event of death can be a very healthy and liberating choice…

Fear of Dying: Obstacle to happiness

The fear of dying can get in the way of enjoying a healthy life…

This became clear to me as I witnessed the friends of my parents as they entered into late adulthood…

Lot’s of people, friends, family loved ones…die during your late adulthood…it becomes a larger part of life…this might help to make it easier to handle…or it might get in the way of enjoying the time you have left…

One couple that I really enjoyed spending time with, let the fear of death get in the way of fun…there was more going on in this couple’s life that didn’t help…old regrets…but they did make some interesting choices because of their fear of dying…

There is nothing wrong with these choices…I just would choose differently…

So…this couple had a cabin in the woods that was near my parents…cabin in the woods…

At some point, this couple made the very rational choice to sell the cabin in the woods…because they were afraid of being too far away from the hospital…in case something happened…like something that might kill them…a stroke or a heart attack or whatever…

That’s cool…they were getting less mobile by this point anyway…and I don’t want to judge their choice…I just want to use it as an example of another kind of choice…

How about thinking…hey…I really enjoy this cabin in the woods…I can’t think of a better place to die than here in my cabin in the woods…that would be nice…peaceful…if that happens…that’s ok…

I’d rather do that…I mean…ok…so you go live in town now, so when the time to die comes you can go to the hospital…and they can keep you from dying…for a little while…maybe you go home, maybe not… eventually death will come.

Me…i’d rather just enjoy my time in the woods…but that’s me.

Fear of Dying: Young at Heart

As an alternative to letting go of enjoying life near death…how about you check out this movie called Young@Heart.

They are still going as a group…check out the movie…most of the folks in the movie have most likely passed…but these folks didn’t let a little thing like death get in the away of having fun…they would go to practice even when they needed help to get there…

Fear of Dying: The Unknown

Is there life after death…I think so. I think life continues…and that death…like birth, is an event in life…

…at the same time…I don’t KNOW that to be true. I accept the fact that I might be wrong…maybe there is oblivion like the atheists think…whatever is out there…what I think about it…what I believe…won’t change it…

So, since it is unknown and I can’t know anyway…I feel free to choose to “live as if” my belief is true…why not? It can’t hurt…my self delusion is really just as harmless as the atheist’s oblivion…

…I like the idea of some part of ME being in the unknown…not my body, or memories, but maybe just my sense of being…my consciousness…my “I am”-ness…

Maybe that’s what I was before birth too…just consciousness…wouldn’t that be a hoot!

Link to Inducing Consciousness

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Developing Self Awareness

Developing self awareness provides benefits in all areas of your life and is a critical factor in creating “YOU 3.x”

In the “tubes” in London…there is an automated voice that reminds passengers to “MIND THE GAP”!

We have tubes in American, we call them subways…the gap that the automated voice is talking about is the gap between the train and the station platform…

Ok…so now you want to ride the tubes in LONDON!! It’s fun, you should do it…

MIND THE GAP…also can help you to remember that there is a GAP between stimulus and response…

So if one learns to MIND this internal GAP, it will help them respond more creatively to every kind of stimulus…

Developing Self Awareness – Step 1: STOP! Feel the sensation in your body

Start noticing the gap is always there…

Most folks today are living in some conditioned version of “YOU 2.x” and are throughly convinced that they are CONTROLLED by the the environment…by people, events, words…you know stimulus…

…in order words “stimuli” have the power to MAKE one do/think/say things…

…if you act this way then you are granting your power of choice to the situation…and therefore are allowing yourself to be “MADE” to do things…

So…step one in developing self awareness is just to STOP and notice that there is a gap of space and time between perceiving a stimulus….


…and your reaction.

First, just STOP…and instead of reacting…feel what your body feels like…

A true sign of conditioned response that limits authentic choice is any feeling of constriction is your body…

Developing Self Awareness – STEP 2 – Do nothing

…you may have to politely excuse yourself…and take a moment…that’s ok…do that…

If you consciously choose to just do nothing for a minute or so…you can allow yourself to feel the effect of the conditioned response in your body…

…where did this conditioned response come from…

…childhood? The media? The government? Corporations?

In the end…it doesn’t really matter…the goal in developing self awareness is merely to move towards increasing your number of opportunities throughout your day to make authentic choices…instead of conditioned responses

Developing Self Awareness – STEP 3 – Go to your happy place

Step 3 is to think of something that will invoke a sense of peace, joy, and bliss…

If you have children, think of one of them as a perfect beautiful baby…

Puppies…one amazing memory from my childhood is the “puppy attack!”…

…one of our dogs had puppies and we were raising the puppies in the summer between 5th and 6th grade…

One day, my friend and I took turns wrangling the puppies and plopping them ON each other…

The puppies would make there way to the face and start licking and probing…you know…looking for food…finding a nose or an ear lobe and trying to get a snack…

…of course this invoked a giggle fest of epic proportions…

While you read that description of the “PUPPY ATTACK!”…

…how did you feel?…

…you think that’s air that your breathing?…


Once you have noticed the gap…you can expand it…and this expansion of time will open up a new world of creative and authentic choices…

Someone attacks you…you…WHAT?

Developing Self Awareness – Disconnecting your buttons

This process allows you to disconnect most of your “buttons”…

…the world has wired you up with a bunch of buttons so you can be controlled like a robot…

Most of the buttons are there to eventually invoke you to buy something…

Others are there to invoke fear or anger or self-righteous indignation…

We all have the power to disconnect the wiring and un-plug from the matrix ourselves…

The goal is to only leave two buttons wired up…you may need to install these two new buttons…they will be the only two you really need in the end…

Button #1 = Unconditional Love

Button #2 = Help

Imagine you only have these two buttons…some people will stop interacting with you all together and RUN!

The people you want to hang around with will naturally invoke one or the other or both and will want to hang out with you more and more.

Link to Inducing Consciousness

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Shift Your Consciousness Store

Welcome to the Shift Your Consciousness Store! Here you will find outstanding deals on products that I have used on my journey…Enjoy!

The Unexplainable Store

The Unexplainable Store sells binaural beats that induce various states of consciousness through a process known as brainwave entrainment.

These audio files contain different beats that you can really barely notice, underneath smoothly music and sounds of flowing water and other sounds of nature such as birds and crickets.
There are no words on these file, and you don’t need to consciously think about anything, just relax and allow the beats to help you meet your goal.

Consciousness Books

These 10 books really helped me along the way  they are all enlightening and life changing.  This selection includes books that will help you learn to succeed, grow, know yourself, shift your beliefs, and laugh at yourself!

Consciousness DVDs

DVDs of movies that helped me wake up my consciousness. Movies included What the Bleep, The Secret, The Matrix, and many more you may have not heard of…

The only way to keep something is to give it away…

We are all here to GIVE! Giving money is one way to give… it’s easy and it makes you feel good.

Kiva is awesome!!!…you loan $25 to someone and then get your money back later…to loan out again!…it is the perfect circle of giving!!!

Kiva - loans that change lives

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Consciousness Shift Cast Podcast

Consciousness SHIFT CAST is here! Welcome to the Home Page for Shift Cast with Jeff “Yooper Smith” and Rick “Jindai Hideo” Hawn…

We like to have fun by discussing all manner of conscious growth and spiritual topics, such as facing fears, guilt, shame…and relate them to pop culture references like tv shows, books and movies…

We understand that facing inner demons is “challenging” so we take a lighthearted approach…and we laugh quite a bit…

Subscribe on iTunes

We have a voice mail number for your comments, questions, rants, complaints…(424)209-7157. Your comments might be on the show!!!

Find all the Episodes HERE!

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Awakening Spiritually

Awakening Spiritually isn’t a “new age” phenomena…not that there is anything wrong with new age…my point is that folks of all faiths, religions, cultures all over the world are learning to embrace this awakening…

This means people begin to experience spirit personally…

Awakening Spiritually: Major life Event or decision

The pattern of awakening spiritually sometimes begins with an a major event in life that makes you re-think a major area or decision.

For my wife and I, this happened some years ago when we decided after many years of trying to have children…that neither one of us authentically wanted to have children!

We had gone to great lengths to try to have children, then while doing a diagnostic procedure on the road towards in vitro fertilization, my wife experienced some serious pain…

…the doctor commented that this this level of pain was small compared to that of child birth…

This little event really made us want to check our commitment to the process.

If turned out that we didn’t really want children, but were following the path set out to us by our parents and the world…get married have kids…

When we realized we didn’t want kids…it opened a door in my mind and in my soul…it was a question…

…what else am I doing, because I think “I should”…

This started me on a spiritual journey of questioning everything I think and do and it continues today.

Awakening Spiritually: – Seeking Truth

I started seeking spiritual truths online, in books, DVDs, live teachers…

I found many helpful teachers and pointers along the way…

This phase lasted about 2 years for me…

The gist is what I call “the message”…

“the message” is the the whole truth of the universe…smacking me in the head and my whole being…

Then I spend the next 2-3 years dealing what the hell “the message” meant…I can’t fit it all in my head at once…it’s simple and big all at once…the best summary, which won’t make much sense to anyone until you start your own journey is…

“Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” — A Course in Miracles

See…told you it doesn’t make sense…

If you want to understand that…take this web site as your wake call and start asking your own questions about what you do and think!

I am working on a book, where I write about “the message” as best as I can…stay tuned…I plan to make a free version that is a digest and a longer version that will cost a little bit of money…not sure how much yet…

Link to Spiritual Development

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Awakening Psychic Abilities

Awakening psychic abilities is a natural state of acceptance of miracles, listening to your intuition, and tuning into your body’s intelligence.

Have you ever had a gut feeling? What’s that?

Did you ever witness a miracle in your life, or a least something you could not explain?

Have you ever listened to your bodies messages and taken action in your life?

These are NOT the “900” number/psychic hotlines sorts of abilities…but like Einstein said:

“There are two ways to live your life – one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle.”

So, yeah…this idea lacks excitement and flash…by this definition…miracles are quiet boring…that’s ok…you can remain open to the exciting miracles as well!

Awakening Psychic Abilities – Everyday Miracles

I have experienced the world like this Einstein quote. I walked around for months at a time experiencing the world around me as a miracle…

Alas…these states are fleeting…but I do remember and try to remind myself often just how miraculous hum-drum every day life really is…

Start with waking up in the morning…you open your eyes…maybe you were dreaming and you remember your dream…

Where was your consciousness just then? Right before you woke up?? Where did it go…

In a way, it’s a miracle that we continue to wake up everyday…we totally trust that after we fall asleep and our consciousness fades away into “sleep”…

We KNOW without a shadow of doubt that we will open our eyes…

If we are in a situation that is dangerous…like war or disaster and our physical survival is in question…I’d imagine it would very difficult to sleep…

…Generally though, most people in the developed world…me included, disregard hum drum miracles all day, every day…until our physical survival is threatened…

In this “miracle mind” state…even the smallest element of life seems like a miracle…I saw all of time in the space of one breath…or in the time it takes to blink…

The universe is an amazing miracle…even without kung fu, killer robots, or gun fights…

…not that there anything wrong with those things…I’m just saying miracles are more a state of mind than events…

Awakening Psychic Abilities – Listening to Intuition

The power of the mind is amazing! When one taps into the whole mind and body, intuition can play a more important role in your life and help you make decisions…

One way to think about intuition, is to think about it is as your “whole mind”…

The prefrontal cortex is the part of our brains that deals with “internal dialog” and is what we refer to when we talk about “thinking”

So, whatever you are conscious of in the moment, is being processed by your “pre-frontal cortex” or your conscious mind…

This part of the brain is the most recent innovation of evolution…the rest of our brain, has been around longer and has been “tweeked” through many more species than our “thinking brain”…

We have an old-lizard brain…it keeps us out of trouble mostly, and is also involved in emotions and detecting movement visually…

This leads to the phenomena of Blindsight where legally blind people can still detect movement…

We have a “whole” brain which contains a seemingly infinite amount of details about our current situation and most of this information remains “unconscious”…meaning these details don’t get processed through the pre-frontal cortex…

Connecting to intuition, for me, is just practicing meditation in order to minimize my day-to-day level of “mind chatter” flowing through my pre-frontal cortex…or my conscious mind…

…this “quiet-mind” state opens the the door for important information that is being processed by the rest of my mind to quietly enter my awareness for processing…

Maybe it’s emergency information about driving in traffic…

Maybe it’s suggestions about what to write about today on my web page…

Sometimes, when I am stressed out and under a time crunch…I just take a deep breath and quiet my mind and let the rest of my mind organize the most efficient quick fix to survive the current bureaucratic emergency…

Sure, I think there are spirits trying to help me…I also think they speak to me via my unconscious mind…if my conscious mind is TOO noisy…I won’t be able to hear the guidance.

Awakening Psychic Abilities – Listening to your Body

Listening to your body can provide more insights about your health and even situations in your life…

…Your gut… actually has neurons…second only in number to the number of neurons in your brain…

Generally speaking, a constricted feeling in the gut might be a warning of danger…it also might mean to cut down on overeating!!!

There is also science that tells us that there are strong neurological connections between the heart and the brain…this is the scientific connection between the feeling of gratitude and our sense of well being…

We can use the connection between our hearts and minds when our old lizard brains are telling us to run away, or attack someone…

Public speaking is a perfect example…

We all know at a conscious level, that we can’t be physically harmed when we are about to do some public speaking, however, the old lizard brain fears feel…

One method of accepting that fear is to overload it with gratitude…

First feel your heart beating, and then feel grateful for all the blessings you have in your life…

The longer you feel the gratitude in your heart, the more the brain will respond with “feel good” hormones and allow you to do your public speaking with grace and gratitude.

The lizard brain will stop firing because it no longer feel the threat…

Link to Paranormal Phenomena

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Law of Abundance

The Law of Abundance means thinking and living as though you are prosperous…even when your broke.

“A major contribution of miracles is their strength in releasing you from your false sense of isolation, deprivation and lack.”

Manifesting Abundance

When I think about manifesting abundance in my life, I generally remember the first line of the 23rd Psalm…

“The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…”

I might change this around in my around in my head I a little bit…

…I am abundant…I have everything I need…I am in want of nothing.

Abundance and Prosperity

Abundance and prosperity seem like great goals!  And they really are…unless your mission in life is to use a physical state of poverty as part of your life message, life Gandhi or Mother Teresa, then you will want some form of prosperity in your life.

The key issue with abundance and prosperity is really boils down to priorities…

If you think you are broke, then you will be broke. If you think you are rich, then you will act in a way to make yourself rich. I have money now.  Not a lot of money by any stretch of the imagination, but I have enough money so I don’t have to live “pay check
to pay check.”

I have enough money to purchase cars with cash…not expensive cars…not even new cars…the point is, I don’t WANT to take out a loan to buy a car ever again.

That is just one of benefits of having money…but that is not really what The Law of Abundance is about.

There are people on earth today that have little or no money and they feel very prosperous.  Why?  Because they define “wealth” more broadly than than their net worth.

Mother Teresa took a vow of poverty…yet she was able to travel the world…and implement her desires without money.  How, well, I don’t know frankly…but
I do know she went wherever she wanted to help people…

…somehow the way was opened and she went.

Ghandi started out with money in his youth, but renounced wealth and it’s trappings latter in life as a personal choice.  He still travelled the world and had a global impact wearing clothes he made himself.

NO!  I don’t think everyone should take a vow of poverty!

There is nothing wrong with taking a vow of poverty, but even Ghahdi knew that poverty was not the way man can be his best…he choose poverty to make a point that served his mission in life.  If that works for you…go for it.

These two examples of poverty are to illustrate the point that poverty and wealth are choices.  So, if you are poor, you are choosing to be poor, whether you are conscious of your choice or not.

I know nobody wants to hear that, so I’m sorry for “getting in your face.”

Good news is that once you are conscious that your are choosing poverty,  then you can change your mind.  No one should BE poor unless they consciously choose to be poor as part of your mission (like Ghandi and Mother Teresa).

So, if you don’t have as much money as you want…then your first step is to realize that you are creating your own situation.   Once  you have accepted that, then you can start to shift your consciousness  to the law of abundance and away from poverty consciousness.

So  now you say:  “Ok Mr. Smarty Pants…how do I shift into the law of abundance?”  Or you might say something else more funny and less nice.  :-)

I wrote a series of articles on my blog about the law of abundance …I am revamping them and reposting them here…they are  still pretty good and get to the point of changing the way you think about money and wealth.

Step 0:  Ask yourself what you think about money.

Money does not equal happiness.  There are plenty of “rich” people that are far from happy.  More over, being rich often works against their happiness because they believe that they have more to lose.  That is one nice feature about having no money, you don’t have to worry about protecting your assets.

Step .5:  Shift to The Law of Abundance

This is a continuation of step 0.  It asks you to ask yourself where you seek happiness.  Do you seek happiness in buying things? A lot of people do this and then when they don’t find happiness or when the temporary thrill of the new purchase wears off…they seek happiness in more buying.

True happiness comes from inside you and it is always there and always FREE!

Step 1:  Live below your means.

This idea is actually counter to the idea of The Law of Abundance, because if you think you are rich you shouldn’t really need to worry about living below your means.  However, getting to where you truly believe you are wealthy takes time, so this is a stop-gap measure and more practical information about how to be thrifty and save the money you do have.

Step 2:  Payoff  credit cards

This is more practical advice about paying off your credit cards.
It is a critical step towards getting a handle on your money.

Step 3:  Invest money

Once you have paid off your credit cards, and have some money left over, you
need to research your different saving/investing options.  This article discussing tax-advantaged accounts (401ks, IRAs) and non taxable investment accounts.

Step 4:  Stock Index Funds

Now the fun part.  You have set up your 401k and are investing up
to your employer match (or more) and you still have money left over for
your Roth IRA or Traditional IRA and you might even have enough money
left to open a taxable brokerage account.  The best investment out
there is (IMHO) stock-based index funds.

Recession Time:  Tim O’Reilly tweeted about this great article called the Smart Growth Manifesto by Umair Haque…it’s about what I have been talking about concerning
the economy…i.e. the answer is not about tax breaks and bailouts and
recovery…it’s about re-inventing and re-booting the way we think about money and growth.

I thought of some things to feel good about during this time…sort of the “silver lining” if you will: 1)  If you like the environmental movement…there were fewer cars built in the world then cars disposed of in the world during 2008…this doesn’t bode well for the auto industry…but we might live in a healthier planet if this trend continues…we probably could do with fewer cars anyway.

2)  The lack of business world wide has decreased carbon emissions… this seems to be pointing to an interesting idea.

Perhaps the next economy will look a little different:

1)  Less travel to work…and if we do travel it is via a cleaner transportation system

2)  Buildings that are designed like trees…that sustain themselves and don’t require a “grid” or a much greener grid.

3)  Cities like a forest…each building a sustainable part of the whole…

4)  People eat food that was grown from their own area…fresher food, and not so much transportation expense.

I know these are pie in the sky sounding ideas…but I would rather come up with new ideas than work on going to back to the old way of doing things…that doesn’t work, that’s why we are here in this wrecked economy…

The Law of Abundance during a Recession

It is some blog therapy for me to get over my stuff and just write more…and to tune into the law of abundance even during a recession (or an expansion for that matter!)

The law of Abundance and Consumerism

What do we need to ponder during a recession…did you really need that new gizmo?

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Abundance and Prosperity

Abundance and prosperity seem like great goals! And they really are…unless your mission in life is to use a physical state of poverty as part of your life message, life Gandhi or Mother Teresa, then you will want some form of prosperity in your life.

The key issue with abundance and prosperity is really boils down to priorities…

Let’s break this down…

Abundance and Prosperity: Priority #1 – Love what you do!

Most people think that money will make them happy…this is a fallacy…there are countless examples of wealthy people who are lonely, depressed, and generally NOT happy…so money alone does not equal happiness, joy or bliss…

When Echart Tolle had his “wake up moment” he learned to be perfectly happy in most of this life situations…he learned to be happy first…to derive his state of abundance as an internal state of consciousness…just by being in the now…

Then, later, we moved on to do what he loves to do…write books and then share his message as a speaker and spiritual teacher.

Money will flow into your life, and there is nothing wrong with having money…

My goals are crazy goals like…

– Donate millions of dollars to charity.

– Pay millions of dollars in taxes.

– Give of myself to the world to provide millions of dollars in value.

If you can learn to create a state of abundance and prosperity inside yourself…and connect to your life’s purpose and unique talents…you “doing” will become not only the one thing that you derive the most joy and bliss from…but will be your greatest gift to the world…

Abundance and Prosperity: #2 Unique Talents

Once you start “doing what you love”…you unique talents will start to become more apparent to you…people will be amazed by your passion and authenticity…they will want to be around you…

There will be a “skill building” period…because you might need time to develop and build up your unique skills…the important part is to “deliver” you message and provide value…

Put it out into the world…whatever you create…write it, sing, speak it, act it….whatever…make it and ship…

At first no one will notice or care…that’s ok…your value is low…just keep at it and adjust your course as necessary…

People will show up to help you as well to fill in your skill gaps…

Abundance and Prosperity: #3 Giving Value

As your skills grow and you keep putting it out there…the value you provide to the world will slowly increase…people will see that you are FREE! Happy! Joyful, passionate, authentic!!! These are all attractive features…

These features will be attached to your work that you are producing and delivering…

With time and sense of fun…let go of long this will take…enjoy the ride and keep contributing value to the world…

Abundance and Prosperity: #4 Finally the money shows up!

You might have to keep your job while you start out…just to pay the bills…that’s ok…eventually the money will show up…

If it doesn’t show up…remember Echart Tolle on the park bench…he tipped it around and became happy with every moment…”AS IS” without doing anything…without any money…FIRST…

If you do all these steps for 10 years…and the money doesn’t show up…ask yourself…

– Would I do what I am doing for free?

– Would I be happy with no money on a park bench?

– How can I be happy first…

Once you find a way to be happy first…then you are on your way…

Want to read more about abundance?


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