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Who the heck is writing this?

Hiya!  A reader asked me to “tell my story” so, here is goes…I will start from NOW and work backwards…that seems easier:

Yooper and Yayoi in Lynn Canyon
(Yooper and Yayoi in the Vancouver area of Canada…Lynn Canyon…I think.)

Vital Stats:

Name:  Jeff “Yooper” Smith
Age:  39
Resides in SoCal (Torrance if you must know).

Now, I work for a DOD contractor in Socal.  The work I do is “workflow” which means helping the government (USAF) customer track action items and ensure timely (sometimes) responses.  I have been working this job since Oct 07.

My job before that was an United States Air Force Master Sergeant stationed in So Cal.  I was in charge of a small office of about 12 or so enlisted troops and 2 DOD contractors.  Together we ran the “helpdesk” for an organization of about 200 folks (military, government civilians, and DOD contractors)…

…we did a lot of different things related to IT…ran a bunch of networks…a telephone switch, and voicemail system and lots of other stuff that was a lot of work.  It was a lot of fun, especially doing physical training sessions with all the troops…good times.

Most of all, I love working with people…mostly my troops…they were great and they taught me more about life than any other job.

Sitting in the helpdesk was cool…rapid fire helping on some days all by myself was a rush…heh he…THANKFULLY, it only lasted a couple hours and then I could get back to “real work”.

My job before that was in the UK.  I was still in the Air Force, but I was a Technical Sergeant for most of that job.  During this 3-year period I did a variety of tasks.  I helped to run the personnel office, which does H.R. type stuff for the people that work there…

…I also got involved in IT work, IT security, and took 8 Learning Tree classes in IT and IT security…I learned quite a bit about Active Directory (if you know what that is).

In the UK…I loved just about everything about the job…the Commander was very cool…we hung out quite a bit and did homebrew beer and he taught me how to use a “smoker” to smoke turkeys, and chickens…we even smoked a whole pig once (yeah…I still eat meat…but I am working on it).  Great times.

We did a some camping, and a boat load of travelling around the UK and Europe…Ryan Air is very cheap and I miss it a lot…here we have Southwest…it is close…but not as good.

Before that I was is Misawa Japan, the job was basically the same as the one in the UK…so you know that part.

We camped quiet a bit, I skied quite a bit…my wife doesn’t really ski…she just snowplows down the mountain and thinks she’s “pretty good” and has no desire to get better…suffice it to say, I didn’t ski with her :-).

We had a series of great friends in Japan…a lot of good folks that all like to drink beer (oh yeah…I like craft beer).

My wife being from Japan, met many other spouses from Japan, so there was an informal Air Force dude/Japanese wife or girlfriend club that kept evolving around us…most of these folks were my neighbors…good times.

The job before that was in Florida…the job in Florida was mostly easy…I worked with a small group of Aircraft (F-15) Maintenance types in the Quality Assurance Office.  I helped them take take of office stuff and then had a load of fun watching them work on F-15s.

The “Chief” (E-9 and top enlisted grade) was a very cool dude that served in “Nam”…he loved to bass fish and was very good at it.

He invited me to fish with him during a bass tournament…it was an experience I don’t need to repeat…but I’m glad I did it.

Chief got a couple of very nice bass at first light…it was amazing how he could land the hook right under a tree without getting it stuck in the tree…I had a hard time casting…got my hook stuck way too much and got a nasty sun burn…but hey it beat working!

We met our good friends (Tom and Hatsumi)…we still hang out with them…they are stationed in Tucson now.

Before that we lived (and met) in Hawaii.  I asked my future wife to dance in Japanese…and she said yes.  We dated for a while…then she moved to L.A. for a while…then the Rodney Kind thing happened…she got scared and moved back to Hawaii…then after a while (and some non-violent drama) we ended up getting hitched….weird/strange/good times.

My first assignment in the Air Force was Misawa Japan (yeah we went back there again later)…I learned a little Japanese…hung out with my good buddy Rick and chased after a lot of girls.

I did a couple of plays and many shows…I still had the drama bug from my high school days.

I played some D&D there as well…that was a lot of fun, a “Good group”

I learned how to ski and skied a lot…even when skiing was boring, I had something that I could tell people that I did that didn’t sound boring like hang out…or watched v…whatever other people thought was very important to me at this point.

So before that, I was high school…I was did musicals in both my senior and junior years…I was also in “Choir”…I liked to sing back then…I still do I guess…but now people just think I’m weird…perhaps I was a “bard” in a previous life…I like to travel and sing.

Flashing forward a little to about 2004…shortly after I returned from a trip to Qatar for the war (good times)…I started getting into reading about personal development and spiritual books.  In order, it went something like this:

1.  Dr. Phil (Self Matters and Life Strategies)

This was a nice wake up call…I wanted to learn who this “authentic self” was.

2.  Wayne Dyer (many books…The Power of Intention and How to Manifest your Destiny)

I learned that I was unconsciously responsible for whatever happens in my life…I started trying to figure out how to “wake up” as it were.

3.  Paxton Robey – No time for Karma –free E-book…very cool stuff.  Law of attraction stuff…and a metaphor about Earth being a sort of school for souls.

4.  A Course in Miracles — BEST book ever for waking up…meeting your ego…letting go…this really brought the whole thing home for me…eventually.

5.  Spiritual Enlightenment – The Damnedest Thing by Jed McKenna

I know it is a made up story…but the message is still valid…this book and the follow ups are very funny and a great…”so you think you know a lot now” type message.

6.  What the bleep do we know?  So cool…so few people really get it…but it great.

7.  The Secret – More great stuff…I need to read the book some day…I have the video.

Along the way, I watched Steve Pavlina go from about $1000 dollars per month to $10,000 per month to “I’m not telling you anymore” how much per month…

…so I wanted to build a blog/web biz so 1) I can help people “wake up” to what is going on here on earth 2) travel and sing 3) someday make some money and disconnect income from place.

Lately, I am reading books by Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now, A New Earth) and building buzz for my (this) web biz…mostly by posting in blogs and forums were “my right people” might be…seems to bump traffic a little bit.

I also have a often neglected blog (www.yoopersmith.com)…that I use for “what’s up” type info…sometimes I preview content there before putting it on this site to try to get feedback…only like three of my friends read it and only one really gives feedback so…that doesn’t really work so well.   <—(time to quit…That is a ramble if I ever saw one).

Remember…this story is ABOUT ME…not me.  He-heh.

2 Responses to About Yooper

  1. Eklavya says:

    I felt very very nostalgic after reading this. I am from India and have lived an altogether different life. However, while reading your life story in a reverse order, my own memories of past 20 years started emerging, like about my first job, how I met my life partner, my old friends and my encounter with all things spiritual. The human thread is so different yet so common. Your blog was part of resource directory on my site since a long time. Today, while reviewing the directory, I stumbled upon this page of yours. Unlike many sites on meditation which have ceased to exists in past 4-5 years, your is one of the most updated, informative and fresh. Keep it up friend !


    • yooper says:

      Hi Eklavya,

      Thanks! Your site was one my first link shares all those years ago…keep it up…even if it all seems old hat, it’s still brand new to most people googling out there for answers.

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